Month: September 2014

Furnace Repair | Heating and Air Conditioning

With fall officially in place it’s that time of the year again. Soon the leaves will sport their fall colors of brilliant reds and majestic gold. Numerous regions of the nation are already experiencing the cool crisp nights and early mornings that fall brings. As furnaces are turned on in heating and air conditioning systems, it invariably brings the question of “why does my furnace smell like something is burning?” In the following we will discuss the most likely cause, and the potential problems that can pose a threat to your family’s safety.

Heating systems are the second highest cause of house fires in the U.S. Neglecting a furnace with problems can potentially put you and your family, as well as your home in danger.

It’s normal for a furnace to have some odor. However, a burning odor may indicate a serious problem. When the furnace hasn’t been in use for a while, dust will settle on the burner. If there is a burning odor the first time you turn the furnace on, it is likely the dust burning off. The odor should fade fairly quickly, but if it persists you should have the furnace checked by an HVAC technician.

A dirty filter can be the source of additional dust being pulled into the heating and air conditioning system, causing an intermittent burning smell. A new, clean filter should eliminate this issue. The best approach is to install a new filter before the season begins and the furnace turned on. This protects the system from dust, which can damage components, provides cleaner air, promotes energy efficiency, and prevents the odor of burning dust.

Calling for your heating and air conditioning technician to provide a fall tune-up, inspection and cleaning will prevent burning dust. The dust in the burner when burned can leave a residue behind that will adversely affect the furnace’s performance.

The fall tune-up will ensure that the furnace is safe to operate. It will identify any problems and allow for repair that if caught early, will prevent it from becoming a larger and more costly problem later. By providing repair and replacement of worn parts in your heating and air conditioning system, you avoid the increased risk of failure during winter and reduce the risk of fire, and of deadly carbon monoxide or a gas leak filling the home from a faulty gas furnace.

Rotten Egg Odor

When operating normally, fossil fuel-fired furnaces can produce a faint burnt fuel scent. However, if the fuel scent is strong, there is a serious problem. The distinct rotten-egg odor of natural gas is a warning sign that your furnace or other gas-burning appliance is leaking gas. Get all occupants out of the house immediately and from a safe distance call 911, then your fuel provider. Once the gas is shut-off, you can call your HVAC technician for inspection and repair of your furnace.

Burning Wires

If you have ever smelled the insulation burning on a wire it is an odor you will likely recognize in the future. As electrical components and motors become worn you may notice the scent of burning wires or rubber. If you detect this odor shutting the furnace off can prevent further damage to the furnace, and potentially prevent a fire. Once the furnace is shut off, call your HVAC technician for furnace repair.

Preventative maintenance during the fall tune-up can save lives. Over time, gas furnaces can develop rust and holes in the burner chamber, and ventilation flues may become clogged. This can cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to fill the home. Always have carbon monoxide detectors in homes that use gas or any other fossil fuel for heating in your heating and air conditioning system.

Routine inspection and service is always important to maintain efficient and safe operation of any heating and air conditioning system. If you haven’t already had your HVAC system cleaned, inspected and tuned up for winter, schedule an appointment now. You can beat the seasonal rush with a tune-up and the furnace can be inspected to ensure safety and proper and efficient operation.

Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for a fall tune-up and service of your heating and air conditioning system. Our certified technicians provide furnace repair and installation. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Thanks for visiting Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning.

Heat Pumps | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

If your energy costs are rising unusually, and your aging central air is plaguing you with consistent air conditioning repair in Katy, the installation of a new heat pump may be the solution for your elevated energy use.

Heat pumps move heat rather than generate it, and can generate up to four times the amount of energy they consume making them an energy efficient choice for your home. Heat pumps operate cleanly providing a healthier solution for persons with respiratory problems or chronic illness. The heat pump, when used with a high grade MERV filter or compatible HEPA filter becomes even more efficient for providing cleaner air inside the home

Emerging new technologies continue to provide greater comfort, efficiency and improved performance of heat pumps. If your aging HVAC system is requiring more air conditioning repair in Katy than it should, a new system Energy Star certified heat pump can pay for itself in energy savings, and potentially may provide rebates or tax credits.

Recent improvements in technology now provide two-speed and even variable speed compressors that allow heat pumps to operate close to the required heating or cooling capacity. This saves tremendously on the amount of electricity used where older systems provided a constant output regardless of the need.

Variable speed motors are also available for heat pumps further energy savings on electricity and reducing noise when the fan operates at lower speeds.

An additional energy saving feature that is available for select heat pumps is a desuperheater. A desuperheater allows excess heat generated during the heat pump cooling mode to heat hot water for the home during the summer by moving water over a heat exchanger. A heat pump equipped with a desuperheater heats water 2 to 3 times more efficiently than an ordinary electric water heater.

The desuperheater is able to assist in providing up to 40-60 percent of a home’s hot water during the summer season. This system is typically used with geothermal heat pumps.

Further advances in heat pump technology include dual fuel heat pumps used in the Northern regions of the country, providing the homeowner with a choice in fuel. This benefits northern homeowners by providing them with an alternate fuel during shortages, and allows them to select the fuel with best cost.

Energy Star requirements fuel innovative products that save energy and add increased reliability. Today’s Energy Star qualified equipment will be significantly more energy efficient than an aging unit, as well as more reliable than a system requiring frequent air conditioning repair in Katy. Improved energy efficiency will save you money on the cost to operate, and keep you and your family more comfortable.

If you are considering a new heating and air conditioning system vs. heating and air conditioning repair in Katy, Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offers top performing Carrier products to enhance your home’s comfort, and provide energy efficiency.

We will be glad to assist you in the decision of whether to replace your homes HVAC unit or to provide heating and air conditioning repair in Katy for your existing system.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides certified heating and air conditioning technicians with the attributes of experience, expertise and ongoing continuing education in order to remain up to date as new technologies emerge in the HVAC industry.

Our professionals offer the new installation you need, or the heating and air conditioning repair in Katy that you desire. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Thanks for visiting Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning.

Indoor Air Quality | AC Repair Katy

Improve Your Homes Indoor Air Quality

Having bad indoor air quality in your home can affect the health of yourself and other family members. In fact, your home’s indoor air quality may be worse than the outdoor air quality. The pollutants outside of your home can be found inside as well. There are numerous sources that can contribute to a home’s unhealthy air. Your heating and air conditioning system can improve the air that passes through it. If you need heating or AC repair in Katy, call Cypress’s reliable technicians today.

Where Pollutants Come From

Additional pollutants inside the home may include combustion byproducts from gas fired appliances, allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, and mold. The average blue filter will only catch the larger particles, allowing a substantial amount of particulates to pass through into the system. This result in components working against the friction of dirt and dust, and eventual heating and AC repair in Katy.

Materials used in home construction may be contributing to bad air, for example, the volatile organic compound (VOC) formaldehyde and the semi volatile organic compound (SVOC) phthalate may be contributing to bad air quality. Formaldehyde can affect more than just your health; it causes formic acid to develop on the copper tubing of your HVAC unit. This can cause pin holes resulting in a refrigerant leak, requiring AC repair in Katy. Manufacturers are responding to the problem by changing the tubing to aluminum, which is unaffected by formaldehyde

Examples of sources of VOCs in building materials are composite wood products, flooring and adhesives, such as those used during flooring installation. Thankfully, due to the concern of health related problems, manufacturers are already addressing the problem with the introduction of low VOC products.

An additional factor that contributes to bad air is the tight construction of homes today. Modern construction typically provides improved energy efficiency. Unfortunately, this creates a home that traps bad indoor air inside. Cypress’s qualified experts can provide for all of your HVAC needs, including improving indoor air quality, the installation of HVAC systems and associated products, as well as heating and AC repair in Katy.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Improving the indoor air quality of a home requires a multi-level approach. First, avoid the use of harsh chemical cleaners in the home. Use products with low a VOC label or natural products. Paint and air fresheners may be a source of VOCs. Look for a label claiming low VOCs.

Install a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter – The air conditioner provides cleaner air with a disposable HEPA filter. However, some systems are simply not engineered to pull air through a dense HEPA filter. The unit may struggle to receive air, this strain can cause premature wear and the need for AC repair in Katy. Your HVAC technician is the best source of information regarding your system’s ability to use a HEPA filter, or contact your unit’s manufacturer.

Systems capable of handling HEPA filters will provide unquestionable benefits, as HEPA filters are capable of removing up to 99.97% of airborne contaminants. This provides substantially cleaner and safer air in your home.

If you are unable to use a HEPA filter, you do have other options such as a stand-alone HEPA air cleaner for cleaning the air in a single room. An additional option is to use a medium-efficiency air filter with a MERV of 7 to 13. A filter with a MERV of 13 will reduce indoor concentrations of most particulates by 80% throughout the home, without the reduced airflow HEPA filters may cause in some systems.

It makes sense to utilize quality filters for cleaner air in the home. During the winter and summer as the HVAC system operates, it pulls air in, filtering it and returning it to the home. Utilizing a filter to reduce air contaminants while maintaining the correct air pressure with a MERV factor safe for your system, will improve the indoor air quality, while helping to prevent the build-up of dirt and dust within the system. Keeping dirt out of the system ultimately helps to reduce the need for AC repair in Katy.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offers the professional installation of a wide range of products to make your home more comfortable and the air inside cleaner. From humidifiers to ventilators and whole house air cleaners our products are installed by a qualified Cypress technician ensuring proper installation, function, system compatibility and a healthier home. Trust your installation to our clean air experts.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s certified technicians offer expertise in heating and air conditioning installation, heating and AC repair in Katy, annual maintenance, clean air solutions and more. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas with dependable service and reliable results.

HVAC Maintenance | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

By providing annual HVAC maintenance for the heating and air conditioning system, you ensure that your system is at peak operation for energy efficiency, has a longer service life and that the system experiences less need for heating and air conditioning repair in Katy.

Over time, the components of an HVAC system weaken, and will eventually wear out. Some problems are avoidable, and one that is often overlooked is the ducts.

If you have noticed odd odors coming from your registers, incorrect temperatures or reduced air flow, there may be a leak or break in the duct system. Quite often, this is simply a case of the special tape or other sealant used on duct joints coming off. This will allow outside air to enter the duct system.

If the sealant has loosened, inspecting and resealing them will stop the entry of bad air and odors, and problems related to poorly sealed ducts. Air leakage from ducts can result a 10% to 30% loss of conditioned air. This cost you both money and comfort and may cause problems in the system that can result in your need for heating and air conditioning repair in Katy.

Ducts need to be airtight to maintain the necessary air pressure for the HVAC system to function properly. When sealing loosens or damage occurs in the ducts, it results in improper temperatures, higher utility bills and poor air quality. This will also cost you in energy efficiency.

In addition, cracks and gaps in the duct system will lead to increased dust. If breaks in the duct system are large enough, ducts may even become the nesting place for mice. Having the ducts inspected, cleaned, resealed and repaired if necessary, will prevent these problems.

The entrance of dirt and moisture through cracks and breaks in the duct can potentially result in mold and bacterial growth within the duct system and the home. This will of course, negatively impact indoor air quality, and can negatively impact the health of home occupants.

Furthermore, dust will increase wear and tear on the system, resulting in increased heating and air conditioning repair in Katy.

If you choose to reseal the ducts yourself, you should be aware that duct tape is not for ducts. A special metallic tape is required. Resealing ducts that are located inside of walls will not be a DIY project for the average homeowner. It will be best to allow a certified professional to provide the service to ensure proper sealing is provided. Some signs that ducts may have lost sealing and resultant pressure is as follows.

  • Elevated utility bills, especially if previous bills were less. This could be due to many potential problems, including improperly sealed ducts.
  • Uncomfortable rooms. Vents in these rooms may be providing reduced air flow when the system runs.
  • Ducts visibly show peeling tape, crushed metal, is disconnected or loose. In the case of flexible ducts, check to see if they are kinked, collapsed, disconnected or have holes.

With the approach of winter get a jumpstart on the busy season, and have your HVAC system inspected and tuned up now. Annual maintenance provides the best possible performance, while reducing energy bills and potential breakdowns which would result in the need for heating and air conditioning repair in Katy

If your HVAC system is 10 years old or older, and your power bills are climbing, it may be time for a new heating and air conditioning installation. Technological advances have greatly increased the energy efficiency of new heating and air conditioning systems. Look for systems bearing the Energy Star certification for the best energy efficiency and to take advantage of Energy Star tax credits.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professionals provide emergency services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We understand that when things go wrong, it is seldom at a convenient time and we want to be there for you when you need us most, to provide the heating and air conditioning repair in Katy that you need.

For professional heating and air conditioning repair in Katy, installation, duct repair or other HVAC services, give our certified HVAC technicians at Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning a call and let us provide the professional heating and air conditioning repair in Katy that you need.

Furnace Maintenance | Air Conditioning Service

With the first day of fall only days away, it’s time to start thinking of crisp nights and the approach of winter. The warm days of a fading summer can lull you into thinking that cold weather remains distant. Then one day, the forecasters issue a forecast of approaching cold temperatures. You turn the furnace on to test it and nothing happens. You meant to call the technician for the annual heating and air conditioning service. The question is, with cold weather approaching, have you waited too long for it and furnace maintenance?

Don’t let this happen, call now to schedule heating and air conditioning service for your home’s HVAC system before cold weather arrives. Once the weather starts turning, HVAC professionals will be covered up, beat the rush and schedule an annual tune-up and inspection now.

The furnace has been idle since last winter, and you should ensure it’s safe and ready to heat the home. A pre-season tune-up will provide a full system inspection to identify any problems and replace components with wear. For example, an inspection of the furnace will reveal loose connections, gas leaks, and the burner will be checked for soot, dirt and other debris indicating the need for a good cleaning. Other components requiring oil, and cleaning will be addressed ensuring that clean operation and efficiency are enhanced.

In gas furnaces, the vent lines will be inspected during the heating and air conditioning service and inspection, to ensure they aren’t clogged. The ventilation exhausts deadly carbon monoxide, and if blocked would allow the deadly gas to fill your home. Equally important are the safety checks the HVAC technician will provide to ensure the furnace isn’t overheating, for example. This is also a good time to put new batteries into your homes carbon monoxide detectors and ensure they function properly by testing. There should be at least one on each floor, and ensure detectors are located near all bedrooms.

An additional benefit of pre-season heating and air conditioning service, is that it will ensure ample time for repair before the temperature drops and catches you unprepared.

A pre-season inspection and tune-up by a certified HVAC technician will ensure that the heating system is prepared for the coming winter, finely tuned to provide optimum efficiency and performance, and is safe to use. Annual maintenance is crucial to ensuring the longevity of the system.

Eventually all heating and air conditioning systems will experience wear and require repair or replacement. If the pre-season tune-up reveals it’s time for a new heating and air conditioning system, a newer system will operate with greater efficiency, saving on the cost of energy and increasing your home’s comfort.

The benefits don’t stop there, by selecting an Energy Star qualifying system you may be eligible for a federal tax credit, and potentially state, local and energy supplier credits and rebates, reducing the cost of purchasing a new HVAC system for your home. Call now for pre-season heating and air conditioning service and tune-up by a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning certified professional.

It’s well known, routine heating and air conditioning service will benefit your system, home and wallet. Even if the annual service has been neglected for a few years, you can still benefit by providing pre-season heating and air conditioning service. In summary, these benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency – A heating and air conditioning system can only attain the expected benefits if it’s clean. The soiled condition of components creates friction causing the system to consume more energy and increasing wear and tear.
  • Improved comfort – As a neglected system experiences decreased efficiency your comfort level will suffer. Your home may not seem as warm as it was in the past. A clean, well lubricated system will operate at peak capacity, and provide optimal home comfort.
  • Extended life – A furnace system will typically last approximately 15 years, and in some cases even longer, when it receives routine annual heating and air conditioning service.
  • Low costs – The provision of annual maintenance with heating and air conditioning service will ensure that costs are reduced. A clean, lubricated system reduces component failure due to wear and tear, keeping repair costs down and energy savings high.
  • Change the Filter – Changing the filter may seem to be a simple thing. In fact, it’s the only maintenance a homeowner can provide and is an extremely important factor in the efficiency, performance and longevity of the HVAC system. A dirty air filter places excessive strain upon the unit, leading to increased wear, reduced efficiency and performance, increasing energy costs and leading to excessive repair.
  • Change the air filter once per month. If you use filters that typically require changing every three months, continue to check the filter monthly. Increased dusty conditions will require more frequent changes. If you’re in doubt, changing it’s the best policy.

Fall provides a time for friends and family to gather around the TV watching football games, a time warm days and cool nights. Take the time to ensure your home is ready for the challenges of winter. Get ahead of the game and beat the season’s rush, call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s certified and experienced HVAC technicians to provide furnace maintenance with heating and air conditioning service.

Air Conditioning Repair | AC Blowing Warm Air

Over the decades since air conditioning was invented, people have become so dependent upon it that it’s difficult to tolerate the heat when you need air conditioning repair. It is used almost everywhere in our lives and when experiences a problem and the AC is blowing warm air on a hot day, it rapidly becomes intolerable for u, and especially for family members with chronic health problems. By using the following tips, you may be able to restore your air conditioners cold air, and avoid having to call for air conditioning repair in Katy.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most overlooked components of the HVAC system. Yet it is both a component that will eventually have to be replaced, and is a source of numerous problems simply due to our own forgetfulness. First, ensure it is set to the Cool function. Someone may have turned it off to run the fan and forgotten to turn it back. If this is the case and the fan is on manual rather than automatic, this will be the cause of the ac blowing warm air. Next, check the temperature. For example, if it is set at 79 degrees, and the inside temperature is 75, the unit will not cut on unless the temperature reaches 80 or above. Finally, check the fan. If the fan is set to manual rather than automatic, it will blow warm air until the compressor runs producing cold air.

After ensuring the thermostat temperature is set lower than the room temperature, and that the fan is on automatic, if the AC blowing warm air continues, check the following:

Check the Filter & Breaker

Check the air filter, and ensure it is clean. A dirty filter can prevent the proper air flow, causing the system to overheat and throw a breaker. Some split systems have a switch inside the indoor portion of the system. It will typically look similar to a light switch. In some systems, if the breaker is thrown the fan may run, but not the compressor, resulting in the AC blowing warm air. If the switch has been thrown, switch back to on. If nothing occurs, proceed to the next step.

The External Breaker

Check the breaker on the outdoor condenser. There should be a box containing a breaker, located on a wall or near the outside unit. If the breakers has been thrown, switch it to the on position. Numerous factors can throw a breaker, while it may be a problem with the air conditioner, the power service may have fluctuated when a power surge occurred. If these tips fail to restore cooling call your HVAC technician for repair when your AC is blowing warm air.

Tips for Best Performance

To ensure the proper operation of your HVAC system, do not block the area around the air return (the area where the filter is located). Blocking the air return will impair its airflow, and can cause the system to overheat potentially resulting in damage to the system or even fire. Overheating can cause a breaker to be thrown, resulting in the AC blowing warm air.

Keep registers’ clear of obstruction. Drapes, furniture or other objects covering the registers will affect the system and may cause problems within the system itself.

The HVAC system requires annual maintenance for safe and effective performance. During exceptionally hot summers or cold winters or when dusty remodeling has occurred within the home, have your system inspected more frequently to avoid damage and maintain performance.

Over time dust and grime collect on cooling coils, especially if the filter hasn’t been routinely changed. Dirty coils will result in poor performance and other potential problems, including the AC blowing warm air. Your technician will check your coils during routine maintenance to assess if they need cleaning.

When your AC is blowing warm air, call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s certified professionals for professional heating and air conditioning service. You can rely upon Cypress’s dedicated professionals for superior service.

Air Filters | Heating and Air Conditioning

The majority of homeowners know to change the HVAC filter routinely, though not everyone agrees on the best type of filter for the HVAC system. Before you purchase further air filters for your HVAC system, being aware of the following information can not only save you money, it may prevent inadvertent damage to the heating and air conditioning system.

The purpose of a filter is to protect the heating and air conditioning system. Numerous homeowners purchase low-cost fiberglass filters for the heating and air conditioning system. Some manufacturers recommend them, and while these filters will catch the larger particles that can cause damage, they won’t catch the smaller particles that will over time affect the system, its performance and increase the cost of service and repair.

Heavy duty filters may work too well, and can reduce the airflow across the heat exchanger. Consequently, this will reduce the system’s efficiency, raise the cost of energy bills, and damage the heating and air conditioning system. On the other hand, a high-efficiency filter or a dirty filter can lead to the condensing coils on an air conditioning unit to freeze.

How Dirty Air Filters Affect the System

In our busy lives, it is easy to overlook changing the air filter and scheduling maintenance. Unfortunately, skipping these necessary actions can create serious problems in the heating and air conditioning. The issues caused by a dirty filter include:

  • Dirty air ducts. A dirty filter will allow the dust and grime to slip past the filter and on into the system coating everything with a coat of dust and grime, including the air that you breathe.
  • Reduced air flow. Air conditioning units are designed to function with a particular amount of air flow. A dirty filter can prevent the air flow the system needs, resulting in it being overworked, and will lead to premature wear, damage and malfunction. The energy cost of operation will become elevated as the system struggles for air.
  • Cooling inefficiency. As dust and grime build up on the cooling coils they can freeze. In addition, a dirty coil can cause an increase in condensation, resulting in water leaking from the system onto the floor. A coil in need of a professional cleaning will cause the air conditioning system to struggle in its efforts to cool the home.
  • Elevated power bills. A dirty air filter will result in reduced efficiency. Furthermore, a dirty filter causes air conditioner to work harder, placing a strain on the unit, and increasing the energy bill.

Select a day such as the first, or a day easily remembered to change the filter monthly. Pleated filters and others of higher quality may only require changing every three months. Always check the filter monthly. In extremely dusty conditions, even high efficiency filters will require more frequent changing.

With such a large variety of filters available, it can be difficult to select a filter for the heating and air conditioning system. Being informed on different filters helps in making an informed choice. Checking with the manufacturer is another option. If the manufacturer recommends a pleated filter, for example, select this filter. Your certified HVAC technician is the best source for guidance.

Fiberglass Filters provide the least costly filters available. They provide minimal protection to the heating and air conditioning system by removing the largest particles that can damage your unit. Replace a fiberglass filter every month.

Pleated Filters provide an improvement over fiberglass filters. The increased surface area provided by pleated air filters enables them to trap a larger number of airborne particulates without restricting airflow. Pleated filters can last up to 3 months, though you should continue to check the filter monthly and change if necessary.

Electrostatic Air Filters provide the next step up. These filters utilize electronically charged fibers to remove smaller particles, and provide greater efficiency in filtering particulates from the air than pleated or fiberglass filters

Electronic Air Cleaners are a separate appliance installed within the home’s ductwork, providing greater effectiveness than other filters.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s certified HVAC technicians have the expertise to provide professional heating and air conditioning services each and every time. For service you can depend upon, give us a call.

Digital Thermostats | Air Conditioning Repair in Plano, TX

Have you found yourself in the situation of needing air conditioning repair in Plano, TX, only to find the system still doesn’t operate properly? Homeowners need and want reliable HVAC service, and that is precisely what you receive from a Cypress air conditioning specialist.

Our technicians are certified, experienced, with an attention to detail that helps to ensure an accurate diagnosis and thoroughly professional heating or air conditioning repair in Plano, TX. Furthermore, continuing education keeps them up-to-date on the ever-changing technology of the industry.

One component often overlooked by homeowners when problems occur is the thermostat. The thermostat works in conjunction with the HVAC system to regulate your home’s temperature. Eventually, a thermostat will need to be replaced, and is one component to consider when issues occur that require air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Manual thermostats lack the accuracy of the digital thermostat. An additional advantage of programmable digital thermostats is the ability to program them to suit your individual needs. A programmable digital thermostat provides versatility, is generally simple to program and allows for as much as a seven day schedule.

Adjusting the thermostat while you are at work or sleeping saves money on energy dollars. A programmable digital thermostat is the best way to conserve energy and save money. In addition, by not running as frequently while you are away, wear and tear will be reduced in the system, extending its service life, and reducing heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Programming the thermostat of an occupied home at 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer is an ideal temperature for the seasons that will save money. In the winter, while you and your family sleep and when everyone is away from the home, setting the thermostat to 65 degrees saves even more money. However, you should be aware that when you are away on a winter vacation, don’t turn the thermostat below 55 to ensure that the plumbing won’t freeze.

Utilizing a programmable digital thermostats will allow for multiple temperature settings for each day. Models that automatically change from heat to cooling are a convenient choice when selecting a new thermostat. The temperature swings from cold to hot that so frequently occur in early spring and fall are met with these thermostats ensuring that your home will never be overly warm or cold.

Installation is a DIY project for those homeowners who are handy, just take your time and ensure that you follow all directions. If you prefer the expertise of an expert, our certified professionals will install it for you. We provide for all your heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX and the surrounding areas.

The installation of a digital thermostat during your homes routine spring or fall maintenance check could save you the cost of an additional service call, while ensuring a professional installation.

Learning Thermostats

Learning thermostats learn user’s habits and program themselves, creating a schedule based on your preferences over a period of time. With sensors they detect when the home is unoccupied and can adjust the temperature accordingly. They provide monthly energy reports, and guide you to energy efficient settings. Learning thermostats connect to your home Wi-Fi network and can be monitored, set and managed remotely over Wi-Fi from a computer, smartphone or tablet. With their use of available advanced technology they can save 20-30 % on the energy bill. This thermostat also helps to reduce wear on the HVAC system, extending its service life and reducing the need for heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Remote Energy Management

A remote energy management thermostat allows you to set, program and monitor your heating and air conditioning system from a computer, smartphone or tablet. This thermostat will send a text message or email alert when adjustments are made, when the filter needs changing or when maintenance is scheduled. The thermostat connects through a hub (sold separately) to your home broadband network, providing access over Wi-Fi from anywhere. A remote energy management thermostat can reduce energy consumption by up to 15 %.

The next time you forget to adjust your manual thermostat, give some thought to the money you can save over time with a programmable thermostat. With the rising cost of energy, a new digital thermostat will soon pay for itself while keeping your home more comfortable.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning specialists are always there for you. When your air conditioning goes on the blink, give us a call for prompt service and professional air conditioning repair in Plano, TX .

AC Service | Air Conditioning Installation

When the time arrives for a new air conditioning installation, the majority of homeowners believe it should be replaced with one of the same size. The fact is that could be a mistake. The previous installer may not have sized it correctly. Sizing a system for a new heating and air conditioning installation involves factors other than the home’s square footage. Numerous considerations are involved, the amount of the home’s insulation, type of windows and the direction they face to name just a few. The HVAC specialists at Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provide reliable ac service and accurate, professional installation.

If an undersized system is installed, it will be overworked, resulting in premature wear and increased energy use. Furthermore the system will be unable to perform adequately. Installing a system that is too large will cause it to not run long enough to remove humidity from the air, resulting in moisture problems in the home and sticky discomfort.

Signs it is Time to Replace the Air Conditioner

There are three major signs that it is time for a new air conditioning installation:

  1. It is 10 years old or older. Replacement will not only reduce the number of repairs, it can also save as much as 50% on energy costs, depending upon the model chosen and the home’s energy saving qualities.
  2. Frequent repair is occurring, and/or a major component has failed. If a repair will cost 25% or greater of the cost of a new system, apply the money toward a new energy efficient system.
  3. Electric bills are rising and the air conditioning is running longer trying to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Benefits of a New System in September

You may want to coax the existing system through the remainder of the summer. The cost may be higher in the long run. In the following we cover a few of the benefits of installing now, rather than later.

Reduced AC Repair in Katy

If you continue to pump money into an aging air conditioner with frequent repair, it is money that could go towards a new heating and air conditioning installation. A new system will be a reliable system, and will not be constantly breaking down as a worn system will. Keep in mind, even a brand-new system will require an annual tune-up and maintenance to maintain efficiency and peak performance. An automobile receives routine maintenance, and the homes heating and air conditioning system also benefits from an annual tune-up and service.

Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment

An aging system has worn components, and that is why it experiences breakdowns. The system is overworked with its weakened parts trying to cool the home, and as the components deteriorate further it becomes less efficient over time. This uses more energy, and results in a higher energy bill. A modern energy efficient heating and air conditioning installation will save on energy costs. An Energy Star system will not only save money on energy costs, the reduced need for repair. In fact, depending upon the system and model selected, a modern air conditioning installation can save as much as 50% on energy cost.

HVAC systems that receive the Energy Star approval are intensively tested for energy efficiency and performance. A system with high energy efficiency that breaks down often will not receive Energy Star approval. The Energy Star rated system can pay for itself in reduced energy costs. Tax credits or other incentives may be available from the federal government, state and local governments and your utility provider reducing the initial even further.

Why Replace Heating and Air Conditioning As a Unit

Unless your home has a heat pump or package unit, the air conditioner and heat source will be two separate appliances that share some components. When either the heat or the AC requires replacement, determining whether or not to replace both depends upon certain factors:

  1. Consider the age of the two appliances. If both are roughly the same age, it is a wise decision to select both heating and air conditioning installation. However, if the furnace is a fairly recent model, it may be more cost effective to opt for only air conditioning installation.
  2. Energy Efficiency – Replacing both heat and AC with energy efficient models will save on energy costs. An HVAC inspection can determine the approximate life left in a furnace or air conditioner. If the appliance passes inspection with a reasonable amount of service life expected, but excessively elevates the energy bill. In may be in your best interest to weigh the expected savings in energy costs of a modern efficient model against the expected cost of continued operation with the existing appliance. It is a matter of economics and personal preference.

    Another factor that should be considered is taking advantage of current Energy Star tax credits, and other incentives. These can pay for a portion of the initial cost of both heating and air conditioning installation, and may not be available beyond 2016.

  3. Cost Reduction – The cost may be higher to replace only the AC or the furnace. Buying both may save money. It will also provide a warranty that covers a specified amount of time for both.
  4. Incompatibility – When opting to replace only the appliance that is broken, it should be considered that there is a possibility the components shared by both will not be compatible. In other words, replacement of both may be the only option.

    Furthermore, the existing appliance that is to remain will have wear and tear to a certain degree depending upon its age, and may not be able to handle the increased pressure of a modern strong air conditioner. Not only could the existing appliance be damaged, the new appliance may be damaged as well. An additional factor in the marriage of old and new is lost efficiency of the just installed appliance. Numerous homeowners opt for a complete modern system to achieve the highest energy efficiency from both.

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