Month: March 2017

With therising cost of energy you may want to consider a new heating and cooling system in Katy, Texas. The followinginformation can help you decide whether to upgrade to a new system, or correctproblems that affect your current system.

First, ifyour system is more than 10 years old consider a new one. Newer models willhave much improved energy efficiency and new features to increase your comfort.Consider the following when making your decision:

Yourequipment needs frequent repairs: age can affect efficiency and age can cause morefrequent break downs.

You leaveyour thermostat set at one temperature: Consider a new programmable thermostat.You can program temperature changes when they are needed. For example, programyour thermostat to 65 at bedtime in the winter, and when the occupants are allgone. Multiple changes can be programmed, ultimately saving you money.

Some roomsare too hot or too cold: Problems with your ducts, inadequate insulation, orinadequate sealing may be the cause. Check ducts for joints being sealed and theductwork for being insulated. Check any location where wire, pipes or ductexits the walls, basement or foundation. With the exception of a hot flue uselatex expanding foam or caulk to seal holes. Duct problems and inadequatesealing cause your system to overwork.

ExcessiveDust or high humidity: Your equipment may be poorly operating; the wrong sizesystem or leaky duct work can all cause these problems. Dirty ducts can causean excess of dust as well. Have duct cleaned every 10 years or more often asneeded. Change your filter every month.

Know theenergy star rating of your equipment: If your equipment rating is less than 5replace it. Go to for an analysis ofyour home. The higher the rating the more efficient it is.

Your bestdefense against high energy cost isa new energy efficient model coupledwith a well-insulated and sealed house. The money you save will pay for yournew system. An energy efficient central air unit can save you as much as 75%when compared to a 20 year old model. Reducing our carbon footprint goes handin hand with energy efficiency.

Choose thecorrect sized equipment: Having a bigger system won’t save you money. It maycost you more. A bigger unit will cycle more often, never reaching its peakefficiency. It will be unable to remove humidity from the air. Remember,humidity makes it feel warmer.

Yourtonnage need may be different than your old system. If you have addedinsulation, new energy star windows, and sealed air leaks, your system needsmay be smaller. Your old equipment may have been too large in the beginning.Also, if you have a new addition, this will change your system needs. Yourcontractor will need to gather the following information about your house:floor area, level of insulation and type and size of windows.  He will do this by performing the following:

  • Measure the square footage of your home noting the direction it faces
  • Measure the square footage of windows and doors and note the direction they face
  • Look in the attic to estimate the value of the insulation
  • Look in basement or crawl space to estimate the value of the insulation
  • If possible, look into the walls to estimate the value of the insulation
  • Look at the duct system for leaks and estimate insulation value
  • Note the number of appliances
  • Note the presence of any leakage from a fireplace
  • Note the number of bedrooms for fresh air needs
  • Note the temperature you plan to keep your home

Aprofessional will calculate these things, so be careful that your contractor islicensed, and insured. Sizing is the most common mistake according to nationalsurveys. Many installers simply replace the same size as your old systemwithout considering changes made to your home or the increased efficiency ofnew systems. Your contractor can use an ACCA/ANSI Manual or the equivalentsizing tool that takes all the above and other factors into considerationincluding proper size duct. Computer software is also available to contractorsto calculate your home’s needs.

Choose ahigh efficiency Energy Star rated system for the best value and the leastimpact upon the environment.

If yoursystem is not ten years old or older, you may want to beef up your home bysealing it, installing energy efficient windows and doors, and addinginsulation. Even sun blocking window films or awnings can help.  Reflective blinds and drapes can also assistyour wallet. Open the curtains on sunny windows in the winter and close them tothe sun in the summer.  Considerinstalling a programmable thermostat, lower it to 68 degrees during winter daysand wear a sweater. Raise it to 78 degrees in the summer and turn on ceilingfans and other fans. Using a humidifier in the winter can make it feel warmer.Rugs on cold floors can make you more comfortable in the winter.

Certainly,have your system checked and serviced every year. The old saying that an ounceof prevention is worth a pound of cure certainly does apply to your homesheating and cooling. Clean coils make for a more efficient system.

If you’restill in doubt, your HVAC contractorcan advise you on whether you should correct any problems with your old system,or invest in a new energy efficient system for your home.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a leaderin the HVAC field servicing Katy, Plano, and surrounding areas. Our NATEcertified technicians provide professional HVAC related services, installationand repairs.  If you are looking for helpwith your home or business’ HVAC system do not hesitate to give us a calltoday. One of our professional technicians will be more than happy to assistyou and schedule a service call at your earliest convenience.  Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is aproud member of the BBB and maintains a rock solid A+ rating.

Havingadequate insulation is one of themost cost-efficient ways of saving energy dollars and reducing energy waste. Byinvesting just a few hundred dollars in weatherization and proper insulationyou can increase your comfort level while saving as much as 30% on your heatingand cooling’s use of energy in Katy,TX.

Insulation is used in theattic, walls, floors, basements and crawl spaces. Check your insulation inthese areas to see if it meets recommended levels for your region. Insulationis measured in R-value-the higher the R-value the better your home will beinsulated.

Insulation is made from manydifferent materials, but usually comes in four types-batts, rolls, blownloose-fill, and rigid foam boards.  Battsare made to fit between the studs in your walls, or between ceiling or floorjoists. Batts are usually made of fiberglass or rock wool.  Batts are the most common form of home insulation and it is also one ofthe least expensive.

Rolls orblankets are usually made of fiberglass and comes in three types, faced,unfaced thermal or sound insulation.  Itis also available in multiple densities and thickness so that it can conform tovarious-shaped spaces.

Loose-fillor blown, is usually made of fiberglass, mineral wool or cellulose, and isblown into the attic or walls.  Thesematerials are manufactured from recycled waste materials.  Cellulose is mostly made from recyclednewspaper. Fiberglass contains anywhere between twenty to thirty percentrecycled glass. Mineral wool is typically produced from 75% post-industrialrecycled content.

Rigid foamboards are lightweight, provide structural support, and generally have anR-value of 4 to 7 per inch. It is made to be used in confined spaces such ascathedral ceilings, concrete slabs, foundations, basement and exterior walls.Some manufacturers recommend its use under metal roofing and behind siding.

Some signsyour home may be under insulated are as follows:

  • Uncomfortably hot in the summer and cold in the winter;
  • If you have noticed excessive noise from the outside intruding into your inner home;
  • Excessive cost of energy bills;
  • If your home was built before 1980 it probably is under insulated.


Todetermine if your attic has adequate insulationmeasure the thickness of the insulation. If there is less than R-19 (6inches of fiberglass or rock wool or 5 inches of cellulose) you will benefit byadding more insulation. Adding attic insulation is the easiest way to add costeffective insulation if you can’t insulate everything at once. If cold wintersand hot summers still intrude in your home you probably should insulate yourwalls next. This is more expensive and usually will require a contractor to doit for you. It can pay for itself in energy savings, especially if live in anextremely hot or cold environment.

Crawlspace insulation is recommended only if thecrawlspace is dry year round, the floor above is not insulated and there is noventilation in the crawlspace. In addition, a vapor barrier of 6 milpolyethylene film should be installed on the ground to prevent moistureintrusion in to the crawl space.

Windows,doors and skylights are another area that energy is lost. Look for energy starproducts and consider the directions they face. Depending upon your area, northfacing windows will receive more cold exposure and south facing windows canreceive more heat exposure in the summer.

Ultimately,when planning a remodel, addition or even building a new house-it is to yourbenefit use energy efficient products to save energy and money.

Don’t letyour project cost you more by wasting energy. Your contractor is your bestsource for energy saving solutions, products and a professional installation.

CypressHeating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technicians will ensureprofessional HVAC installation, repairs, and other related air conditioning repair services in the Katy, TX area.  If you are in need of heating and coolingrepair, air quality solution or other related HVAC services give us a calltoday. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning also offers twenty-four houremergency services for your convenience in Katy,Plano and surrounding areas. We are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and maintain a solid A+ rating. 

A commercial HVAC system works extra hard, so providing routine maintenance and  changing the air filter routinely, is essential in receiving the optimum energy efficiency, performance and ensuring a long life span. Whether you own or rent the building, you are responsible for the electric bill, and changing the filter as recommended is one important step that helps to save you money. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an AC repair in Katy, Texas.

Regular Maintenance

Providing routine maintenance of the AC system helps to prevent breakdowns and problems with the system. Furthermore, when you schedule a professional service at the annual or biannual schedule as the recommended, the benefits are multiplied, along with the lifespan of the system.   

Monthly Tasks

Choose a day to perform regular maintenance on the AC and mark it on the schedule. Select a high quality air filter approved for use in your unit by the manufacturer. The filter helps to protect the evaporator coil from the dust that can impair its performance. Routine maintenance by your HVAC technician will allow the coil the be cleaned when required, ensuring its performance and optimal efficiency.

The Annual Inspection

Schedule an annual air conditioning service now, if you haven’t already. Your Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning technician will provide a comprehensive inspection and service.  If your commerical unit is a heat pump, remember they require biannual maintenance, spring and fall, because the heat pump works twice as hard to provide both heating and air conditioning year round. 

Protect Your HVAC System from Remodeling Dust and Debris

A remodeling project can promote your business and make customers more comfortable in their shopping experience.  However, during a remodel project you should take extra care to protect your vital HVAC system from the dust and debris remodeling causes.  

A running system and open vents allow dust and debris to be pulled into the system. Dust not only coats the coils and impairs performance, it creates friction in moving parts causing wear, and can impair electrical contacts. Not protecting the system can result in AC repair in Katy, Texas. The easiest way to protect the system is leave it turned off during t

he remodel and duct tape the registers closed from the dust.  If this isn’t possible tape up the registers in the affected area. When remodeling will affect the layout or size of a space, it’s always best to talk to your HVAC contractor before remodeling begins. This can prevent hot or cold spots affecting your employees or customers’ comfort.

Reducing the Effets of Construction Dust

Construction dust during a remodel seems to get into other areas, despite your best efforts. Fiberglass filter pads are an option for wall vents that won’t break the bank. Unfortunately, they are not a good solution for floor vents because debris is heavier on the floors and the filter will not keep all particles from entering. Taping floor vents off is still the best solution.

Finally, during construction change the air filter every week or two during the project. Once the project is complete, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for an HVAC inspection to ensure your efforts were successful in keeping the system clean. Otherwise, the need for  AC repair in Katy, Texas may result.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Eventually, even a well maintained system will require replacement.  As the system ages, it is likely to continue to cost you for AC repair in Katy, Texas. Furthermore, a 15 year old system is going to cost you more on energy, than a new one. A new system may even help to pay for itself in time on energy costs, especially if you select an Energy Star approved model. The question business owners often ask is, when is it time to replace the unit? When you are contacting your HVAC technician several times a year for AC repair in Katy, Texas it would be more cost effective to just replace the air conditioning system. A newer, more energy efficient system can save you money, and provide greater reliability. In addition, when the AC appears to no longer maintain your comfort, it is a sign of weakening components, and the need for replacement.

AC Repair in Katy, Texas

It’s easy to overlook signs of an AC in need of repair. The following are common signs of the need for AC repair Katy, Texas

  • A common sign of a unit in need of AC repair in Katy, Texas is a rising electrical bill. An unexplained increase in the power bill may be due to an HVAC system with low refrigerant, failing motors, a dirty coil, clogged filters, or age. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technicians to diagnose the problem.

  • Uneven cooling can cause hot or cold spots. Uneven heating or cooling may indicate a problem with the thermostats, ducts, or a system too worn to meet the demand. 

  • Strange odors from the registers may indicate gaps or breaks in the ducts, Furthermore,  an overheated motor or or other failing components can cause unusual smells. A musty odor is common when the system needs replacement. Contact us today to schedulean  AC repair in Katy, Texas.

Commercial air conditioning repair requires a NATE certified technician trained and experienced to work with commercial HVAC systems. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offers commercial maintenance, installation and AC Repair Katy, Texas. In addition,  you can rely on us for emergency services 24/7. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. 

It is important to hire a company that provides the right heatingand air conditioning repair in Katy, TX. Your HVAC system is the key to creating and maintaining a relaxingatmosphere at your home. When you come home after a long day and need a longnap, or simply wish to spend some quality time with your loved ones, thepresence of a working HVAC system aids your recovery from work stress. On thecontrary, if you reach home to find that the air conditioning has stoppedworking, you will no longer be able to relax until it gets fixed and startsworking again.  

What happens when you hire an inefficient service for heatingand air conditioning repair in Katy, TX? The answer’s easy. You lose money and your system would break downagain. To prevent this nightmare, you need to make sure that you choose thebest service provider for a heating andair conditioning repair in Katy, TX. For your ease, we are listing the bestways to check if the company that you are hiring provides a reliable andefficient service. Look out for these features:

1. Has an Established Reputation inthe Area as a Reliable Service Provider

Reputation matters.Reviews and testimonials from people that have used the same service will giveyou an insight about the way the workers deal with clients and the quality ofservice that they provide. Companies providing heating and air conditioning repair in Katy, TX, that do not havean established reputation may not be able to help you out in the future if theproblem arises again. You need a service that will be there for you when youneed it most.

2. The Company has Licensed Workers

This is one of themost important things that you should check for when looking to hire a heating and air conditioning repair companyin Katy, TX. There are many contractorsthat hire unlicensed workers. Hiring them would be a mistake because they wouldbe unaware of the safety regulations and might get flustered when the face acomplex problem. In the case of the latter, more often than not the worker willdo a botched job, charge you for it and leave you with a problem that is notfixed. Worse, they might aggravate the situation further. When you are hiring aservice, it is your right as the customer to ask if they are licensed to work.If the company shies away from the question, steer clear away from them. Choosinga licensed worker to tend your need of heatingand air conditioning repair in Katy,TX would be a choice that you will not regret in the least.

3. The Employees Have Experience

The employees at thecompany you are considering should have enough experience to handle any kind ofissue that occurs in your HVAC system. A good experience ensures that theworker has been in the industry long enough to deal with numerous problems andissues and would be able to devote his skills to the task at hand. While it istrue that an experienced worker at a heatingand air conditioning repair in Katy,TX company may cost you a little more than an inexperienced one, thebenefits of the former are worth the extra money. Not to mention that in thelong term, the seemingly expensive worker would actually be the affordable one,as they would make sure that your unit does not need repair for a long time. Acheap, inexperienced worker may solve the problem at the surface, but will notbe able to diagnose and fix the root cause. This would only bring the need for constantrepairs, which will accumulate to a hefty cost.

4. The Company Responds Quickly WhenYou Reach Out to Them

A heating and air conditioning repair company in Katy, TX that sendsover a worker without having you wait for hours at an end is the one that youshould be looking for. A prompt service means that the company takes yourproblem seriously and shows eagerness to help fix your problem at hand. A quickresponse time reveals that a company puts their customers on a pedestal. Andthis is what distinguishes a great company from an inefficient one.

5. You are Not Rushed or Forced toMake a Decision

A company that forcesyou to rush into a decision is not worth your time. If a worker tries to coerceyou into buying certain expensive parts, they do not have your best interestsin mind. Choose a heating and airconditioning repair company in Katy, TX that guides you through, andexplains, the process in a friendly manner. This way, you will be able to understandwhat is best for your system, and trust the company for the service theyprovide.

6. Courteous and Friendly Workers

While experience and professionalism will help fix the problem,for which you hired a service of heating and air conditioning repair in Katy, TX, it is not the only thingthat makes a company trustworthy. Friendly and polite professionals will beable to answer your queries with a smile and help you relax around them. Youwill be able to better describe the problem in detail, allowing them topinpoint the problem area quicker. Friendly workers provide a more targetedservice than a rude worker who disregards your worry and dismisses yourqueries.

If you are looking for a trustworthy service, then Cypress Heating and Air checks all the boxes for the featuresdescribed above that make a company reliable. If you ever feel the need for a heatingand air conditioning repaircompany in Katy, TX, this is where you should go. The workers here areexperienced, licensed, friendly, and will not engage in any behavior that makesyou uncomfortable or unsatisfied with their service. The company also responds promptly,and gives the customers the option to reach out to them via phone or online. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

Your central heating and air conditioning system is vital tokeep your home warm and cozy during the winters and cool and dry during thescorching Texan summer. However, the entire system requires regular maintenanceto ensure it continues to deliver optimal performance for years to come. As itis with any machinery, the appliances in your heating and cooling systems wouldrequire constant repairs when they are worn out and damaged.  In order to have them up and running in notime, you need to hire reliable heatingand AC repair services in Katy, TX.

Many homeowners missthe chance of having a heatingand AC repair service in Katy, TX on time, mainly because they have no expertise in understandingthe warning signs of trouble. In many of our jobs that we have undertaken, theproblem had festered for a long time under the very nose of the homeowner,while they had no idea if anything was wrong. Or if they thought something waswrong, they assumed it was something trivial which could wait for the yearlyinspection and maintenance service. We do not mean to say that the homeownershad been irresponsible; they had simply been oblivious of the fact that theseemingly small problem could mean something much sinister for theirappliances.  

There are manyproblems that can cause serious issues with your heating and cooling systems.The most prominent being dirty filters. We have had numerous calls for heating and AC Repair in Katy, TX and when our technicians looked for the maincause that set off the series of issues, the major culprit had been dirty,clogged air filters. There were many warning signs of the clogged filter, likehigh bills and black lines on the carpeting, but the homeowners had notconsidered it to be a problem that was linked to the dirty filter. There aremany more problems like these that make the list of the most common issues our techniciansface.

As a homeowner, it isimportant that you are aware of the problems and warning signs that allow youto know and prevent serious damages to your appliances and systems. Once youunderstand the warning signs of major problems, you can prevent them fromfestering and ruining the performance of your system.  

For your ease, we arelisting some of the warning signs that indicate that it is time you need tocall for a service of heatingand AC repair in Katy, TX.

1. Elevated Energy Bills

When your electricitybills shoot through the roof, and you are sure that you haven’t utilized anymore electricity than you usually do, then it is a sure sign of theinefficiency of your system. Your air conditioner might be using up the energyresources because something could be hindering it from working efficiently. Theproblem could be a dirty filter that makes the job harder for the airconditioner to throw clean air, or a blocked condenser, which prevents airflowand the air conditioner has to exert more effort to make up for the loss. Whenyou notice your energy bills rising and remember that you have not hadmaintenance for long, chances are that there are issues that need professionalattention. Do not ignore this warning sign and call immediately for a heating and AC repair service in Katy, TX.

2. Bad Odors

If you can smell badodors coming from your air conditioner, then the issues could range from burntwiring to the presence of molds in the ductwork. It is important that you getit checked as soon as possible because these issues are potential healthhazards for you and your family. In the case of bad wiring, you would need toreplace it before it damages the internal system, and in the case of mold, youneed to mitigate the effects, prevent it from damaging more of your house, andhave it removed by a professional.  

A professional willguide you to the best way to handle the main cause of the bad odors, so do nothesitate to call for heatingand AC repair in Katy, TX as soon as you start smelling somethingfoul.

3. Non-Uniform Heating

During the coldmonths, if you notice that some areas in your home are heated but some remaincold spots, it is a warning sign that there is an issue with your heater. Ifthe problem persists no matter how high you turn your thermostat, then you needthe help of a heatingand AC repair in Katy, TX company.The main cause could be leaks or damages in the heating system. An efficientheating system provides uniform heating, and if you are not receiving that,there is a problem with your heating appliance or system that you need to getchecked.

4. Yellow Pilot Light

Homeowners do notusually note the color of the pilot light in their furnace, which means they areoften left out when the change in color indicates a problem with the furnace. Aproperly-maintained furnace would have a blue flame. If the color changes to yellow,red, purple, orange or green, then it shows that there is a problem with thefurnace.

If you are wondering,the color change takes places due to the high concentration of condensates inthe furnace. Tar and rust are common examples of the condensates that reducethe efficiency of the furnace and which require expert heating and AC repair in Katy, TX.

Anyone can come up to your home and claim tomake the fixes that are required to make your appliances get right back to providingyou maximum comfort. But it takes an expert in heating and AC repair in Katy, TX to take a close look, diagnose the root problem,and nip it in the bud before it can do any damage to your system. Cypress Heating and Air is the heating and AC repair in Katy, TX company to go for if you find any of thesewarning signs in your heating and cooling system. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

Your heating and cooling system plays a crucial role inmaintaining comfortable thermal levels at home. But all of that happiness of havinga state-of-the-art central heating and cooling system goes down the drain whenit stops working or starts creating unbearable issues. You wouldn’t want yourac sputtering and dying out on you during sweltering heat, or have the furnacenot working during winter. If it happens, then all your comfort now turns into extremedistress and you start looking for heating and air condition service in Katy, TX, or maybe—if you are spooked enough—for a new system.Although it is a good practice to call for expert backup immediately when youface an issue that you can’t handle, you can at least prevent the issue from turninginto an even greater one by using these quick homeowner fixes.

1. Clean and Replace Air Filters on aRegular Basis

It is surprising thatso many of issues that our technicians face when they are called for heating and air condition service inKaty, TX include problems caused by dirty air filters. Air filters areresponsible for preventing any dust particles from contaminating the cleanatmosphere. This means that they can get clogged. While it may not be visibleto the naked eye, the air usually contains a huge amount of dust and carbonparticles that are not good for our respiratory system. When they accumulate inan air filter, these seemingly negligible particles cause havoc with thecooling system. The air conditioner has to put in more effort to work and usesup more energy, causing your energy bills to rise significantly.

Cleaning and replacingthe air filters can help you avoid the need to call for heating and air condition service in Katy, TX constantly. Dirtyair filters can cause extreme damage to your cooling unit if they are notreplaced for a long time. Generally, to the number of days before you would needto replace your air filter is 90 days. But, if there is any construction goingon in or around your house, or if you have pets, you would need to replace thefilters sooner as they would get clogged at a faster rate.

Some air filters arereplaceable, others are not. Make sure that you understand the type of airfilter that is installed in your cooling unit. If it is reusable, check howmany washes are recommended before you need to replace it with a new one.  

2. Protect Your Cooling System fromHumid Air

Humid air can be oneof the worst enemies for your heating and cooling system. Its presence makesthe task difficult for the air conditioner and it has to exert more in order toprovide optimum cooling. This exertion can account for about 15 to 30 percentof your air conditioning requirements. You can caulk up, or weather-strip theareas where humid air can pass through. The sneakiest places are doors andwindows, and you should make sure that no humid air accumulates inside thehouse from these places. If you have any problem with this, call for your heating and air condition service inKaty, TX and discuss the various methods to protect your air conditioningsystem.

3. Clear Away Debris from the OutsideUnit

The outside unit of anair conditioner is often neglected because it is placed far from sight. Whenour experts are called for heating andair condition service in Katy, TX, they often find that the outside unitis blocked with vegetation and debris, which obstructs the passage of air. Thisblockage can cause many problems for the condenser and condenser coil. Youneed to make sure that any twigs, leaves and other fragments are removed sothat the outside unit stays clear and your cooling unit receives sufficientairflow and does not get insulated.  

In addition to clearing away the debris at least two feetaway from the outside unit, it is also important to clean the condenser coil sothat the fins remain clear of dust and is able to throw hot air outside withoutbringing in dusty air. If you have not maintained the outside unit for a longtime and the air conditioner starts to create issues, it is not the time for aDIY fix. Call for a professional heating and air condition service in Katy, TX immediately, so that an expert can take a lookat the issue and fix it.

4. Oil Burner Unit Doesn’t Run

If you have an oilburner at your home and it doesn’t come on, leaving you and your family toscramble for blankets and sweaters in a cold night, then try this one-time-onlytrick.

All the oil burners arepowered by electricity, so first check the shutoff switch that is mounted onthe wall and circuit breaker and see if they are both in the “on” position. Ifthey are, and the oil burner is still not lighting up, then press the resetbutton ONCE. It would be on the primary control.

Please note that this“fix” is temporary and that you should never press this button more than once.If you do so, it could cause some serious issues with the burner. Alsounderstand that your oil burner would’ve gone into reset because there would besome issues with it. Call for a heatingand air condition service in Katy, TX as soon as you can to fix the root problem.

In Conclusion

Appliances need to bemaintained so that they can perform their best for you all year round. Thepreventive measures mentioned in this article are actions that any homeownercan accomplish, and which will prolong the life of your appliances. However, youwould need to call for regular heatingand air condition service in Katy, TX so that a trained technician cangive a professional look-over and warn you if any potential problems arearising within your heating and cooling systems.

Scheduling for aregular heating and air conditionservice in Katy, TX will make sure that both your heating and coolingsystems work impeccably. You also need to make sure that the service you arehiring is licensed, certified and has the most experienced workers in the area.If you are looking for a reliable heatingand air condition service in Katy, TX, then you won’t be disappointedwith the services of Cypress Heating and Air. Theprofessionals at this company have extensive experience in the industry and willbe able to quickly troubleshoot and fix the issues. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

Saying that the Texansummer is hot is like saying that the sky is blue. We all know it. The heatprompts the residents to crank up the air conditioning all day long, which meansthat most of the times the unit is ignored and not well-maintained. Thisnegligence can cause problems that affect the cooling, and you would need tocall for a reliable air conditioningrepair in Cypress, TX.

Ignoring the first signsof problems can lead to serious issues with your air conditioning unit. And ifthey are not addressed soon enough, you will get into the dreadful situation ofhaving a damaged air conditioner in the middle of the Texan summer. Of courseyou wouldn’t want that. No matter issue you are facing, whether the unit doesnot provide enough cooling or if it simply stutters and stops working, you needto call in professional services for airconditioning repair in Cypress, TX who would have a look at yourunit, diagnose the problem, and fix it immediately. If you try to attempt it athome, you will only make matters worse, because you may not understand theproblem, or misdiagnose it, and end up with a bigger problem at hand—and yes,still no cooling.  

If you are wondering about the problems that can causedamage to your air conditioner, and for which you need the aid of a service forairconditioning repair in Cypress, TX, we are listing some of the mostcommon issues with air conditioners here for your ease.

1. Frozen Evaporator Coil

This is one of themost common problems with air conditioners that call for air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX. The evaporator coil freezesup due to the improper flow of air, which can be caused by any of thesereasons:

  • Blocked air return grill
  • Dirty air filter
  • Dirty evaporator
  • Failed blower motor
  • Low refrigerant

On your end, you canprevent your unit’s evaporator coil from freezing up by cleaning and replacingthe air filters on a regular basis. Make it a habit and include this as one ofthe important chores on your checklist, as the dirty air filters are the mostcommon culprits of this issue. That said, this is a prevention method. If, forsome reason, you evaporator coil freezes, whether or not you replaced thefilter regularly, do not attempt toopen it up, under any circumstances. This is because it is important todiagnose the root cause before attempting to fix it.

For instance, if theissue has arisen because of low levels of refrigerant, then replacing thefilter will not fix it. Not to mention that thawing an evaporator coil theright way is important so that you do not damage it. Simply call a service for air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX,and have them deal with the issue.

2. Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is the keythat provides cooling to the system. It converts the hot air passing through itin cool, relaxing air. If the level of refrigerant does not match themanufacturer’s specified level, the unit has to work harder to convert cool airand uses up more energy. The low levels of refrigerant can be caused by eitheran inefficient installation or leaks. In both cases, you would need a service forair conditioning repair in Cypress, TX tofix the problem. In the case of leaks, simply filling in refrigerant will notwork. The level has to match exactly to the level of refrigerant that themanufacturer has prescribed.  

3. Outside Fan Not Working

Issues with fans areanother problem that requires airconditioning repair in Cypress, TX. The compressor in the outside unitgenerates heat, and the outside fan makes sure that it doesn’t heat up too muchto incur serious internal damage to the system or tripping the safety overload.The fan rotates and throws the hot air outside and maintains optimum workingtemperature for the compressor. If you notice that it has stopped working,immediately call for a repair service before the problem festers.

4. Clogged Drains

An air conditionerremoves moisture from the air to prevent a clammy atmosphere, and all theaccumulated moisture has to be drawn off through the drain line and drain. Ifthe drain is clogged, then the water can drip through the cooling unit andcreate a mess on your floor or carpet. It can also damage your walls andfurnishings. A serious problem that can result from a clogged drain is thatthe water can go back into the system and damage it.

You should clean the drain pan and drain regularly toprevent this from happening. But if the problem persists, you should aprofessional air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX company right away.

5. Blocked Condenser

Another common issue with air conditioning includes theblocking of the compressor. Many people mistakenly block the condenser withtheir plants or other vegetation. Or they are unaware of the weeds that growand block the passage of air for the condenser. This blockage will result inthe damage of the cooling system. If you notice that your air conditioner isnot providing uniform cooling, check if the condenser is blocked, and removethe blockage. If the problem continues, call a service for air conditioning repair in Cypress,TX.

If you try to fix these problems without taking any helpfrom a professional air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX, you will only prolong the issue and get chargedmore when you finally do call in the experts because the damage would begreater by then. Handling the problems of an air conditioning system requires efficientand trained individuals who understand the requirements of different models, andcan diagnose and fix the problem quickly. The professionals at Cypress Heating and Airare the best in the industry. Once you hire them, you can rest easy knowingthat your problem will be fixed in no time. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

When you Google “Air conditioner installation,” you will finda plethora of articles and posts that explain how you can do it at your home onyour own. While the prospect of “saving” money by accomplishing a feat like installinga system without hiring a professional may seem appealing, there are hazardsthat you may not foresee. These will not be included in the articles that onlyfocus on trying to convince you how you can do everything and anything withoutmuch trouble.

Let us give you the truth and state the facts right here. Airconditioning systems are quite complex as they are made up of components that shouldbe handled with extreme care, and which often get damaged by inexperiencedhands. Contrary to the popular online opinion that you can save huge sums ofmoney by accomplishing an airconditioner installation in Cypress, TX without any professionalhelp, it actually costs you more. After all, if a DIY job of such a measure wasso easy and efficient, the lack of need for air conditioner installation in Cypress, TX would have put companies out of business bynow! The technicians at Cypress Heating and Air are licensedand experienced and are fully capable of handling all types of HVAC installations.Here are the reasons listed by our experts why hiring a professional willactually help you in the long run.

1. Professionals Have the In-Depth Knowledge of Different Models andSystems

A professional at airconditioner installation in Cypress, TX would be trained to install different models and would understand therequirements of each. This means that they won’t simply install your new airconditioner and leave it at that. They would ensure that it works efficientlyand does not create any issues for you. Because they would be knowledgeableabout the differing requirements of various brands and models, they would bebetter able to install an air conditioner in the proper manner that amanufacturer would recommend.  

2. Air Conditioner InstallationExperts In Cypress, TX are Quick at Their Job

Imagine trying to install an air conditioner at your placewithout hiring any help. You follow the “step-by-step” guidelines that you findon the internet, only to find that there is no detail about how to go about thewiring, or about any other component. You have no one to approach if you getyourself in a tangle of wires and instructions. Not to mention that it couldtake days before you figure out exactly what you need to do. On the other hand,if you hire an expert to do the job, they will give you a time according toyour flexibility, and complete the job swiftly.

3. One Mistake Could Completely Ruin Your System, and Professionals Do Not MakeRookie Mistakes

Did you know that aninefficient installation can lead to low levels of refrigerator? This can causenon-uniform cooling and would make your system use more energy than it isrequired to make up for the low refrigerator levels. When you hire aprofessional for airconditioner installation in Cypress, TX they will make sure thatthe refrigerator levels match those specified in the manufacturer’s manual soyou can enjoy uniform cooling. This is only one example of a rookie mistake.There are many more that would take an entire article if we only list them down.It is safe to say that hiring a certified and licensed expert who knows everysmall detail about ac installations would be able to do the job without makingsuch mistakes.

5. Down the Road, You Will be Saving Money

The best benefit of calling for professional air conditioner installation service in Cypress,TX is that in the long term, you would be saving money. An expertwould make sure that the installation is perfect and that there are no issuesthat might create trouble for you later on. Comparing it with an installationthat you do on your own as a DIY project or by using an inefficient service, youwould spend more money on frequent repairs and fixes because the installationwould not be accurate in these cases.

6. Hiring a Professional Means You Don’t Have to Worry about the Tools

When you hire an airconditioner installation in Cypress, TX professional, you never haveto worry about providing them the tools that would be required for the job, asthey would bring their own. On the other hand, if you try to do this on yourown, you would be at a loss about the tools, and would have to rush off to buythem if you do not have any in your toolbox.

7. No Matter What Issue Crops Up During Installation, An Expert Would’ve Seenand Handled It Before

Hiring a professional means you are delegating the task of air conditioner installation inCypress, TX to someone who does this on a daily basis. They haveenough experience to handle any and every issue that may crop up and would bein a better position to guide you throughout the process. They would handle theinstallation with the efficiency that only a veteran in the HVAC services industrycould.

8. A Professional Would Be Well-Versed With the Inspections and Permits

Professionals for airconditioner installation in Cypress, TX are knowledgeable about the permits and inspections, which would be toyour benefit. You do not want an inexperienced, untrained person to handle animportant task like installation.

If you have just shifted to a new place, or yourold air conditioner has broken down beyond repair, or if you need to upgradewith a newer, better model to deal with the Texan heat, you would need to hireprofessional help to install the new air conditioner. Here is where we come in.You can reach out to Cypress Heating and Air, and our certified and licensed air conditioner installation experts in Cypress, TX will get back to you promptly. They will assessyour installation requirements and provide you with a fair quote. And if youagree, you are guaranteed an impeccable service from us! We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

You rely on your home’s air conditioner to maintain your comfort during the summer season. Routinely changing/cleaning the air filter, scheduling routine maintenance and ensuring prompt air conditioning repair in Katy, TX ensures the proper performance, best possible energy efficiency and a long lifespan for the unit. 

Homeowner Tasks

Changing the air filter is the most important task the homeowner can provide. However, there are a few other actions you will need to provide. Outdoors, you will need to keep the area around the condensing unit free of debris, clutter and overgrown vegetation. The failure to so so can result in reduced airflow, and potential damage to the unit. In addition, never aim the lawnmower’s discharge chute towards the air conditioner to avoid damage that can result in air conditioning repair in Katy, TX.

Indoors, routinely clean the air return grill. The air return grill is located in the section where you change the air filter. Dust and lint can eventually block the grill, and can potentially result in damage to the system. To avoid the need for air conditioning repair in Katy, TX, provide a quick vacuum to the grill once a month when you change or clean the air filter. 

Finally, use the vacuum cleaner to occasionally vacuum the registers. Doing so helps to keep lint, dust and debris out of the system. 

Professional Service

Professional service of your air conditioning system is more than a fast check and oiling moving parts. When you contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning, our NATE certified technician will provide an inspection and testing of components, as well as oiling components that require it. The inspection is comprehensive using both a visual inspection and testing with specialized equipment. Professional service can detect the weakening and of some components. This allows the technician to provide on-the-spot repair, preventing a service call at a later date, and avoiding your discomfort due to a non-functioning AC during the height of the summer.

Common AC Repairs

Some problems are more common than others.

For example, a refrigerant leak is a common AC problem. When the leak occurs, the system will eventually lose all the refrigerant, resulting in the AC blowing warm air. Adding refrigerant is not solution, as it will leak out again until the leak is repaired. If you notice your air conditioner progressively providing air that is less cool, shut the system down and contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an air conditioning repair in Katy, TX. It is important to shut the system down, as low levels of refrigerant can result in compressor failure, the heart of the system, and a costly component. Furthermore, it does not pay to ignore even a small leak. Just a 10 percent loss of refrigerant can result in a 20 percent increase in the cost of cooling your home or business. 

Sealing Leaky Duct Work

In a home with central air conditioning, leaky ducts may be costing you money. Check the duct system for loose or separated joints, loose sealant or tape at the joints, and damaged duct. You can seal the joints with metal, aluminum tape, but never use duct tape, it really is not for ducts. You can also contact our HVAC technicians to take care of the task of sealing ducts for you. You will need to contact your HVAC technician to take care of the damaged ducts by providing air conditioning repair in Katy, TX.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils are an additional common problem  in air conditioners, typically due to not changing the filter as required. While, changing the filter routinely will help to keep the coils clean, eventually professional cleaning will be required. Both dirty filters and coils reduces the system’s performance, and can cause the coil to freeze up, resulting in a lack of cooling, and potentially the need for air conditioning repair in Katy, TX.

A properly functioning air conditioner should shut off when it reaches the set temperature. If it is running nonstop, there is a problem. Common causes are a problem with the thermostat, and/or the need for air conditioning repair in Katy. Another potential cause of a continuously running unit occurs when the system is smaller than your home requires. Wrong size units are a common issue and the source of many problems. When undersized, the AC will run continuously as it struggles to attain the set temperature. Higher electric bills result from the continuous operation, and the unit will wear out prematurely, requiring a new unit to be installed sooner than should be necessary. 

In a nationwide survey, the majority of HVAC companies reported more over-sized units than undersized. 

A Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technician can determine the cause of your air conditioning problems, and provide the required air conditioning repair in Katy.

While an undersized unit runs continuously when it is hot, an over-sized unit brings the temperature down quickly. This creates a problem with humidity remaining in the home, as the unit does not run long enough to extract the moisture from the air. High humidity causes you to feel hotter than it actually is, and can lead to mold and mildew in the home. In addition, it also wastes energy as the system does not run long enough to attain maximum efficiency. Due to its frequent on/off cycling the over-sized system will also wear out prematurely, requiring air conditioning repair in Katy or replacement. 

It is essential to receive a properly sized system in order to ensure your comfort, the unit’s lifespan, and to achieve energy efficiency. There is more to sizing a system than simply replacing it with the same size as the existing unit. Furthermore, modern technology has greatly improved the performance and efficiency of HVAC systems, whereas your existing system is a 3 ton unit, for example, you may need a 2 ½ ton unit due to technological improvements. You can rely on Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to adhere to the industry guidelines in assessing the size required for your home. 

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technicians ensure professional expertise for all your HVAC needs of installation, air conditioning repair in Katy, air quality solutions and others. Contact us today to schedule annual spring service for your AC. We adhere to and/or exceed the industry standards, and  ensure your satisfaction. We offer 24-hour emergency services, and serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

When your home lacks duct work for centralheating and air conditioning, the frustration you experience is understandable.While some homes can be retro-fitted with ducts, not all can. Unfortunately,this leaves the affected homeowners with unique challenges for providing acomfortable home. Furthermore, it prevents you from being able to benefit frommore efficient HVAC systems, such as heat pumps. Well, now you can, andwithout installing ducts. A mini-split heat pump can provide thesolution you seek for a comfortable home, energy efficiency and improved airquality. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for additionalinformation, or to schedule heating and air conditioning installation inKaty, TX.

Mini split heat pumps utilize an outdoor condensingunit and an indoor small air handling unit. Each room or zone has an air handler, which delivers conditioned air. Asmall hole, only three inches in diameter provides the connection between thetwo components. The mini split is easy to install.

Custom Control for Each Room

Each air handler uses a remote control foreasy operation. With each room or zone containing an air handler, it is easy tocontrol the temperature. Furthermore, each area can have its own uniquetemperature, it is like having an HVAC system for each room! So whenyour grandmother comes to visit, and wants a warmer temperature in her bedroom,and your teenager in the room next to her doesn’t want the heat, preferring acooler room, both can have what they want. Custom temperatures are a classicfor the mini-split heat pump, and ideal for those who have unused rooms they donot want to heat or air condition. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioningfor additional information, or to schedule a mini-split heating and airconditioning installation in Katy, TX.

Versatility is Standard

Mini-split heat pumps are an energy efficientalternative to the costly process of retrofitting older homes with ducts. Theyare also an excellent solution for providing energy efficient heating andair conditioning to room additions, garages and workshops, basements,claimed space in attics, guest houses, apartments and vacation homes. Inaddition, mini-split air handlers can be installed on walls without taking upfloor space, or they can be installed in the ceiling where they are almost outof sight.  Want to learn more? Contact ustoday to schedule a consultation for a mini-split heating and airconditioning installation in Katy, TX

 Theductlessminisplit heat pump offers superior energy efficiency for your home, and can alsomaintain your family’s comfort even during extreme temperatures. If you wouldlike to know more, or to schedule heating and air conditioning installationin Katy, TX, give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certifiedtechnicians a call today.

No LostEnergy

Central heating and air conditioning systemslose energy through the duct work, especially when it leaks air due to the needfor resealing. Ducts can lose as much as 30 percent of the conditioned air.Ductless mini-split systems eliminate the air losses, delivering theconditioned air you pay for. In addition, the mini-split performs as otherenergy efficient heat pumps, producing 4 units of energy for every unitconsumed. Call today and let’s get started with your  mini-split heating and air conditioninginstallation in Katy, TX

Air Quality is Included

The central  heating and air conditioning systemcirculates air throughout the entire home with a filter in the air handler. Aductless mini split provides an air handler in each room or zone. Each airhandler uses advanced filtration for the cleanest air possible for each room.The air quality will be significantly improved with a mini-split heatingand air conditioning installation in Katy, TX. In addition, due to themini-splits lack of duct work, dust will not be circulated throughout theentire home when the system runs. In addition, when a family member is sick,the virus and/or bacteria, will not be circulated throughout the home, potentiallyassisting in preventing the spread of the illness. The mini split helps toprovide a healthier home, and can be especially beneficial to persons withallergies, asthma and other respiratory issues.

Happy Neighbors and a Happier You

Almost everyone has experienced the noise ofan outdoor unit. Whether it is disturbing your sleep, or interruptingconversations when enjoying the outdoors, it is undoubtedly a nuisance. Themini-split heat pump operates quietly, a fact both you and your neighbors willboth appreciate.

Year Round Comfort

As the ductless mini-split heat pump is aheat pump, it provides for your comfort year round, with energy efficientheat in the winter, and air conditioning during the summer. A ductless minisplit heat pump offers an energy efficient way to maintain the comfort inyour home, while providing customized conditioned air in each room or zone.Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule a mini-splitheating and air conditioning installation in Katy, TX.

If you need further information about aductless mini split heat pump, would like to receive an estimate or toschedule a mini-split heating and air conditioning installation in Katy,TX, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning today. Our NATEcertified technicians will provide the professional expertise thatensures superior HVAC services for your home or business. Our dedicatedtechnicians serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas. Cypress Heating andAir Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Contact us today forheating and air conditioning service in Katy that you can rely on, andquality you can trust.

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