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Regardless of what season of the year it is, you must ensure that your house has perfect arrangements for heating and AC in Katy, TX to live comfortably.

During summers, your HVAC system will maintain a cool temperature across the house to keep it comfortable for you and your family. It will do so by keeping warm air outside and restricting it from intruding in addition to cooling the amount of air needed to fulfill your demand and sending it inside.

Likewise, in the winter season, your heating and AC system in Katy, TX will restrict chilly weather from affecting your indoor temperature and send warm air inside to keep the house cozy and comfy.

Most homeowners agree that it is more difficult to survive summer without a functional or an optimally-performing HVAC system than in winter season. The reason behind is that you can still keep yourself from the cold in winter by wearing multiple layers of clothes while you don’t have any such choice in summer.

Now when summer is reaching its peak, it is even more important for you to ensure your HVAC system is intact and problem-free in order to be able to survive the scorching days.

But how may you do so?

Simply by checking your heating and AC system in Katy, TX for certain problems and problematic components that are likely to wear out over time.

Here is a complete checklist of things you should check your HVAC system for.

The Ultimate Checklist for Your HVAC System


1.  Condition of the Filter

The filter might seem like a small, useless component of your heating and AC system in Katy, TX but the work that it does is phenomenal. Truth be told, it is the filter that allows smooth passage of air through air conditioning units in homes and other structures.

Therefore, you should inspect the filter of your HVAC unit every season if not every month i.e. after every 3 months or so. Things that you need to check it for include filth, debris, and signs of wearing out or aging.

If your filter is swathed in dust and debris, go on a cleaning spree and clean it up thoroughly. But if it looks rotten or damaged, it’s time to go for a replacement regardless of how new it might be.

Research shows that out of 10 emergencies or problems that the professionals for heating and AC service in Katy, TX, get called for, 9 are related to the filters. If you haven’t checked your HVAC system’s filter lately and your HVAC system is showing signs of a problem, it’s about time you do it!

2.  Exposure to Heat and External Elements

Your heating and AC system’s external unit is likely to be affected by heat and other external elements and cause problems because of that. The first and foremost thing to ensure here is that the outer unit isn’t installed at a spot that gets direct sunlight. If there’s no other option, you can get it covered with appropriate sheets to save it from direct sunlight. A failure to do this will cause the system to struggle to cool your house and ultimately HVAC issues because of all the hard work you put the system through.

When it is about air conditioner installation in Katy, TX, it is best you only hire qualified professionals. They have in-depth knowledge of such jobs which enables them to get things done quickly but correctly.

3.  Signs of Power Failure

The professionals for heating and AC service in Katy, TX can confirm that homeowners often call them to report their HVAC systems breaking down when the real problem is nothing but an absence of power. You may find it funny or hard to believe but it’s true. This absence of power is usually due to different reasons.

So, save your time, money, and efforts and confirm it isn’t a power failure that isn’t letting your system to start before you call the technicians.

4.  A Blocked Compressor

The external compressor of your HVAC unit needs proper space to be able to perform optimally. Therefore, you must ensure there is a distance of at least 2 to 3 feet between the compressor and every other thing around it.

One thing that is most likely to block the compressor is tall branches or trees in the yard. If you see any such problem, call a reliable heating and AC service in Katy, TX to reposition your compressor.

5.  Thermostat Setting

The thermostat is the component of your heating and AC system in Katy, TX that maintains the overall indoor temperature based on how it is set. More often than not, it is the failure to set thermostat properly or forgetting to set it at all that leads to problems like undesired temperature, bad indoor air quality, etc.

However, it can also be a malfunctioning or faulty thermostat sometimes.

If you notice a drop in your indoor air quality and the overall performance of your HVAC system, try to set the thermostat. If the problem doesn’t resolve, it is about time you call a professional.

Annual Maintenance and Servicing

If all of the above is too much for you to remember and take care of, the good news is that there is a way you can stay worry-free. This can be done by scheduling regular maintenance and servicing with a reliable heating and ac service in Katy, TX.

The professionals will not only give your system a revamp and resolve existing issues after diagnosis but also look for potential problems and prevent them early on. And this is simply how regular maintenance keeps HVAC systems free of problems at all time and enables them to perform optimally until they finally age.


If you are already looking to schedule a maintenance appointment or facing an issue with your HVAC system, connect with the pros at Cypress Heating and Air now.

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HVAC systems in homes are the ultimate saviors when it comes to keeping homes comfortable during extreme weather conditions. And this is the reason homeowners don’t resist investing in buying a new system for heating and AC in Cypress, TX, regardless of whether it is first time installation or about replacing old, outdated units.

The sole purpose of an HVAC system is to regulate indoor temperatures and keep the indoor air clean for homes to remain comfortable and cozy. This is done by controlling the effect of external weather conditions on the indoors.

Typically, heating and AC in Cypress, TX and elsewhere includes 3 units. One for each of the following:

  1. Heating
  2. Cooling
  3. Ventilation

Nevertheless, the latest HVAC systems offer a wide variety of features for added comfort and superior performance. Hence, they are likely to include more components like those meant to keep the system clean including air filters.

Because of its importance and the costs involved in the purchase and air conditioning installation in Cypress, TX, it is easily one task that most homeowners dread. One mistake that has resulted in this fear is hiring local, unlicensed repairmen for heating and air conditioning repairs in Cypress, TX in the hope of saving a few bucks.

Unfortunately, this does more bad than good as unlicensed technicians barely know how to properly install/repair these systems. They don’t have enough knowledge, required tools and technologies, and things like insurance and service warranty; hence making both you and your investment vulnerable against damages and losses.

With that said, make it a point to always only trust licensed professionals working with reputed HVAC contractors/firms, such as Cypress Heating and AC in Cypress, TX.

From dealing with duct problems to clearing out clogs, air quality issues, and treating malfunctioning furnaces, the professionals can do it all with the use of sound knowledge, experience, and the right type of tools that are needed.

They can also be hired for routine maintenance and servicing of the HVAC system in your house. This helps diagnose potential problems beforehand and averting them straight away before they cause damages and result in HVAC emergencies.

Contrary to the hyped misconception, you need to hire professionals for heating and AC in Cypress, TX for maintenance of all HVAC systems, regardless of how old or modern they may be.

In case you find yourself needing HVAC services and repairs a little too often, chances are the furnace in the system is not in good shape. In this article, we will discuss everything about furnaces in HVAC systems, their upkeep, and importance.

HVAC Furnace – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

From what a furnace is to types, maintenance requirements, and types of problems, here is everything that you need to know.

•  Furnace – What Is It?

Derived from a Latin word ‘Fornax’, the term ‘furnace’ literally means oven. Depending on the type of heating and AC system in Cypress, TX home of yours and the kind of furnace, the furnace can function by acquiring power through direct fuel usage, induction heating, or electricity.

A furnace is the component of your HVAC system that enables it to heat indoors and make your house comfortable during the chilly winter season. It is the heating component that needs to function well to facilitate heating and AC systems in Cypress, TX to warm up homes.

In case a furnace is too old or is damaged because of any reason, it will not supply enough heat to the system to regulate indoor temperature. This implies a far greater impact of cold weather on your home, more discomfort, and even extensive damages to the system because of straining.

•  Furnace Types

The United States Department of Energy has defined different types of furnaces based on their model, power source, and other features. The most common types include the following:

  • Room Heater (Uses gas or oil)
  • Heating Furnace (Uses wood or coal)
  • Portable Heater
  • Central Warm-Air Furnace
  • Fireplace
  • Heat Pump
  • Built-in Electric Units
  • Steam Furnace
  • Floor/Wall or Pipeless Furnace

•  Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is the key to pleasant indoor temperatures, good quality indoor air, and fewer HVAC problems. Regardless of the type of furnace in your HVAC system, the following are a few things that you should always take care of:

Electric Furnace

  • Monthly filter replacement
  • Smooth and correct thermostat operation (This can be confirmed by comparing the temperature that you set with the temperature being displayed on the thermostat)
  • Tidy grill and ducts to ensure nothing blocks the flow of air to your home and damages the furnace

Gas Furnace

  • Monthly filter replacement
  • Smooth thermostat operations
  • Smooth flow of air/heat by ensuring no ducts are clogged
  • Quick identification and treatment for gas leaks by regular examination
  • The functioning of the control valve and make sure it’s open at all times

Preventive Maintenance Program

Unlike other home appliances, HVAC systems need regular maintenance and service by the professionals for heating and air condition service in Cypress, TX. In case of HVAC systems, you should not wait for a problem to occur before you finally pick your phone up and call a technician at your service.

This is important because it is better to get your HVAC system inspected and treat potential or underlying problems than introducing heating and air conditioning repairs in Cypress, TX once a problem is already there.

But how is it better? Here are the reasons.

With routine maintenance and servicing:

  1. You don’t have to face emergency situations and bear with the extreme weather conditions because of a faulty system
  2. Less risk of extensive damages that occur when a problem stays for a long time
  3. Reduced costs because of low chances of having to avail emergency services
  4. Comfortable home

Do these benefits sound like something you can let go of?

If you are noticing heating and cooling problems in your home or other signs of a bigger problem, such as strange sounds, bad indoor air quality, etc., pick up your phone and dial 972-278-3506 now. The experts at Cypress Heating and Air are waiting to serve you!

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Internal moisture can be a nightmare for any homeowner who likes to keep their interior design and furniture items in top shape. So, when homeowners in Katy find moisture on the central wall of their rooms, they have no choice but to pay extra to repair it.

Can You Have Moisture Problems in Katy?

Contrary to popular belief, moisture problems are not uncommon in Katy. The hot and humid weather in Katy facilitates moisture inside homes. As a result, homeowners often find themselves worrying about their indoor designing once summer arrives.

However, excessive moisture is not only harmful to your home’s internal design, but also poses risks to your family’s health and wellbeing. As we all know, organic allergens such as mold and mildew thrive in dark and damp places.

Why Are Moisture Problems Harmful?

If the moisture inside your room exceeds a certain limit, then it can easily cause mold and mildew to grow inside your home. If you don’t take preventive measures, excessive moisture can have adverse effects on your health and the structural integrity of your home. To be safe from these hazards, homeowners need to act before moisture can cause major issues in their residential properties.

What Causes Excessive Moisture in Homes?

Moisture inside homes can be caused by a number of factors. Rising damp, interior moisture sources and faulty heating and AC components all play their roles in contributing to excessive moisture. However, most of these problems can be resolved with efficient heating and AC units.

On most occasions, you won’t even need to buy a new heating and AC unit to reduce moisture in your home. Even consulting the services of a reliable heating and AC service provider can improve the performance of your units and make your home comfortable.

Moisture Warning Signs

Homeowners in Katy need to be watchful of the warning signs and symptoms that indicate excessive moisture in their houses. Most times, moisture is not as obvious as a puddle of water on the floor. However, you should call a heating and AC expert whenever you notice any of the following signs:

  • Condensation on the windows, walls, and floor
  • The musty odor of mold or mildew
  • Uncomfortable damp, humid air
  • Stained walls or pain blistering
  • Water trickling out of walls
  • Standing water on the flooring
  • Deteriorating wood-ware or carpets
  • A ring of dampness on concrete walls

How Can You Control Moisture through Heating and AC?

Air Filter

An advanced air filter is a good option to reduce the chance of mold growth. Though it has little effect on moisture, it does a great job of catching mold spores in the air. Moreover, an air filter is also easier to set up.

All one has to do is to install these filters in their existing heating and AC units. A heating and AC unit with advanced air filters can play a considerable role in preventing the growth of mold in your home.

However, you must ensure that you follow the recommended standards and replace your filter according to your use. The recommended duration of changing these filters is between 30-90 days.

UV Air Irradiation

Controlled UV air irradiation can be a useful method to kill mold spores, bacteria, and other harmful allergens in Katy. Whenever cold refrigerant passes the evaporator coils of your AC unit, condensation is formed around it. Condensed water vapors drip into the drain pan slowly and get released to an outdoor drain condensate line.

However, condensation happens in both heating and AC units. The dampness inside these units creates an ideal environment for mildew, mold, and other bacteria. A UV lamp can kill mold and other microorganisms.

Humidity Levels

Expertssay that ahumiditylevel above 60% leads to the growth of mold. By controlling the humidity levels in your home, you can prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Ideally, the humidity levels should be between 30-60%. You can use humidity monitors and dehumidification systems to control the humidity in your house. However, these units are often too expensive and may incur extra costs. Though dehumidifiers are an effective humidity solution, a multifunctional heating and AC system is more cost-effective.

Air Conditioners

Mostfixes in this article focus on preventing mold growth rather than moisture. However, a good quality AC system can naturally dry out the air. On the other hand, an outdated AC might not be able to address the problem directly if you live in a humid place, such as Katy.

Homeowners in Katy need to have a multifunctional heating and AC unit to limit moisture in their homes. A smart heating and AC system can detect rising humidity levels and inform the users immediately.

Fix Any Moisture Problems

It’s possible that your heating and AC system is malfunctioning.  A damaged heating and ACin Katy can increase moisture in your home.  For instance, your air ducts can leak humid air through the joints.

A heating and AC expert in Katy can seal all the duct joints in your home and keep the humidity levels in check. Moreover, you can also ask the heating and AC expert in Katy to fix any ventilation problem in your bathrooms and kitchens, where most of the internal moisture originates from.

Who Should You Call?

Cypress Heating and Air has been serving clients in Katy for a number of years. If you are tired of excessive moisture in your home, feel free to call them at 972-278-3506 to avail their emergency services. You can also visit their website to learn more about the company.

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Air conditioning units are perfect for curbing excessive moisture in your home. Yet, sometimes, these units can suffer from moisture issues themselves.

An AC unit can develop moisture problems for a number of reasons in Cypress. However, the frequency of these problems goes up a lot during the summer months. The main reason behind this is that humidity escalates during summers.

The human body can get through a humidity level of 30%-50% with ease. But at the peak of the  summer season, humidity in Cypress can rise up to 100% even. Therefore, it’s difficult for AC units to cope up with the rising humidity levels by themselves.

Even when an AC unit is capable of maintaining rising humidity levels, it puts on a lot of strain on the machine. The main job of your AC unit is to cool your home. But when it needs to cope with excessive heat along with handling high humidity levels, it can develop problems.

This is why your AC unit needs to go through maintenance by a professional air conditioning service at least once a year. Maintenance by an air conditioning service in Cypress ensures that your unit can keep performing optimally.

However, the AC unit can also develop problems before the time for maintenance sessions. Therefore, homeowners in Cypress need to be watchful of the following signs and call an air conditioning service in Cypress when they notice them:


Too Much Condensation in Pan

Condensation in an AC unit is a normal phenomenon. On normal days, you won’t have any issues with the condensation inside your unit. However, high humidity levels speed up the process of condensation and water vapors accumulate in the condensate pan at a much faster rate.

Even then you won’t have any issues with your unit as the drain pipe disposes of the water inside the condensate pan. However, sometimes, the condensate pan develops issues itself and isn’t able to dispose of water as efficiently as it needs to.

As a result, the condensate pan starts to overflow and leak water. On other occasions, the condensate pan develops some cracks that leak water. The probability of this happening increases when the humidity levels are high. Ultimately, you’ll need an air conditioning service in Cypress for the following purposes:

Fix the Cracks

Condensate pan develops holes or cracks after they get used excessively. The condensate tray made from metals is prone to these problems because they can develop rust.

An air conditioning service in Cypress can assess the condition of your pan and inform you if it needs to be replaced or not. If the pan is still in an usable condition, the air conditioning service will fix these holes through epoxy glue.

Clear Debris

Your air conditioning can also start accumulating debris by something as simple as a blocked drain pipe. People in Cypress often forget that their air conditioning system can also accumulate debris if the air filters are not doing their job. Other times, insects, dirt, or outdoor debris can find their way into your drainage pipe.

Clogged drain lines can cause the water to back-up and overflow the condensate. However, you won’t need to call an air conditioning service to clean the debris from the drainage pipe. To fix the problem, you’d have to disconnect the line and remove what’s blocking the pipe. You can do this with a wet-dry vacuum or a hand pump.

However, the drainage line can also get affected with rust because of a leak. If that’s the case, you can call an air conditioning service in Cypress to assess the situation and tell you how long the line will last. Asking an air conditioning service provider to replace the rusted drain line can prevent draining problems in the future.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The condensate is not the only culprit when it comes to excessive moisture in your AC unit. Your AC system can also have problems elsewhere.


Your AC unit needs a steady stream of air flow to keep moisture from accumulating. A clogged air filter can slow this process down a lot. Homeowners in Cypress should make sure that they check the air filters of their unit every one to three months.

When the air filter becomes clogged, evaporator coils in your AC can get cold and freeze. Once you turn the AC off, these coils melt and produce excess water. Therefore, professional air conditioning service in Cypress recommend changing air filters every month during the hot summer months.

Check for Insulation Tears

Poor insulation creates openings that break the seal of your AC unit. As excess air seeps out, the AC unit starts to develop moisture problems. The unit can develop this problem during the winter months. If you notice damp spots around the insulation, call an air conditioning service in Cypress to replace those parts.

Change the Seals

After excessive use, the seals of you system can wear down. Seals are necessary for maintaining the airflow of the unit. Moreover, resolving this problem requires a sophisticated knowledge of AC units. Call an air conditioning service in Cypress as soon as you feel there’s a problem with your unit’s seal.

Who Should You Call?

Cypress Heating and Air is one of the best air conditioning service in Cypress. If you see water standing around your AC unit, feel free to call them at 972-278-3506 to avail their emergency services. You can also visit their website to learn more about the company.


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Summers in Texas are quite brutal. Temperatures can easily exceed 100 for days in a row and don’t forget about the humidity. This further worsens the living conditions of the Texan residents.

This intense summer heat also lowers the productivity of the employees at your workplace. Scientists agree that humidity and temperature decrease the efficiency of employees and lowers their energy level. This is why commercial enterprises need to ensure that their air conditioning units are operational during the summer season.

Air conditioning systems often require routine maintenance and repairs to keep them in working condition. By doing so, you can save future costs and more expensive repairs. But while looking for a reliable air conditioning repair service in Cypress, you need to keep some pointers in mind.


Listed below are guidelines to select the best commercial air conditioning repair service in Cypress. These guidelines will save you from splurging needless costs in repeat repairs and help form a long-term relationship.

1.   Avoid Over-the-Phone Contractors

Remember, no two air conditioners are the same. Be wary of any commercial air conditioning repair service in Cypress that gives you a quote over the phone. There are a number of aspects that are not factored in without a prior inspection of your house. Before finalizing a contract, certain factors need to be accounted for. These include:

  • The type of windows in your house
  • Ducting system
  • Kind of insulation
  • The amount of registers in a room

Apart from taking in consideration all of these factors, an expert service will also do a Manual-J calculation for better and efficient results. They will follow a strict protocol during completion of the project.

2.   Experience isn’t enough!

Expert air conditioning repair service in Cypress will readily admit that experience is not everything when it comes to repairing and maintaining air conditioners. Air conditioning technology is ever-changing and those repairmen who throw the ‘doing this for 20 years’ card should immediately raise red flags.

The AC market is rife with new and exciting technologies which reduces your electricity bills and provide efficient cooling, too. This is why you should be sure that your selected repair service has hands-on experience with latest HVAC units and computer systems as well.

3.  Terms in Writing

Some of the contractors have a habit of giving a bid and setting terms of a contract verbally. This is highly unprofessional and can endanger both the homeowner and a contractor. Although, it is acceptable in California to do so, but not in Texas State.

Any reputable air conditioning repair service in Cypress will provide terms and conditions in writing. The agreement will cover everything that will be taken care of, along with the pricing and schedule.

4.  Licensed HVAC Contractor

It is common practice for many unlicensed and inexperienced air conditioning repair service in Cypress to work under the radar. A lot needs to be taken in consideration; a licensed professional need to manipulate gas lines, plumbing and electrical appliances. A license is only granted when these necessary areas are thoroughly covered.

Prior to hiring an air conditioning installation and repair service, it is prudent to ask for a NATE certification and association with ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America). This is evidence that professionals are properly trained and have sound industry experience. If a repairing/installation entity fails to produce any of those, this should raise a red flag instantly.

5.  Air Conditioner Replacement

On an average, an air conditioning unit tends to have a lifespan of 10-15 years. There is a major difference between a model released in 2000 and a model released in 2015. An experienced air conditioning repair service in Cypress will suggest several new models before finalizing an option for you.

In some cases, certain services suggest an older model of an existing company. It means that they are unloading their own inventory. Steer clear of older air conditioning technology. Not only it is expensive, but it is also non-adherent with latest ecological protocols.

6.  Opting for the Lowest Bidder

This is a common occurrence. In an attempt to select an air conditioning repair service that offers a low-cost service or one that is nearby, a commercial entity ends up paying twice the amount for repairs. These ‘bargain contractors’ are working under the radar, without any liability insurance. It keeps them safe from suing due to malpractice.

It is simply impossible for an unlicensed service to purchase high-end repair materials or purchase replacement parts on their own. They use devious means to get the job done.

On the other hand, it is quite cheaper to seek the services of an experienced AC repairing entity because they charge based on their market reputation, certification and industry experience.

7.  Steer Clear from Cheesy Offers

During peak summer seasons, when customers are looking for immediate repairing and installations, certain services roll out their seasonal specials and discount offers that may seem nothing short of spectacular. But these are the ones that you should avoid first and foremost. They usually have an angle to play and you should not become their target.

Also, avoid discount offers that are far too low. Yes, you should save money whenever you can, but remarkably low discounts simply mean that the service will cut corners somewhere to compensate its rates. At the end of it, the customer endures the final loss.

8.  Contact Us!

Are you looking for a reputable company that offers air conditioning repair service in Cypress, Texas? If yes, then look no further than Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning.

Having worked in the industry for years, we are renowned for our exemplary commercial and residential air conditioning and repair services. Our sheer dedication, work ethic and focus on customer satisfaction has enabled us to build a massive clientele over the course of 6 decades.

We are available 24/7. Call us anytime at 972-278-3506 and book an appointment as per your convenience.



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Due to global warming and subtropical climate, Katy experiences extreme heat during the summer season. In this hot and humid weather, the only way out for residents of this city are their air conditioning systems. Imagine what would happen if one day you turn on the AC in this sweltering weather and it unexpectedly fails to do so. It will inadvertently cause panic since the prospect of spending an entire day in scorching heat is an unpleasant one.

For anyone, it is the stuff of nightmares and this is why you should know a capable and experienced air conditioning service in Katy. A swift response from an air conditioning service in Katy will ensure your air conditioning is back to normal without further ado.

Prior to finalizing an air conditioning service in Katy, there are certain dos and don’ts that you should definitely keep in mind. These will assist you in lowering your air conditioning costs and also have full faith in the service that you choose:


  1. Trustworthy Air Conditioning Service

Be it Katy, Cypress, and other cities in the metroplex for that matter, it is highly important to have a certified and trained professional at your beck and call. This will ensure that your AC is installed professionally.

Conversely, a poorly installed AC opens up greater probability of constant problems since it will break down again and again. Due to this reason, it is necessary to select a service that has a remarkable track record in the industry.


  1. Go for Energy Efficient Options

Take it from us, it is never a pleasant sight when you receive a huge bill each month. The newer models of AC are more energy efficient than their older counterparts. Energy efficient ACs tend to use less energy which means that you pay less bills in comparison. According to US Department of Energy, if an air conditioner is more than a decade old, its owners spend 40% extra in bill payments.

Purchase a unit that has a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. A higher rating means greater efficiency and lower electrical bills.


  1. Expertise without Gimmicks

Admit it, your house is a major investment. Hiring an experienced air conditioning service in Katy means that the company has years of troubleshooting commonplace air conditioning issues and can expertly advise you on the best course of action, if necessary.

It is the same as taking advice from a financial expert who has decades of experience working in the market. Companies that have an illustrious track record would be proud of their affiliations with Better Business Bureau and Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

Avoid the ones which banks on sales gimmicks or offer ‘deadline-sensitive discounts.’


  1. The Service Delivers Quality

An old adage ‘cheap now, expensive later’ holds true in this regard. When it comes to air conditioning repairs, you should opt for a company that not only has an established name in the market but also has noteworthy experience in their niche.

At times, customers give in to their temptation of saving a buck and opt for an inexpensive service. Much to their disappointment, it merely doubles their repair costs. A poor repair service will not hold for much longer and before you know it, you will be looking for another repair service. Quality matters. That’s the long and short of it.


  1. Highly Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Keep those air conditioning repair companies in mind that are fully confident of their services and also invite you to view their feedback on websites like Home Advisor and Angie’s List.

This will greatly help you in shortlisting the best of the lot currently operating in the market. Companies whose philosophy is centred on customer satisfaction always go out of their way to deliver their best.


  1. Demand NATE Certification

Make a note of this. Every professional air conditioning service in Katy will only hire professionals with a NATE certification. This certification allows a professional to work all over United States of America as a HVAC technician. It is proof that before being hired by a company, the professional has received extensive training to carry out his duties and also has a certain amount of field experience.


  1. Terms in Writing

A professional air conditioning repair service will first sign a contract that will establish the terms and conditions of the repair job. This may include model number, project costs, warranty information and job timings, among other things. It ensures that you and the company are on the same page before the work starts.


  1. Thorough Assessment in Advance

Before selecting any air conditioning service in Katy, you should first conduct an in-house assessment. Steer clear of any such contractor that gives you a quote over the telephone. Any service which does should raise immediate red flags.

In order to provide an accurate estimate, a professional air conditioning repair service will first conduct an examination of your house and then advise on possible course of action for you to take. It is part of the process and any contractor skipping this process should be immediately passed over.


  1. Maintaining Professional Standards

A reliable and experienced air conditioning service in Katy will always be keen to maintain a certain professionalism in their services. They are courteous and prompt. How a firm treats you during installation also shows how they will treat you when there is an issue. They will not be disgruntled when you raise an issue, but will deal with it promptly in order to assure your satisfaction.



Contact Us!

Are you looking for a reputed company that offers air conditioning servicein Katy? Then look no further than Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning. Having worked in the industry for years, we are renowned for our exemplary air conditioning and repair services. Our sheer dedication, work ethic and focus on customer satisfaction has enabled us to build a massive residential and commercial clientele.

So, whenever your AC is down, just give us a call and let the experts take over.

We are available 24/7. Call us anytime at 972-278-3506 and book an appointment today.



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It is difficult to sleep in Katy summer heat. You may toss and turn in your bed all through the night.  If that is the case, then you are not alone. Most of the population in Katy finds it difficult to sleep at night, especially during peak summer seasons.

Since Katy has a subtropical climate because of its positioning in the Southern Plains of United States, it experiences intense temperatures during summer seasons. Due to this reason, an air conditioning unit is necessary in commercial and residential spaces.

There are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind prior to installing an air conditioning unit in your house. Not only you need to factor in efficiency, cooling capacity and price, but you also need to look for a professional and certified service that has an established reputation for installing HVAC systems in the city.

Following these guidelines will help you in making smart and calculated decisions that will save you needless future costs:


Day of Installation

This is without doubt the most important aspect during the installation of an air conditioner. It lays down the foundation for all future use and subsequent repairs. If this process is accidentally compromised in any way, then you should prepare yourself for excessive repairing costs in the future.

This is the reason why you should hire a reputed service for air conditioner installation in Katy that ensures its customers are completely satisfied with their service.


Insured/Licensed Contractor

In the absence of a licensed/certified professional, you run the risk of hiring an inept service for air conditioner installation in Katy. A less skilled service will merely double your costs in repairing or reinstallation.

Due to this reason, always make sure that you opt for a service that has liability insurance. In a case where a technician damages residential property, you are well within your rights to sue the firm.


Written Terms

After you select a service for air conditioner installation in Katy, now you should demand for a written proposal before fully committing to it. The written contract will protect you against needless job costs, particular models, project schedule and warranty information. Read the terms and ensure that all clauses are in their place.

Never pay in advance, sign an incomplete agreement or a contract that you don’t understand completely. Lastly, keep a copy of all the signed documents.


Mutual Collaboration

It is your responsibility to give as much information about your house as possible. When a contractor arrives at your house for inspection, you should brief him about the house while he inspects it on his own. The inspection will confirm the home layout, square footage, insulation and other important considerations. Weaknesses, if any, will also be recorded in this inspection.

If a service is disinterested in an inspection of your house prior to air conditioner installation in Katy, then you should seek another service that does.


Smart Purchasing Decisions

You may have noticed that there is always a surge in sales of air conditioners during every summer season. Not just that, existing users are also busy getting their ACs operational for the season. In your case, while purchasing an AC, you should keep the following factors in mind:

  • Price
  • Cooling capacity
  • Efficiency

Purchasing an AC during the off-season (winters) is ideal when the prices are low and various companies are selling their products at discounted prices. The same product will be quite expensive during the summer season.


Warranty is Essential

This goes both ways. Warranties provide protection to contractors and homeowners. As a homeowner, you need to deselect those that fail to offer a comprehensive coverage to you. You can do this by rejecting all such services that have an expiration date which quickly ends before your system is fully up and running.

A warranty should be cover at least 1 year after the period of air conditioner installation.


Room Dimensions

This is a very important detail. An expert air conditioner installation in Katy service will first measure the dimensions of your room. It will then determine the right cooling unit that is suitable in accordance with your room’s size. But do keep in mind the following:


  • A cooling unit that has a lower cooling capacity will be inept to meet the needs of your room. It will be additionally burdened to perform above its capacity.
  • A cooling unit that has a higher cooling capacity will have to be turned off and on continuously.


Avoid Subcontracting

Opt for a firm that has its own team of employees. Subcontracting may not always mean a second-rate service, but it has more uncertainty attached to it than a first-rate service. A direct contractor is completely aware about the strengths and weaknesses of its team. Due to this reason, there is a less probability of a botched job since liability could be detrimental to such a business itself.

Like most people, you would also desire that your air conditioner installation process is completely seamless. This is why you should hire a professionally trained and certified team for such a project. This will save huge costs in the future.


Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning!

If you are a resident of Katy, then you are certainly aware of the necessity of air conditioning during sweltering summer days. But fret not! We can assist you in suggesting a system that will fully suit your needs.

Our team is highly professional and well-experienced in installing new air conditioning units all over Katy area, thus keeping you cool throughout the year.

At Cypress Heating and Air, we not only specialize in commercial, but also residential air conditioner installation in Katy. Be it your business or your humble abode that is in need of an air conditioner installation in Katy, we have you completely covered. We have the necessary expertise to advise you on a course of action that serves your best interests.

Feel free to call us anytime at 972-278-3506. We are available 24/7.

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Be it a growing company or an established corporation, an HVAC system is an integral component of a workplace since it regulates indoor temperatures. It makes your workplace comfortable and boosts employee productivity, too.

Summers in Katy are long and extremely hot, too. Temperatures can easily reach 100 on a daily basis and the sky is clear and sunny during the day. On the other hand, winters are cool with temperature dropping around 60s to 70s.

Be it winter or scorching summers, you need to be prepared. Listed below are major benefits associated with hiring an expert heating and AC installation in Cypress company.


  1. Sizing

Experienced heating and ac installation in Cypress companies are trained to calculate the amount of cooling and heating required during the summer and winter seasons. It is a very delicate calculation that only professional and trained repairmen can do.


Purchasing a cooling unit that is too large for your workplace will likely create more hassle while purchasing a smaller unit will be inept to fulfil your indoor cooling needs. An expert air conditioning installation company will first take measurements and then suggest you a cooling unit that is suitable for your indoor needs.


  1. Increased Lifespan

As with any electrical or mechanical system, timely maintenance increases its lifespan. An air conditioner works the same way, too. On an average, an AC can last from 10 to 15 years. Regular check-ups ensure that it remains operational without any unexpected fault and helps you get more miles from your system.

This is why the right heating and ac repair service in Cypress will ensure that your investment keeps on giving as long as it can.


  1. Early Diagnosis

Routine check-ups are necessary to ensure long running of an air conditioner. An expert heating and ac repair service in Cypress will be able to detect mechanical or electrical issues early on. This will help in preventing a major repairing and associated costs that you might have to pay in the future.

You will do more harm than good by hiring an inexperienced and unlicensed repairing service to conduct repairs or install a new unit.


  1. Continuous Comfort

In the short-term and long-term, you can save a lot of organizational resources by hiring a trained and experienced company to install/repair an air conditioner. On the other hand, it is necessary for employees to be comfortable all year long, regardless of the temperature outside.

Timely maintenance will further save you from the hassle of looking for a repairing firm on an ad-hoc basis. It will also prevent you from dealing with any unexpected failures during peak summer seasons.


  1. Longevity and Efficiency

It is common knowledge that installation of a heating and acid Cypress unit is a detail-oriented process. It entails everything from wirings, connections, bolts and seals. Installing or repairing a unit on your own is very risky. Not only can you run the risk of electrocuting yourself, but also doubling the cost of installation or repair for a professional installation company.

The efficiency and longevity of your unit is compromised if you opt for either a do-it-yourself project or look for an inexpensive repairing entity to complete your project.


  1. Safety

Maintenance of an HVAC system is a complex task. A standard heating and ac unit has sharp blades. Repairing it on your own can be very risky if you do not have the necessary training or tools to execute the job. It will merely increase your repairing costs and create additional problems for the air conditioning installation and repairing company.

A certified and experienced AC installation and repair company will safely install a new unit or repair an existing one. This in turn will save future costs that you will be compelled to pay due to botched repairs.


  1. Humidity Control

In a case if your workplace has moisture or the weather turns humid during the summer, there is a major probability of rotting wood, mold and other related issues due to presence of moisture.

A company that has immense experience in installation of heating and ac units in commercial buildings would install a cooling unit with humidity controls which can adjust the level of moisture in your workplace. Prevention of moisture will save your furniture from fungus and speedy decay.


  1. Quality of Air

Companies with older air conditioning units may not be aware that new cooling units are much more energy efficient than their older counterparts. More so, their indoor air quality is also substandard in comparison.


An experienced heating and ac installation in Cypress company will assist you in revamping your indoor cooling system, which will meet your budgetary needs and allow clean and healthier air to flow day in and day out. Apart from that, it can also advise you in wisely choosing a unit that prevents allergens and debris from entering the indoor setting via proper ventilation.


  1. Guarantee of Service

Companies that have earned the NATE certification and are also associated with ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) can confidently stand behind their work. From their equipment to quality of work, they offer complete guarantee of their service.

Nondescript and unlicensed services will neither fully guarantee the quality of their services nor deliver a stellar service that a licensed and experienced service can.


Your Business is Our Business!

Being the owner of a growing business, you are fully aware that corporate down time can damage your reputation and ability to meet strict deadlines. This is the reason why a heating and ac system that you can depend on round the year is all the more important.


Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning works with many businesses to provide them a cool and comfortable experience that results in higher productivity and happy workforce. Our team is the preferred contractor when clients need installation, repair and maintenance services on an urgent basis.

We are available 24/7. Call us anytime at 972-278-3506 and book an appointment as per your convenience.



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An air conditioner is quite essential to your business and employees. An operational air conditioning system keeps the employees comfortable and energetic. This promotes higher productivity and better overall results.

In order to ensure that your air conditioning is ready for the Texan summer, you need to make sure that it is properly maintained. For this, you need an air conditioner repair company that is at your beck and call.

Presently, there is an abundance of air conditioner repair in Katy. But you need to find a repairing service that is committed, professional and focused on customer satisfaction. This along with a number of a factors should be taken in consideration while choosing a service.

Listed below are some vital tips that will ease your search for a reliable, professional and experienced service for air conditioner repair in Katy:


Avoid Yelp and Read Google Reviews

There is a huge difference between the audience reviews posted on Yelp and that on Google reviews. As observed, it is difficult to write bogus reviews for companies on Google because its algorithm thoroughly filters out such reviews.

On the other hand, Yelp reviews can be easily written to favor a particular company and this has been exploited like anything already. Selecting an air conditioner repair and installation service based on Yelp reviews is simply a no-no.


Inspection Prior to Installation

There are many different types of cooling units. You should never select from these systems unless you are an authority yourself. This is where a reputed air conditioning installation companies and professionals come in handy. Listed below are AC systems that are available in the market:

  1. Packaged systems: It contains heating and cooling unit as a single package and prevents space consumption, especially if the workplace is relatively small.
  2. Heat pumps: This system works by expelling warm air outside and cools air in its environs.
  3. Ductless system: This system is ideal when a commercial property does not have traditional ducts for HVAC systems.


Depending on your commercial property’s needs, the expert air conditioner repair in Katy and installation company will advise you on one of the three systems that guarantees better efficiency over others.


Size Matters

A certified and experienced air conditioner repairing Katy company understands that bigger is not always better. Certain units are too large and consume exorbitant amount of energy and generate indoor humidity. On the other hand, a smaller cooling unit will be inept to cool your immediate surroundings efficiently.

This is why an experienced repair entity will first advise you about an air conditioning system that is ideal for your office space, keeping in consideration the necessary factors of costing, space and efficiency.


The Electronic Age

Modern air conditioner installation and repair companies have gone digital. You can easily look for contractors that use digital technology on the go. Be it keeping track of their different jobs during the month or maintaining database of existing clientele, you no longer need to sift through papers to find a suitable service. More so, emails are dispatched upon completion which ensures active filing on your and company’s end.

This is better for businesses as they have a wider accessibility to a market that was previously based on word of mouth and trust. Now, internet has mapped these services, allowing you to pick and choose from many registered entities.


The Best is Cheap

Yes, you should remember that. Any emerging enterprise would be looking to save some bucks, but it is imprudent to do so. There are many ‘bargain contractors’ in the market and it is common for experienced air conditioner repair and installation companies to fix botched installations. The only reason for their selection is to save a few bucks which only results in doubling repair costs.

It is becoming a very prevalent practice and you should be aware of it when you decide to look for an AC installation and repair firm for your organization. Absence of an air conditioner not only lowers the energy level of the employees, but also creates frustration and angst.

This is what ‘the best is cheap’ means. A one-time quality investment saves you from splurging on maintenance and repair costs during the summer season.


Factoring in Outdoor Climate

In case of installing a new cooling unit, a highly experienced air conditioner repair in Katy service will take in consideration the hot and humid temperature of Katy city. Commercial properties that are liable to get more heat during the summer season especially require suitable units to cope with the heat. Commercial properties are like warehouses, they need perfect cooling and heating to maintain indoor temperature.

An experienced and professional air conditioning service will suggest a course of action that best serves your organizational interests, keeping you completely satisfied with their services.



A responsible air conditioner repair in Katy service will ensure that your new unit is compliant with state-wide regulations and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules. There are a range of energy efficient units available in the market and based on the size of your organization, the company will suggest a system of air conditioning that suits your organization.

This includes implementation of an air conditioning system that efficiently maintains the temperature, saves electrical costs and minimizes the probability of repair.


Contact Us!

Are you looking for a reputed company that offers air conditioner repair in Katy, Texas? Then your search stops now with Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning.

Having worked in the industry for years, we are renowned for our exemplary commercial and residential air conditioning and repair services. Our sheer dedication, professionalism and focus on customer satisfaction has enabled us to build a huge clientele over the course of 6 decades.

We are available 24/7. Call us anytime at 972-278-3506 and book an appointment as per your convenience.



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Earlier, people used to fantasize about a machine that would provide them with the facility of heating and cooling in different weather conditions. But now with the advent of an HVAC system, it has become a reality.For those who want to preserve energy and save long-term expenses, the HVAC system is a revolutionary development. It contributes to the convenience at home, making it easier for you to handle the temperature all year round.

There’s no need to care about Cypress’s ever-changing climate anymore as you may already be used to the evolving climate if you live in Texas. With the change in weather, many homeowners like to change components in their homes to match the temperature. Some people like to change the colors of their house walls, and some like to allow more sunlight in through the windows. One thing is common; we all want to see our homes as our place of convenience.

So how efficient are these HVAC systems? HVAC systems that provide heating and air conditioning facilities are the best ones in the market. The following article discusses the merits and demerits of using an HVAC system for heating and ac in Cypress, TX.


Save Money and Energy

The fundamental aim of using a unit for heating and ac in Cypress, TX, is to save energy and cash. It is a freshly innovative product using energy-efficient alternatives that make this system useful. This energy-saving solution is coupled with many techniques.
These systems are manufactured with an evaporator coil, compressor, fan and filter, and furnace. This facilitates energy savings because the unit operates in a way that converts the outside air into warm or cool air. This implies power savings and costs savings. You can also save on energy bills with these energy-efficient HVAC systems.

An HVAC unit for heating and ac in Cypress, TX, can save you a lot of money as compared to separate systems for heating and cooling. Two different units would need separate maintenance and repair and also more space for installation.

One-Time Installation

An HVAC system for heating and ac in Cypress, TX is basically a one-time setup cost and trouble. Installing and repairing units may be an additional expense to pay twice a year if you have two different units for heating and ac in Cypress, TX.

Once an HVAC system is installed, they only have to be maintained regularly. The energy efficient feature of an HVAC unit is a good return on your investment. If you maintain it properly, you can enjoy its services for about ten years or more. Most HVAC units have warranties for up to 5 years for heating and ac in Cypress, TX.

Best for Extreme Weather Conditions

Your HVAC systems are the best for extreme weather conditions as they provide you with different options for changing the temperature of your home. The popularity of these systems is increasing day by day as they provide the optimum level of comfort to people in different weather conditions.

Especially living in Cypress’s weather conditions, everyone wants a machine that can handle the extreme temperatures quickly and easily.

Saves Space

Space is one of the most important elements of household convenience. For ultimate comfort, you need an ample amount of space in your house. By having an HVAC system installed for heating and ac in Cypress, TX, you can save a lot of space in your house as it usually gets placed outside of the house such as on a rooftop, lawn or backyard.

This means you can save a lot of room inside your house and can take advantage of heating and ac in Cypress, TX at the same time.

Control Temperatures

An HVAC system makes it easy for a homeowner to control the temperature of the house. Such units for heating and ac in Cypress, TX, can also maintain the temperature automatically according to the requirements of the user.


Hard to Handle

These HVAC systems are made with advanced technology; therefore, it becomes difficult to handle them. Such systems have are complex and are usually out of the understanding of regular homeowners. In fact, these systems can easily be damaged if mishandled, which is why hiring a professional for handling your heating and ac in Cypress, TX is important.

Can Be Harmed

Moreover, since these devices are mounted outside the house, rain, direct heat of the sun, dust and dirt can easily damage your system. As it is installed outside the house, its maintenance can become hard and unmanageable as well, which may cause frequent problems in the system.


The purchase of an HVAC system for heating and ac in Cypress, TXcan be an overall costly procedure which also includes its installation and maintenance. Outdoor units can confront a variety of weathering problems that can be expensive to maintain or repair every now and then.


Finding the Right Company

Finding the right manufacturer for HVAC units for heating and ac in Cypress, TX, is a very complicated task. The market is full of different manufacturers and service providers that claim to be the best. In this situation, it gets difficult for a homeowner to choose the right company for the services of heating and ac in Cypress, TX. One must always ask for recommendations among friends and check for the license of the company to avoid any fake and unprofessional contractors.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning are here to simplify your lives with its top quality services. We are here to repair, install, and maintain your heating and ac in Cypress, TX. We aim to deliver you the best 24-hour emergency services in Texas.

We promise to satisfy our customers’ needs with efficient services, leaving them happy and satisfied. When any HVAC related issue arises in town, never hesitate to call us at 972-278-3506, and we will take care of the rest. Cypress Heating and Air is your one-stop for all the heating and ac related issues.

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