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Groundsource heat pumps are electrically powered heating and air conditioning systemsthat tap into the earth’s relatively constant temperature to provide heating,cooling, and hot water for homes and commercial buildings. The geothermalheat pump consumes significantly less energy as the design utilizes theconsistent ground temperature for heat exchange, rather than working againstthe variable outdoor air temperature.

Geothermalheat pumps utilize closed oropen loops, installed in one of three ways: horizontally, vertically, or in awater source such as a pond or lake. The type you select will likely depend onthe available land area and its characteristics at the site of installation.These factors are essential in determining the most economical means forinstallation of the ground loop.

The mediaused in a closed loop system can be water-based or refrigerant-based. In atypical water-based loop, water or antifreeze solution is circulated throughthe pipes that comprise the loop buried beneath the earth’s surface. Arefrigerant-based loop relies on refrigerant flowing through copper tubing buriedbeneath the ground.

During thewinter, the fluid absorbs heat from the earth, and during the summer season,the system reverses itself to provide air conditioning by utilizing theground as a heat sink.

Open loopsystems operate on the same principle, and can be installed in a pond or lakewhere an adequate supply of water is available and open discharge is allowed.

Thebenefits of a geothermal heat pumpsystem include the following: 

·      Can provide heating and airconditioning, and assists the hot water heater by providing preheated waterwhen this option is chosen

·      When so equipped, may save you up to 50%on water-heating costs

·      The pipes of the loop typically last for50 years, while the heat pump averages a 25 year lifespan

·      Provides significant energy savings for heatingand air conditioning, with up to 50% savings on air conditioning,and 40% to 70% savings on heating costs

·      Operates quietly without noisy fan unitsto disturb outdoor activities

·      A geothermal system will produce fourtimes the amount of energy it consumes, placing it at the top of the mostenergy efficient heating and air conditioning systems available 

·      A return in your investment requires onlya few years

·      Rebates, credits or other incentives maybe available

·      An environmentally friendly solution

The geothermalheat pump is not your standard heatingand air conditioning system. Geothermalinstallation requires a certified installer with specialized training,experience, and knowledge in geothermal technology and installation. Hiring a qualifiedinstaller ensures you receive the expected performance from the geothermal heating and air conditioning system.

Our NATE certified HVAC technicians offer the skill and expertise required for theproper installation of a geothermal heatpump, or other heating and airconditioning system of your choice. Our professionals serve Katy, Planoand the surrounding areas with the expertise that meets or exceeds industrystandards. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBB with anA+ rating. 


Ifcutting the cost of cooling your home is a priority this summer, a programmablethermostat is one option that can save you money. With a programmablethermostat, temperatures can be set to be higher when you are away, andscheduled to cool the home just in time for your arrival. This results insignificant energy savings by eliminating unnecessary heating and coolingwhen the home is unoccupied. The following provides energy saving tipsand advice to maximize your comfort, while reducing the electrical bill.Effectively saving money begins by ensuring your HVAC system receives itsannual tune up with air conditioning service, maintenance, and repair ifrequired.

Theannual tune up provides a thorough inspection of the system, enabling thetechnician to identify any components that are weakening, are faulty, in needof cleaning and/or lubrication. The annual air conditioning serviceenables your home’s HVAC to operate at peak efficiency, saving youmoney, maintaining your comfort, and extending the system’s service life byreducing wear and tear.

Equallyimportant for maintaining the systems performance and lifespan is changing therecommended air filter as the manufacture instructs. Routine filter changeshelp to maintain a cleaner system, reducing the frequency of airconditioning service and repairs, saving you even more money.

Inaddition, the following tips will assist you in cutting the cost of coolingyour home this summer:

·     Replace inefficient older appliances withenergy efficiency models.

·     Turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms tosave energy.

·     Unplug electronics, and other devices whennot in use.

·     Avoid using the oven, as it heats up thehome. Instead, opt for outdoor grilling, a slow cooker, or microwave. You canalso serve cold meals such as salads, and sandwiches. If the oven is used, doso in the cool of the early morning.

·     Programmable thermostats can save as muchas 20% on the cost of cooling your home.

There is a variety of programmable thermostat types available for yourselection:

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat automatically adjusts the temperatureaccording to the schedule and settings you have programmed into it. The abilityto program a thermostat eliminates forgotten temperature adjustments, savingyou money by providing lower energy bills. The accuracy of a programmablethermostat is unsurpassed.


7-Day Thermostat

The 7-day thermostat provides the ability to program up to fourtemperature adjustments for each day. It is ideal for those with busyschedules.

5-1-1 Day

The 5-1-1 provides the ability to program up to four temperatureadjustments during the weekdays, and different settings for Saturday andSunday. This option is ideal for families who work a routine Monday throughFriday schedule, and need flexibility for the weekend.

5-2 Day

The 5-2 thermostat allows up to four temperature settings for theweekdays and allows a different schedule for both days of the weekend.

Learning Thermostats

A learning thermostat “learns” based on your manually selectedpreferences over a specific period. While the features vary between brands,some include the ability to auto adjust the thermostat when the home isunoccupied, guide you to energy-efficient settings, provide an alert for adirty filter or the need for air conditioning service, and providemonthly energy reports. In addition, they can connect to the home’s Wi-Finetwork, enabling you to monitor, and manage remotely from a computer,smartphone, or tablet.

If you need programmable thermostat installation orreplacement, or other air conditioning service, give us a call. ACypress professional HVAC technician will assist you with your questionsand ensure you receive a thermostat that is compatible with your home’s system.We serve Katy, Plano, and the surrounding areas. Cypress Heating and AirConditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

Although wecan’t see indoor air pollution, studies have proven that the air inside of ourhomes is likely to be more polluted than the air outdoors. Fortunately, you dohave options in obtaining cleaner and healthier indoor air. The home’s heating and air conditioning system mayclean the air to a certain degree, depending on the type of filter it requires.However, a dedicated air filtrationsystem will provide significantly cleaner air within the home. CypressHeating and Air Conditioning offers some of the most advanced air quality productsavailable.

At thispoint you may be wondering what type of air pollution could possibly be in yourclean home. If pollution in U.S. homes is surprising, you will probably be evenmore surprised to learn the some of the sources:

·      Animal dander from hair, skin andfeathers is probably not surprising for pet owners

·      Dust mite and cockroach parts  

·      Pollen enters even the tightest builthomes through ventilation, open windows and being brought inside on clothingand shoes

·      Bacteria and viruses may seem surprisingin a spotless home, but you should consider tight fitting homes keep the germsin when a family member is sick

·      The heatingand air conditioning systems ductwork can contribute to poor air quality

·      VolatileOrganic Compounds (VOC’s) aredangerous compounds emitted as gases that quickly evaporate into the air. Aquality air cleaner can remove VOC’s. Sources include:

1.    Air fresheners

2.    Carpeting

3.    Cleaning supplies

4.    Hairspray

5.    Paints and varnishes

6.    Pressed wood furniture

7.    Tobacco smoke

8.    Upholstery and fabrics

9.    Vinyl flooring

10. Other construction materials

The Consequences of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can contribute toallergies, asthma, upper respiratory infections like pneumonia and bronchitis,allergic reactions, headaches and nausea. Long term-health effects of indoorpollution are cancer, heart disease, chronic respiratory illnesses and more. OurHVAC technicians can provide foryour home’s heating and air conditioningneeds, and solutions for clean, healthy air in your home.

Most air filtration systems integrate directly into the home’s HVAC, which will require the skills ofan HVAC technician to ensure aproper installation. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning can assist in theselection of the best indoor air filtration system for your home, and provide aprofessional installation. An air filtration system requires minimalmaintenance. A Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning Nate certified technician will instruct you in the proper care ofthe system of your choice.  

If you’re considering an airfiltration system, give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning a call today. Our certified technicians can provide you with theinstallation your home requires for healthier air, and a more comfortable home. One of our professional technicians will answeryour questions, and assist you in selecting the best unit for your needs, andbudget. Our dedicated technicians offer a wide range of heating and air conditioning services, including 24-hour emergencyservices for your convenience. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas,and have are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.    

Any personsouth of the Mason-Dixon is aware of just how brutal summers can be. Tomaintain a comfortable temperature in your home, it is essential to ensure theannual maintenance of the airconditioning system. Unfortunately, any air conditioner will eventually require repair. While there isn’t agreat deal a homeowner can do to maintain the system, the actions you canprovide are right up there with the annual maintenance in ensuring theincreased reliability and lifespan of the system. If your home’s HVAC system hasn’t already received theannual air conditioning service,contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule it.

Routinemaintenance, proper operation, and routine filter changes will assist inreducing the need for repair. Unfortunately, a large number of homeowner’s won’tschedule air conditioning service untilthey experience a problem. This approach does little for ensuring its long-termreliability, and may result in additional component failure, increased repaircost, reduced lifespan, and the potential need for premature replacement of thesystem.

Preventivemaintenance is the optimal choice, and crucial for ensuring peak performanceand the greatest energy efficiency possible. It also enables the technician toidentify failing components before they completely fail, potentially preventingunnecessary repairs. Preventative maintenance increases the odds of earlydiagnosis, and increased reliability.

The issuesidentified, are one less breakdown that can leave you suffering in the brutalheat without air conditioning. Thefact is, homeowner’s aren’t trained in the HVACindustry, and you may not recognize a developing problem. Fortunately, thereare signs for a number of problems, and being aware of them can prevent uncomfortabletemperatures in your home, while waiting for repair. If you recognize any ofthe following signs, contact a Cypress HVACtechnician today:

·      An unexplainedincrease in the electric bill may be related to the HVAC system

·      Unusual noise originatingfrom the air conditioning system

·      Strange smells comingfrom the system

·      Uneven cooling when the air conditioner is running

·      The air coming fromthe registers doesn’t seem as cold as it once was

·      The system isunable to bring the temperature down, and/or running without shutting off

·      The refrigerantlines are frosting over

If yourecognize any of these signs, contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning Nate certified technician to schedule air conditioning service. Remember,delaying an AC repair may result inadditional costs if the failing component causes damage or excessive wear onother parts. In the long run, regular maintenance and calling for repair when aproblem occurs will save you money, and prevent unnecessary discomfort.

CypressHeating and Air Conditioning installs top rated Carrier systems, and providesexpert service and repair of all major brands of air conditioning systems.Furthermore, our technicians take your comfort seriously by providing emergencyservice 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Contact a Cypress representativetoday to schedule air conditioningservice, repair, or air conditioninginstallation. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas and are amember of the BBB with an A+ rating.

A commercial property owner is typicallyexpected to provide functional HVAC equipment, providing a comfortableenvironment. That is why you need quality commercial air conditioning in your property.Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides reliable commercial air conditioning services for our clients. Furthermore,our NATE certified technicians canhandle your air conditioninginstallation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

The quality of air conditioning installation is an essential factor in the system’sperformance, efficiency, and lifespan. You can count on our highly trained andexperienced HVAC technicians to providesize equipment that is properly sized for your building. You may not realizeit, but a high number of systems are improperly sized. A system that isundersized for your building will not cool effectively, will consume excess energy,and experience a reduced life span.

On the other hand, a system that is toolarge for the space will result in short cycling, which will also consumeexcess energy, significantly reduce performance and your comfort, and reducethe units expected lifespan while increasing the frequency of repair.  

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Almost every business owner wants tosave money on energy costs. Scheduling routine commercial air conditioning maintenance will ensure the optimalperformance and efficiency of your commercial unit.

Maintenance by a qualified technicianwill reduce the amount repairs required, vs. a unit that is serviced haphazardly,or not at all. Eventually, as the system ages, repairs will be necessary. Don’tdelay AC repair, the failure of onecomponent may result in additional damages.

Routine biannual HVAC maintenance isrecommended to prevent unnecessary system breakdowns, and maintain peakperformance. Routine maintenance provides these benefits:

·      Ensuring the peak performance of the system provides significantsavings on energy costs

·      Maintains the highest possible equipment reliability and extends thesystems lifespan

·      Assists in preventing breakdowns from worn components before theycompletely fail, which can lead to damage of other components and increasedrepair costs

·      Improves indoor air quality and comfort for employees, tenants and thepublic

Our licensed technicians provide acomprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your commercial HVAC system, completing the necessary maintenance to ensure peakperformance and efficiency, and identifying any potential problems. If problemsare identified, with your approval our technicians will provide the air conditioning repair.

Remember, proper air conditioningmaintenance extends the lifespan of your system and keeps it operatingefficiently, saving your business energy dollars, while reducing repair costs.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning ishere to help. Whether you need emergency repair, maintenance, installation, orreplacement, our NATE certified HVAC techniciansare ready to take your call. Our technicians install quality Carrier products,and have the expertise to repair all major brands.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningoffers NATE certified technicianswith the professional expertise to provide commercialHVAC services that you can count on. We provide quality heating and air conditioning installation,maintenance, repair, and other professional heating and air conditioning services that meet or exceed therecommended industry standards. We serve Katy, Plano, and the surroundingareas. We are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating. 

If you are interested in both heating and cooling your home with one convenient,energy efficient system, consider the installation of a heat pump. Today’s heat pump is far more energy efficient than yourgrandparents, thanks to advances in new technology. In fact, it can provide youwith up to 30% greater energy efficiency of your home’s heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX. Furthermore,heat pumps operate cleanly without harmful exhaust as gas units do. During thecooling season, modern heat pumps can offer superior humidity control, andincreased comfort with variable speed technology.

There is a heat pump available foralmost any home’s needs:

·      The air source heat pump isa common choice for those who want comfort and efficiency.

·      The geothermal heat pumpprovides excellent performance and superior efficiency in all environments.

·      The mini-split heat pump provides an efficient alternative for heatingand air conditioning in Katy, TX.Consider this type for room additions, and homes lacking ducts. Mini-splitsalso offer zoning so you can heat and cool just the rooms you want to.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

The geothermalheat pump is an environmentally friendly product, providing superior energyefficiency. The temperatures just 4 – 6 feet underground are milder than theair temperature during the deep cold of winter and the heat of summer. Thegeothermal heat pump takes advantage of the mild underground temperature with thesystem’s loop for heat exchange.  

Lower Bills

The geothermal system consumes half as muchenergy as an air source heat pump. While the initial cost of a geothermalsystem is higher than on a conventional heat pump, its superior energy savings,and long lifespan means you can see a return on your investment in as little as3 – 5 years, while the savings continue throughout its lifespan. The geothermalunit averages a lifespan of 20 years, while the loop can on for 50 years. Whenconsidering geothermal installation for your home’s heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX, contacta Cypress professional for additional information.

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

For room additions, and homes without aduct system, a ductless mini-split heatpump offers an energy efficient solution. The ductless heat pump offers allof the benefits of a heat pump, and is typically easier to install than othersystems. The ductless system eliminates the increased cost of heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX due to ductleaks, as it lacks a duct system. This feature alone offers savings of as muchas 20% on the cost of energy.

A popular feature of the system is itenables you to provide zoning, which means you can heat and cool the rooms orzones you choose, without consuming energy to heat and cool unused rooms.

Energy Star

Selecting an Energy Star heat pumpensures the greatest reliability and energy efficiency available. In addition,modern heat pumps take advantage of new refrigerants that tolerate coldertemperatures, unlike older heat pump,extending the energy savings during the coldest winter.

Professional Installation

Using a qualified professional toprovide the installation ensures you receive the proper size system. Installingthe same size system is no guarantee the original was properly sized to beginwith. An improperly sized system will result in a reduced lifespan, poorefficiency, and when oversized can cause issues related to excess humidity,such as mold and mildew.

Contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified HVACprofessional for additional information about a heat pump. We can assist you in selecting the heat pump system thatis right for your home’s heating and airconditioning in Katy, TX. We serve Katy, Plano and the surroundingareas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

The Katyand Fort Worth, Texas area is no stranger to oppressive summer temperatures. Unfortunately,energy consumption also rises with the temperature. The following heating and cooling energy saving tips canassist you to save energy with a two-pronged approach – reducing the amount ofheat that infiltrates your home, and reducing the amount of electricityconsumed. Utilizing the following tips will save you money year round on thecost of heating and air conditioningyour home.

SealingCracks and Gaps

Cracks andgaps in the envelope of your home can cost you with lost energy. Various sourcesclaim an annual $350 to $600 a year in lost energy due to cracks and gaps. Eachhome is unique in its design and construction, including the quality ofconstruction. However, it’s a proven fact that reducing the amount of airleakage in and out of the home is a cost-effective way to save energy, and to increaseyour comfort.

Caulking, weatherstripping, and foam sealants are three simple and effective products for airsealing that provides an immediate effect. Caulk is used for the stationarycomponents of windows and doors. Weather stripping seals the moving componentsof doors and windows.

Other areasto check for air leaks include the home’s foundation, and the attic. Inspectthe foundation or basement walls for cracks and gaps. Expanding foam is aneffective solution that expands to seal the area, preventing outside air, andwater from entering. In addition, ensure you seal openings in the foundationand outer walls where cables and wires enter the home. Expanding foam is idealfor this task, as it expands to fill leaving no gaps.

Inspect theattic, including the exterior for loose or missing siding. Repair preventsoutside air, pests, and wildlife from entering the attic.

Air leaks alongwith insufficient attic and wall insulation are a common reason a home isuncomfortable and experiences high heatingand air conditioning costs. Inspect the insulation in the attic. If the ceilingjoists are visible, add insulation. Over time, the recommended insulatingfactor of insulation changes. The amount in your attic may have been acceptablewhen the home was constructed, but insufficient by today’s standards.Furthermore, insulation can settle, exposing joists, and costing you withenergy loss and decreased comfort with the use of heating and air conditioning.


Chimneyscan be a major source of lost heatingand air conditioning. Keep the flue closed, and close the doors on thefireplace if available.

Indoor Tips

OpenRegisters and Interior Doors

Closing offregisters and doors can create unequal pressure in the heating and air conditioning system, resulting in air leaks.Furthermore, an imbalance in pressure can result in the HVAC system pulling unconditioned outside air inside throughcracks, vent pipes, chimneys, unsealed doors and windows and more. This resultsin an increase in energy costs, and unnecessary wear and tear on the heating and air conditioning system. Nomore than one or two registers should be closed in an average home. Doorsshould have the proper amount of clearance at the bottom to allow the properpressure in the home, or be left open.


Windowsallow heat to transfer into the home. Insulated drapes and shades are one meansof reducing heat transfer. Window film is an even better option. Not only doesit dramatically reduce heat transfer, it also reduces the UV rays that fadeupholstery and photographs by up to 99%. Furthermore, thick, higher grades ofwindow film can provide the equivalent of adding an extra pane of glass forinsulation purposes.

Reducingthe Use of Electricity

Replacingolder appliances with Energy Star appliances will help you save on energy costs.Use the economy setting, and air dry on the dishwasher, and wait until theappliance has a full load before using. In addition, ensure the refrigerator isset on energy save. Other tips include using the microwave when possible, and refrainfrom opening the oven or dryer door. Unplugging appliances such as computersand TVs will eliminate phantom use of electricity, which adds up over time. Agable fan may be a significant assist in reducing the power bill. By removingexcessive heat from the attic, the AC won’t have to run as long to cool thehome, saving on energy, and wear and tear of the air conditioner. Finally, consider a programmablethermostat for significant savings.

These heatingand cooling energy saving tips can add up to extra money in your pocket. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides NATE certified HVAC technicians for professionalheating and air conditioninginstallation, heating and AC repair,HVAC maintenance, and other expert HVAC services. Cypress Heating and AirConditioning serves Katy, Plano, and the surrounding areas, and is a memberof the BBB with an A+ rating.    

The Condensate Drain

You may not realize it, but the HVAC condensate drain is a vital component in the home’s central air conditioning system. The evaporatorcoil cools the warm air that passes over it. The resulting water vaporcondenses and runs off the coil into the evaporator pan. As it collects, it drainsthrough the condensate tube to the outside. If the condensate drain clogs, theproblems that can occur may affect your family’s health, or cause damage toyour home. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule air conditioning service.

When mold develops in the condensatedrain, the likelihood of its dispersion through the airflow in the supply ductsis high. Allergic symptoms and other respiratory symptoms may result invulnerable family members. The drain tube provides an ideal environment formold growth, and may potentially spread into the evaporator coil.

Due to this, annual air conditioning service is recommended. Annual maintenanceprovides the peak performance of the system, and ensures your indoor airquality won’t be affected by detrimental factors such as mold from a cloggedcondensate drain or other factors. Routine maintenance ensures a clean system,cleaner air, and less wear and tear on the heatingand air conditioning system.

Central air conditioning does more thansimply cool your home. It also provides humidity extraction, which is acritical process in ensuring your comfort, and preventing mold in the home.When the condensate drain clogs, thehumidity in the home will rise, affecting your comfort. If you suspect thecondensate drain is clogged, it is essential to have it checked by an HVAC technician, and air conditioning service provided. Aclogged drain line clog can cause problems such as:

·      Water damage due to an overflowing condensate pan or drain breaks

·      The moist environment is ideal for the growth of mold, mildew,bacteria and other contaminants 

·      Damage to the HVAC systemand/or causing a fire due to water leaking onto electrical components

While maintenance consists of inspection,numerous tests, and adjustments, cleaning and other tasks, the system will lastlonger, operate more efficiently, and provide greater reliability. This savesyou money on the cost of repair, replacement, and energy.

Unfortunately, repair is not always thebest option. Eventually, your system will require replacement. When your HVAC system is more than ten years old,and the need for repairs are increasing along with the cost of your energybill, and your comfort is declining, replacement will provide your home withreliability, and increased comfort, while saving you energy. In fact, modern heating and air conditioning systemsare more efficient than ever.

Our technicians will diagnose your air conditioning problems, and provide youwith solutions. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offer a wide range of HVAC services for our residential andcommercial customers, including HVAC maintenance, heating and air conditioning service and repair,heating and air conditioning installation, UV light installation, and more. Weserve Plano, Katy, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBBwith an A+ rating.    

One of the mostfrequent problems that may arise with your HVACunit during the summer is a frozen evaporator coil. Numerous problems can causethe evaporator coil to freeze over. If the evaporator coil has frozen over,turn off the HVAC system. Continuing operation of the system can damage thecompressor, requiring air conditioningrepair in Plano, TX.

The following are potentialcauses of a frozen coil.

·     A restricted airflow around the evaporator coil can cause the coil tofreeze over. Check the air filter toensure it isn’t clogged. The air filter should be changed each month, or asinstructed by the manufacturer, using the proper filter for the system. 

·     Over time, the coil becomes soiled, especially if poor quality filters orinfrequent filter changes are provided. A dirty coil can’t perform properly,diminishing efficiency, and potentially causing damage to the system.

Annual maintenanceby a professional HVAC technician isrecommended to maintain a properly performing system, and peak efficiency.During maintenance, the technician can identify a dirty coil and provide thenecessary air conditioning repair inPlano, TX.

·     Inspect your home’s intake grille, located where the filter is changed.Clean them often to prevent reduced airflow.

·     Check the supply registers ensuring they are open. If too many are closedthe coils can freeze over.

·     A failed blower motor can cause the evaporator coil to freeze over. Whenthe system runs, you should be able to hear the fan during operation.

·     A common cause of a frozen coil is due to a refrigerant leak or lowrefrigerant charge in the system. Contact a qualified HVAC technician for airconditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Refrigerant isn’tused up as oil is. If your system is low on refrigerant, either you have a leakor it has been improperly charged. Repair of a refrigerant leak may be assimple as tightening a loose fitting, or as complicated as replacing anevaporator or condensing coil, as well as other potential causes of arefrigerant leak.

Our certifiedtechnicians are skilled in leak detection for your air conditioning, and you can rely on the air conditioning service, and repair a Cypress technician provides.

Scheduling annualmaintenance by a certified professional will extend the lifespan of the system,reduce the frequency of air conditioningrepair in Plano, TX, and provide peak performance for the highest possibleenergy efficiency. In the long run, routine maintenance saves you money, bothon the system, and in your home’s energy consumption.

Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningtoday to schedule maintenance, or airconditioning repair in Plano, TX. Needan emergency AC repair? Give usa call for emergency AC services 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Yoursatisfaction is guaranteed when you call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning. Weoffer NATE certified technicians, and serve Plano, Katy, and the surroundingareas. Our technicians can provide the expertise you can count on for reliablerepair, and installation. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a member ofthe BBB with an A+ rating.    

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