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Thermostats will eventually wear out like anyother item in the home. Signs that a thermostat may require repair orreplacement include the system operating excessively, the failure to turn thesystem on, as the setting requires, the system running too long, or notoperating at all, among others. When issues occur with your HVAC system,you may not need AC repair in Katy, you may need thermostat repairor replacement.

Our home’s and personalities are all unique. Onething the majority of people have in common is the desire to save money on ourclimbing energy bills. Whether you scrutinize every detail of the indoorclimate, or simply want a product that takes care of it for you, there is aprogrammable thermostat for you. Carrier thermostats offer custom controlfeatures to fit your lifestyle and home.

Carrier thermostats offer Wi-Fi remote access, comfortmanagement, energy saving intelligence, energy-use reports, thermostats forzoning, humidity control, and models are available for those who want accuracy,but simple operation, and more.

For those who not comfortable withtechnology, a basic digital thermostat will improve the system’sperformance and energy efficiency.It does so with its greater accuracy in temperature control.


However, a programmable thermostat, offersgreater control with a variety of energy saving features depending on the modelyou choose. The programmable thermostat is programmed according to yourselections. Alternately, you may select a learning thermostat, which bases it’sself-programming on your choices over a specific time period. The learningthermostat is great for those who want the energy saving benefits of today’stechnology, without the initial investment in time for programming.

Programmable thermostats also free you from remembering to adjust thetemperature as you leave and return home. The thermostat will do it for you,with multiple settings offered. The programmable can provide significant energysavings, and extend the lifespan of your home’s heating and air conditioningsystem by reducing unnecessary use. In addition, reduced use results in lesswear and tear on the unit, and consequently potentially reducing the frequencyof AC repair in Katy.

Features vary according to model, providing a range of thermostats toaccommodate every home. Examples of the available features include humiditycontrol, filter change alerts, service reminders, integration into homeautomation, WIFI capability enabling remote changes when you are away, andothers. Contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional for thermostatservices, or other AC repair in Katy.

A mistake homeowner’s often make, is selecting a thermostat that isnot compatible with the home’s HVACunit. Our technicians can provide you with assistance, ensuring you receive theright thermostat for your system and needs. The ideal thermostat is one thatyou are comfortable using, and optimizes energy savings and your comfort.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a certified, licensed Carrierdealer. Our certified HVAC technicians arerequired to demonstrate professional expertise in the HVAC industry, and canprovide the HVAC installation of heating and AC repair in Katy that you need.

We install, service, and provide heating and AC repair in Katy for Carrier HVAC equipment, and our experiencedtechnicians’ service and repair other major brands. We provide emergencyservices for your residential or commercial heating and air conditioning needs. Give us a call to receive thermostat repair, installation, orother HVAC services. We serve Katy, Plano, and the surrounding areas withsuperior service. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBBwith an A+ rating.    

Homeowner Maintenance – Air Filters

The majority of maintenance of the HVACsystem requires an HVAC technicianto provide it. However, your changing theair filter is essential for the system’s performance, efficiency, andlifespan. Furthermore, routine filter changes will avoid major issues fromoccurring, and will reduce the issues that can result in the need for air conditioning repair in Katy.

Keeping Your HVAC System Healthy

You need only to look at the filterthroughout the month to realize the amount of dust, lint and other debris thatwould have entered the system without a filter. If the filter isn’t changed,the debris will clog the filter and prevent air from flowing through the heating and air conditioning system.

Problems that can potentially damage thesystem can occur due to a clogged filter. When the filter is clogged, airflowthrough the system is reduced. This forces the system to work harder, causingunnecessary wear and tear on components. Furthermore, it may result inoverheating and the potential for immediate damage, or even a potential housefire. Without routine changing of the filter, the need for air conditioning repair in Katy is certain to occur as a result,and may even result in the need for a new system. The cost of a new filter eachmonth is miniscule in comparison to a new heating and air conditioning installation.

For those who change the filter beforedamage may occur, but not during the recommended timeline, problems can stilloccur that will affect performance, efficiency and will eventually result inthe need for air conditioning repair inKaty. A prime example of this is the condenser coil. Located inside thehome in a split system, the filter is located in the flow of air to capturedebris before it reaches the condenser coil.

How effective the filter is depends onthe type filter, and the frequency of its change. Assuming you are able toutilize a quality filter, once the filter is saturated with dirt this soil willbe pulled around the filter and onto the condenser coil. A dirty coil preventsthe system from performing effectively, and can result in issues requiring air conditioning repair in Katy. Routinefilter changes, and annual professional maintenance will prevent dirty coilsfrom becoming a problem, ensuring peak performance, extending the systemlifespan, and greater reliability.

An additional result of a dirty filteris reduced HVAC operatingefficiency. The system’s efficiency translates into increased utility costs.

Furthermore, filter condition plays asignificant role in indoor air quality.While the standard blue fiberglass filter is not going to provide anycontribution to improving indoor air quality, the commonly used pleated filter,and HEPA filters, will improve thequality of indoor air. A dirty filter allows the captured particles to enter thehome’s circulated air. Remember to allow time for washable filters to drybefore reinserting to prevent mold and mildew. If mold or mildew occurs,replace the air filter immediately.

Air Filter Changes

The frequency of filter changes dependson the type of filter, the condition of your home in regards to the amount ofdust present both indoors and out. Some filters require changing every month,such as the cheap fiberglass type. Others require changing every three months,such as pleated filters.

Generally, regardless of the type filterin the system, check it every month. Home containing pets may require frequentchanges due to pet dander. During remodeling jobs, it isn’t a bad idea to checkthe filter daily if the system is in use. Extremely dusty conditions outdoors mayrequire an increase in filter inspection and change.

Finally, before upgrading to a high efficiency filter, such as a HEPA, check with your HVAC technician or the system manufacturer for its approved use.The use of higher efficiency filters on some system may result in damage, andthe need for air conditioning repair inKaty.

Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technicians to schedule heating and air conditioning service,or for questions regard your system’s airfilter. Our technicians offer expertise for your HVAC needs. Our services include professional installation, maintenance,and expert heating and air conditioningrepair in Katy. We provide reliable service for Katy, Plano and thesurrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.    

It oftenseems that a broken air conditioner occurs during the worst possible time. Youdutifully ensure all the thermostat settings are correct, check the circuitbreaker, and unfortunately, nothing changes, the AC is blowing warm air.

Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning in the Katy and Fort Worth metropolitan area canprovide the air conditioning repair you need. Our expertise in repairing air conditioning problems isunparalleled, and our NATE certified HVACtechnicians have the training, and years of experience under their belt forthe majority of the major brands. When your AC is blowing warm air, contact our certified HVAC experts for AC repair. The following tips can potentiallyassist you in restoring the cool comfort of your home before calling atechnician.


The thermostatcontrols the refreshing, cold air that your air conditioner delivers.Unfortunately, thermostats eventually wear out. When they do they affect theoperation and performance of the home’s HVAC system, and that often results inthe AC blowing warm air. Anadditional cause of thermostat failure can be bad wiring. Power surges are anunfortunate problem routinely affecting the power grid, and it’s common forsurges to damage electrical wiring of all types, including those connecting thethermostat and the HVAC system. Wiring damage poses the hazard of a potentialfire in the home, and should be inspected and repaired promptly.

Annual systemmaintenance assures the identification of existing or developing problems, andprovides the opportunity for repair, often before small problems damage othercomponents. In other words, maintenance may reduce the amount of repair, and mayeven prevent issues such as the ACblowing warm air. Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning offers NATE certifiedHVAC technicians for all of your heating and air conditioning needs.


While thecompressor is the heart of the airconditioning system, refrigerant is its life’s blood. Refrigerant is in aspecified quantity for each system, and levels that are either excessive or toolow create problems. Refrigerant doesn’t ‘wear out’, and if the level drops thereis a leak in the system. The loss of refrigerant is a common cause for the AC blowing warm air.

Anadditional sign of low refrigerant can be the presence of frost or ice on the refrigerantlines. When a refrigerant leak occurs, it will require repair to prevent thecontinued leakage of refrigerant. Pumping additional refrigerant into thesystem won’t stop the leak, and can potentially damage the environment. Thelaws regarding refrigerant are strict, only trust your AC repair to a certified HVACtechnician.


Dirty coilscan arise from many variables. In a split system, coils are located both insideand outside of your home’s AC system. Dirty coils result in problems, includingthe potential for the AC blowing warmair. In a split system, the evaporator coils are located inside the homewhere the air filter is located. Theair filter provides an importantrole in keeping the indoor coils clean, and requires routine changing orcleaning depending on the filter type.

Thecondenser coils are located on the outdoor condenser. The care of the outdoorcoil includes care when cutting the grass. Don’t allow the discharge chute ofthe mower to throw grass on the condenser, and maintain adequate free spacesurrounding the condenser without vegetation or other object to impede the airflow.Doing so can result in serious damage to the unit.

Annual maintenanceby a certified technician provides the best means of assuring proper operationand peak performance of the air conditioning system. In addition, the properoperation saves you money on the cost of energy. Furthermore, the lack ofmaintenance will reduce the system’s lifespan significantly, while costing youmore to operate with lost efficiency and an increase in AC repair.

TheEvaporator Drain

You mayhave noticed the drain pan beneath the evaporator coil of the indoor component ina split system. The water collects in the pan from the evaporative process anddrains way through a small drain line. The drain can clog from dirt, debris,and even algae growth, resulting in an overflowing pan and damage to the home’sflooring, and structure. The repair can be quite costly to replace floor joists,subflooring, and flooring. The cost of an annual maintenance visit is afraction of the cost for the average repair related to a clogged drain line.

CypressHeating & Air Conditioning offers NATE certified HVAC technicians for providing the professional HVAC services meetingor exceeding the industry standards. When your AC is blowing warm air, call our certified HVAC professionals for air conditioning repair, maintenance,or professional installation. You can rely on our technicians’ expertise forquality services and your satisfaction. We serve Katy, Plano and surroundingareas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.    

Mold, bacteria, spores, fungi, and othermicroorganisms are common airborne pollutants that can cause illness, andaggravate symptoms for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratoryillness in the indoor environment. For those with family members sufferingthese conditions, it requires a great deal of work to maintain an indoorenvironment as clean and contaminant free as possible. Following animmaculately clean home, utilizing a superior air filter becomes the first line of defense. Taking it a stepfurther and adding an extra layer of protection is possible with theinstallation of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, commonly called UV light. UV light can neutralize or destroyharmful microorganisms that circulate through the home’s heating and air conditioning system.

While a high-quality air filter can trap the majority of organicand inorganic pollutants, some microscopic particles can escape even the best air filters. UV light targets the microbes that manage to escape filtration. Itadds the extra layer of protection against threats to your health. This is why UV light systems are used in medicalfacilities and labs for their ability to kill bacteria and viruses, killing upto 99.9% of germs.

The installation of a UV germicidalirradiation system is close to the heatingand air conditioning system’s evaporator coil located indoors. Evaporatorcoils and drain pans provide a dark, damp environment where mold, bacteria, andmildew can thrive. UV systems applied in the area can neutralize the microbesbefore they can reach the indoor air. As an added benefit, it can also help thecoils to stay clean, maintaining a higher level of efficiency, improvedairflow, and saving you money on the cost of operating your air conditioning.  

UV light systems are effective at improving indoor air quality, and are beneficial whenused with the typical recommendations in a home with a family member sufferingrespiratory and allergy issues. Providing a clean home, routine air filterchanges, fresh air ventilation, and humidity control can greatly improve indoorair quality.

UV lights destroy germs by disruptingtheir DNA, rendering them unable to make you sick. They are exceptionallyeffective when combined with other filtration and air purification systems,especially when used in combination with HEPAair filters.

Do they Work?

UV lights in heating and air conditioning systems have been shown to beefficient in killing microbes with several studies, including research from theprestigious Duke University. In 2012, Duke University Researchers usedultraviolet radiation (UV-C) in 50 hospital rooms, eliminating drug-resistantbacteria by more than 97%., while in the control experiment, those roomslacking UV lights continued ti harbor mold.

In addition, in a commercial officebuilding with mold problems in the heatingand air conditioning system, mold levels were significantly reduced after 4months of UV operation.

Benefits of HVAC UV lights:

·      Controls mold and bacteria which thrive on the indoor coil

·      Reduce the incidence of colds and flu

·      Reduce odors

·      Remove VOCs

·      Are especially effective in areas with high humidity

·      Prevents algae growth in the condensate drain

·      Maintains a cleaner evaporator coil, improving cooling efficiency andreducing the cost of electricity

Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to learn more about how we can assist in providing your home withclean, healthy air with UV lightinstalled in your heating and airconditioning system. For the cleanest air possible, give us a call. Our NATE certified technicians serve Katy,Plano and the surrounding areas. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is amember of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Air conditioning is standard for the majority of homes in theU.S. The generation of the baby boomers can recall a time when few homes evenhad air conditioning. The generations that have followed have grown upwith home’s comfortably cooled and dehumidified. When a home’s central air conditioningreaches the end of its lifespan, there is little question that it will bereplaced. Homeowner’s often wonder how long they should continue sinking moneyinto the repair of an aging and inefficient system. Ideally, when reliabilityhas gone south, it’s time for a new air conditioning installation.


A system that requires an increasing frequency of repair is failing inits job of maintaining your comfort. In addition, efficiency declines in a wornand aging system. Air conditioning installation of a new system canreduce energy costs, and provide reliability. In general, replacing a system 10years old or older with a new, energy efficient system is the right choice,especially when increasingly frequent repairs become necessary. An additionalsign of a worn system in need of replacement is an increase in the energy bill.

Annual or ideally, bi-annual ACmaintenance will assist in maintaining optimal performance and energyefficiency, while extending the lifespan of the unit. Furthermore, a well-maintainedsystem operates efficiently, reducing the cost of operation. Eventually, all HVAC units’ will experience wear andfailure, and routine maintenance ensures the highest efficiency, and longestlifespan possible. Once the cost of maintaining operation becomes excessive,replacement with a new airconditioning installation becomesthe logical choice.

Select the highest energy efficiency unit yourbudget allows. The higher efficiency ensures the system pays a partial return,if not all, of the investment by reducing its energy consumption. Air conditioning installation provides ameans of reducing energy consumption, and by selecting the right system, it mayeven pay for itself over time.

There are a number of features available in today’scentral air conditioning. Thesefeatures are designed to improve the home’s air quality, humidity level, performance,and energy-consumption. Selecting ENERGY STAR certified heating and air conditioning equipment ensures the greatest energyefficiency, and reliability.

With a new air conditioning installation, you naturally expect the new systemto last as long as possible. Poor installation and a lack of routinemaintenance are common causes of a reduced lifespan in heating and air conditioning systems. The proper installation by aqualified HVAC contractor prevents problemswith poor performance and the reduction of lifespan. Contacting Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professionals for airconditioning installation, ensures a quality installation from beginning tofinish, and according to the highest standards of the industry.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s licensed,NATE certified technicians can walkyou through all the options available, enabling you to make an informeddecision of the selection for centralair conditioning and air conditioninginstallation. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are amember of the BBB with an A+ rating.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning canprovide your business with comprehensive commercialHVAC services. Our NATE certifiedtechnicians are dedicated to ensuring your HVAC system provides the bestperformance possible, keeping your business, employees and clients comfortable,while maintaining the best energy efficiency. Our commercial HVAC servicesinclude routine maintenance, expert repairs, and new system installations. Wecan help with the heating and airconditioning service you need.

Commercial HVAC Replacement

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning understandthat keeping operational costs to a minimum is vital for any business. Aninefficient HVAC system can significantlyincrease a company’s monthly expenses, and diminish the comfort of employeesand customers. Eventually the frequent breakdowns, and repair costs become aburden, that make no financial sense. That is when replacement is the logicalsolution. A new HVAC system offerssignificant long-term benefits with increased reliability, and saves energy,and money.

Repair and Maintenance

Problems with commercial HVAC systems can result in unexpected expenses anddowntime to your place of business. To assist in preventing this issue, werecommend a full system performance check and maintenance biannually. Ourskilled service technicians will identify and report any problems with yoursystem. They will inform you of all potential solutions, enabling you to makean informed decision.

Maintenance Saves You Money

Routine heating and air conditioning maintenance prevent unnecessary systembreakdowns. It is an investment that pays off over time:

·      Provides significant savings on energy costs by ensuring optimumefficiency and peak performance

·      Maintains equipment reliability and extends the systems lifespan

·      Assists in preventing costly breakdowns by identifying small problemsearly, and identifying failing components before they can cause additionaldamage

·      Improves indoor air quality and comfort

Our certified, licensed technicians willprovide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your commercial HVAC system, identifying any potentialproblems, completing the necessary maintenance to maintain peak performance andefficiency, and with your approval will repair any issues determined.

Commercial HVACRepair

Our HVACtechnicians strive to provide the best service and care possible meetingand/or exceeding the industry standards. Furthermore, while Cypress Heating andAir Conditioning is a Carrier dealer, our technicians have the training, andexperience to provide heating and airconditioning service on all major brands. Contact us to schedule heatingand air conditioning repair, maintenance, or the installation of a new system.

Eventually, all HVAC systems fail, and unfortunately, it is seldom at a timeconvenient for you. That is why Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’sdedicated technicians offer after-hours emergency heating and air conditioning service available 24hours a day, and 7 days a week for your convenience.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningoffers NATE certified technicianswith the professional expertise to provide reliable commercial HVAC services. We provide quality heating and air conditioning installation,maintenance, repair, and other professional heating and air conditioning service. We serve Katy, Plano, and thesurrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating. Weguarantee your satisfaction.

The upper10 feet of the earth maintains a nearly consistent temperature between 50° and60°F. Similar to a caves consistent temperature, the ground temperature iswarmer than the air above it in the winter and cooler than the air during thesummer. Geothermal heat pumps take advantage of the nearly consistentground temperatures to provide heating and air conditioning of homes andother buildings.

Inaddition, during the summer the Carrier geothermal unit offers the optional advantageof heating hot water. This reduces the workload on the water heater, and thecost of energy to produce it, reducing your summer time energy bill evenfurther.

Geothermalheat pumps consumeconsiderably less energy than conventional systems, since they exchange heat inthe ground, instead of working against the temperatures of the outdoor air. Notonly does this save you money on the cost of energy, it reduces air pollutionand your home’s carbon footprint.

Inaddition, the reduced workload on the system provides the advantage ofextending its lifespan. The ground loop system has an expected lifespan of 50years or more, while the heat pumpitself experiences an expected lifespan of 25 years.

The returnon your investment occurs in a reasonable amount of time, and continues to saveyou money during the years to come. When compared to conventional heatingand air conditioning systems, the geothermal heat pump provides cooling at 50%less cost, while heating costs range from 40% to 70% less.

Accordingto the EPA, geothermal heating and air conditioning systems are the mostenergy efficient systems available. A geothermal system will produce four timesthe amount of energy it consumes.

If you areinterested in learning more about the geothermalheat pump installation, the first step is to speak with a Cypress Heatingand Air Conditioning professional. There are a number of factors that affectthe ability to install the system considered the gold standard by many. Forexample, climate, soil type and depth, the amount of land available, and thepresence of rocky soil will affect the type of loop a geothermal heat pump willrequire on your location. If your property has a pond or lake, for example, youmay want to consider a different type of geothermal system utilizing the water,instead of the ground for the loop system.

Inaddition, if you have very little land available, you may still be able to havethe geothermal system. Vertical loops can be installed requiring less landavailability. However, the geothermal heat pump is not your typical heating and air conditioning system.Installation requires an installer with specialized training, experience, andproficiency in geothermal technology and installation. A qualified installer ensuresthe intended performance of the geothermal heatingand air conditioning system.

Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule the installation of a geothermalheating and air conditioning system.Our NATE certified HVAC techniciansoffer the skill and expertise required for the proper installation of geothermal heat pumps. Our expertsserve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas. Cypress Heating and AirConditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

Eventuallythe heating and air conditioning system will wear out and requirereplacement. One factor that can affect the life span of the HVAC unit by causing overwork is ductproblems. Unfortunately, the ducts are a component of the system that istypically overlooked, and problems can occur that require duct repair. It pays to ensure an inspection of the ductwork alongwith the annual maintenance visit for the heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX.

Forexample, you may notice a strange musty odor coming from the vents, incorrecttemperatures or reduced airflow, indicating there is a problem. When the aircoming from the ducts is the wrong temperature, or has an odor there may be abreak in the duct system, or broken seals. If you have access to the ducts,such as in the basement, resealing is simple enough. Sealing with metallic tapeat the joints will seal the air leaks, stopping odors, increasing efficiencyand reducing the workload on the system. Leakyducts can result in the loss of as much as 30% of the conditioned airmoving through the ductwork.

Furthermore,the heating and cooling system rely on the proper air pressure formaximum performance. Loose seals or damage to ducts results in poor performance,improper temperatures, higher energy bills, and poor air quality. A potentialsign of a duct problem is unusual temperature variations in a room that wasonce comfortable.

Inaddition, air leaks in the duct systemcan lead to increased dust. If the gaps are large enough, and it only requiresa space as thin as a dime – the ducts may become a nesting place for mice.Having the ducts inspected, and repaired will prevent this problem.

Furthermore,leaky ducts can allow dirt andmoisture to enter the duct system, resulting in mold, mildew, and bacterialgrowth in the ducts. Indoor air quality can become poor, and may cause healthissues in some persons. Unfortunately, leaky ducts can pull radon gas into thehome. The Environmental Protection Agency attributes duct leaks as a major contributor to radon related lung cancer andrespiratory illness. These are all good reasons for duct inspection along withthe annual service visit for your heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX.

Potentialsigns that the ductwork may have lost its sealing include:

·      Elevated utility bills, especially ifprevious bills were considerably less could indicate leaky ducts or otherproblems.  

·      One or more rooms that with uncomfortabletemperatures due to reduced air flow

·      Visibly peeling or missing tape, crushedmetal, or disconnected or loose pipe.

·      Noisy ducts, especially when the systemoperates.

·      Stale, musty, or earthy smelling air mayindicate air leaks.

When thesesigns of duct issues are noted, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningfor a comprehensive inspection of your heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX.

Now thatspring has arrived, beat the busy summer season and have your air conditioning in Katy, TXinspected and tuned up before the summer rush. Routine maintenance is the bestmeans of preventing breakdowns, and maintains energy efficiency.

If you needduct repair give us a call, ourtechnicians can provide the services you need. Don’t suffer the heat this summerwith broken air conditioning in Katy,TX, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for repair, maintenance,or installation. We serve Katy, Plano, and the surrounding areas, and are amember of the BBB with an A+ rating.

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