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The complaint of an airconditioner not cooling is a common reason for scheduling airconditioning repair. The cause of an AC blowing warm air can be due to a number of reasons, and notall requires a technician to provide repair. Before you call to schedule repair check thefollowing common issues:

The Forgotten Air Filter

It’s easy to forget to change the air filteroccasionally. Mark it on a calendar, or schedule it on a cell phone to remindyou. Selecting a specific day each month will also help. Routinely changing theair filter is key in maintaining the performance, and lifespan of theheating and air conditioning system.An excessively dirty air filter will restrict the airflow moving through thesystem, causing premature wear and tear, resulting in a dirty coil whichaffects the system’s ability to cool, and can potentially cause overheatingwith damage or a fire. A clogged filter can potentially be the cause of the ACblowing warm air, so check it every couple of weeks even if it isn’t timeto change it.

A Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker in the electrical service panel controlsthe power supply for the air conditioning system. If an overload occurs due tolightning, a surge, or short in the electrical system or the air conditioner,the breaker will trip to the off position, cutting off the supply ofelectricity to the AC. Although it isn’t a common occurrence, breakersthemselves can go bad. Contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician for a circuit breakerthat continues to trip.

Some air conditioners contain circuit breakers in thesystem separate from the breaker in the home’s electrical service panel. Thesecan also trip when a power surge or other problem occurs, and it is a commoncause of the AC blowing warm air. Ifthis is an ongoing problem with your AC, give us a call for a technician toinspect the air conditioning andprovide a solution.

Check the Thermostat

Many people often take advantage of fresh, cool outdoormorning air by opening a window and adjusting the thermostat from cool to off,and fan from auto to run. You may have done the same if you have burned foodwhile cooking. It’s a common occurrence, and so is forgetting to reset thethermostat. Later in the day when the AC needs to cool things down, youdiscover the AC blowing warm air only.Check the thermostat, even if you haven’t changed the settings someone else mayhave.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks are a common cause of the AC blowing warm air. Ifyou have a split system, you can view the refrigerant lines in the air returnwhere the filter is located. Remove the panel and inspect the copper lines for frostor ice. They should be sweating, but not frozen or frosted. Either is a signthe unit is likely low on coolant due to a refrigerant leak.

The repair of a refrigerant leak is not a DIY task. It requiresthe services of a certified HVAC technician with the proper equipmentand diagnostic tools to provide a proper repair, evacuation if needed, and toprevent complications due to overcharging or undercharging the refrigerant.

A Bad Compressor

The compressor is the heart of the air conditioningsystem. When it fails, the options are to replace the compressor or provide anew air conditioning installation. The latter is typically the wisestoption, especially when the system is 10 years old or older. A failedcompressor is unable to produce cold air, resulting in the AC blowing warm air.

Electrical Problems

Faulty switches, relays, contactors, damaged wiring, andother electrical components are potential causes of the AC blowing warm air.The HVAC system contains numerous components, and when one fails, theentire system can fail. This is the reason its best to call for AC repair in Katy when you firstsuspect a problem.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils are another potential cause of the ACblowing warm air. While dirty coils are likely to develop over time, not changingthe air filter as required will lead to a dirty coil sooner than anticipated.

A dirty coil prevents the AC from being able to do itsjob and provide cold air. Scheduling routine annual maintenance will ensure allaspects of the system are inspected, tested and enable the HVAC technicianto provide a professional cleaning when required, and before the coil can becomethe cause of the AC blowing warm air.This ensures the optimal performance, energy efficiency, reliability, and helpsto reduce wear and tear.

Clogged Evaporator Drain

In a split system, the fan blower, and the system’sevaporator coil are located indoors, while the compressor and condenser coilare located outdoors. As the evaporator coil sweats, the condensation fallsinto the evaporator pan with a drain line leading outside. When the drainclogs, the evaporator pan can overflow, damaging flooring, and potentiallycausing extensive damage to the structure.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provides a widerange of professional residential and commercial heating and airconditioning services, along with air quality solutions. Contact our NATE certified technicians for reliableair conditioning repair for theproblem of the AC blowing warm air. NATE certification means ourtechnicians are certified to a higher standard, and offer professionalexpertise. You can count on our professionals for HVAC services that meet or exceed the industry standards. We serveKaty, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+rating.

If you’re facinga new heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX installation, you will undoubtedly consider energy efficiency.However, the system’s lifespan and performance are also essential factors toconsider. Ensuring the right system, and size, along with a professionalinstallation by a certified HVACtechnician will provide both the proper performance and the anticipatedlifespan with proper maintenance. A heat pump offers an energy efficientoption to consider. Due to the technological advances in the past few years, replacinga worn ten or 15 year old heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX with a modern heat pump, cansave you up to 30 percent on the cost of energy.

Theimportance of a professional installation often goes unrecognized. Yet it is acritical factor in receiving the peak performance, energy efficiency, andlong-term lifespan of the system. An improper installation can reduce theperformance of a new system by as much as 30%. Cypress Heating and AirConditioning NATE certified technicians will provide the professionalinstallation you expect with a new installation or replacement. We back ourinstallations by with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so don’t wait. Give us acall today to schedule installation. 

The Heat Pump Advantage

Heat pumps offer a number of advantages overother HVAC systems. First, a heat pump provides both heating and cooling in asingle system. Next, electric heat pumps operate cleanly without anyharmful exhaust going into the environment.

Modern heatpumps aren’t like your granddads. Older heat pumps required auxiliary heat whenthe temperature fell below 37 degrees F. Today’s heat pump relies on newerrefrigerants maintaining your comfort and improved energy efficiency even inextreme cold without auxiliary heat to zero degrees.

Heat Pump Efficiency

Today’s air-sourceheat pumps provide greater efficiency and performance than ever before.Advances in technology, and improvements in existing technology include:

·      Variable speed blowers provide higherefficiency, and greater comfort than a single speed blower offers. A singlespeed blower operates at one speed consistently. Variable speed technologysenses the speed required based on the indoor environment and provides justwhat is required. This saves energy, improves comfort, and provides betterhumidity control with the use of the home’s air conditioning in Katy, TXduring the summer.

·      Two-stage and variable speed compressorsincrease energy efficiency, performance, and improved humidity control in thecooling mode. As a result, you will see improved comfort and a reduced energybill.

As you can see, variable speed technology controls the humidity betterthan ever during the cooling season. The technology enables the system toproduce the air conditioning in Katy, TX and dehumidification theindoor environment calls for. Single speed technology operates at only onespeed – wide open from start to finish. This saves you money, while producingthe ideal indoor environment.

Heat pumps can provide a solution foralmost any home’s heating and airconditioning needs. The conventional air source heat pump remains acommon choice for homeowners wanting comfort, value and efficiency. The geothermalheat pump is the gold standard for any homeowner seeking superiorperformance and energy efficiency in almost any environments. Mini-split heatpumps are an alternative for homes or additions lacking ducts, or for those whowant to save even more energy by zoning.


The heat pump provides energy efficient heating and air conditioning by providing by generating as much as fourtimes the amount of energy consumed. In addition, ENERGY STAR heat pumpsconsume up to 30% less energy than a standard heat pump. An Energy Star heatpump ensures you of receiving the highest available reliability, and energyefficiency.

Sizing is Essential

It can’t be stressed often enough how important proper sizing is. Infact, wrong sizing is a common occurrence. Ensuring your home receives theproper size heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX is a key factor inreceiving the best performance, energy efficiency, and the longest lifespan.Wrong-size installations can result in the following problems:

·   An oversized HVAC system short cycles. This means it operatesin a short time at maximum power and shuts off quickly. The system fails to runlong enough to remove excess humidity from the air in the home, increases yourdiscomfort by making you feel hotter than it actually is. Furthermore, becausethe system is always running at maximum speed and production the lifespan ofthe unit is reduced and energy bills increased.

·   An undersized HVAC system runs excessively, often non-stop inextreme weather. This causes premature wear and tear on the system, and areduced lifespan for the heating and air conditioning in Katy, TX.

A qualified Cypress HVAC technician will use the industryguidelines for determining the proper size unit for your home. A few of these numerousguidelines include:

·      Local climate conditions for the home’slocation

·      The facing direction, size and insulatingqualities of windows and doors

·      The home’s level of insulation

·      Type, size and location of trees

·      Square footage and ceiling height, andnumerous other factors

Remember, anEnergy Star unit ensures you receive reliable, high-efficiency heating andair conditioning in Katy, TX.

Contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATEcertified HVAC professional foradditional information about a heat pump. We can assist you in selectingthe heat pump system that is right for your home’s heating and airconditioning in Katy, TX. We serve Katy, Plano and the surroundingareas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.    

Almost everyone knows those who suffer fromallergies can benefit from the installation of a system capable of utilizingHEPA filters. HEPA filters are an advanced filtration system first designed foruse in hospitals. The essential factor in determining the best airfiltration depends on what you are allergic to. Let’s look a little deeperinto the subject of how considering filtration type with air conditioninginstallation can assist in reducing allergy symptoms.

The Purpose of Air Filtration

Air filtration was originally designed to trap particles that coulddamage the HVAC system. Later, improved filtration was designed to trap pollenand other airborne particles, providing a cleaner system, and cleaner air with airconditioning installation.

A certified HVAC technician provides the majority of systemmaintenance. A homeowner can provide little, when it comes to maintenance.Maintain a clean intake grill, vacuum the registers, and the all-importantfilter changes are the extent of DIY maintenance. If you’re not changing thefilter routinely, it becomes a source of contaminates in both the system andyour home. A dirty filter can ruin the system, and has adverse health effects.

To avoid damage to the HVAC system, and reduce allergy stimuli,change the air filters once per month or according to the manufacturer’sspecifications. Filter quality varies widely, with blue fiberglass filtersbeing the minimal filter, and does not filter out pollen, dust or otherpollutants and allergy triggers. Check with the system’s manufacturer and usethe recommended filter. When providing a new air conditioning installation,remember to assess the system’s filtration abilities for providing cleaner air.

Genuine HEPA filters, or High EfficiencyParticulate Air, have a MERV between 17 and 19 have a minimum efficiency ofmore than 99 percent in removing 0.3 ìm particles. A MERV of 20 is rated for0.1 to 0.2 ìm particles. HEPA filters have higher efficiencies for removingboth larger and smaller airborne particles, includingpollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander, and other contaminates.

However, HEPA filters can only be used in HVACsystems designed for them. The typical residential system may not haveenough fan or motor capacity to accommodate higher efficiency filters. Consultwith the manufacturer before using to avoid damage to the system.

Medium-efficiency air filters, with a MERVbetween 7 and 13, may be all that you require, depending on the size of thefiltration required for the specific allergies involved. Medium efficiencyfilters are almost as effective as HEPA filters in reducing the concentrationsof the most common indoor particles that are the cause of allergies and asthma.

However, any filter will clean only the air that passes through it.For severe allergies and asthma, talk to a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professional for a solution when providing air conditioning installation.

Both medium and HEPA filters requireproper installation to avoid air bypassing the filter. The higher a filter’sefficiency, the more attention must be provided to ensure sealed installationdue to airflow resistance creating leaks.


·   Stay indoorsbetween 10 am and 4 pm when pollen counts are highest. Ensure windows areclosed and the air conditioning system on.

·   Shower and shampoo beforebed to remove pollen, especially if you have been outdoors.

·   Talk to your doctor aboutnasal irrigation for the removal of pollen to reduce symptoms.

·   Use HEPA airfiltration systems in each room to reduce the pollen count within the home.Sleeping with one in your room is especially important.

·   Vacuum carpets routinelywith a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Modern heating and air conditioning systemsoffer a number of features for cleaning the air, reducing humidity, savingenergy, and even hot water production. If you are considering a new airconditioning installation, give us a call.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certifiedHVAC technicians can answer your air filtration questions, energyefficiency, heating and air conditioning installation and all thingsrelated. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member ofthe BBB with an A+ rating. Giveus a call to learn how we can help improve the air quality in your home.    

The heatingand air conditioning system that provides your year round comfort is thelargest consumer of energy in your home. That is why upgrading to a highefficiency HVAC system may be asmart decision. 

A/C Cost Savings

Replacingan older, inefficient heating and air conditioning system can save yousignificantly on the cost of energy, and potentially on the frequency of repair.Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, is how the energy efficiency of airconditioning is measured. The higher the SEER, the more you will save on theelectric bill. Older systems typically operate in the 8 to 10 SEER ranges,while new units range on an average from 23 to 25 SEER, or above. Highefficiency systems will pay for themselves over the unit’s lifetime, and youwill experience improved comfort along with saving energy.


Because oftoday’s improved technology, high efficiency HVAC equipment produces a more consistent temperature in everyroom, and provides greater humidity control. The technology delivers a higherlevel of comfort, while saving you money.

Air Flow

Highefficiency systems take advantage of variable speed motor technology thatensures the optimal airflow throughout your home. Along with better airflow,variable speed motors operate with superior efficiency year round. Improved airflowalso provides the benefit of improved air quality.


Older unitsare noisy when they operate. Today’s heating and air conditioning systemhas sound absorbing materials for ensuring quiet operation. An advantage anyonesleeping in a room near the unit will appreciate, and your neighbors too.

Environmentally Friendly

Upgradingto a new high efficiency heating and air conditioning system is anenvironmentally friendly choice. High efficiency systems can consume as much asone-third less energy than older models, which means they conserve naturalresources and produce a reduced carbon footprint for your household, along withsaving you money.


Highefficiency HVAC systems offer avariety of available features. Examples include programmable thermostats,variable speed fans, geothermal units, hot water production, and more.

Increased Resale Value

Installinga high efficiency HVAC system will provide a strong selling point amongthe competition if you are thinking of selling your home in the near future.Prospective buyers look for benefits, and a new system, plus superior energyefficiency will be a major plus on their list. Back it up with utility billsfor them to see.

Are you inneed of new HVAC equipment? Our NATE certified technicians willbe glad to provide a professional installation for your home or business. Weoffer top rated Carrier units for installation, and our experienced techniciansare qualified and experienced in the repair and maintenance of all major brandsof HVAC systems.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offersa wide range of heating and air conditioning services, and 24-houremergency services, seven days a week. We serve Katy, Plano and thesurrounding areas with superior service. We guarantee your satisfaction.Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.    

Just asyour car requires maintenance, so too does the air conditioning that cools yourhome. Neglecting to provide the necessary airconditioning service with annual maintenanceis a guarantee of declining performance, a reduced lifespan, and a steadyincrease in energy use. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certifiedprofessionals offer the quality HVACservices your air conditioningsystem requires.

Air Conditioning Filters

Besides scheduling annual maintenance, routinely replacing the filtereach month or as instructed by the manufacturer is essential. Filter changesassist in maintaining a clean system. Clogged, dirty filters block the normalairflow, and reduce a system’s efficiency, leading to system failure andpermanent damage. With normal airflow obstructed, air that bypasses the filtercarries dirt directly into the evaporator coil and impairs the coil’s ability toperform its function of keeping you comfortable. Our HVAC professionalscan provide coil cleaning when required with air conditioning service.

It’sessential to use the filter recommended by the manufacturer. Some types offilters are washable, while others require changing every 1 to 3 months,depending on the type. Upgrading to a HEPA filter in a system not designed forit may result in damage, and the need for airconditioning service. How often the filter requires changing will depend onthe type of filter, and the environment the system performs in. All filtersshould be checked each month, and more frequently when heavy dust conditionsexist such as during remodeling.

Air Conditioning Coils

Over time,the evaporator coil and condenser coil will become soiled. A clean filter routinelychanged assists in preventing the evaporator coil from soiling as quickly, althoughit will not prevent it entirely. Inspection of the evaporator coil duringmaintenance, and cleaning when required is an air conditioning service your HVACtechnician will provide. Outdoor condenser coils can also become soiled, andare inspected and cleaned as necessary. 

You shouldtake extra care to minimize dirt and remove debris near the outdoor condenserunit. Maintain a clean area around the condenser of at least 2 feet to allowadequate airflow to the unit. This includes trimming foliage back by the sameminimum distance to ensure the air flow is not impaired. In addition, whencutting grass, never aim the mower discharge chute towards the condenser, notonly will the grass cause soiling of the unit, a pebble or other item can causeserious damage and costly repair.

Sealing and Insulating Air Ducts

The airducts, also called ductwork delivers conditioned air to each room in a home oroffice. In order to avoid the loss of conditioned air, the ducts must beairtight. Up to 30% of conditioned air is lost from ducts in need ofmaintenance. Over time ducts can loosen and the seals break. Ask your CypressHVAC professional to check your ducts during your next maintenance visit. Loosetape on duct joints, disconnected or loose ducts, and gaps between the pipe area definite sign duct repair is required.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Refrigerantleaks, and improperly charged refrigerant is a common problem. Even in theabsence of a leak, an improper amount of refrigerant affects the performanceand efficiency of the unit. Common causes of AC problems include: 

·      Low Refrigerant– When the AC is low onrefrigerant, it was either undercharged by a technician, or has a leak. Eithersituation will require air conditioningservice by an HVAC technician. Ifa leak is present, professional leak repair will be required. DIY adding ofrefrigerant can lead to a damaged system, and requires a certified technicianto determine the proper AC repair. Repairmay include the need for evacuation of the system prior to adding themanufacturer specified amount of refrigerant.

·      Inadequate maintenance – If you allowfilters and air conditioning coils to become dirty, poor performance andefficiency will result, and it can result in premature compressor failure. Thecleaning of coils, and fan motors is a component of maintenance that isprovided when necessary during the annual air conditioning service.

·     Electricalcomponent failure -The compressor, fan controls, switches, contactors, andother components will experience wear over time. Oversized and undersized systemsand those with failing components can run more frequently than is necessary,resulting in premature wear, and the need for replacement. Electricalconnections and components are inspected during the annual maintenance call.

Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning today toschedule air conditioning service. Our NATEcertified HVAC technicians provide the expertise you can rely on for the serviceof all the major brands. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, andare a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. 

While a majority of baby boomers grew up without air conditioning until the 1970s, fewof us today can imagine life without it. Cold air is not the only benefit airconditioning provides, it reduces humidity and helps to clean the air in ourhomes and offices. Furthermore, high humidity can make it harder for those withheart and respiratory problems to breathe comfortably, and air conditioning canmean the difference between life and death for them. When the AC breaks down,the need for air conditioning repair inKaty becomes a life-threatening emergency for them.

When the air conditioning fails, the following AC troubleshooting tips may prevent theneed to schedule an air conditioningrepair in Katy:

·     Ensure the thermostat is inthe COOL position, and the temperature is set lower than the insidetemperature. Someone may have changed the settings, and inadvertently failed torestore them. When the inside temperature is less than the set temperature, theair conditioner will not run.

Check the fan switchand ensure it is on AUTO. The ON function causes the fan to run continuously,and if the compressor does not run, the AC will blow warm air. With the fan onauto and the thermostat set to cool, turn the temperature down to see if thesystem operates normally.

·     Check the air conditionerbreaker in the electrical panel, the breaker should be labeled. Ensure thebreaker is in the ON position and check the system for operation.

·     If the air conditioner willnot operate, check the condenser, the outside portion of the central airconditioning system. In some systems, there is a disconnect switch typicallylocated near the unit in a gray box mounted nearby. This switch is a commoncause of the central air conditioningto shut off. If you are unable to locate a switch, or when resetting thebreaker does not restore AC operation, contact Cypress’s certified HVAC technicians for air conditioning repair in Katy.

Common AC Problems

·     A refrigerant leak can bethe cause of the AC blowing warm air.Furthermore, the coil and other components can freeze over due to lowrefrigerant. Contact our NATE certified technicians for air conditioning repair in Katy.

·     Compressor failure can bethe result of age, the failure of other components causing compressor damage,refrigerant leaks, and other causes. Compressor failure is a typical reasonhomeowner’s replace the system.

Professional maintenance service can preventthese and other common problems, while extending the system’s lifespan andmaintaining performance and efficiency. Remember to provide filter changes eachmonth or as recommended by the manufacturer.

If these ACtroubleshooting tips fail to restore your air conditioner’s operation,contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an air conditioning repair in Katy. Remember,filter changes along with professional maintenance provides the best means ofpreventing breakdowns. We provide emergency service 24 hours a day and 7 days aweek for your convenience. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning serve Katy,Plano and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

When facinga decision whether to repair or replacean air conditioning system requiring frequent repair, contact Cypress Heatingand Air Conditioning. Our NATE certified HVACtechnicians will provide with an honest opinion of whether you shouldreplace an air conditioner, or opt for air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

When Repairs are Best

Over time,parts will become worn in an air conditioning system, and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX will become necessary. Thequestion is, when do you replace?

The factorsin the decision include age of the system, condition, and the amount of repairsto date. When air conditioning repair inPlano, TX will be of significant cost, from one quarter to half the cost ofa new system, consider replacement with a new trouble free, and more energyefficient system.

Regular maintenance provides thelong-term performance and an extended lifespan of the air conditioning system. However, no system can last forever,eventually age, and wear will take a toll.

Air Conditioner Replacement

1.   When an air conditioner is more than 10years old, and in need of expensive repairs consider replacement. Newer systemshave achieved higher efficiency in the past decade, and will help to pay foritself with energy savings.

2.   When faced with a costly air conditioning repair in Plano, TX,weigh the costs of the repair against the costs of a new unit. When the cost ofthe repair would cover a 25% or more of the cost of a new system, it may makemore financial sense to replace it.

3.   When the air conditioner constantly breaks down, the repair costs can add up.Prevent the headaches, an uncomfortable home, and save energy dollars byinvesting in a new unit.

4.   Consider replacing air conditioners withR 22 Freon, which is no longer being manufactured. As a result, the cost of it isrising exponentially. If you are having consistent problems requiring repair withan air conditioner, and especially if it involves the need for costly R 22 Freon,replacing the unit will provide the best choice.

5.   When an aging system can no longer maintainyour comfort, it may be a sign to replace it. This could be a sign of an airconditioner weakening from age, or an incorrectly sized system. In either case,replacement provides the logical choice.

A Benjamin Franklin professional will workwith you to determine whether to repairor replace is the best option. When you prefer a new air conditioning installation, our HVAC technicians will provide assistance to you in the selection ofan energy efficient replacement, or the expert air conditioning repair in Plano, TX that you require. ContactCypress Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule air conditioning installation. Our Nate certified technicians serve Katy, Plano, and the surroundingareas with professional expertise. We are a member of the BBB with an A+rating. Don’t suffer the heat, call Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningexperts today.

Air conditioning is an investmentworth protecting. Taking thenecessary steps to protect your AC is essential for maintaining a unit thatperforms effectively and efficiently. Maintenance, changing the filter andtimely air conditioning repair in Katyare the key to a long lasting, andefficient air conditioner, and maintaining your comfort.

Maintenanceand AC Repair

HVAC technicians do more than a fast check on your air conditioner during maintenance.They inspect it, test components with specialized equipment, oil moving parts,and a host of other tasks ensuring the best possible performance andefficiency. As the technician goes through the AC, weak and failing componentsare identified before further damage occurs. The overall condition of the unitis understood, and problems can be addressed with air conditioning repair in Katy while the technician is onlocation.

Common issuesthan can result in poor performance are a refrigerantleak, or an overly dirty air conditioner. A dirty filter is one commoncause of poor performance, and changing the filters every month helps extendthe unit’s lifespan, and will reduce the need for air conditioning repair inKaty. The failure to provide filter changes as needed, results in a dirtycoil, a component essential for proper operation and cooling. Your air conditioningsystem may use reusable filters, ensure they are clean for the best performanceand energy efficiency.

The AC thatNever Shuts Off

A properlyfunctioning air conditioner shouldrun for the required time to pull the air temperature down, and shut off whenit reaches the selected temperature. If it is continuously running, there islikely a problem. The thermostat may be faulty, or you may need airconditioning repair in Katy. In addition, an undersized unit will runcontinuously. An AC that runs all the time will wear out faster, requiring anew unit sooner than is necessary. A Cypress NATE certified technician can determine the cause of your non-stopAC, and provide the required airconditioning repair in Katy, or other services.

Sizing Correctly

Wrong-size HVAC systems are a common problemthroughout the U.S. The most common is over-sizing a system. This creates itsown set of problems that affect your comfort. Whereas an undersized system willrun continuously, an oversized system will not run long enough to extract thehumidity from the air. High humidity causes you to feel hotter than the actualtemperature would indicate. Furthermore, an oversized system is unable toachieve maximum efficiency due its short run time, resulting in wasted energyand a reduced lifespan. Homeowners often assume a larger system is better andshort run times and excess humidity is the reason it is not.

It is essentialfor the home to receive a properly sized system to ensure your comfort, thesystem lifespan, and energy efficiency. Sizing is not as simple as replacing a3 ton unit with the same size. The original system may have been the wrong sizeto begin with. Furthermore, today’s system with modern refrigerants may enableyou to utilize a smaller system without a loss in performance, efficiency, orlife span.


When theunit needs air conditioning repair inKaty, waiting may cause more components to fail. An example is a refrigerant leak. By waiting forrepair, you risk the permanent failure of the compressor, the costliest component,and the heart of the system. When the system is making unusual sounds, or performingpoorly, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for expert air conditioning repair in Katy.


Ductwork isthe component of a central airconditioning system that delivers conditioned air throughout your home.Over time the seals between the ducts can deteriorate, loosen, and ducts mayeven separate, spilling air into a basement, crawl space or the attic,depending on its location. Resealing the ductwork ensures you receive theconditioned air where you need it, rather than wasting it and energy. Inaddition, non-insulated ducts, and especially if they are located in an atticor basement, are costing you money with lost energy, Insulating them will saveyou significantly on energy costs.


CypressHeating and Air Conditioning HVACtechnicians are NATE certified, attesting to our technicians professionalexpertise. NATE certification ensures you are receiving the best-trained andexperienced technician to provide airconditioning repair in Katy, and for your other HVAC needs. We adhere to and/or exceed the industry standards, andstrive to ensure your satisfaction. We offer 24-hour emergency service, andserve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningis a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

Dehumidifier | ACRepair Katy

Living in ahumid environment does not mean you have to suffer it. While it is true thehome’s heating and air conditioning systemprovides dehumidification, not all systems, especially when humidity is extremelyhigh, can handle the load. High indoor humidity causes it to feel hotter thanit actually is. One of the signs of age airconditioner is the system’s inability to remove humidity as it once did.Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for AC repair in Katy for the installation of a dehumidifier.

For personswith respiratory problems, including allergies and asthma, excessive humiditycan worsen the condition. The solution is a whole-house dehumidifier.

Awhole-house dehumidifier is different from portable dehumidifiers, whichdehumidify only the air in its immediate area. A dehumidifier removes moisture fromthe air in the home, and works in conjunction withthe home’s HVAC system. Dehumidifiersare controlled by a dehumidistat, which turns the unit on and off depending onthe amount of moisture detected in the air.

Maintainingthe proper level of humidity in your home provides a significant improvement inyour comfort, and can prevent damage to the home, and illness. Our NATEcertified technicians can provide the installation you require to take controlof the home’s humidity. We offer HVACinstallation, maintenance, and heating and AC repair in Katy.

CypressHeating and Air Conditioning offers dehumidifiers capable of providing theideal humidity in your home. We can provide the assistance you need inselecting the humidifier just right for your home, and budget. In addition, ourcertified technicians can install, repair, and maintain it for you.

Furthermore,if achieving a higher air quality in the home is a concern, we can provide theinstallation of an air cleaning system. Our NATE certified technicians offer awide range of HVAC services,including HVAC installation, replacement, and heating and AC repair in Katy.  

Providing theproper humidity in your home will ensure your comfort, and save you money onenergy costs. When the humidity is lower, you feel cooler, enabling thethermostat to be adjusted. This saves money on energy, and reduces wear on theHVAC system. Consequently, the need for heating and AC repair in Katy is reduced.

If you havean existing dehumidifier, and it is not working properly, our HVAC technicians can provide the neededrepair. Furthermore, if it is time for maintenance on your humidifier, ourtechnicians will provide a comprehensive inspection of your equipment, changeany filters, and provide a thorough cleaning. For your convenience, we canschedule maintenance on the humidifier at the same time you are scheduled toreceive annual or biannual maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system, or if you call for AC repair in Katy

Thefollowing are a few of the signs of excessive humidity:

·      Damp, stickysurfaces in your home

·      Condensation onwindows, mirrors, walls and bathroom fixtures

·      You feel damp andhot yourself although the thermostat registers the set temperature

Highhumidity can stain the walls, cause wood flooring to warp, mold can develop inthe home. Furthermore, dust mites also thrive in moist conditions. A relativehumidity below 50% will reduce the dust mite population and other allergens. Awhole-house dehumidifier will prevent these problems.

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AC Blowing Warm Air

An AC blowing warm air is a common causefor calling an air conditioning repair technician. Before you call for service,you should check the circuit breaker, and thermostat settings. No small numberof AC service calls is due to the thermostat being in the off position, withthe fan on manual run. Unfortunately, when the issue requires airconditioning repair in Katy, the fix isn’t as simple. A Cypress Heatingand Air Conditioning expert can provide the HVAC repair, maintenance andinstallation you require.

Our NATEcertified HVAC technicians have the training, and experience to providethe services you need for most brands. When the AC is blowing warm air, usethe following tips before calling a technician, the fix may be a simple one.


Check thecircuit breaker first, especially if the AC isn’t working at all. Power surgescan cause a breaker to trip.


Ensure thethermostat is set on cool, and the fan on automatic. You or someone else mayhave opened a window and changed the settings to bring in fresh air.Furthermore, the thermostat will eventually wear out; leaving you with anon-functioning AC. Checking a thermostat will require an HVAC technician with specialized equipment. However, those withbattery operated digital or programmable thermostats can change the battery,and the simple procedure may take care of the problem.

Annualmaintenance ensures your home’s HVACsystem performs optimally, providing the highest energy efficiencypossible, and the greatest comfort while extending the unit’s lifespan. Inaddition, the inspection provided during maintenance can identify existing ordeveloping problems. This enables the technician to provide repair, oftenbefore other components are damaged. If your system hasn’t received maintenancein a while, call now to schedule service. Cypress Heating & AirConditioning technicians are NATE certified ensuring the best technicianavailable for your heating and air conditioning needs.


Refrigerant leaks are a common problem when the AC is blowing warm air. Each system hasa specified amount of refrigerant, and an excessive amount, or low refrigerantcauses problems. Refrigerant isn’t used up as motor oil may be, and when low itis due to a leak in the system.

A sign oflow refrigerant is “frost” on the refrigerant lines. A leak requires bothrepair of the leak and recharging with refrigerant. Pumping additionalrefrigerant into the system won’t stop the leak, and can potentially damage theenvironment, as well as the compressor.


Dirty coilsare a frequent cause of the AC blowingwarm air. Depending on the type system you have, coils may be located onlyoutside, or both inside and outside. The evaporator coil and the condenser coilare an integral component of the system. It is in the evaporator coil whererefrigerant is converted to a gas that absorbs heat. In the condenser coil, thegas becomes a liquid and release the heat to the air outdoors.

Keeping thecoils clean is essential for the proper heat exchange. When dust and debriscollect on the coils, an insulating layer develops preventing warm householdair from reaching the cold metal. A household with a smoker, frequent use of afireplace, or excessively dusty conditions may require a higher frequency of cleaningpower for dirty coils. The use of quality airfilters assist in reducing the amount of coil cleaning required. Routinemaintenance by your HVAC technician ensures dirty coils are cleaned beforeproblems occur.

The outsidecondenser and its coils are especially vulnerable to dust and debris. Never cutthe grass with the mower discharge chute directed towards the condenser. This willreduce dust and potential damage from a rock or other debris.


A bad compressor is an additional cause of the AC blowing warm air. The compressor isthe heart of the air conditioningsystem. When a compressor fails, the options are a new air conditioning installation or to replace it. The age of thesystem is a primary consideration in the selected option. A unit 10 years oldor older should be replaced.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professionalNATE certified technicians offer residential and commercial HVAC services. If your AC is blowing warm air, contact us for air conditioning repair. We serveKaty, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+rating.

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