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Many people find it hard to believe how complicated the process of air conditioner installation can be. The first thing you should know is that a lot of work goes not only into the installation itself but also into the entire preparation stage. Unfortunately, many contractors out there choose to skip seemingly minor steps during air conditioner installations, and while the end result is usually a system that “works well”, the actual desired outcome is a system that “works great”. The reason behind this is that a system that only “works well” will cause you to lose a lot of money and comfort over the long run.

With this article, we aim to make you aware of all the steps that should go into every air conditioner installation. This should provide you with the peace of mind you can get from knowing your air conditioner installation contractor in The Woodlands, TX is doing the job correctly, which will result in an air conditioner that “works great”. So, read on and find out what a proper air conditioner installation entails from start to finish.

Collecting Important Information During the First Visit

When you are looking into finding a contractor for air conditioner installation in The Woodlands, TX, the first thing that will happen is that an estimator will visit your home or office where the installation will take place. During this visit, it is imperative that this person take a good look at your existing system and collect some data about it in order to provide you with an accurate estimate of the final cost of the installation of your new equipment. The importance of this visit also resides in the fact that sometimes special tools or equipment may be required to install your new air conditioner. By visualizing this need right off the bat, the estimator can communicate the need to the installation team and they won’t lose time going back and forth finding what they need on the day they carry out the work.

On the Day of the Air Conditioner Installation: Safety Checks and Reviews

When the day of the installation of your new air conditioning system arrives, you should expect a team of professionals to arrive at your home. This is a job that requires more than one installer because of everything that has to be done, so expect a few techs to ring your doorbell as soon as your scheduled appointment time arrives.

As soon as the team arrives at your home and establishes contact with you they will have to go over some important information about the job with you. They will also hand you a packet of documents that contains important information about your equipment and the accessories they will be installing. Additionally, there will be a form with any special instructions you gave the estimator during the first visit and anything else they should know before getting started. Take a few minutes to go through everything with the installation team and ask any questions that may arise throughout. Doing this can prevent any time-wasting mistakes from giving you grief later on. During this time, some other members of the installation team will start taking measures to protect your floors and other important areas of your home, turning off the existing power supply to your system and any gas lines leading into it.

Getting Started: Removal of Your Existing Air Conditioning System

Before physically removing your old air conditioner, the installation team has to empty out the coolant from it. Because of current environmental standards, it can’t just simply be vented outdoors and will require a licensed, certified, and trained professional to get the job done. Many air conditioner installers already have the necessary credentials, so don’t be afraid to ask your contractor if that is the case. You can even request to see the expert’s credentials to make sure everything is being performed according to the law.

As soon as the coolant has been correctly removed, the installers will move on to disconnect all electrical wires and connections from your old equipment. If you don’t already have one, something called a “disconnect box” will be required for your new air conditioner. This box has the ability to turn off your system in case of an emergency. Once all of the electrical connections to your old system have been removed, the installation team will move your old air conditioner out of the way and start preparations to install the new one.

Preparing the Area Where Your New Air Conditioner Will Be Installed

It is very likely your old air conditioner was in use in the same place you will be installing the new one for many years. During this time, the ground it was set on will have sunk and cracked. Before setting up your new system, the installers will make sure the ground is level and they will replace the pad where your old air conditioner rested. The pad can be made out of a variety of materials, including concrete, but concrete is not always the best as it can shift and crack over time. Using a composite pad is probably the best option given its durability and ease of repair when needed. A composite pad also reduces noise and shaking the air conditioner can produce more effectively than concrete alone.

Once the outdoor area has been prepared for your new air conditioner installation, the installers will remove the indoor components, including the evaporator coil and refrigerant lines. After all of these components are removed, the installation of the new ones can begin.

Finishing the Job

Once your air conditioner installation has concluded, make sure to have your installation team wait for a little while to make sure the new system is cooling correctly and working perfectly. This is a great time to ask any other questions you may have thought of during the process and to go over any instructions you may have not understood. At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we are the foremost experts in air conditioning installations in The Woodlands, TX. So, if you are looking into replacing your old system, don’t hesitate to give us a call today so we can show you why we are the best!

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Most people dread the high humidity levels of the summer. But have you ever stopped to consider what would happen if the air in your Spring, TX home is too dry? Yes, the air in your home can be too dry. According to the EPA, the ideal relative humidity in any building should be between 30% and 50%. Too little moisture in the air can cause many problems for your health, home, and belongings. Here are the common dry air problems and how reliable heating and AC repair service can help combat them.

Dry Air Is Bad for Your Health

Some of the health problems associated with dry air include:

Respiratory Conditions

Dry air can cause the airways to narrow, making it difficult to breathe. This process is called bronchoconstriction and can have adverse effects on asthmatic individuals. It causes various symptoms, including coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. 

Skin Problems

The skin starts to dry out if the moisture in the air dries out. This leads to skin irritation, itching, chapping, flaking, and tightness around the joints. Dry air can also cause eczema, acne, and other existing skin conditions to flare up. 

Eye Irritation

Dry can affect the tear film, which protects the cornea from damage. Small dry patches may form on the eyes, leaving you vulnerable to other irritants.  

Other symptoms that can occur due to dry air include;

  • Nosebleeds
  • Sore throat
  • Increased stress
  • Dermatitis
  • Dehydration
  • Increased risk of getting a cold, flu, or even pneumonia

Dry Air Leads to Static Electricity

Static electricity in your house naturally dissipates when the humidity is at optimum levels. However, it can start building up if the air becomes too dry. This causes clothes and blankets to start sticking together. You may also experience painful electric shock when you touch metal surfaces. Our heating and AC repair service in Spring, TX, professionals can provide an indoor air quality assessment and recommend a practical solution for your dry air problem. 

Dry Air Can Cause Damage to Your Home 

Dry air absorbs moisture wherever it can find, which often means your furniture and belongings. You may notice that hardwood floors become warped and start creaking. Wooden structures like door jabs and walls may begin to shift. This makes it difficult to open and close doors and windows. It will also create gaps between the ceiling and walls, letting cold air into your home. 

Dry air also pulls moisture from furnishings. Wooden furniture can start bending and eventually crack, while musical instruments lose shape. Paper items like artwork and books may become brittle and wrinkled. Dry air in your home can also lead to cracked wallpaper, ruined wine, and dried-out leather.

How Can You Prevent Dry Air in Your Home?

It may not be possible to avoid dry air altogether, especially in winter. However, you don’t have to let it cause damage to your health and home. 

Whole-Home Humidifier

The best way to fight dry air in your house is to install a whole-home humidifier with the help of professional heating and AC repair service. It uses a humidistat to monitor the humidity levels in your home and triggers the system to kick in when it detects insufficient moisture levels in the air. The main types of whole-house humidifiers include bypass, power, and steam humidifiers. 

Bypass humidifiers use the airflow created by the furnace or air handler to deliver moisture to areas in your home that need it. They require minimal maintenance and can be installed in the attic or basement.

Power humidifiers require an electric fan to deliver moisture throughout your house. Some models can humidify your home even when the HVAC isn’t running. Steam humidifiers have to boil water to create steam, which then travels through the ductwork and into your house. 

The right humidifier for your house depends on three main factors – the size of the house, hot water access, and maintenance. Humidifiers come in different sizes and power levels. That said, power and steam humidifiers are great for large homes (3000+ square feet). A bypass humidifier is an excellent option if you have a smaller home. 

If you aren’t sure what the right humidifier for your house is, our heating and AC repair service can assess your home and point you in the right direction.

Keep Up with AC Maintenance

Keeping up with yearly heating and AC repair service can go a long way toward preventing some of these issues. Our heating and AC repair service team is always willing to check your system and answer any questions about indoor humidity levels. We’ll also point you in the right direction should you need humidifier or dehumidification products. You can call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to discuss a tailored maintenance plan for your HVAC. 

Check for Air Leaks and Seal Them

Dry air can get into your home through gaps in the doors and windows and suck moisture out of the air. Sealing these gaps can help keep warm air inside and protect you and your loved ones from the effects of dry air. It will also reduce the use of the fireplace, which will dry the air further. 

Try These Tricks

Other tricks that can help add moisture to the air in your home include:

  • Bringing your plants indoors
  • Using the stovetop more often to boil water or cook
  • Leaving the dishwasher door open and pulling out the dish rack when drying the dishes
  • Hanging clothes up on a rack to air dry rather than using the dryer
  • Keeping the bathroom door open as you shower and let the steam escape

While these small steps won’t solve your dry air problems, every little bit of moisture in the colder months helps.

Say “No” to Dry Air with Our Expert Heating and AC Repair Service

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is a trusted heating and AC repair service company in Spring, TX. We understand the toll dry air can take on your health, home, and valuables. By controlling humidity levels and maintaining optimal indoor air quality, we ensure that you and your loved ones are happy and healthy throughout the seasons. Contact us today to learn more about our heating and AC repair service and humidity control options to manage dry air in your house.

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When it gets hot outside during the summer, you likely spend more time in your Katy, TX home with the AC running to escape the heat and humidity. If you turn on the air conditioner and nothing happens, you can’t escape the heat by going into the house because it will be just as hot inside as it is outside.

Fortunately, you can avoid a complete breakdown if you can detect problems with the air conditioner early. The sooner a problem is detected, the sooner you can call a professional in air conditioner repair, preventing a complete breakdown.

If your air conditioner experiences any of the following issues, it’s best to call a professional as soon as possible.

#1 Thermostat Problems

The air conditioner in your home won’t work correctly if the thermostat is broken. The thermostat is the HVAC system’s brain and sends signals to the unit with commands based on the thermostat setting. A few issues indicate an issue with the thermostat, including:

  • The thermostat doesn’t light up.
  • The thermostat is unresponsive.
  • The air conditioner cycles too frequently.
  • The temperature inside doesn’t match the temperature in your home.

Before you call a professional in air conditioner repair, you should try changing the batteries. You don’t want to pay for an unnecessary service call when a simple battery change would solve the problem. If changing the batteries doesn’t help, an HVAC professional can determine if the thermostat needs to be repaired and discuss your options.

Programmable thermostats are no longer the only money-saving option; and you can go with a Wi-Fi or Smart thermostat, and the tech can discuss the benefits of both.

#2 Reduced Airflow

When the air conditioner runs, you should feel a powerful rush of cold air from the vents in your Katy, TX home. If you feel minimal airflow, the unit will work harder to keep your home cool, causing your energy bills to increase. Also, the added strain can reduce the unit’s lifespan. A few issues can reduce the airflow, and you’ll need to call an air conditioner repair service to diagnose the unit.

The possible issues include:

  • A build-up of dirt, dust, and debris clogs the ducts and restricts airflow.
  • A crack or break in the air ducts allows the cold air to escape before reaching the vents.
  • The blower designed to force the cold air to the vents has failed.

The airflow will be restored when the problem is resolved, preventing any further issues associated with airflow.

#3 The Unit Produces Warm Air

The most obvious sign there’s a problem with your AC is if it produces warm air. This problem often requires a call to an AC repair service; however, you should check a few things before making the call.

First, check the air filter. The air filter must be changed regularly because when it gets clogged with dirt and debris, air won’t move through the unit, causing it to overheat. If the filter is clogged, changing it should solve the problem.

Next, check the thermostat setting. It has to be set to the cooling mode, the fan should be set to “auto,” and it has to be warmer in the house than the thermostat setting. The unit won’t function properly if the thermostat isn’t set correctly.

If everything is fine on your end, it’s time to call a professional in air conditioner repair. A few issues can cause the unit to produce warm air, including:

  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Faulty compressor

You’ll need a professional to determine why the unit produces warm air and make the necessary repair.

#4 Foul Smells

The air conditioner in your home should produce clean, odorless air. If there’s a foul smell in your house only when the air conditioner runs, you should immediately call an air conditioner repair service. Foul odors can put your home and family at risk, and you shouldn’t wait to make the call.

Mold: Your air ducts are dark, and when it gets humid in the house, condensation will form, creating the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold in the air ducts is a serious problem because mold spores will circulate in the air, creating a hazardous situation when the air conditioner runs. Mold exposure causes allergy symptoms, respiratory issues, skin rashes, chronic headaches, and a weakened immune system.

An AC repair service can send a tech to inspect the ducts, and if there’s mold, it can be eradicated with an antimicrobial fogger.

Burning: A burning smell indicates a wiring issue that could start an electrical fire. It’s best to turn off the unit right away and call for emergency service.

The sooner you call a professional in air conditioner repair, the sooner you can be sure your home and family are safe.

#5 Moisture or Pooling Fluid

Moisture around or on the unit often indicates a loose or broken condensate hose. Although this is a simple fix, it’s best to call an air conditioner repair professional immediately. Waiting too long can result in water damage and mold growth, which will cost you more money.

A puddle of green-yellow fluid around the unit indicates a refrigerant leak. This occurs when acid eats away at the metal, creating tiny holes for the refrigerant to leak.

An AC repair service can send a tech to fix the leak and refill the refrigerant, as long as the unit was installed after 2010. If you have an older unit in your Katy, TX home, you’ll need to replace the unit. Older units use R-22 refrigerant, which has been banned, and you’ll need to replace the AC with a newer model.

Why Choose Mr. Reliable Heating & Air?

When you need to schedule an appointment for air conditioner repair, look no further than Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We are a full-service HVAC company, serving customers in the area for years. Our techs are professionally trained, highly skilled, and qualified to handle all HVAC jobs.

If you have an HVAC problem that can’t wait, we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To schedule an appointment for air conditioner repair service or any other HVAC service, give us a call or book online.

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The weather in The Woodlands, TX, can sometimes get very uncomfortable. For instance, in summer, it gets incredibly hot and humid. As such, without a properly working air conditioning system, it is hard to imagine how your family would survive. However, it is worth noting that an air conditioner is not something you can just invest in and forget. Once your air conditioner has been installed, you need to work with a professional air conditioning service to ensure that the air conditioning system gets timely preventive maintenance for it to continue working as expected. If you neglect your air conditioner and fail to see the need for regular tune-ups, several things might go wrong. For instance, your air conditioning might become less efficient and ineffective, causing you to spend more money to run the appliance without achieving your desired level of comfort. Below are the benefits you can expect by getting a professional air conditioning service to service your air conditioner regularly.

Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner was not designed to last forever. On average, air conditioners last 10 to 15 years. However, the longevity of your air conditioning equipment will also depend on how well it is maintained. A neglected air conditioner will most likely require to be replaced sooner than the manufacturer intended. This can happen due to several reasons. For instance, failure to engage your AC service to maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis will make the equipment wear out more rapidly and become more susceptible to irreparable damage. On the other hand, by working with a professional air conditioning service to keep your air conditioning equipment in good shape, you can protect the equipment and add more years to its life.

Save Energy

Given the amount of work your air conditioner needs to do to keep your family comfortable, it is not surprising that it is one of the most significant consumers of electricity in your house. However, this does not mean that you should be getting abnormally high electricity bills simply because you are running an air conditioner. Indeed, your electricity bills should be consistent and predictable from one year to the other. However, the efficiency of your air conditioning equipment is dependent on how you maintain it. Generally, a neglected air conditioner will operate below its optimal level and consequently consume more electricity than usual. On the other hand, a well-maintained air conditioner will cool your home more efficiently. Therefore, by working with a professional air conditioning service to keep your HVAC system in good shape, you can minimize your energy consumption to not only save money but also reduce your carbon footprint.

Improve Your Home’s Comfort

The efficacy of your air conditioner is measured by its ability to cool your house when the weather is extremely hot. As long as the installation is done properly, you can expect a new air conditioner to achieve your desired temperature range within a couple of hours. However, the ability of your air conditioner to continue performing at the top level is dependent on how you take care of it. If you neglect it and stop taking regular air conditioning service seriously, its efficacy will gradually decline. This means that your home’s comfort will also decline. On the other hand, if you commit yourself to ensuring that your air conditioning equipment is serviced by a professional AC services provider regularly, you can keep it performing at the top level, meaning that you will maximize your home’s comfort.

Minimize Air Conditioner Breakdowns  

Like any other appliance, your air conditioner will break down at some point. However, this does not mean that you should be seeking air conditioning repair services every few days or weeks. In other words, your calls to an AC repair company should be few and far apart. However, if you do not subject your air conditioning equipment to routine maintenance, its parts will wear out more rapidly, meaning that the AC will start breaking down more frequently. On the other hand, a well-maintained air conditioner will be less susceptible to breakdowns. This is because it will be operating at its optimal level, meaning that its essential components will not wear out faster than expected. Besides, during the routine maintenance, your air conditioning services provider will be assessing your air conditioner thoroughly to ensure that any damaged parts are repaired or fixed before they can start causing serious problems.

Make Your Home Safer

The condition of your air conditioner can have an impact on your home’s safety. A neglected air conditioning equipment can pose a serious health hazard in your house. For instance, an air conditioner with unrepaired air electrical issues might put your family at the risk of electrical accidents. Besides, if a refrigerant leak is not identified and fixed on time, it might put your family at the risk of refrigerant poisoning, which might cause headaches, vomiting, nausea, fainting, and even death. On the other hand, by working with a professional air conditioning service to keep your air conditioning equipment in good shape, you can minimize the risk of air conditioner-related injuries and consequently improve your family’s safety.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the importance of preventive air conditioning maintenance cannot be overemphasized. Indeed, by working with an air conditioning services provider to service your air conditioner regularly, you can keep it performing at the top level, which should improve your home’s comfort, lower your electricity bills, improve the lifespan of your air conditioning equipment, and keep your family safer. If you are looking for a professional air conditioning services provider in The Woodlands, TX, to help you take care of your air conditioning equipment, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is your best bet. We have been servicing air conditioners for a long time, and we are a household in The Woodlands, TX. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our company and services.

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Signs that your cooling system needs AC repair in The Woodlands, TX can be more than predictors of future failure. AC repair by Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is a way of restoring your cooling system to optimum performance, which reduces wear and tear on your system from inefficient operation. The simplest example is the air filter, which will eventually clog to the point of stopping your cool air flow. Along the way, a partially clogged filter will make the air handling motors and belts work harder, requiring more frequent replacement. It will cause the compressor to run more often to keep cool air available for the reduced distribution caused by filter obstruction. The system will cycle more often, wearing out the contactor and other starting components. The cascade of challenges to the AC system from a simple unserviced part is significant, and it applies to many parts and problems that prompt AC repair can remedy.

Feel Free to Call with Your AC Concerns

We love to hear from our customers and potential customers, whether it’s a concern about their AC system, questions about new AC technologies, scheduling a maintenance visit, or other HVAC needs. It’s easy for you to check in with us and discuss problems like insufficient cooling or airflow issues. We’re glad to get calls about sounds from your air handling equipment, unreliable startup or new and concerning sounds from your outdoor unit including your compressor, or leaks. If a diagnostic visit and possible repairs are in order, you’ll love the opportunity to make precise appointments for the minimum impact on your day. You’ll get a chance to avoid trouble down the road, and get current issues taken care of so you have less on your mind, especially during the hot summer months.

Noticing Gradual Changes in Your AC System

Sudden AC problems are often the result of gradual changes over weeks or months. You may find you have to turn down the thermostat again to get the AC to start up from time to time. It might be taking longer and longer to get your house cool, even when it’s not that hot outside. Your energy bill may be creeping up over time, with nothing to account for it. Occasionally, you have to wait for a while and try again to get cool air flowing instead of warm, and the cause, whether you know it or not, is increasingly frequent icing of the evaporator coils. Some parts of your home may be cooling less, while others are colder than you’d like now. A lot of these problems may not be enough to make you stop and take action, you’ve made a mental note to see whether they resolve on their own. Meanwhile, many of these issues develop further when they could easily be resolved with a quick visit from our AC experts. When you realize that your AC is not working like it used to, it’s time to talk. Repairs, a tune-up, or possibly a replacement system if yours has reached the end of its service life are all possible answers. We’ll give you clear answers and options, and you can take gradual AC changes off your mental list of concerns.

What About the Repair or Replace Decision?

While most problems you notice can be addressed with simple fixes or routine repairs, at some point you’ll look at rising repair costs and think about replacement. How do you know? Performance is also an issue, and there’s something else that many homeowners overlook: energy efficiency. Older systems may provide the cooling you need, but at an increasing cost of both repairs and energy usage, even after maintenance and tune-ups. Our team can help you factor in energy savings when you consider possible replacement. You may find that replacement fits your budget better than you thought, especially with modern advances in AC technology. New systems can be 20-40 percent more efficient than ones installed even 10-15 years ago, and with dual-stage and variable speed compressor options, even better than direct replacement. We can tell you more about these systems, which save energy with tailored operation that changes from full-power cool down to light cooling flow to maintain your temperature setting. These systems work less hard, saving on wear over time in addition to saving on energy use.

Maintenance, Keeping Your System in Top Shape and Identifying AC Repair Needs Early

In addition to calling us when you notice potential issues, having our experienced AC repair technician visit for regular maintenance helps stay ahead of trouble. We tune up, clean up, and bring up the efficiency of your AC, and perform a thorough inspection. We can use our experience with AC repair to identify early signs of trouble. These can include contactor electrical issues which can make startup unreliable, and excess power usage by fan motors indicating that they’re wearing out. Low refrigerant doesn’t just reduce the efficiency of your AC system, it also puts your compressor at risk of excessive wear and failure. During inspection, we can use detection tools to locate any leaks that may be responsible for low refrigerant levels, and take care of them before summer cooling season begins. Make sure you schedule a convenient visit each year in The Woodlands, TX to be prepared for summer cooling.

Your AC Repair Experts in The Woodlands Can Keep You Ahead of Repair Emergencies

Calling Mr. Reliable Heating & Air in The Woodlands, TX when you notice emerging issues with your AC helps avoid emergency repairs. We love to provide AC repairs at your convenience to minimize the risk of loss of cooling during the summer. From regular maintenance to targeted repairs, we can provide precise scheduling and arrival. If your system does need urgent service, we’re also here for you 24/7 because we know, sometimes the unexpected happens. We’ve got you covered for expert AC care. Call today for maintenance, and keep in touch with emerging AC repair concerns!

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It’s a hot summer afternoon, and you have spent hours working in the scorching heat outside. You walk into your Spring, TX house expecting to find some comfort in your air-conditioned living room only to realize that your air conditioner has not been working for some reason, and your indoor temperature is higher than expected. Such a scenario can be very frustrating. However, no matter how disappointed you are with an air conditioner’s failure, DIY air conditioner repair is not something you should contemplate. This is because trying to fix your air conditioner on your own is not only dangerous but also expensive. Therefore, you need to have an emergency AC repair company you can trust to help you decisively resolve any emergency air conditioning situation within the shortest time humanly possible. Below is a rundown of the reasons you should avoid DIY air conditioning repair jobs and instead leave it to a dependable emergency AC repair company, such as Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

The Job Is Not Safe

Repairing a broken air conditioner is a dangerous job that can leave you with serious injuries. For instance, fixing electrical components could expose you and your family to the risk of electrocution and electrical shocks. Besides, if your air conditioner’s refrigerant is leaking, exposure to the refrigerant, a toxic chemical, can lead to symptoms such as difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, and headache. In severe cases, refrigerant poisoning can lead to seizure, fainting, and even death. To steer clear of such dangers, you must avoid repairing your air conditioner on your own, and instead, call an emergency AC repair company, no matter how minor the air conditioning issue at hand might seem. Your emergency AC repair company most likely has professional HVAC experts who have spent many years learning how to handle air conditioners, and they are equipped with everything it takes to resolve any air conditioning problem in your home without hurting themselves or your family.

You Might Damage Your Air Conditioner Further

Every successful air conditioning repair begins with an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, unless you are a professional air conditioning repair expert, it will be very difficult for you to diagnose most air conditioning problems you might face in your house. This means that if you decide to repair your broken air conditioner on your own, you will most likely tamper with components that don’t have any problems. Unfortunately, if you tamper with sensitive parts, such as the compressor, you might end up causing damages that can prove extremely expensive to fix. To avoid such problems, it is imperative for you to ensure that you leave all your urgent air conditioning repairs to an emergency AC repair company, such as Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. At our emergency AC repair company, we have been providing emergency AC repair services for a long time, and we have the necessary equipment, skills, and experience to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of any air conditioning problem, isolate it, and fix it without interfering with other components of your air conditioning equipment.

You Might Lose Your Warranty

Air conditioners are quite pricey appliances. This explains why they come with warranties. Through the warranty, the manufacturer or the HVAC company that installed or repaired your HVAC services seeks to assure you that their products or services are of excellent quality. If something goes wrong within the time stipulated in your warranty, they might take responsibility and repair it without charging you anything more. However, warranties don’t come without conditions. For instance, your air conditioner’s warranty might have a condition requiring you to ensure that all AC repairs are done by a professional HVAC contractor. In such a situation, if you decide to repair your air conditioner on your own instead of calling an emergency air conditioning repair company, you might end up voiding your warranty. This means that you might lose all the privileges your air conditioner’s warranty affords you. To prevent such a problem, you need to ensure that all your emergency air conditioning issues are dealt with by a professional emergency AC repair company.

The Job Might Cost You More Time and Money

A lot of people try DIY air conditioning repairs expecting to save some money. But from our experience, they end up losing money. This happens due to several reasons. For instance, if you decide to repair your air conditioner yourself, there is no guarantee that you will resolve the issue at hand decisively. Therefore, you might end up calling an HVAC expert in the end even after spending a significant amount of time and money on the job. Besides, you might end up causing equipment and property damage that might end up costing you more money to fix. On the other hand, by hiring a professional emergency AC repair company from the word go, you can save a lot of time and money. This is because professionals know what needs to be done, and they have the necessary experience, equipment, and technical know-how to fix any air conditioning issue correctly and in the most efficient way possible.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that no matter how urgently you want an air conditioning issue in your Spring, TX house resolved, you should never be tempted to try resolving it on your own. This is because your HVAC system is too, complex and dangerous for you to handle unless you are a professional HVAC expert. Therefore, you need to be in touch with a professional emergency air conditioning repair company you can trust to help you handle any emergency air condoning situation in your house. If you are looking for a dependable emergency AC repair company in or around Spring, TX, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is your best bet. We have been dealing with air conditioning emergencies for a long time, and we are a household name in our community. Feel free to get in touch with us today for more information about our company and services.

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Air conditioning is an amazing appliance. Heating households and other types of properties have always been an easier issue to solve. Conditioning on the other hand has been through several metamorphoses to become the revolutionary appliance it is today. Air conditioning systems have allowed people to live in climates that would otherwise be uninhabitable without them. As summer is quickly approaching it is important to get your appliances in order to keep up with the heat. Preventive maintenance air conditioning service can help you ensure your AC is ready for the weather. If your air conditioning system is reaching the end of its lifespan, it may be better to replace it instead. To help you decide, you should contact a professional HVAC technician for air conditioning service. If you live in or around the Cypress, TX, area, contact the staff at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for air conditioning service today.

The Right AC Service Provider for You

The right air conditioning service provider for you would be one that is local, has a good customer review, and is licensed to work in your state. If the company you decide to hire does not have these three things you may have a bad experience. HVAC service providers that are not in your area, will most likely decline service. However, if you somehow manage to get them to come out, if something goes wrong, it won’t be so easy to get them to return and fix the problem.

The air conditioning service provider you hire should have a good reputation. If they do not, you are likely to have a similar experience the other customers have had as well. The reputation of the air conditioning service company you end up hiring is a forewarning for the service you will receive.

Licensing is an extremely important factor in deciding who can work on your air conditioning system and who can’t. Unlicensed HVAC technicians should not be allowed anywhere near your heating or air conditioning system. These systems are connected to the electricity and gas supply. Any faults in their work could have some serious implications. To avoid any malfunctions from occurring, it is best to hire a licensed HVAC service provider. Licensed HVAC technicians have the knowledge and skill to safely and accurately service your heating and air conditioning systems.

Licensed AC service providers typically have insurance. Insurance typically covers workers and homeowners in case any malfunctions occur. If you live in the Cypress, TX, area, and are in need of an air conditioning service provider with all of these qualities, contact the staff at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for assistance today.

How Air Conditioning Is Supposed to Work

To help you answer this question, it may be beneficial to understand how the air conditioning system actually works. Most air conditioning systems work the same on a rudimentary level. There are a few differences here and there, however, the process of cooling property is fairly the same with a few exceptions.

Since central air conditioning systems are the most commonly owned air conditioning system in the U.S this will be the model used to describe air conditioning systems as a whole. According to, central air conditioning systems have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Other types of air conditioning systems may have life spans slightly higher or lower than this average. However, you should expect your air conditioning system to last you between one and two decades. Once your air conditioning system reaches the end of its lifespan you will need to have it replaced. If you live in or around the Cypress, TX, area, and are in need of HVAC system replacement, contact the staff at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for air conditioning service today.

Air conditioning systems have a few essential components that must work together in order to work. The refrigerant is responsible for removing humidity and then generating cool air. The air conditioning system was patented in the early 1900s by an engineer named Willis Carrier. Carrier was contracted by his employer to build a machine that will help with the humidity because it was affecting their ability to print. This is how the air conditioning system we have now was born.

Essential Air Conditioning Appearance Component

  • Refrigerant
  • Compressor
  • Evaporator/Condenser coils
  • Fans/Blowers
  • Vents
  • Air ducts

These essential air conditioning appliances are necessary for the proper function of the air conditioning appliance. The refrigerant is a chemical compound. This compound can typically be found in liquid form. Refrigerant’s low boiling point of only 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit makes this substance perfect for removing humidity and heat from the air. When warm air interacts with the refrigerant, the refrigerant absorbs the heat energy, which turns it into vapor. Since refrigerant is always either in gas or vapor form it must be contained by something. The evaporator coils and condenser coils are used to contain the refrigerant.

Inside of the evaporator coils is where the liquid form of refrigerant is turned into vapor. The compressor then moves the refrigerant from that set of coils into the condenser coils. The condenser coils quickly condenser the vapor back into a liquid which rapidly cools the compound and helps expel the heat. The fans then blow over the refrigerant, where the cool vapors are used to help cool the environment. The blower is responsible for moving the cool air along the air ducts and out of the air vents and into the atmosphere. When air conditioning system malfunctions occur, it typically happens because one of those components has become faulty in some way. If your air conditioning system isn’t working as it was intended to, contact your local air conditioning service provider for immediate repair. If you live in or around the Cypress, TX, area, contact the staff at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for all of your heating and AC service needs.

Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs to Be Replaced

Too Many Malfunctions

If you find that you are calling a repair person every month or multiple times throughout the year for air conditioning service, it may be time to replace that appliance. Constantly needing air conditioning repair can be costly. Air conditioning installation isn’t cheap either, however, it may be more economically sound than having it patched up all the time.

Lack of Airflow

You should be able to test airflow by simply placing your hand near a vent when the air conditioner is running. If you don’t feel any air or if you do and it is not a strong breeze, it could mean your air conditioning system is functioning properly. The cause of a lack of airflow could simply mean your air filters need changing. It could also mean your air conditioning system is experiencing another technical issue that may require major repair or replacement of a part. Either way, it would be beneficial to have an air conditioning service provider inspect your appliance and help you by suggesting the best next steps.


Modern air conditioners were built to generate a low level of noise when in operation. However, it is not normal for your air conditioner to be noisy. you hear sounds, like banging, straining, or anything along those lines, it is a sign you’re in need of air conditioning service.

This noise could be the compressor. When the compressor fails, it will typically begin to make alarming sounds. Other causes could be fan and blower malfunctions or something of the sort.

Moisture in or Around the Appliance

Although air conditioning systems have to deal with moisture, it is not common for large amounts of liquid to be present around your air conditioning appliance. If you notice an excessive amount of liquid around your AC, it could be due to a refrigerant leak or an overabundance of condensation. Either way, you will need to contact a licensed air conditioning service provider for urgent repair or replacement of your appliance.

Gas and Electric Too High

Are your energy bills higher than usual? Unusually high energy bills are typically the work of a faulty or inefficient cooling and heating system. There are many factors that play a part in high energy bills. Heating and cooling are one of those factors. If you notice that your energy bills are getting higher and higher, you should have a professional air conditioning service provider inspect, repair, or replace your air conditioning appliance. If you live in or around the Cypress, TX, area, contact the staff at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for all of your air conditioning service needs.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning and Heating Installation

When you and your AC service provider decide it is time to replace your air conditioning system, you should first consider what type of air conditioning system is going to be best for your home or place of business. According to a Residential Energy Consumption Survey, released in 2012, 48 percent of energy consumption was due to heating and cooling in 2009. There are several factors that determine how much energy you will need to run your air conditioning system. Those factors include maintenance and the type of air conditioning system you use. If you are looking to save on heating and cooling costs you may want to look into installing a geothermal heat pump system. If you are indeed interested in installing one, contact your local heating and air conditioning service provider. If you own property in the Cypress, TX, area, contact the staff at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to schedule a consultation today.

When you hear the term geothermal heat pump, you may be picturing an eco-friendly way to heat your home. If so, you would be correct. Geothermal heat pumps are an eco-friendly way to generate heat for your home. However, you may be wondering how a geothermal heat pump system can generate cool air as well. In order to understand this, it is important to have a general understanding of how these appliances generate heat first. An air conditioning service provider can help you figure out whether this type of HVAC system is a viable option for your property.

A geothermal heat pump uses energy from the earth to heat and cool the home. In order for this to work, a tube or piping system is placed beneath the frost line. The earth must be dug up in order to place this portion of the heat pump there. The pipe is there to allow some sort of liquid to flow beneath the frost line to collect heat energy. The liquid used could simply be water seeing as though water is a good conductor of heat water.

The fluid is circulated into the heat pump which is typically placed inside of the property. This heat pump uses a heat exchanger to convert that heat energy into warm air. The heat is then circulated through the air ducts, similar to how any heat would operate. The reason this works so well is that the temperature beneath the frost line is usually between 40 to 70 degrees, depending on the region. The temperature below the frost line is always constant.

The air conditioning portion of the geothermal heat pump system is similar. There is an extra step in the process, which is the removal of hot air. This is similar to the way conventional air conditioning systems work. Once the heat is absorbed via the liquid, it is sent through the pipes, where the heat is released into the ground, since the temperature is likely to be lower below the frost line in the summertime. The heat energy is then brought back up and released as cool air into the home. If the heat energy is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and the temperature outside is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the 50-degree heat energy is going to come out as a cool conditioned breeze.

Before you make any serious decisions on air conditioning repair, replacement, and installation, make sure you speak with a licensed air conditioning service provider about your options. If you live or around the Cypress, TX, area, and are in need of air conditioning replacement or installation, contact the staff at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to schedule an air conditioning service today.

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Do you want a way to save some money on your heating and cooling expenses? Installing a heat pump is one of the greatest ways. These units occupy less space, are less costly to install, and are highly efficient when installed properly in the right home. They work by extracting heat from the outer air and passing it via a series of coils that heat the inflowing air even more. But they might run into issues from time to time because of how they function. 

One of the common issues that homeowners who have installed heat pumps might experience is if the heating system starts blowing cold air in heating mode. If you observe this, you should enlist the assistance of a heating and AC repair service provider to inspect the unit and repair any underlying issue. Below are the main reasons your heat pump might be blowing cold air into your Katy, TX home.

Reasons Your Heat Pump Blows Cool Air

There are a handful of reasons your heat pump might be blowing cool air even when set into heating mode. They include:

When the Unit Is in Defrost Mode

 If it is too cold outside, the heat pump might become frozen. Whenever this happens, the heat pump switches to defrost mode. In this cycle, the heat pump starts moving heat from your home to the exterior unit to ensure the ice melts. This happens when a homeowner switches the heat pump from heating to cooling mode. Due to this, the cool air starts flowing through the vents. 

After the heat pump has melted the ice, it switches to switching mode. You should head outside to inspect the outdoor unit to check if the system is in defrost mode. Do you see frost or ice on the unit? Then it most likely is in defrost mode. If you notice that the unit is still producing cool air for several hours, even after it accumulates ice, you should enlist the help of a heating and AC repair service company.

The Heat Pump Needs More Time to Heat Up

When you turn on the heat pump for the first time, it might feel like it’s blowing cool air. This is mainly because the system requires more time to heat up sufficiently. The heat pump systems draw hot air from the environment and transfer it inside. This usually isn’t an issue that should worry you to the extent of having a heating and AC repair service

Sometimes, when the temperatures fall below 30 degrees, it gets more challenging for the system to draw a heater to your Katy, TX home. Whenever this happens, give the heat pump system 30 minutes to one hour. After this period, it’ll make your home comfortable and pleasant. However, if the heating system takes too long before it heats up, ensure that you have a heating and AC repair service provider come for a further inspection or repair.

Issues with Reversing Valve

All the heat pumps feature a pressure-reversing valve. It is the component responsible for helping the system change from heating to cooling mode. If the pressure reversing valve is stuck or broken, the unit might not switch to the heating mode. This valve is found inside your heat pump system. 

Hence, it might not be responsive even when you’ve flipped the switch or clicked the button that usually changes your heat pump modes. This is because the internal mechanics of the heat pump system might not be properly functioning. If your heat pump reversing valve has an issue, enlist the help of a heating and AC repair service technician to fix the problem.

Frozen Heat Pump

Whenever the temperatures drop, the heat pump might become frozen. As a result, it might not be able to produce heated air. You can ascertain this by checking the outdoor unit for any signs that it is frozen. However, never try defrosting your heat pump yourself using hot water. This is because it can result in other issues. Additionally, you could potentially damage your unit past the repair point.  

The heat pump should automatically set itself to defrost mode whenever it is frozen. If it does not, you can also fix it yourself. After it properly defrosts, the unit will switch back to heating mode. If it does not defrost after several hours, you might have to call your heating and AC repair service provider for a further assessment. The professional will diagnose the issue and take measures to fix your heat pump.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant helps draw the heat from the outside environment and bring it into your indoor space. If the heat pump leaks the refrigerant, it will not effectively heat your Katy, TX home. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous. Hence, they need the immediate attention of a heating and AC repair service technician. Never attempt to clean the refrigerant yourself or patch the leaking refrigerant line. When the professional patches the leak, they will also top up the refrigerant to the required levels. Retain the heating and AC repair service professional for a routine heat pump maintenance and inspection service.

Thermostat Setting Issues

You can easily set the thermostat temperatures to the wrong settings. Hence, you should be sure to check that the thermostat is set to “heat” and the fan set to “auto” rather than “on.” Fan settings are highly critical. Whenever the heat pump has been set to “on,” it continuously blows the air out. When the heat pump detects that your home has reached the required temperatures, it stops heating your indoor air. 

However, the fan continues to blow the air out. When you set the fan to “auto,” it will turn on only when the heat pump is blowing hot air into your home. Thermostats can at times sustain electrical issues or become broken. In such a case, you should call a heating and AC repair service provider to inspect it. The professional can replace or rewire the thermostat to ensure it works efficiently.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service Providers

For excellent and reliable heat pump repair services, contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. Our technicians are ready to handle your heating and air conditioning issues, whether it is blowing cold air or has a damaged component. They also offer other services like furnace repair, AC installation and repair, and thermostat replacement. They are licensed, dependable, experienced, and well equipped to handle any heating or air conditioning issue that you might have.

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With spring in full swing and summer fast approaching, deciding whether it is time to repair or replace an air conditioner is a crucial and time-sensitive task. Your chosen AC repair company may be much busier during the summer months, and no one wants to be stuck in a house without air conditioning when the weather starts getting really hot, humid, and uncomfortable! Since HVAC units can be quite costly to replace, it’s prudent to assess the need for repair or replacement with help from a reliable AC repair company. Professional technicians can evaluate your air conditioning system, quickly determine if an issue has an easy, cost-effective fix, and provide advice about whether it’s really time to consider an AC replacement.

Is it time to repair or replace your air conditioner?

Most professionals will tell you that central air conditioners have an average lifespan of 10-15 years, depending on their usage. HVAC systems approaching this age tend to be less efficient and cause higher cooling and heating bills. Your seasonal energy efficiency ratio can be used to determine if your air conditioner is in need of replacement. If the efficiency has notably declined year-on-year, despite maintenance, your air conditioner repair company will often recommend a replacement.

One way to help calculate, in terms of expenditure, whether it’s the right time to use your AC repair company to finally replace your unit is to utilize the $5,000 rule.

To avoid spending unnecessary money on a cooling system replacement, you should first confirm the cost of repairs for your AC unit before you commit to replacing it completely. You could need to spend hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars on repairs. To help you make this decision, you can multiply the HVAC unit’s age by the cost of repair. If the figure is more than $5,000, it’s likely that money could be better spent on replacement rather than repairs. Here are some examples:

Example 1: Evaporator Coil Repair vs Unit Replacement

Replacing an evaporator coil will cost approximately $1,000 if you combine labor costs and the cost of the part. Some coils will be cheaper than others, depending on if the coil is encased, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $600 and $2,000 to replace such an integral component. If the AC unit is only 2 years old, spending $1,000 on an evaporator coil replacement is far more practical than replacing the unit. However, if the unit is 10 years old, it would be a different story.

According to the $5,000 rule:

$1,000 cost of repair x 2 years old = $2,000

$1,000 cost of repair x 10 years old = $10,000

In this scenario, it would be recommended by an AC repair company to repair the 2-year-old unit, and replace the decade-old unit. Of course, you need to take into consideration whether part warranties apply. If outside of warranty, you’ll be paying for parts as well as labor costs. If under warranty, labor costs might only apply.

Example 2: Condenser Fan Motor Repair vs Unit Replacement

Replacing a condenser fan motor through an AC repair company is a much less expensive task, costing only $400 on average. In some cases, you might only need to pay labor costs to an AC repair company technician, so the repairs are even less expensive.

According to the $5,000 rule:

$400 cost of repair x 2 years old = $800

$400 cost of repair x 12 years old = $4,800

In this scenario, if it’s only the condenser motor that requires replacement, it would still be prudent to consider keeping your existing AC running rather than opting for a full unit replacement.

Example 3: Air Compressor Repair vs Unit Replacement

The average repair cost for an air conditioner’s compressor is between $600 and $1,200 if the parts are under warranty. If not under warranty, it may cost between $1,300 and $2,500 to have this vital component replaced.

According to the $5,000 rule, if under warranty:

$600 cost of repair x 3 years old = $1,800

$1,200 cost of repairs x 3 years old = $3,600

According to the $5,000 rule, if not under warranty:

$1,300 cost of repair x 3 years old = $3,900

$2,500 cost of repair x 3 years old = $7,500

As you can see, even if you have a newer AC installation, sometimes it can be more practical to replace the entire unit if a vital component fails. With older units, even under warranty, it’s practical to consider a full unit replacement when a vital component requires a service from an AC repair company.

A Matter of Efficiency

When deciding whether to repair or replace your AC unit in The Woodlands, TX, it is important to check the efficiency output. You might wish to consider replacing your existing unit with an energy-saving option if its energy efficiency is not very good. These long-term savings could offset the higher price of buying a new unit, even if your existing unit does not require regular, costly repairs.

A properly functioning air conditioner is essential to enjoy cool breezes and relief from the heat during TX summers. It is important to have your HVAC unit checked by an AC repair company on a regular basis, especially if it is noisy, less efficient than usual, or exhibiting other problematic symptoms.

This type of work can be difficult, especially for people not experienced with HVAC systems. Technicians at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air have years of experience in dealing with issues that arise with AC units in The Woodlands, TX.

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is an AC repair company that offers a variety of cooling services, including repair, installation, and maintenance. Professional technicians at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air can repair or replace a wide variety of air conditioning installations at your property in The Woodlands, TX. Schedule an appointment to address any issues with your current AC today.

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