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Our modern lives depend on electricity. It is so ubiquitous that one doesn’t think about it that much. We just plug-in and voila, we have access to power. The problem, however, is that we’re so used to this that we have forgotten about the hazards that revolve around electricity and have no clue about the safety precautions.

In the US alone, there have been 51,000 incidents because of electricity which constituted to 1400 injuries and 500 deaths. Other than this, these hazards also brought forward $1.3 billion in terms of property damages caused by electrical fires. Even though this may happen due to a number of reasons, one very common reason is the HVAC systems in homes. If these systems of heating and AC in Katy, TX stop working efficiently, then they become highly likely to cause accidents.

These accidents caused by heating and AC in Katy, TX are the prime reasons why we’re going forward with this article. Even though having a system of heating and AC in Katy, TX can be classified as a need, the safety of your family and home should be your top priority. So let’s have a look at how you can follow our checklist of electrical safety.

Schedule Maintenances for Heating and AC Systems in Katy, TX

We advise that you have your heating and AC systems in Katy, TX planned for maintenance in early spring or early fall. If you do so, then you won’t have any surprise breakdowns or malfunctions waiting to happen. Other than preventing electrical problems, this can also ensure that no dangerous refrigerant or carbon monoxide leaks occur in your household. These professional heating and AC inspections in Katy, TX can include:

  • Tightening connections of electrical wirings
  • Checking for the proper installation of the electrical disconnect box
  • Inspecting for exposed electrical wiring
  • Inspecting and testing for pitted or burned contacts
  • Inspecting blow motors or fans
  • Testing and inspecting capacitors
  • Cleaning of the entire system
  • Recommendation of safety and efficiency
  • Testing Carbon Monoxide and smoke alarms

CO and smoke alarms can save lives – whether you believe it or not. ESFI identified that 65% of the deaths caused by the fire was because of malfunctioning smoke detectors. This is why you should always make sure CO detectors are installed wherever you have heating and AC fixtures in Katy, TX, especially in sleeping areas.

Other than this, you should replace the batteries of these smoke alarms at least once a year and test the alarms every month. If your smoke alarms are 10 or more years old, then you should definitely consider replacing them!

Teach Your Children About HVAC and Electrical Danger

We believe that children should be taught how to play around electrical, heating and cooling equipment. If you haven’t already done this, then it’s probably time to have the talk. Other than letting them know about these dangers, you can also take some precautions on your own. The following are the things that you can do on your own:

  • Inspect your plugs, outlets, switches and electrical cords for potential hazards which can cause electric shocks
  • Never lay down extension cards in doorways, under carpets or in any areas which have high traffic
  • Purchase and install TRR’s (Tamper Proof Receptacles) instead of little outlet covers. You should also teach your children never to stick things into power sockets
  • All electrical appliances should be kept out of the reach of children – preferably somewhere high
  • Do not overload the outlets in your home and if you need more outlets or power, heed the advice of your electrician
  • Teach your child to play away from electrical substations – contact professionals for support if their toy or pet gets inside these
  • When you’re about to remove a plug from its outlet you should never yank at its wire – grasp the plug and pull instead
  • Teach your children to keep water away from electrical appliances or sockets because most of the electrical accidents happen here
  • All your heating and ac fixtures in Katy, TX should be child-free zones – any open fire and equipment should be marked off as dangerous for children in households

Safety Around Heating Equipment

Anything that is flammable or easily burns should be kept quite far away from heating equipment which includes portable space heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces. On a similar note, clothes shouldn’t be draped or dried in front of these heaters – especially if they are wet. This is because this equipment needs ventilation so that they don’t overheat. If they do heat up though, combustion gases could leak inside which could cause a dangerous fire.

You should also be careful not to plug your portable space heaters in areas of your home that have high traffic. Don’t plug them directly into power sockets, because this poses the threat of causing a tripping hazard.

Space heaters, however, should be plugged directly into power outlets and shouldn’t use the buffers of extension cords or a power strip. Other than this, make sure you don’t plug other devices in the outlet where a space heater has already been connected.

At Cypress Heating and Air, we want your family and home to be safe from all HVAC and electrical dangers. The best thing you can do ensure your safety is to plan for professional maintenance appointments at least twice a year. Not only will your safety be ensured, but your heating and AC fixtures in Katy, TX will also have a longer effective cycle.

Cypress Heating and Air

These are just few of the consideration that you should be mindful for a hazard-free environment of heating and AC in Katy, TX in your homes.This brings us to the end of the lesson for today. If you have a different issue, or just need us to expand on one of these considerations, you can go ahead and call us on 972-278-3506, or visit our website.

If you don’t address heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX in a timely manner, the Texas heat will finish you off pretty quickly!

There can be any number of reasons that are responsible for a sudden breakdown of the heating and cooling of your home.

You have to address these problems swiftly so you can avoid inconveniences that can prove to be fatal at times.

Let’s take a look at some of the major problems that may need heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX.

1.   The Condensers or Evaporators are Clogged

If your HVAC system stops working suddenly, don’t go dismantling it without a clue!

Consider less drastic options first. In most cases, the heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX is affected due to clogged condensers and evaporators. The air in this part of the state is heavy with dust particles. Due to this, the air conditioning system gets clogged frequently.

You just need to clean out the condensers and the evaporators on a regular basis to avoid such a situation. Set-up a quarterly or semi-annual practice for doing this!

Your system won’t shut down without warning!

2.   There is Leakage from the Air Conditioning Unit

Leakages are the worst of all problems!

You never see them coming until part of your wall looks like a waterfall that is emerging from the wall itself.

A leakage can be caused by a leaking refrigerant, clogged drainage system or from ice frozen on top of the evaporator coils. Several services of air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX only have to resolve a leakage to fix an AC.

This is the type of repair that always needs an expert’s attention! You simply cannot deal with it on your own!

3.   Leakage of Warm Air from the Ducts

This is a problem that generally occurs in case of centralized heating and air conditioning in Cypress, TX. You may feel as if your HVAC system is not heating up the place at all.

This happens when your ducts are leaking out all the warm air.

This is another one of those problems that you just can’t resolve on your own. You need professional contractors for heating and AC repair in Cypress, TX.

An expert crew will examine your entire duct work to locate the leak and fix it immediately to resolve the issue.

As an alternative, it may be a better option to switch to de-centralized heating and cooling systems instead of a fully centralized system. Unless you have owned one since you’ve moved into your home, try to avoid centralized systems at all costs! They are more trouble than they’re worth.

4.   The Compressor May be Affected

Many times, air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX only concern a defected compressor.

To find out if it’s just your compressor that needs to be looked at, turn the power off completely.

Clean the compressor to make sure it isn’t getting clogged by debris. Then turn the power on. If the fans still don’t move, then your AC definitely needs a new compressor.

Call the best air conditioning service in Cypress, TX for replacing the compressor immediately.

5.   There Is a Problem Turning it ON and OFF

You may experience that your heating and air conditioning system is simply stays OFF even when you’ve just turned it ON. This problem can arise when your thermostat isn’t functioning right.

You can easily find out if your thermostat isn’t functioning well by removing its batteries and replacing them with new ones!

If it begins working after changing the batteries then that was the only improvement it needed!

Although trying to repair the heating and air conditioning system on your own is not a wise option, a simple fix like this can be an exception!

Use the following tips to fix your HVAC system if you can’t find any contractors available for visiting your home!

1.   Take a Good Look at the Thermostat

Many times, your HVAC is working perfectly well. It is just your thermostat that has some kind of an issue.

It may have defect with its programming or it may just have weak batteries. In any case, explore if your thermostat is working fine before turning towards your AC.

2.   See If the Defroster Still Works

After an extreme winter, the evaporator coils heat up for defrosting ice from the HVAC. That system may be obstructed due to heavy ice frozen on top of the coils.

If you see such a scenario, then you need to call professionals to remove all the ice and free the system to continue the defrosting process.

If you try to remove ice on your own, make sure to use tools that are blunt so you don’t end up damaging the coils instead.

In addition, if your condenser begins collecting ice in the summer season, you should consider it as a very bad sign. Since, there is no snow in the atmosphere; the ice erupts as a result of leaking refrigerant gas.

Immediately call emergency services of heating and air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX to fix the leak.

3.   Try Resetting the Breaker

As a last resort, when nothing else works, reset the circuit breaker of your home. It may boost the system into retaining its usual function until outside helps arrives.

This is a rather dangerous thing to do on your own. You are at a great risk of getting electrocuted due to this. You should do this while wearing rubber slipper, rubber gloves and exercising extreme caution!


Your HVAC system sustains you all year long!

A minor disruption in its working can prove to be quite bad for you. Timely assistance can save you from many problems. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for your help!

Our expert crew will be at your doorstep at one phone call!

Visit our website today to find out what we can do for you!

Air conditioners work to make the sweltering heat of summer a little more bearable for us. But unfortunately, like everything else, your air conditioner wears down with use and time. In order to keep it working to its full capacity, it is important to evaluate the need for air conditioning repair, every now and then.

Keep an eye open for the signs that may indicate that your air conditioning unit requires maintenance or repair. The need for air conditioner repair is simply inevitable. The best you can do is to get your air conditioner repaired, as soon as possible, to limit the problems and keep the cost of repairing to the minimum.

A number of factors can indicate when it’s time to call in the air conditioner experts. Let’s have a look at some of the most common telltale signs that indicate the need for air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX and maintenance.

1.   Limited Airflow

This is perhaps the most obvious sign that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. Once your air conditioner ceases to produce a significant amount of cool air or starts experiencing difficulty in regulating the cold air throughout the house, there’s no way around getting it inspected by an air conditioner expert.

This particular problem can arise due to a number of issues. The root problem may be as simple as clogged filters or as serious as a failing compressor. One of the most common causes of limited air flow is a blocked ductwork. Your best option is to call in a professional as soon as possible.

2.   Blowing Warm Air

Sometimes, your air conditioning unit may start blowing hot air. This can happen during the hottest times of the year if you overlook the maintenance of your air conditioner unit for a long time. Again, the cause of blowing warm air can widely vary.

Your air conditioner unit might simply need a five-minute fix like correcting a blown fuse or a bad capacitor. These conditions are easily treatable and do not cost much. On the other hand, you could be dealing with something as problematic as a refrigerant leak. An air conditioner expert can help you deal with the refrigerant leak but it will be a costly air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX.

3.   Moisture Buildup

Are you noticing a regular moisture buildup around the inner body of your air conditioning unit? If so, it is a definite sign that your air conditioning systems require maintenance or needs to be repaired. All air conditioning systems produce moisture to some extent, but it is handled without appearing on the body of the unit or dripping indoors.

A number of problems can arise by moisture buildup or water leakage in your air conditioning unit. First of all, if the leakage is caused by a refrigerant leak, it can pose serious health problems for you and your family. Secondly, a moisture buildup will diminish the overall performance of the air conditioning unit; the compressor will have to work harder for longer periods of time in order to provide an adequate amount of cooling. Furthermore, the leaked water can seep into walls and leave behind unappealing watermarks.

The most common cause of moisture buildup and water leakage is clogged/ broken drainage tube but sometimes it can also mean that you are dealing with a Freon refrigerant leak. Keep in mind that Freon is poisonous; therefore, it is important to call in the professionals for air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX as soon as you witness the moisture buildup.

4.   Odd Odors

An air conditioner unit is developed to ‘condition’ the air in your house. When working ideally, it should not produce any sort of odor. In case, you notice a smell every time the air conditioning unit is turned on, it is advisable to get the system checked in order to locate and fix the problem.

If you notice a smoky smell, you should turn off your air conditioning unit at once! Immediately call in the professionals because a smoky smell may be an indication of a fire. On the other hand, a pungent smell normally indicates that the wire insulation inside the air conditioning unit has burnt.

A rusty smell can be an indication of the presence of mold somewhere in the unit, usually, in the ductwork. Irrespective of the type of smell of you notice, it is always a sign that it’s time for an air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX.     

5.   Strange Noise

An air conditioning unit is a machine that is bound to produce some noise but if you notice any strange sounds like rattling, grinding or popping, you should probably get the unit inspected at once! It is not difficult to differentiate between the ordinary sound of an air conditioning unit and the strange noises it makes when something is wrong with it.

In most cases, the out of the ordinary noises does not pose a very critical threat. Nevertheless, the only way to deal with this situation is to go for air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX. The only sounds that may indicate a critical issue with your air conditioning system are the ‘hissing’ and ‘grinding’ noises. So, look out for these sounds and don’t delay to call in the professionals once you notice them in your air conditioner unit.

6.   Too Cold

This may not come off as a problem at first but sometimes an air conditioner can produce too much cold air, creating an environment that may be too cold for your liking. The common culprit behind this situation is a broken thermostat. Once the thermostat breaks, the air conditioner unit is not able to identify the optimal temperature. It keeps working causing your house to be freezing cold. Furthermore, it can cause your power bill to shoot up.

It is important to realize that air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX is inevitable but the good news is that most of the issues are easily fixable. All you need to do is call in tested and trusted air-conditioning repair in Cypress, TX experts like Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning to help you beat the heat by fixing your air conditioning systems in no time!


Looking for a trusted company for air conditioner maintenance and repair can be overwhelming. With so many options available, it is easy to get confused while looking for the best air conditioning services in town, especially when you reside in a place like Cypress, TX. It may be tempting to choose the first name that pops up on your screen when you search for companies providing air conditioning services but, in reality, it may not be the wisest decision.

Keep in mind that choosing a good air conditioning services company is critical in order to keep your air conditioners working throughout the summer and also to elongate the overall lifetime of your systems. With so many servicers in the market, it may take some time to choose the one who actually cares about their customers and offer them the most economical solutions, rather than simply trying to sell their products and services.

It is important to take into account a number of factors in order to make a wise and informed decision about hiring a company offering air conditioning services. Scroll down and read all that you need to know about hiring the best help regarding air conditioners in the areas of Cypress, TX.

1.    Educate Yourself

It is easy to get conned by an air conditioner service company into buying products and services that you do not require. The easiest way to avoid falling for such traps is to be a little knowledgeable about your air conditioner units. You don’t have to learn everything about air conditioners but it does not harm to know the basics. Try to understand the purpose of various parts of your air conditioning unit and its working principle.

Try reading a bit about the problems that you are facing with your air conditioner unit to get an idea about what you might be dealing with. Having, even the most basic knowledge about air conditioners can help you decide whether your air conditioning service company is really true to their work or simply looking for ways of making money by conning their clients.

2.    Air Conditioning Services

The types of services provided by an air conditioning service company can tell a lot about the company itself. Pay attention to the type of the services that the company in question is offering. Most reputable companies offer more than just repairing facilities. If the company providing air conditioning services is a reputable one and have a number of air conditioning experts, it will surely offer most, if not all, of the following services.

  • Commercial and residential air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Equipment repair and retrofit
  • Equipment replacement
  • Refrigerant specialists
  • HEPA filter installation
  • HEPA filter replacement
  • Freon and coolant leaks specialists
  • Maintenance and preventative maintenance
  • Air conditioning balancing
  • Emergency 24/7 repairing facilities

Any company that provides all these air conditioning services will surely have a versatile and experienced group of workers.

3.    Follow the Word of Mouth

Relying on referrals to find the best air conditioning services in town is a viable option. Nowadays, almost everyone has air conditioner units in their homes; so naturally, a lot of people have to deal with air conditioning maintenance and repair issues. This means, most of the people you know must have had a good or bad experience with an air conditioning services company.

Following the advice and referrals is a surefire way of finding good air conditioning services. Family, friends, neighbors and even strangers can give valuable reviews about the air conditioning repairing companies.

4. A Quick Background Check

To take it a step further, you can search for the company on the internet. Do a quick background check by visiting their website. Have a look at what their customers have to say about their staff and services. Most customers are quite frank and honest with their online reviews and share their true experiences. Reading about the quality of services of an air conditioning services provider can give you a clear idea about the company, their values, their staff and their services.

Furthermore, most people like to discuss the kinds of problems that they faced with their air conditioning systems in the online reviews. This background information can give you an insight into the expertise of a company; consequently, leading you to find the professional that suits you the most and is an expert in dealing with the kind of problems that you are facing.

Keep in mind that the greater the number of good reviews, the more trustable the company must be. Also, mind the details like for how long the company has been operating the area, how many clients they have, how long it will take their professionals to reach your house, how long did they take to entertain your request etc.

5.    Qualifications

Checking the professional qualifications of your air conditioning repair company is a quick way of getting an idea about the competency level of the company. Make sure that the company is an accredited business and owns a license or certificate to work in the air conditioning services sector.

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society) and ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) are the three major and most common Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) associations of America.

6.    Handling the Financing

Finally, find out how the company manages the finances with their customers. Many reputable HVAC companies offer a number of flexible payment plans to their customers. This helps you to invest in repairing your air conditioning system without worrying about breaking your monthly budget. Low monthly payments, flexible terms and preferred interest rates are a few factors that indicate that the company follows a finance plan that facilitates their customers.

Remember, choosing a company that offers the best air conditioning services at the most affordable rates can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to reputable companies like Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning which is trusted and appreciated by hundreds of customers all around Cypress, TX.   

A working air conditioning system is an essential part of any residential setting during summers. The need of air conditioning increases manifold in the states where sweltering heat is unleashed during the summer season. Texas is fatefully one of those states where average summer temperatures linger around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

For that matter, air conditioning systems in most parts of residential area of the state operate all day long during peak summers. During soaring temperatures, it also becomes imperative for homeowners to take care of the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. Otherwise, hefty bills and frequent breakdowns would become a regular occurrence. A professional air conditioning service in Katy, TX can help homeowners in maintaining and improving the efficiency of their HVAC systems.

In this article, we will try to discuss all those tips that can help you in keeping the efficiency of your air conditioning system at its optimal level. All these measures are also backed up by every seasoned air conditioning service in Katy, TX. Let’s delve into the details of these measures.

Timely Replace the Air Filters

Air filters appearas a non-significant part of air conditioning unit to many homeowners. But the truth of the matter is they are responsible to provide clean and healthy conditioned air to your abode. Dust and other environmental pollutants eventually clog air filters, particularly during summers when air conditioners are running on full throttle.

A clogged air filter is not just bad for the health of household. It can also decrease the efficiency of the entire air conditioning system by not letting the cool air to pass through. People have to run their air conditioners for an extendedtime period to achieve the desired temperature in the interior if it is fitted with dirty, clogged air filter.

In worst case scenarios, when air filters get awfully congested and block a sizable stream of conditionedair, the internal frosting in evaporator coil starts to take place. This anomaly eventually results in the complete failure of the entire air conditioning system. In such cases, you have to hire any expert air conditioning service in Katy, TX to resolve the issue.

As per the suggestion of professionals of an air conditioning service in Katy, TX, homeowners should replace the air filter every six to eight weeks. You can ask any seasonal air conditioning service in Katy, TX to recommend you quality air filters according to the model of your air conditioning unit. Clean air filters ensure that your air conditioning system continues to operate with optimal efficiency.

Take Extra Care of the Condenser Unit

Condenser unit plays a significant role in executing the complete cooling mechanism. To understand the role of the condenser unit, one should know about the refrigeration cycle, an underlying physical principle behind the cooling activity of air conditioners.

To put in simple words, the condenser unit emits out all the hot and warm air of the interior collected in the refrigerant by the evaporator unit. So, it is explicable that air conditioners can’t work efficiently if their condenser units are not properly taken care of.

Condenser units are usually placed outside the residential construction, making them more susceptible to extreme weather conditions and natural wear and tear. Therefore, make sure that the servicing of the unit is taken care of during regular tune-up from any reliable air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

Besides that, you can provide a shade to the condenser unit to protect it from the scorching sun of summers and damage from other solid objects. However, make sure that the provided shade doesn’t become an obstacle for the surrounding aeration, which is extremely important for any condenser unit to work efficiently.

A poorly working condenser unit, which is not able to condense the entire refrigerant to its liquid state by extracting all of its heat content, directly affects the efficiency of the air conditioning system. It has been estimated that homeowners can save hundreds of dollars annually in their energy bills if they keep up with the maintenance of condenser units. This is the reason why a reliable air conditioning service in Katy, TX gives equal value to condenser units in their routine comprehensive tune-ups.

Automate the Thermostat Operations

Manual thermostats bring great ordeal for homeowners who have to constantly move in and out of the house. Whenever they have to go out they are required to adjust the thermostat accordingly. Many times in a rush, they forget to adjust the thermostat, which results in lost efficiency and preventable hike in energy bills.

For that matter, every seasoned air conditioning service in Katy, TX recommends homeowners to go with automated thermostats. The programming feature of these thermostats enables homeowners to adjust the temperature setting according to their daily schedule once and for all. By cutting the unnecessary running of air conditioners, homeowners can automatically increase the efficiency of the system. Any good air conditioning service in Katy, TX can install a programmable thermostat in the HVAC system of your house.

Efficient Use of the Conditioned Air

The ductwork of HVAC systems is designed to supply the conditioned air all across the construction. However, there are times when cool air is not required in the entire house. In such cases, it would be better to temporarily close the vents located in unused spaces. With conditioned air not getting wasted to cool off vacant spaces, homeowners can improve the efficiency of their air conditioners. This measure can easily be implemented without any professional help.

Perks of an Efficient Air Conditioner

Aside from providing you with nonstop comfort, an efficiently working air conditioner entails two significant advantages.

  • It helps homeownersin saving a considerable amount of money every season in energy bills.
  • An air conditioner working on its optimal efficiency can last longer than its prescribed functional life

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning provide first-rate air conditioning service in Katy, TX. People living in Katy and surrounding areas, make sure your air conditioning systems get regular tune-ups from the company’s expert technicians for the maintenance and improvement of their efficiencies.

Your air conditioning unit can be a real lifesaver during the summer season, helping you endure the humidity and heat during these dreaded months. It’s especially appreciated after those long days of work. What if we told you this summertime pal of yours could also compromise your health?

Whether you switch them on every day or from time to time, these machines may actually be inducing adverse health effects in your household. Your air conditioner may be the reason why your blood pressure may be raised too! This article will therefore help you get aware of these health issues and advise an air conditioning service in Katy, TX to get around them

You don’t have to start fearing your air conditioners though; it’s just healthy to know these potential dangers to your well being. So let’s get right to it.

Breathing Problems

A very common issue of the cold blast of your air conditioner is that it is often not clean as it should be. This is because the filters of this fixture aren’t cleaned as often as they should be. If this isn’t taken care of, then your household may be infected with different kinds of fungi and bacteria.

These fixtures are also a breeding ground for what is known as black mold. This is formed due to the high amounts of moisture that are caused to the fixture’s condensation. Black mold and the assortments of bacteria may be the reasons why you have trouble breathing.

For clean and healthy air, you should call in an air conditioning service in Katy, TX right way!

Dizziness and Headaches

Do you think you continuously feel congested and experience headaches? You may think it’s because you’re indoors and then you feel much better when you get some fresh air. There’s a ‘connect the dots’ in here somewhere.

The International Epidemiology Journal identified that the central air conditioning of offices are a huge reason for neurological and constitutional symptoms. These include headaches and fatigue mostly. So it wasn’t the work pressure that caused this problem.

If you wish to work better and go home in the same state of mind as when you had arrived, your organization should call in an air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

Dry Nasal Passages and Skin

Your quality time with an air conditioner shouldn’t be reduced due to the damaging effect it seems to be having on your skin. Cold air from your fixture tends to reduce moisture from the air, causing effects like irritated skin and dry nasal passages.

Although a moisturizer may help half of your problems, you should heed the advice of an air conditioning service in Katy, TX for this problem.

Heat Intolerance

You’re naturally not a fan of the extremely hot summer days, but heat intolerance is something slightly different. This means that you are absolutely not comfortable in the slightest hot weather. This is because you spend too much time in cool environments and less time in outdoor air.

In order to avoid these symptoms is to allow fresh air inside your home a window or to use ceiling fans. If the problem still persists, then you can heed the advice of an air conditioning service in Katy, TX.

You May Feel Like You Have a Cold

The Oxford Journal identified that people who spend a lot of time in air conditioning, tend to have higher chances of developing a cold. So in simple words, your air conditioning has increased your monthly trips to doctor.

This problem persists due to the emissions that come from your fixture. So what we’re trying to say is that you should keep a clean home – especially in areas like curtains and carpets. The accumulation of dust can also lead to dust allergies.

You can also call in an air conditioning service in Katy, TX to have a look at the air filters of your fixture if the problem persists.

Weight Gain

What? But how! Everyday Health had identified that these air conditioning fixtures tend to maintain the temperatures of your body; which is why you don’t feel the need to move or exercise. This lack of movement means we don’t burn enough calories while our consumption remains steady or even more than usual.

Our air conditioning service in Katy, TX would highly recommend that you exercise even though you use your air-conditioning all day.

Raised Blood Pressure

Men’s fitness and health magazines have identified that your body temperature can negatively affect blood pressures. This is so because our skin consists of small arteries that constrict when our bodies are cold. When enough resistance has been created on our blood flow levels, our body experiences heightened blood pressure levels.

If you think you experience hypertension and spend a significant amount of time in air conditioning, then air conditioning service in Katy, TX will recommend you avoid very cold temperatures. Some worse cases should even consider using their fixtures less than usual.

So this was a list of the most common and adverse health effects caused by air conditioners in households. If you experience something other than these, you should definitely consider these fixtures as a cause; but as was said before – don’t fear them. Air conditioners are still your pals.

For anything out of the ordinary, you should definitely contact an air conditioning service in Katy, TX for an inspection of your fixtures.

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Finally, you should always check to see if your air conditioning service in Katy, TX services, offer any kind of maintenance program or planning. These types of programs will include a variety of huge benefits and promotions for customers including reduced repair costs, preferred scheduling, price protection and many others.

If you need a local AC repair company with 24/7 services that fulfill all the above requirements, make sure that you call the friendly experts at Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning,or call us at 972-278-3506.






Most problems related to heating and AC in Katy, TX occur because of choosing the wrong appliances and technicians who install, repair, and service them. Local electricians are only good for temporary solutions and any chore they do for you will likely cause you to soon start looking for another repairman soon. Likewise, if the HVAC appliances that you chose for your home are inappropriate by any means or a misfit for your home, they will cause problems.

When it comes to heating and AC in Katy, TX, you have to give yourself enough time to properly research and then make a decision. A single wrong choice can put you in shambles and cause you to bear losses.

If you are unsure of what to consider when buying your HVAC appliances for heating and AC in Katy, TX, read on to find out.

Selecting Your HVAC System

Correctly selected heating and AC systems in Katy, TX will not only be durable but will save you a lot of money in terms of utility bills and replacement, maintenance, and repair costs. Moreover, you will have to deal with very rare or no HVAC emergencies at all with a correctly chosen and installed HVAC system.

The primary job of your HVAC system is to keep your home comfortable when the weather is harsh and maintain indoor air quality to provide the ideal atmosphere you need. And if the system fails to do this, it is of no use.

Here’s what you should consider.

Factors to Consider When Buying a New HVAC System

Indeed, choosing an appropriate service provider to install heating and AC appliances in Katy, TX, but selecting appliances that we well-suited to you’re the size of your home and your needs is of equal importance if not more.

Here are a few important things you should consider when opting to buy a heating and AC system in Katy, TX.

1.   Size

Size does matter – A LOT, in fact. It is the very first thing you should think of when purchasing a new HVAC system for your home.

Along with the size of your house, you also need to take into account the duration your home or you need the system to work to yield the desired temperature.

The size of your house and the duration the system is to be used for daily are two major factors that influence the decision of buying rightly-sized HVAC system.

Choosing an HVAC system which is too big for your house will cause the system to turn on and off too often and result in corrosion of the parts and malfunctioning. Likewise, a heating and AC system in Katy, TX that is too small for your home will be forced to run all the time and work very hard to maintain indoor air quality and desired temperatures. This will bring high energy bills and cause the system to breakdown.

2.   Quality

A lot of people prefer price as the sole factor to determine the quality of a certain household appliance. This is unreasonable. However, compromising on the quality of things just to save a few bucks is also not right.

If you go for models that are extremely low-budget, you are likely to compromise on the quality of the appliances. With this, you will have to think of replacement sooner or later and if not this, you will end up paying a lot of money for usual repair such appliances will need throughout their life.

While on one hand appliances that are low-priced seem gainful, those with high prices may just represent an exaggeration of quality. The best choice here is to take the help of a professional dealing in heating and AC in Katy, TX to get an HVAC system that is known for its efficiency.

The experts know better because that’s what they’ve mastered in and we haven’t!

3.   Price

You will have to do a lot of research if you have extreme budget constraints. Buying an HVAC system is an investment and is not something you do or can do every day. The rating and reviews of different products need to evaluated and compare with one another before you finally make a purchase. The system you buy should be a good value for the money you are paying so that you don’t have to put yourself in the same situation again in just a short span of this activity.

If the idea of rating and comparisons baffles you, you can always seek help from a professional dealing in heating and AC Katy, TX in selecting a product which is the best fit in terms of quality and budget.

4.   Climate

The next important thing you should consider when purchasing an HVAC system is the climate of the region you are going to install the system in. Some places can be towards the extreme i.e. too hot or cold while some are mild. Based on the climate of your region, you should buy a heating and AC system in Katy, TX that will perform at optimal efficiency levels at the given temperatures.

You can do this by choosing to buy a system which has suitable features such as wide or varying temperatures ranges to easily cope with the climate.

The city of Katy, TX is one with fluctuating climate; however, the number of sunny days in a year can vary slightly and so can the cold, rainy days. Keeping in view the situation, you should go for a system that will adjust well to the varying temperatures.

You can’t obviously imagine surviving without a properly functioning HVAC system in the city when the weather is too hot or too cold or can you?

5.   Features

All else constant, regardless of whether you have or do not have any budget constraints, it is a wise choice to go for a model of heating and AC system in Katy, TX that incorporates latest features. If your budget limits don’t allow you to buy a system with numerous features, at least buy the one with limited but latest features.

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The HVAC system of your home adds to the overall comfort it has to offer. The unit has your back amid extreme weather conditions. However, this is no surprise that the repairs associated you get from a professional heating and air conditioning system in Cypress, TX are a little expensive. And this is one reason why only the professionals who should be allowed to deal with them.

Only the professionals know how exactly any issues in the system can be resolved. They have the right type of equipment, training, knowledge, and vast experience in the field to provide quick and reliable solutions.

While on one hand, the repairs you get from local repairmen may be tempting to opt for because of a somewhat low cost, remember that these repairs often are temporary. They are likely to return sooner or later as even bigger, costlier problems.

Characteristics of a Professional Heating and Air conditioning Service in Cypress, TX

Here are some features of professional heating and air conditioning services in Cypress, TX which contribute to the criteria of selection of such a company as well.

1.   License

A good, reliable provider of heating and air conditioning services in Cypress, TX is and must be licensed. It is a very important thing that you should consider too when hiring someone for the same. The provider must have an operating license that permits the business to function in the industry. The license is obtained by qualifying predefined criteria and some tests which analyze the knowledge and expertise of the technicians.

Licensed experts are capable of handling and resolving your HVAC issues reliably, quickly, and safely. They take necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of your property, appliances, and the members of the family. If you go for an unlicensed technician, it will be the exact opposite; so choose wisely!

2.   Knowledge

When choosing a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, remember to only go for a contractor who is well-reputed in terms of knowledge and expertise. An appropriate service provider is one where the experts are fully trained, are qualified, and have hands-on industry experience to deal with such issues.

Dealing with HVAC appliances and using certain tools is a complex job. Knowing this, it is important for you to hire a professional you can put complete trust in. If someone is not rated good for this or doesn’t have the necessary qualifications and experience, he might only be good at detecting the problem but not at resolving it.

3.   Emergency Services

Emergency services is another feature and a criterion you can judge a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX with. It is all fun and games when a repairman arrives based on a pre-scheduled visit to serve you. But the real picture comes alive when it is about dealing with HVAC emergencies

Emergencies don’t come announced and your HVAC service provider must have your back in trying times. A professional will ascertain that the technicians are able to serve you in the best possible manner. They will/should be able to provide quick solutions at least, if not permanent to ease the situation for the time being and later resolve the issue fully.

4.   Equipment and Technology

Being knowledgeable is only enough when the technicians serving you are apt at dealing with the latest appliances and know which tools to use and how.

A professional provider of heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX must have staff that is tech-savvy and fully equipped with appropriate tools to fix things up. They must know how to safely deal with any appliances and use the equipment/tools as and when needed.

If the personnel uses outdated technology and tools, it should never be chosen.

5.   Customer Service

Imagine yourself at a hospital or a shop where they are providing all that you need but are dealing with you very unprofessionally, for instance; in a rude tone. Will you go back to the same hospital or shop? Of course not.

Regardless of the type of service you seek help from the experts for in a particular field, you do expect them to be nice to you and have a professional manner of dealing.  A customer always wants to be treated nicely and get great customer services. A professional heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX will ensure that the workers who come to your service and other staff abide by the standards of customer service.

Customer testimonials presenting exemplary experiences and decent ratings on the website of a provider will give you a clear idea if this.

Benefits of Hiring an HVAC Professional

Indeed, we are living in the DIY age. DIY remedies are almost always useful, but there are certain domains they don’t really work for and pose you to a high risk of damages,such as HVAC repairs. Always prefer not to put your hands in/on any electric appliances including HVAC when there is a problem. Such problems are better left to the professionals.

If you still don’t want to call a professional and are tempted to do a DIY on an HVAC problem instead, here are some reasons which may make you rethink!

  1. The professional usually fix things up in the very first attempt. As a professional, their first priority is your comfort and satisfaction and they will do anything to provide the best possible services. In the wake of their vast industry experience and profound knowledge, they will often be able to detect and resolve any problem in a matter of minutes.
  2. When you hire an HVAC professional, they don’t only resolve the existing issues but analyze the system for any potential problems. If any such problems are identified, they are treated there and then to avoid and avert future HVAC emergencies and repairs.Moreover, they will happily provide the necessary guidelines and tips to upkeep the system; and that too, without charging a single penny.
  3. You save lots of money by averting potential problems and recurrence of any existing issues. Their services are backed by a guarantee and you will get free repairs in case the problem comes back.

Looking for a reliable heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX area? The experts at Cypress Heating and Air are waiting to hear from you!

Are you amongst most homeowners with the age-old question related to air conditioning services in Cypress, TX? Have you landed on this page looking for an answer to the question “should I repair or replace my air conditioner?” While it may be tempting to replace the unit instead of paying the oh-so-high repair costs, buying a new unit is not something you can opt for every time your air conditioning unit is acting up.

So, how do we decide what is better for us: repairs or replacement?

When it comes down to something which is as crucial for your home as an air conditioning unit, the last thing you would want to deal with is a bad decision with such a high price tag! There are numerous choices to choose from and several features to consider if you want to make the right decision.

Even if you decide on replacing the unit finally, you must know what the best time to get this job done is. You can get better deals during winter months. Regardless of the type of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX you need (i.e. repair or replacement/new installation), it is imperative you know everything about both the options.

This article will cover most of the information you need.

Read on!

What You Should Know and Consider When Making a Decision

1.   Energy Efficiency

Several times, air conditioners that have lived for more than 10 years are considered to be outdated in terms of performance and efficiency. This can also be verified using some numeric figures including SEER and AFUE. Your furnace is running at the bare minimum operating efficiencies if it is running at 10 SEER and 78% AFUE.

And while it may be normal for you, it is definitely affecting your utility bills adversely. Energy efficiency is a helpful tool for determining the kind of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX you must opt for. You may also add in factors such as the size of your home, AC unit, utility costs, and the location of your home to decide.

2.   Age of the Unit

If the age of your air conditioning unit is more than 10 years, it is time to start saving to buy a new unit or just take out all the savings from your bank account and get a new unit right away.

While in practical life it sounds horrible to be replaced just because you have aged; that’s not the case with your air conditioning unit. Moreover, there are more factors other than age that should be considered in deciding whether or not you need a new unit. A professional provider of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX will be able to guide you better.

3.   Cost of Repairs

This is one factor most people compare with the cost of buying a new unit to make the final decision. The experts in the field often recommend buying a new unit if the repair costs are equal to or more than $800. However, this still depends on the age of the system in your home.

If the system is only 6 years old, $800 is not a bad amount if it can fix the problem entirely to enable your unit to work for a few more years or until it is 10 years old at least.

On the other hand, if your system is 10 years old and the repairs cost over $800, it is time to think about buying a whole new unit. If you have spent $200 last year and this year the repair costs are estimating to be around $600, both the figures can add up too. It is best you consult a professional air conditioning service in Cypress, TX to make a decision as such.

The 50% Rule

The professionals of air conditioning service in Cypress, TX suggest that the time the total cost of repair you have spent becomes equal to 50% of the total cost of the unit, the time for a replacement has nearly arrived.

Now the question is how do you know the real value of your heating or cooling system? It takes into account not only the amount of money you have spent in making a purchase but also the number of good years the unit has given to you. Only an air conditioning expert in Cypress, TX will be able to accurately calculate this and provide a verdict.

The $5000 Rule

The $5000 rule requires you to take the cost of repairs needed and multiply by the age of your system i.e. the total number of years it has been functioning. If the amount comes out to be more than $5000, it is time for you to look for a new system

Some of the very low cost, affordable heating and air conditioning units are priced at $5000 but you should not be surprised when you see systems with a price tag of $15000 and above. It all depends on the quality, size, features, and performance of the system.

Once you have decided on purchasing a new unit, don’t forget to consult a professional air conditioning service in Cypress, TX to suggest a suitable unit and install it properly.

Hiring a Professional for Air Conditioning Services in Cypress, TX

It is always a smart choice to call a professional air conditioning service provider in Cypress, TX to come to your doorstep and evaluate the home, its location, and size to suggest an appropriate model.

A skilled contractor will and should be able to guide you about the remaining operational life remaining of your system if there is. In this case, they will recommend certain short-term and long-term solutions to have your system performing at the optimal levels for the years to come.

In case the unit has lived fully and has no time left to further function efficiently, the professionals will tell you about different AC models suitable for your home while also considering your budget constraints and needs.

If you are looking to get air conditioning services in Cypress, TX, click here to connect with the experts at Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning– the best and well-known AC service providers in town.

Heating and air conditioning systems are important for a comfortable home environment. They can improve indoor air quality by filtering out dust and debris. They also enhance one’s lifestyle since they keep you protected in any weather. This also results in better health.

Every homeowner experiences a malfunctioning heating or air conditioning system at least a few times in their lives. These problems may occur due to dirty or clogged filters, lack of maintenance, improper air balance, or thermostat malfunctions. Such problems are complex and attempting to fix them on your own can lead to all sorts of additional costs.

Eventually, you will need to replace old heating or cooling systems, install new ones, repair broken components, or simply service the systems. While it sounds pretty easy, expensive appliances like this shouldn’t be messed with if you are an amateur. It is better to not take chances and call experts in heating and air conditioning repair services in Cypress, TX. We will analyze why calling an expert is important below.

Safety Issues

Heating and cooling systems are very complex machines that require proper expertise to install, maintain, or repair. Training and knowledge of such systems are very important to maintain safety. Any mistake can result in damage to the structure of your home or even health concerns.

For instance, every furnace has a safety mechanism for carbon monoxide installed within the system. The alarm may begin to ring as an alert for carbon monoxide. Amateurs may merely look for cracks on the heat exchangers while checking up on such alerts. If it appears free of cracks, they may assume that there is no real danger to the residents of the house.

They may ignore the underlying problem due to lack of training. Back drafting can cause the carbon monoxide alarm to go off as well. Missing this potential cause for the alert, you may expose your home to a poisonous gas. This could lead to a variety of health concerns for you and your family.

This is only one such case. Getting your heating and cooling systems dealt with by an amateur poses more dangers. The best course of action is to call for heating and air conditioning repair services in Cypress, TX.

Proper Equipment

A lot of tools and components are needed for repair, maintenance, and installation of heating and air conditioning repair services in Cypress, TX. They have different parts and units which encompass the whole house. Every part needs different equipment or material, which an amateur may not have.

If you attempt to repair heating or air conditioning systems by yourself, it can lead to various problems. You may come across an issue where you don’t exactly know what materials are needed, what equipment should be used, or where to find quality components. There can be serious damage to heating and cooling systems if the right technique isn’t used. The structure of the house may also get affected which could lead to high costs for replacement and repair.

If an expert in heating and air conditioning repair services in Cypress, TX visits you, then you won’t have to deal with such unnecessary issues. Experts of such appliances carry the right equipment and materials.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Proper method and knowledge are important to have effective and efficient heating and cooling systems. To carry out repairs, experts for heating and air conditioning repairs in Cypress, TX, get proper training. The right technique can make a real difference when it comes to fixing complex machinery.

For example, installing heating and cooling systems is a complicated process which can be easily messed up. It encompasses every room and has an impact on the structure of the house. If you don’t call an expert in heating and air conditioning repair services in Cypress, TX, to install such systems, it can lead to some serious issues.

Mechanical issues can develop if ducts are properly installed. Incorrect insulation of ducts will result in energy loss and insufficient cooling or heating. It can also lead to a deterioration of air quality. This will eventually result in repairs or maintenance costs, as well as high energy bills.

If you want the heating and cooling systems to work to their full potential, then call an expert.

Latest Techniques and Technology

Some cities require permits or inspections for heating and cooling system installation. If you don’t know about such technicalities, it can result in a lot of legal issues. Experts in heating and air conditioning repair services in Cypress, TX, are aware of the latest changes in policies. They execute the job effectively and make sure your home is up to code.

New technology can make installation, repair or maintenance of your heating and cooling systems easier. Amateurs like local handymen or family members may attempt to use old techniques on upgraded systems. This can mess up the system, resulting in low comfort and air quality. Heating and cooling systems may also work at low efficiency if all their latest features aren’t fully utilized.

Every heating and cooling system also has some added comfort options that need to be recognized. Installing an extra temperature control or changing the energy connection may make life simpler for you. An amateur would not be able to recognize such comfort options.

Thorough Work for Low Prices

You may actually save costs if you hire an established company. Such companies will actually go out of their way to make sure customers stay within budget. They usually have discount specials and financing options with easy monthly payments and low interest rates. With such low prices, why wouldn’t you take advantage?


Heating and cooling systems can affect the quality of life in your home. It is important not to take risks with such expensive systems. It is more cost-effective and efficient to call for heating and air conditioning repair services in Cypress, TX. Make sure to call experts like Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning as they are trained professionals.

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