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Emergency heating and AC repair services in Spring, TX, provide homeowners with the support needed when things go wrong after regular business hours end. They can call a professional with their request for assistance and receive it when they need it the most. Rather than let an issue grow in magnitude, they contact the company offering emergency services and have a service tech dispatched to their home immediately.

What that helps them achieve is faster results at a lower cost than what they’d pay if the problem worsened and needed additional parts or labor. Accessing an emergency service tech specializing in emergency heating and AC repair is an asset. It’s something that people don’t want to do without, especially as residents of Texas with its somewhat unpredictable weather conditions.

Common Problems Experienced by Homeowners with HVAC Systems

There is a distinct difference between an emergency and a regular service call. When you know that things can’t wait until morning to be fixed, it’s definitely an after-hours call needed. Instances where smoke or electricity are involved require the knowledge and skill of a trained professional. You should know how to turn off the heater and AC to prevent fire.

That way, the emergency heating, and AC repair service tech can come in and work on the issue without it being a threat to you. If you uncover a problem during the heat of the summer or the extreme cold of the winter, it’s important that you act fast. Doing so can prevent your home from becoming unbearable and the people inside of it from feeling sick because of the temperatures they’re experiencing indoors. In the event that your heater or air conditioner fails and you can’t reach an emergency heating, and AC repair professional immediately, you should have a backup plan for heating and cooling your home.

It’s especially important to prevent your pipes from freezing. You’ll have an even bigger mess to deal with that day if they do. You’ll need to call a plumber and an HVAC company to clean up the aftermath. It’s a huge expense that regular maintenance from an emergency heating and AC repair service tech can be prevented.

Finding Someone to Help You with Your HVAC System Is Easier Than It Looks

You may feel like it’s very daunting to locate an emergency professional in your time of need. It’s not exactly ideal to do it during a heating and AC emergency. It’s better to research your options before the need arises to have instant access to a company that can help you with your request. When you plan for something to go wrong with your heater or air conditioner, you avoid many of the stressors that occur when you turn on your HVAC system, and it doesn’t run optimally.

Here is how to locate emergency heating and AC repair in Spring, TX:

  • Ask people for help finding a professional. You interact with dozens of people daily. Why not use it to your advantage? You can ask the people you come into contact with who to hire. That way, you aren’t spending hours looking for a reliable HVAC company that answers emergency calls. If you’re in dire need of service, you don’t want to waste time searching for someone to help you. Instead, you want to act fast and get someone out to look at your problem before it grows in size.
  • Complete a web search using your choice of search terms. Using the internet to find out more about a company is ideal. It takes seconds to do and can fit into the spaces in your schedule. You can do the task while on the go and not have it interrupt your routine. When you input the terms you’re searching for, such as ’emergency heating and AC repair’ and your zip code, you’ll find many companies that fall under that criteria. You can then choose to research those companies further by visiting their websites and finding out more about their years of service. Calling the companies that you feel will best help you is an excellent way to get assistance when you need it.
  • Read testimonials and reviews left by customers of the company. Get to know the different companies in the area better by reading what other people experienced through online review sites. You’ll find out very quickly what it takes to run a successful business. You’ll have an idea of what to do to make it possible for you to experience the same high level of service. Hiring an emergency heating and AC repair service that people speak highly of means that you will likely have a great experience with the company.
  • Reach out to a service provider to see if you can speak to them about their service record. Learn more about a company by asking its customer service representative the right questions. You can get the service scheduled in no time at all. You can expect to have the best experience when you speak to a rep and ask questions that help you get to know the emergency heating and AC repair process. You’ll find out when the emergency heating and AC repair service tech is available to come to the home and even how you should pay for the job. Speaking directly to a company about emergency services helps you be ready for those just-in-case moments.
  • Respond to the many advertisements you see and hear throughout the week. You never know when the right service provider will enter your life. You can get a good guess by the number of ads you see with their face or voice in them. If you see a company advertising heavily, it’s because it wants to earn your trust and business. You can contact the emergency heating and AC repair company to see if it’s one that you’ll want to hire in the future. You may even have access to a special deal or promotion offered by the company for you to take advantage of one day.
  • Flip to the business directory in your local phone book and start calling the numbers listed there. See who’s listed there. You’ll find all sorts of companies in the area that have heating and AC repair backgrounds. You can call the companies that appeal to you the most from the list and hire one to work on all of your heating and air conditioning needs in the future. That way, you’re never without the help you need for emergency heating and AC repair in the middle of the night. Once you’ve vetted a company and gotten to know it better, you can use its services exclusively instead of calling another service provider.

Spring, TX, has many companies that provide emergency heating and AC repair in the city. Locating a single provider of these services takes some research initially. Once you’ve done your part to learn about the companies in the area, however, you’ll be able to pick one with greater ease. You’ll feel like you’ve gotten to know it through the feedback you read about it online and the feeling you got from the customer service rep when you spoke to them the first time on the phone.

Now that you know where to locate the best candidates in the area for assistance, you can start deciding which of the choices you have available are right for you. Some companies may stand out more than others. Selecting that one provider you know is exceptional at what they do is an excellent way to get the help you need with your heater or air conditioner problem before it worsens and costs you a fortune.

Locating a Company That Goes the Extra Mile for You

Not every company you come across goes above and beyond to provide excellent emergency heating and AC repair services in Spring, TX. You should be on the lookout for companies possessing the following traits. The best service providers do more than what’s expected of them.

They do these things for their customers:

  • Serve as a resource for information on taking good care of your HVAC system. One of the greatest things you gain from calling a professional is having someone to support you through your years as a homeowner. The Spring, TX company you hire will continue to give you tips on ways to keep your heater and air conditioner working well long-term. They’ll provide you with pointers that keep the cost of your home energy bills down, too. The company will recommend routine maintenance services, which initially cost a small sum but provide you with an outstanding return on investment.
  • Provide you with expedient service around the clock. Emergency service providers give you the help you need when you need it most by eliminating barriers such as time constraints on their services. You can feel relief knowing that you can have the heater or air conditioner repaired while the rest of your home sleeps. You’ll have access to an emergency heating and AC repair service provider for future events. Once you’ve seen the professional in action, you’ll know that you made the right decision by giving them a call.
  • Give you the value you pay for in regards to their services. You know that you’ve gotten your money’s worth from the transaction. People talk about the value of having access to a service that provides emergency heating and AC repair at all times. Knowing that you can call a company in the middle of the night or during the dark hours of the morning allows you to sleep better. You know that if you discover an issue, it will only be a matter of time before it’s fixed once again.
  • Treat you and your family well. The best emergency heating and AC service techs are respectful from start to finish of their interaction with you. They know how stressful a service call can be in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning. That’s why they do their part to make sure that you feel good about what’s taking place with the repair. They keep you briefed on their steps to get the job done right for you. That way, you’re never stressing out more than you already have about a non-working heater or air conditioner.
  • Ask that you continue to let them know if you need help with your heater or air conditioner. Spring, TX emergency heating and AC repair service technicians take great pride in the work they do for you. They get to know your needs and appreciate your business. They ask you to contact them in the future if you need additional emergency heating and AC repair. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you did your research and found one company that exceeds your expectations regarding the cost and service provided.

The final step in the research process is calling the emergency heating and AC repair company you’ve gotten to know better. It gives you a chance to discuss your emergency with them and get a service tech dispatched to your home without delay. Instead of dealing with an overly hot or cold house, you have someone with expertise tackling the issue, so you have a working heater or air conditioner heating and cooling your residence.

Why You Should Call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air Today

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is here to assist you with your emergency needs. We take great pride in a job well done. Let us know what we can do to make things better for you and your household. We strive to give our customers the longest-lasting and most dependable solutions available. Call us at 281-617-2234.

We give you the best emergency heating and AC repair service available in Spring, TX. It doesn’t matter what hour of the day it is when you call. There’s always someone ready to assist you with your emergency heating and AC repair request. Let them know that you’re ready to schedule service so they can dispatch a service tech to your location.

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Spring, TX summers are very hot, and the average day can reach 90 degrees or higher. When it gets hot outside, it isn’t uncommon to want to spend more time in your air-conditioned home to escape the heat. Spending too much time outdoors in extreme heat can be hazardous to your health, and if your air conditioner isn’t working correctly, your home can become dangerously hot also. When it’s 90 degrees outside, and the air conditioner isn’t working, it won’t be long before the temperature inside reaches 120 degrees, putting you and your family at risk for heat-related illnesses. If a family member is elderly or is in poor health, temperatures this high can be deadly.

Because your air conditioner is so essential during the summer, you should be able to identify issues early to have them repaired as quickly as possible. If your air conditioner experiences any of the following problems, it’s time to call an AC repair company as soon as you detect the problem.

#1 Restricted Airflow

The air conditioner in your home is designed to produce a powerful rush of air from the vents throughout the house. If the airflow is restricted and there’s minimal airflow, it will be challenging for the unit to keep your home cool and comfortable. The unit will have to work harder to reach the desired temperature, drawing more energy and causing your energy bills to increase. In addition, the strain due to the extra work can reduce the unit’s lifespan. More than one problem could be the culprit; therefore, it’s best to call an air conditioning repair company to find the cause and resolve the problem.

  • Clogged air ducts can affect your home’s air quality and your family’s health.
  • Damaged air ducts will allow the cool air to escape before reaching the vents.
  • The blower isn’t working and can’t force the cold air to the vents.

Because restricted airflow causes so many problems, it’s best to call an AC repair company as soon as you discover the problem. A tech can inspect the unit and ducts to determine why the air is restricted and the necessary repair can be made.

#2 Warm Air Coming From the Vents

The air conditioner in your home is designed to produce cold air to keep your home comfortable. If you feel warm air from the vents, your house won’t reach the desired temperature, and you may need to call an AC repair company.

The cause of the problem could be something simple that you can fix yourself. For example, if the thermostat isn’t set correctly, the unit won’t produce cold air. The thermostat has to be set to the cooling mode, the fan should be set to auto, and it has to be warmer in the house than the setting on the thermostat. If the thermostat isn’t set correctly, adjusting the setting can solve the problem.

Next, check the air filter. If you’ve neglected to change the air filter regularly, it will clog with dirt and debris, and the air won’t circulate in the unit the way it should, and it can overheat, producing warm air. If the air filter is clogged, replacing it will solve the problem.

If the air filter and thermostat have been ruled out and your unit still produces warm air, it’s time to call an AC repair company. A few issues can cause this problem, and you’ll need a professional to find the problem.

  • The compressor isn’t working correctly.
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Frozen evaporator coils

The sooner you have the problem resolved, the sooner your home will be cool and comfortable again.

#3 Strange Odors

If you smell something strange in your home only with the air conditioner running, call an AC repair company right away. Strange odors indicate serious issues that can put your home and family at risk; therefore, the problem shouldn’t be ignored.

A burning smell indicates a wiring or electrical issue that can start a potentially deadly electrical fire that can destroy your home in minutes. An air conditioning repair company can send a tech to fix the problem before a disaster occurs.

A mold smell often indicates mold in the air ducts, which is hazardous to your family’s health. When the AC runs, mold spores from the ducts will circulate in the air, putting your family at risk for several health issues related to mold exposure. An AC repair company can send a tech to inspect the ducts for mold, and if they find any, it can be eradicated with an antimicrobial fogger.

The mold could be inside the unit if the air ducts are clean, which is more challenging to eradicate. If the tech cannot reach and eliminate all of the mold, the unit will have to be replaced.

#4 Strange Sounds

The air conditioner in your home should make a low-level clicking sound when it cycles. If you hear any other strange sounds, it’s best to call an AC repair company right away.

Banging sounds indicate loose or broken parts that can cause further damage if it’s not fixed right away. A hissing sound indicates a refrigerant leak that can prevent the unit from producing cold air, and a high-pitched screaming indicates high pressure, requiring emergency service.

It’s best to call a professional to avoid further damage with a more expensive repair bill when you first hear the sound.

#5 Moisture or Fluid Pooling

There is likely a broken, cracked, or disconnected condensate hose if you notice moisture on and around the unit in your Spring, TX home. Although this is a simple fix, it’s best to call an AC repair company right away to prevent water damage and mold growth in the area.

Fluid pooling indicates a refrigerant leak, which is a serious problem. Over time, acid can eat away at the metal, creating tiny holes, allowing the refrigerant to leak.

If your air conditioner was installed after 2010, the HVAC tech can fix the leak and refill the refrigerant. Unfortunately, if your unit was installed before 2010, you’ll need to replace the unit. Older units were designed for R-22 refrigerant, which is highly toxic, depletes the ozone layer, and was banned in the United States in January 2020. The tech can fix the leak, but they won’t have refrigerant to fill the unit, and you will have to replace it with a newer model.

Call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air Today

If your air conditioner isn’t functioning correctly and you need to call an AC repair company, call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We are a full-service HVAC company serving customers in Spring, TX, and the surrounding area for years.

Our techs are professionally trained and skilled and can handle any HVAC service. If you have a problem that can’t wait, we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To schedule an appointment for HVAC service, give us a call or book online at

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The heating and AC systems in your home are constantly running which can cause a lot of strain on the system. They will show signs of strain. If you notice any of these signs then you should call a professional to conduct heating and AC repairs. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air in The Woodlands, TX would like to also provide you with information about why these signs of strain are present. It is advised to hire a professional instead of trying to conduct heating AC repairs yourself. Here are a few signs it’s time for heating and AC repairs as well as why these problems occur.

Loud Noises and Vibrations

The air conditioner or furnace should be silent or at most you should hear a low humming sound. If you hear a loud banging or clicking sound then it is best to hire a professional to take a look. There could be a problem with the compressor or the fan motors could be faulty. You should also be concerned when you hear rattling sounds from your furnace. This rattling could be originating from the heat exchangers, If the heat exchanger is faulty then it could lead to carbon monoxide leaks. If you suspect that you have a carbon monoxide leak you should hire emergency HVAC services.

Rising Electricity Bills

If the components in your system are not functioning properly then it will need to use more power to produce enough treated air to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. You might notice that your electrical bill is increasing slowly over time or that there is a sudden spike in the amount. You should hire a professional like Mr. Reliable Heating & Air in The Woodlands, TX to conduct heating and AC repairs. This way your system will be functioning properly and your electrical bill will go down. If you leave this problem for too long then your system might be damaged beyond repairs thus it is best to nip it in the bud. The repairs will be worth it when you can rest assured that your HVAC system will not fail when you need it the most.

Strange Smells

The air conditioning and heating system should produce clean air that is heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature. If you smell something then you should be concerned. It is normal for the heating system to smell like burnt dust for a short period of time, especially if it is the first time that you have used it in a while. If you continue to smell a burning smell for more than an hour you should turn off the system and call a service provider to conduct heating and AC repairs. If your air conditioner is also producing a burning smell then there could be a problem with the wiring inside the system or the compressor. If you smell other things like mold or it smells like an animal has died then you might need duct cleaning services.

Water Pooling

This is a sign that you will see when there is something wrong with your air conditioning system. There could be a few things wrong with your system. Your drainage pipe could be clogged or the evaporator coil could be frozen or the drain pan could have rusted through. If this problem is left for too long then there could be water damage in various places which could lead to expensive repairs. If the liquid that is leaking is bright green or yellow then the refrigerant is leaking out and you could hire a professional to conduct heating and AC repairs as soon as possible.

Three Common Reason Repairs

1. Unprofessional Servicing

It is important to only have a licensed HVAC technician conduct repairs on your system. You should avoid having your system worked on by people who are not trained or unqualified to conduct heating and AC repairs. Your system could sustain more damage which could lead to more expensive repairs in the future. IF the service provider sets crucial steps during the maintenance service then your system could suffer from more wear and tear. This will lead to the components becoming weaker. If you attempt to work on your system then you could damage the system further or you could injure yourself in the process. It is safer and more convenient to hire a professional HVAC technician.

2. Inappropriate Maintenance

Your heating and AC systems could last for more than 15 years if they are maintained regularly by professionals. If you neglect to have your air conditioner and heating system inspected at least once a year then you could have expensive repairs waiting for you in the future. Not to mention that your electrical bill will also increase because your system will be under additional strain.

3. Old Systems

If your air conditioner or heating system is nearing the end of its lifespan then it might be requiring more frequent repairs. If this is the case then you should talk to your service provider about the possibility of having a new air conditioning unit or furnace installed to increase the energy efficiency as well as to decrease the frequency of repairs. The HVAC technician will be able to guide you through the process of upgrading your system so that you can make the best decisions possible.

Now that you know when and why your system is in need of heating and AC repairs, you need to find a company that will be able to assist you with such repairs. If you live in The Woodlands, TX then you should consider hiring Mr. Reliable Heating & Air as they provide a wide range of HVAC services such as heating and AC repairs.

For heating and AC repairs call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to schedule your appointment.

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When it comes to getting service done in your Katy, TX home you need to make sure that you’re prepared for it. Of course, there’s only so much that you can really do on your own, but when you’re looking to hire someone you’ll need to know more about the things they need to know and how to prepare them for what’s happening in your home. So, let’s take a look at how you should be preparing for the service that you need.

Take a Look Around

First, you want to make sure you know what’s going on. That doesn’t mean you need to diagnose anything. It just means you need to take the time to really pay attention to what you’re experiencing so you can be prepared to talk with a professional in heating and AC repair service. This means paying attention to what’s happening with your system using each of your senses. Let’s go over what this means right now so you can take a look around and get as much information as possible.

You want to pay attention to what you hear when your system is running so you know if there are any strange sounds or if certain sounds pop up at different times. You should know what your system sounds like when it’s running properly so anything different should be noted.

Next up, what does it smell like? Is there a strange smell to your system when it’s running? If there is, that’s another important factor to think about and you’ll definitely want to report that to the heating and AC repair service that you decide to hire as well. They can use that information.

What do you feel when you are running your system? Does the heat or air seem to be working? Do you notice that the system is running but you’re not actually getting air of the temperature that you want? If that’s the case it means you definitely need a heating and air conditioning repair service to help you.

Finally, what do you see? Take a look at your HVAC system and see if there’s anything out of the ordinary. You don’t need to open anything or do any investigative work. You only want to look at the exterior and the area around the unit to see if there’s anything visible.

What Next?

Once you’ve had a chance to use your senses to figure out what you can tell it’s time to make the call to a heating and AC repair service. This heating and AC repair service is going to take any information that you can provide and figure out what’s going on with your system. Now, when it comes to that first phone call, giving as much information as possible is important because it lets your heating and air conditioning repair service professional come up with some likely causes for your problems.

Even though they can’t diagnose the problem entirely over the phone, having a good idea of what’s going on means that the problem can be solved a whole lot easier and faster. When the heating and AC repair service you hire has a good idea of what’s going on before they show up to your house for an appointment it means they can be better prepared with the tools and supplies that they need to take care of the problem. That’s going to be important because it means you don’t have to wait around for them to leave and come back or order additional pieces.

When you can give more information you’re definitely going to be making things a lot easier on everyone involved. And getting all of that information is only going to take you a few minutes, which is definitely a benefit as well. There’s no reason to spend a lot of time on this process. Just take a couple minutes for each of those senses and make a note of the things that you notice. When the heating and AC repair service shows up they may notice a lot more than you and that’s okay. They’re supposed to because it’s their job to notice even the smallest details.

Getting It Done

Once you’ve hired someone to come take a look at your system it’s time to sit back and let them take care of the work. Luckily, if you’ve done your research to find a quality company to get the job done you shouldn’t have to worry at this point. You should feel comfortable with whoever comes to your Katy, TX home and you should be able to trust that the job is going to be done the right way and that it’s going to be done so you can get back to enjoying your home again too.

All of this means you need to call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. When you do you’re going to get our highly experienced team right there ready to help you. We can take care of any HVAC problems that you may be having and we’ll do it in a way that really works for you. There’s no reason for you to be without your HVAC system any longer than absolutely necessary and that’s why we come to you as quickly as we can.

Take a few minutes to evaluate what you’re experiencing in your Katy, TX home and then give our heating and AC repair service a call. We can come to you in no time and we’ll make sure we have what we need to get the job done for you. After all, you deserve to have heating and AC repair service that really works. Whether you have a heater that’s not blowing or an AC that’s leaking coolant, or anything else going on with your system, our team is ready and able to handle it. All you have to do is give us a call to schedule an appointment. Before you know it everything will be taken care of by our heating and AC repair service and you’ll be ready to go.

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Air conditioning service is something that every household needs. It’s the type of service that can lead to greater comfort and security for all members of a family, even pets. If you haven’t put much thought into what to do if your air conditioner fails, it’s time to do so today. It’s better to be prepared than to be surprised!

This guide is one that helps you understand the necessity of air conditioning service and points you in the right direction in finding the best companies available in the area to do the work for you. By the time you’ve finished reading the guide, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the service provider you hire. It’s our hope that this makes things much easier for you, so you don’t put off getting the help that you need with your air conditioner for long.

You Can Use the Tools and Resources You Prefer to Find a Service Provider

Having the option to use more than one tool or resource may be preferable in your search for air conditioning service. Keep in mind that if one option doesn’t work well for you, moving on to another option might be best. That’s why we’ve listed all of the choices you have in locating an HVAC company that can work on your AC for you.

Here is how to get air conditioning service in The Woodlands, TX:

  • Ask a work colleague, neighbor, relative, or friend for a personal recommendation and referral. The people that you come into contact with on a regular basis could very well be exactly who you need to ask for a referral from today. They likely have had their experiences with AC service providers and can save you the time and effort involved in researching your options. If you haven’t had a chance to ask someone you know for a referral, you should soon. It will get you one step closer to finding a company that you can count on to deliver exceptional AC service. A referral makes your life easier and gives you a chance to ask questions that you might not think to ask the service provider. You’ll have a much easier time locating a company you can trust thanks to the help of your closest friends and family.
  • Use the internet to find out more about the companies you discover through a quick web search. You’ll find that many service providers are listed in online directories. You can choose the ones that interest you the most and start learning all you can about the companies. You can call, email, and message the companies on social media for more information. You can visit their websites and learn everything you need to know about the company’s hours, pricing, and guarantees. By the time you’ve finished researching the company, you should know that you want to work with it indefinitely. One of the best things about doing online searches is that you can do them on the go with a smartphone. When you have a moment free, get on the net and research your options.
  • Contact a company that you hear about on the radio or see on TV. There isn’t a lot of work involved on your behalf. All you need to do is jot down the number or visit the company’s website while you’re sitting down. You can ask about air conditioning service and find out what it takes to complete a project like yours. If you need maintenance work done on your cooling system, you can set up a regular schedule for it to take place. It makes life much easier for you to manage when you have an AC that you know works well day and night.
  • Select a review site to visit and see what people have to say about air conditioning services there. Read about the company and how its customers see it. When you find out about a service provider and want to know more about it, visit a free review site and take some time to read the feedback left there. It’s meant to help you avoid working with a company that doesn’t care about you. It also helps identify exceptional companies by pinpointing their strengths. If you see a company being praised repeatedly, it’s for a good reason. Call it and set up AC service right away.

The Woodlands, TX is one place where air conditioning is a must. If you’re experiencing problems and want to have them addressed, don’t hesitate to reach out to the company of your choice to set up an appointment. Even if it’s past regular business hours, you can contact a company that offers emergency air conditioning service and have your problem taken care of right away. AC issues in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning can be problematic, which is why you should pay attention to how your air conditioner sounds, smells, and displays temperatures.

When you work with a company that cares about you, life is good. You always get the help that you need when you need it. You’re not putting off a valuable service because you weren’t sure what to expect by hiring an AC repair company. Instead, you get the help that you need in record time and start to feel the cool comfort of a temperature-regulated home once again.

Get the Help That You Need with Air Conditioning Service Today

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air has got you covered. When you’re in need of air conditioning service, don’t hesitate to call 281-617-2234 with your request. We’ll dispatch a service tech to your home quickly. Doing without access to air conditioning is something we don’t want you to do for long.

The Woodlands, TX can be very hot during the summer. Taking the time to get your air conditioner in excellent working order today is imperative. It ensures that you’re never without a source of cool air in your home. Each room can be equally comfortable when you’ve taken the time to address any issues you’ve been having with your air conditioner.

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Your air conditioner is made of various components that work together to ensure that your Cypress, TX home is comfortable. However, several or one of these components may malfunction when you need cool air most, prompting you to call an emergency AC repair service to address the issue promptly. Remember, even if only one component is malfunctioning, the entire AC system’s efficiency takes a toll since they all work. In this article, you will learn about the signs that an electrical company needs the attention of an AC repair service provider.


This component of your air conditioner helps it run smoothly and start quickly. When this component fails, it could disrupt the entire operation of your air conditioner. Hence, it is critical to have it repaired by a nearby emergency AC repair service provider to ensure that your home’s comfort isn’t impacted. So, how can you determine that your AC has a capacitor issue? Below are some signs:

The compressor produces a humming noise: Is your AC unit’s compressor making a humming noise? That is a probable sign of a failed capacitor.

The compressor Doesn’t start: the capacitor helps the compressor start, ultimately your air conditioner. If it doesn’t start, then there is a high likelihood that the capacitor has failed.

Whenever you notice the signs above, it would be wise to call an ac repair technician for a further inspection. The professional will resolve the issue promptly to ensure that your family doesn’t stay for long without cool, clean air indoors.

Expansion Valve

The expansion valve is a component of your AC system that regulates the refrigerant flow. It is critical for maintaining the right pressure within the AC system. If the expansion valve fails, the air conditioning system might not work correctly.

Hence, you must have an expansion valve promptly repaired as soon as possible. But how do you know that it isn’t working correctly? Below are some signs the expansion valve requires the attention of an AC repair service provider:

Poor cooling performance: If the AC system isn’t cooling your Cypress, TX home sufficiently, then the issue may be a failed or failing expansion valve.

Refrigerant leaks: Have you noticed an uncharacteristic smell of chloroform, ether, or sweetness from an air conditioner or the vents? That is a sign of a refrigerant leak. It could be a sign that the expansion valve has malfunctioned.

The AC system isn’t cooling your Indoor space: Whenever the expansion valve isn’t functioning correctly, the AC system might stop cooling your home.

Have you noticed any of these signs on your AC? Enlist the help of an emergency AC repair service to have it repaired or inspected.


A compressor is among the critical components of an air conditioning system. Its function is to pump the refrigerant throughout the AC system. Hence, it has many different moving parts. If one of its moving parts fails, the compressor may consequently fail. And when the compressor malfunctions or stops working, the entire system will shut down. Hence, you will have to call an emergency AC repair service to repair it. The following are the signs that a compressor needs the attention of a professional air conditioning service provider:

Noisy Operation: If the compressor is about to fail, it makes loud noises. The many moving components are not working correctly; maybe a belt is out of place.

Leaking Refrigerant: Have you noticed a refrigerant trail leaking from your unit? Or even maybe a sweet smell? That is a sign that the refrigerator has failed.

Flames or smoke: Whenever you notice a flame or smoke coming from the compressor, you need to immediately call an emergency AC repair service. Air conditioner fires can result in huge losses through property destruction. Hence, you should handle them like the emergency they are.

The compressor’s functionality in your AC system cannot be overstated. If it fails, you may have to replace the entire air conditioner, and this isn’t cheap. Hence, have it regularly serviced by an AC technician.


A thermostat is an AC system component responsible for controlling the air conditioning temperature by the system. You must keep the thermostat in working order because it can impact your home’s comfort. If the thermostat isn’t working properly, it can make the air conditioning system frequently cycle on and off. Besides resulting in an unfavorable environment at your home, this can also make the unit wear out before the expiry of its lifespan. Therefore, it is critical to have it repaired by an AC repair service provider as soon as possible. So, what are the signs that an air conditioner needs some repairs?

Incorrect temperatures: Is the thermostat incorrectly controlling or reading the temperatures? Then you should have it inspected further. This makes it not cool your home sufficiently.

Frozen display: If your thermostat’s display is frozen, it may not accurately control the temperatures at your home. Hence, you should have a professional inspect it further and repair it.

The temperatures don’t change: If the indoor temperatures of your Cypress, TX home don’t change even after you adjust the thermostat, then there likely is an issue with your thermostat. Have an AC repair professional come to inspect it further and do the necessary repairs or even replacements.

No power: If your thermostat doesn’t have power, it will not efficiently function. Hence, you should replace the batteries.

Whenever you notice the above signs on your thermostat, it is imperative that you immediately call a reliable emergency AC repair service to have it checked. As mentioned above, an air conditioner is a collection of many working components, and a failure in one affects the entire system’s efficiency.


An evaporator is an air conditioning system component directly involved in cooling the air. It has coils that absorb the heat from the air, making it cool. Since it is responsible for cooling the air that your indoor space receives, your home won’t be sufficiently cooled if the unit malfunctions. Therefore, you must have the evaporator repaired by a professional emergency AC repair service as soon as possible to ensure that it is working properly when you see the signs below:

Poor Circulation of air: If the cold air isn’t being circulated appropriately, the evaporator may have an issue. To be sure, enlist an AC repair professional for further inspection. The refrigerant in the coils may be leaking, resulting in poor air cooling.

Ice buildup: Have you noticed that ice builds up on your evaporator? That indicates an issue with the refrigerant flow. Hence, the unit might not be able to cool the indoor temperatures at your home appropriately.

Given the essence of an evaporator in your AC unit, any failure can immediately mean that your home will stop getting cold air. Hence, ensure that a professional AC repair technician regularly maintains it.

Reliable Emergency AC Repair Service

An air conditioner is a collection of many components working together to ensure the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, this means that the efficiency of the entire unit will be affected if one of the components runs into a problem. Hence, it is critical to have the unit inspected and regularly maintained by an emergency AC repair service. Do you need any AC repair service? Call us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

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We at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air know how critical it is to regularly perform maintenance on your heating and air conditioner. Routine maintenance is key to staying cool during the scorching Texan summer. When it heats up in The Woodlands, TX, residents with pulmonary issues like asthma are at a greater risk of having severe symptoms. Dehydration, heatstroke, and breathing difficulties are just a few of the dangers summer poses to the Woodlands community.

That is why we at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air urge all of our clients to have their air conditioning unit undergo routine maintenance from one of our NATE-Certified technicians. Service also helps prevent heating and AC repairs throughout the year and saves you money on your electricity bills.

One of the checks done during the service performed is an inspection of changing your air filters. If layers of dirt, mold, or frost cover the filters then you may need a heating and AC repair.

Heating and AC Repair Maintenance

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air inspect the air filters (cleans or replaces them), evaporator coils, compressor, condenser, and furnace. The insides and important components of your air conditioner will all be cleaned too.

Refrigerant levels will also be monitored and filled to the precise, adequate amount and refilled if they are Routine maintenance catches any problems and provides you the opportunity to have them fixed on the same day. This reduces the likelihood of a breakdown and the need for expensive heating and AC repair.

Another task completed during all heating and AC repair services is a visual inspection of your air ducts. Mr. Reliable’s specialists use a portable or truck-mounted negative air machine to remove any dust and dirt in the ducts, along with repairing any holes or gaps that have affected the ducts and joints. As time goes on the joints come loosened and left gaps allowing any warm or cool air to escape.

Experts have conducted studies that have found that up to 30 percent of an air conditioner or HVAC’s energy gets wasted as it passes through the ducts. This causes you to waste $3 for every $10 you spend on energy warming or cooling storage spaces. The cost for fixing damaged vents is not low priced but it will be worth it as it will be recouped due to lower energy costs. Consider having a duct cleaning service after any heating and AC repairs are completed.

Do I Really Need a Duct Cleaning, or Heating and AC Repair Service?

Air filters take dust, dirt, pollen, and other pollutants out of your home in The Woodlands, TX. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air knows inspecting your air filters monthly and changing or cleaning them if they are dirty can help you stay comfortable and safe. How often you do this is dependent on multiple variables, but a home with smokers or pets must replace the air filters more often than a home without any pets or smokers.

How dirty your vents impact how often you need to replace the air filters to improve the quality of the air you are breathing in your home. If you notice you are beginning to use the air filters or being replaced more often, it may be time to have your vents cleaned.

The dust in your vents comes from skin flakes from humans and pets, not a comfortable idea of living in your own discarded skin. Many other unhygienic surprises are in the vents. Technicians that provide heating and AC repair have found so many yucky things in air ducts: mold and algae, insect nests, and also rodents! Cleaning the vents and making sure these pollutants are not in your ducts should be on top of your to-do list if you or your family have any respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis.

The Benefits of a Heating and AC Repair and Duct Cleaning Service

After a duct cleaning service, the air quality in your home will get a lot better, because less debris and dirt in your air vents will be present in the air in your home. The functionality of your air conditioner or furnace gets better after the air ducts are free from any blockages T.

Your air filters are cleaner, allowing additional warm air to be blown over the evaporator coils. The coils are now able to take in more heat from the hot air, increasing the cooling effect of your air conditioner in the Woodlands. You will find that less dirt collects onto the coils reducing any dirt layer on them. This also improves the functionality of your unit, as any layers act as an insulator, restricting heat transfer between the hot air and evaporator coils. Another benefit you will see in the Woodlands is a reduction in humidity because the more heat extracted from the warm air, the less moisture that resides in your house.

The improved functionality will result in extending the working life of your air conditioner or HVAC in the Woodlands. There will be less wear and tear on every part and they won’t be working as hard. This reduces the chance that the parts will overheat and burn out. Your energy bills will be more affordable too as a result. Routine service means you have a cleaner home in The Woodlands. Cleaner air means that you will have to remove the dust in your home less and less.

What Technology Is Used in a Duct Cleaning Service?

Before cleaning a video camera on the end of a long tube is used to view all the ductwork, this way the technician can see where any mold, pests, or obstructions may be hiding. A portable or truck-mounted negative air machine is connected to your ducts, creating a suction force in the ductwork. Any hard-to-remove material is dislodged by an agitation device, like a rotary brush.

The HVAC Company in The Woodlands

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air has been proudly serving the community of The Woodlands, TX, for many years. Whatever your air conditioning and HVAC requirements, we have NATE-Certified technicians available around the clock ready to come to help you. Give us a call today!

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Homeowners buy heating and air conditioner systems to ensure comfort during the summers and winter’s extreme weather conditions. An air conditioner is a complex appliance that efficiently works when its fundamental components are optimally operating. As such, you must maintain the unit and have a professional conduct regular inspection.

When a single part of the heating and air conditioning system fails, the entire unit can malfunction. Hence, you might need to enlist an emergency heating and AC repair service to restore the unit’s functionality promptly. One such component is the condensate drains. If they get a clog or any issue, they might result in the entire unit failing.

What Is a Condensate Drain?

When the air conditioner sucks in the warm air from your home, it will pass through the evaporator coils that cool it. The cold air is released to circulate back into your home in Spring, TX. The warm air will condense into a liquid that drips on your drain line into the drains. The condensate drains move this water out of your AC system into the plumbing.

The drains, drain lines, and the pan requires constant maintenance and cleaning to keep your AC running smoothly without any costly issues that might cost you a fortune while paying for the AC repair service. Issues will likely arise if you do not clean the condensate drain, drain lines, or the pan. These issues might affect the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner.

Condensate Drain Problems

Many issues can arise in the condensate drains that may cause a total shutdown of the air conditioner. Hence, it is m imperative that you enlist professional heating and AC repair service for regular maintenance and inspections. The professional can also clean the drains. These issues include:

Clogged Drain

When your condensate drain lines get a blockage, it severely compromises the flow of the condensed steam through the drainage lines for disposal. The condensate drains feature a trap that ensures unwanted air doesn’t enter the air conditioner unit. The condensate drains can get blocked because of algae accumulation, which may grow in the lines due to moist air and warmth. The other contaminants, including debris, tiny objects, and dirt, could also clog.

The unnoticed growth of moss and algae creates a problem that requires an expensive repair service to restore the unit to optimal functionality. Whenever the air conditioner drains have a blockage, the water or moisture backs up to the evaporator coils. This makes the evaporator coils struggle to suck the warm air from your home, resulting in the formation of more condensate within the system.

A sure way of everting expensive heating and AC repair services is to schedule frequent and regular maintenance for drain cleaning. An HVAC professional’s inspections are critical in uncovering the issues like clogs within the drains. The technician will also remove the blockage as soon as possible to ensure they don’t damage the evaporator. This also prevents the total failure of the air conditioner. Further, the professional will also install a safety float at the end of the repair service.

This component shuts off the AC immediately it senses there is a clog within the drains.

Leakage In the Drain Pan

Leaking condensate drains are another common issue you might experience with your air conditioner. The lines begin leaking because of a clog within the drains. This makes the condensed water vapor drip into the emergency condensate pans rather than flow outside into the sewer. The leaks become worse if the condensate drains stay clogged for a long time.

The straining evaporator coils get excessive moisture because the water flows from the AC’s condensate lines. Without a reputable professional’s immediate heating and AC repair service, the clogged drain lines will eventually get damaged. This results in leaks to the wall or attic where your air handler is located.

The increased leaks can result in significant pools of water which might damage your property after some time. Contact a licensed AC repair service in Spring, TX, to fix the issue before it exacerbates whenever you notice that water is dripping from the air handler.


A blocked condensate is a cause of many drain issues which might need urgent and immediate fixing. The water will backflow to the evaporator coils without immediate heating and AC repair service to unclog and clean the condensate drains. This increases the condensate that drips into the drain pans.

The leaks may increase and begin to overflow, resulting in indoor flooding that might worsen and result in significant water damages that are expensive to restore. The indoor floods might destroy the floor, walls, and other valuable property.

Enlisting the help of an urgent HVAC repair service promptly is required to ensure that the leaks don’t overflow. The licensed professionals in Spring, TX, have the knowledge and skills to identify any impending issues and repair them on time before they result in significant damage.

Mold Growth

The leaking condensate drains and drains pans could destroy the property at your home because they allow the mold to start growing. The mold might develop in the dump places of your house, damaging or destroying the value of your home. Enlisting the services of a heating and AC repair service for drain line cleaning and mold removal is vital to avert the risk of allergic reactions.

Mold spores are harmful to your health if inhaled. They can cause some mild or even adverse respiratory issues. They spell doom to members of the family that have preexisting or chronic lung diseases as they may exacerbate their conditions. Scheduling for frequent heating and AC repair services is the only way to prevent mold growth while also increasing the indoor air quality at your home. This includes inspections, maintenance, cleaning, and tune-up services to ensure your condensate drains are always clean.

Professional Heating and AC Repair Services

An air conditioner is a collection of many different components that ensure that your home is comfortable. This means that if a component has a problem, it affects the efficiency of the entire unit. Clogged condensate drains are some of the issues you might experience at your home that might damage the entire unit. Hence, you should seek the help of professional heating and AC repair service. If you do AC unit maintenance and repairs services, call us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air today.

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Three-quarters of homes in the United States have different air conditioning units that meet their cooling needs. They use up to six percent of all the electricity generated in the country, which amounts to approximately $29 billion.

The high utility bill for air conditioners shows that people heavily rely on the air conditioners for conditioned-cool air. Out of the numerous types of air conditioning units, the focus of this masterpiece will be on the Hybrid ACs, also known as Dual Fuel Aircon.

Getting the best fit for your household temperature-related needs requires professional help from an air conditioner installation expert. The AC split system is a unique air system that homeowners in Cypress, TX, can opt for because of the following benefits.

Fuel Flexibility

To top my list is the ability of the hybrid air conditioners to use different fuels to operate. Its heat pump is primarily an electrical appliance, but the furnace can use other fuels such as gas to generate heat to ventilate and heat your home.

If the location of your home experiences frequent power outages, you should call an HVAC company in your vicinity for dual air conditioner installation services.

You can use burning fossil fuels, oil, gas, or electricity to cool, ventilate and heat your space in whichever season you are in for indoor air quality and maximized comfort.

Multiple Functions

People also prefer the dual fuel air conditioning system because it performs as a cooler and a heater in alternate weather conditions. The hybrid AC split air conditioner features a furnace and an air-source heat pump that function optimally with proper air conditioner installation.

The “Hybrid” term describes a unitary HVAC unit with multiple continuous and discrete operation modes.

The dual-fuel HVAC system has heat recovery devices that help during wintry days and indirect evaporative cooling components. The units also have desiccant dehumidifiers for optimal ventilation for fresh and clean air inside your rooms. , preventing numerous allergy-related diseases.

An air conditioner installation professional can integrate the dual fuel system in homes with forced-air systems for optimal efficiency.

Allows Temperature Programming

Another reason for having the hybrid air con in your home is the ability to define the ideal temperature you want in your home.

With correct AC installation, you can choose the temperature levels the unit can change from the furnace (heating mode) to the heat pump (cooling) and vice versa. The temperature control can be set manually or using smart controls that automatically switch.


It is one of the best choices to get the dual air conditioner in your residence because it does not threaten your environment in terms of pollution.

Unlike other HVAC systems with an enormous carbon footprint, the dual fuel AC does not consume high natural resources that can increase greenhouse gas emissions, polluting the air and harming the environment.

Having a hybrid air conditioner installation in your home is the best decision to reduce the carbon footprint that can harm your surroundings.


Besides the initial cost of buying an air conditioner installation charge being high, the operating expenses of the dual-fuel system are lower in the long run, giving you a breather.

It cuts energy costs because when the electric heat pump fails to operate at its peak, the gas furnace kicks in, preventing the high utility bills that can accumulate when the heat pump struggles to function optimally.

The unitary dual fuel system requires a long look if you want to reduce energy costs in your home. So, to reduce monthly utility bills for cooling or heating appliances, call your AC installation expert to professionally and skillfully set up the hybrid air conditioner.

For better energy efficiency, the HVAC professional can help calculate the Energy Efficiency Ratio and recommend the best for purchasing.

Efficient Performance

Folks also love the hybrid air conditioning system with multiple parts due to its high cooling and heating efficiency. It is a system with several components integrated into one that works together to ensure the temperatures in your house are optimal in your favor according to the outside weather conditions.

The numerous parts of the system require air conditioner installation services from a professional and expert in Cypress, TX, to skillfully and correctly install each part to ensure optimal efficiency.

In the hot season, the heat pump is the one that cools your space by sucking the warm air from your house, directing it outdoors. And, when winter kicks in, the heat pump cannot pull the indoor air because the external environment is too low, allowing the gas or fuel furnace to heat your home, providing the essential warmth that prevents cold-related diseases.

Before buying the hybrid aircon unit, conduct your research and look for recommendations for the best installers that provide quality and competent AC installation services that will work their magic and make your unit operate at peak performance for long without repairs.

Increased Comfort

In addition, the hybrid air conditioner is an enhanced comfort in your house throughout the year. With regular tune-ups from AC maintenance service providers, the dual fuel air conditioner can run all year round, heating your space during winter and cooling it on hot days.

You can switch from heat pump to furnace mode in the wintry season and vice versa in summer. To make the Smart computer circuit system in the dual fuel, AC efficiently commands the unit to switch in functionality quickly and efficiently.

The air conditioner installation process should be top-notch, hence the need to hire the best installers in the HVAC industry.

Schedule HVAC Services!

Hybrid or dual fuel air conditioning systems are advanced aircon and heating units that save on energy by lowering your utility bills and operating at peak performance to maximize your comfort during cold and the hot seasons.

So, if you want to upgrade from your outdated air conditioning unit to the advanced hybrid aircon, do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

We are an HVAC contractor providing a wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation services for our clients throughout Cypress, TX. Our technicians are qualified, experienced, and certified to meet all your HVAC needs, including air conditioner installation, heating problems, and replacements of units beyond repairs.

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If you get your air conditioner tuned up every year and it stops functioning correctly, you should schedule an appointment for air conditioner repair. DIY repairs aren’t recommended because your system is complex. If you don’t have professional HVAC training, you could do more damage when attempting a DIY repair. In addition, the problem could be due to one of a few different problems, and you will need a professional to find the cause.

If the air conditioner in your Katy, TX home experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to call an air conditioner repair service.

#1 Moisture Or Fluid Pooling Around the Unit

The area around your air conditioner should be dry. If you notice moisture on the walls or floor around the unit, you should call a professional in air conditioner repair. The moisture is likely due to a loose or cracked condensate hose, which is a relatively inexpensive and straightforward fix. Ignoring the problem can result in water damage and mold growth in the area; therefore, you could call an air conditioner repair service immediately.

If you see bright green or yellow fluid pooling around the unit, you have a serious problem and should call a professional in AC repair as soon as you see the fluid. The air conditioner in your Katy, TX home relies on refrigerant to produce cold air. Fluid pooling around the unit indicates a refrigerant leak, preventing the system from producing cold air.

If your air conditioner is under ten years old, a professional in air conditioner repair can fix the leak and refill the refrigerant. If your system is older than ten years old, you have a serious problem. Older units use R-22 refrigerant, which isn’t available anymore. Production slowed down significantly when the Environmental Protection Agency announced that R-22 is highly toxic and harmful to the ozone layer. On January 1, 2020, the U.S. government banned the production and sale of R-22 refrigerant. An HVAC tech can fix the leak, but they won’t have refrigerant to refill the system, and it will need to be replaced.

#2 Strange Smells

The air conditioner in your Katy, TX home should produce clean, odorless air. If you smell something strange in the house when the air conditioner runs, you should call an air conditioner repair service right away. Strange smells indicate a serious problem that should be fixed immediately, and the odor can help the HVAC tech figure out what’s wrong.

  • Burning: If you smell something burning when the air conditioner runs, you should immediately turn it off and schedule an emergency air conditioner repair appointment. The burning smell indicates an electrical or wiring issue that can start an electrical fire if you ignore the problem. An electrical fire can quickly destroy your house; therefore, you should call an AC repair service right away. The tech can inspect the wiring to find the problem to make the necessary repair. You can start using the air conditioner again when the issue is resolved.
  • Mold: A moldy smell indicates mold growth in the air ducts or the air conditioner, which can be hazardous to your family’s health.
    The air ducts in your home are dark and hidden. When your home is humid, condensation will form in the ducts, and there will be no light to dry the ducts, creating the perfect environment for mold growth. When the air conditioner runs, mold spores will circulate in the air and can make your family sick. According to the CDC, exposure to mold can cause the following health problems.
    • Allergy symptoms (sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, etc.)
    • Respiratory issues
    • Chronic headaches
    • Skin rashes
    • A weakened immune system makes it more difficult for your family to fight off disease or infection.
  • If a member of your family suffers from a chronic lung or respiratory condition, mold exposure can make them sicker.
    An air conditioner repair service can send a tech to your home to inspect the air ducts for mold, which can be eradicated with an antimicrobial fogger. The fogger will also prevent future mold growth. If the air ducts are clean, there could be mold in the air conditioner, which is harder to eliminate. If the tech can’t reach every spore, you will need to replace your air conditioner.
    Since mold growth can make your family sick, it’s best to call an expert in air conditioner repair.

#3 Poor Airflow

The air conditioner in your Katy, TX home produces cold air that is forced through the air ducts to the vents in every room of the house. If you don’t feel a powerful rush of cold air when you stand near a vent, you should call an air conditioning repair service.

Poor airflow will affect your home’s temperature, and your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your home cool and comfortable. This will draw more energy than necessary, and your electric bills will increase considerably. Extra work will put unnecessary strain on the air conditioner, reducing its lifespan, and you will have to replace it sooner.

A few problems can cause poor airflow, and you will need a professional in air conditioner repair to find the cause.

  • Damaged air ducts: The air ducts allow the cold air to travel from the unit to the vents in your home. If the air ducts are damaged, or the seal fails, you won’t see the damage, and the treated air will escape from the damaged area, causing poor airflow. An AC repair service can send a tech to your home to inspect the air ducts for damage and make the repair.
  • Clogged air ducts: Over time, dirt, dust, and other debris can accumulate in the air ducts regardless of how clean you keep your home. The debris will continue accumulating and can clog the air ducts, restricting the airflow. Clogged air ducts can also affect your home’s air quality. When the unit runs, the debris will circulate in the air and can cause allergy symptoms. Fortunately, an expert in air conditioner repair can clean the air ducts, restoring adequate airflow. You can prevent clogged air ducts by having a duct cleaning service performed every three to five years, which will benefit your home and family.
  • Broken blower: Your air conditioner has a blower that forces the cold air from the unit through the air ducts and the vents. If the blower isn’t working, the air won’t reach the vents, resulting in minimal airflow. If you call an air conditioner repair service, they will send a tech to repair or replace the blower, restoring the airflow from the vents.

Poor airflow causes can affect your home and family considerably; therefore, you should schedule an appointment for air conditioner repair right away.

#4 The Unit Is Producing Warm Air

The air conditioner in your Katy, TX home is designed to produce cold air to keep your home cool and comfortable. If the unit starts producing warm air, you may need to call an expert in air conditioner repair.

Before making the call, check the thermostat settings. If it isn’t set correctly, you will feel warm air coming from the vents. First, make sure the thermostat is set to the cooling mode. Next, make sure the fan is set to auto. If the fan is on, it will keep running when the system cycles, producing warm air. Finally, the air conditioner won’t kick on unless it’s warmer in the house than the temperature on the thermostat.

Another common problem is a dirty or clogged air filter. AC manufacturers recommend changing the filter every 90 days. If you have allergies or pets, you should replace the filter every 45 days. If you neglect to change the filter, the air won’t move through the system, causing the unit to overheat and produce warm air. Fortunately, replacing the air filter will solve the problem.

If the thermostat is set correctly, the air filter has been replaced, and the unit is still producing warm air, it’s time to schedule an appointment for air conditioner repair. A few issues can prevent the air conditioner from producing warm air, and you will need an HVAC tech to find the cause.

  • Frozen evaporator coils: The unit’s evaporator coils extract hot air from your home to begin the cooling process. If the coils are frozen, they can’t do their job, interrupting the cooling process.
    An expert in AC repair can thaw the coils and figure out why they froze in the first place to prevent it from happening again.
  • Refrigerant leak: As mentioned earlier, your air conditioner relies on refrigerant to produce cold air. If the unit leaks refrigerant, there won’t be enough left for the unit to produce cold air. An air conditioner repair service can send a tech to fix the unit so it can produce cold air.

#5 Strange Noises

The air conditioner in your Katy, TX home is designed to run quietly. A low-level clicking sound when the unit cycles is normal; however, any other strange sounds require a call to an AC repair service.

Banging and clanging sounds indicate loose or broken parts in the unit. These sounds can also occur if the indoor or outdoor fan is broken or clogged with debris. A hissing sound indicates a refrigerant leak, and if you hear a high-pitched screaming sound, you should immediately turn off the air conditioner. This sound indicates high pressure in the system, and if you allow it to continue running, the high pressure can cause irreparable damage.

Ignoring strange sounds can cause more damage to the unit; therefore, it’s best to schedule an appointment for air conditioner repair as soon as the unit starts making strange sounds.

Why Choose Mr. Reliable Heating & Air?

If your air conditioner isn’t doing its job and you want to work with the best air conditioner repair service around, call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We are a full-service HVAC company serving Katy, TX customers with honesty, respect, and understanding.

Our HVAC techs are professionally trained, highly skilled, and qualified to install, maintain and repair all HVAC models. We also require our techs to take ongoing education classes and attend seminars to ensure they can work on the latest HVAC technology.

We understand that most of our customers live on budgets, so we do our best to make our services as affordable as possible. We also have money-saving specials and coupons on our website to reduce the cost of parts, maintenance, repairs, and other services.

Your comfort is our top priority. If you have an issue with your HVAC system that can’t wait, we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will get a tech to your home as quickly as possible to fix the problem, so your home will be comfortable again quickly.

Thanks to our techs’ excellent service, we have an excellent reputation in the community. We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and have a 5-star rating on Google. In addition, we are a featured pro on Porch.

To schedule an appointment for air conditioner repair or any other HVAC service, give us a call today or book online at

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