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Let’s get real for a second. The process of installing a new air conditioning system is not only complicated but also involves a number of steps and actions that people don’t usually expect, and missing a single one can affect the way your air conditioner performs and can even shorten its lifespan. Because of this, it is extremely important that you verify that the company you hire to do the job is knowledgeable, experienced and doesn’t cut corners. Because, let’s face it, to many, having an air conditioner work “well enough” and not “perfectly”, means you could end up losing a lot of money on energy over the long run while reducing the level of your system’s performance, something that is completely unacceptable. It is with this in mind that we have written this guide. It will help you understand the entire process of air conditioner installation while allowing you to learn why you need an experienced Cypress TX professional to do it. More importantly, it will show you the importance of hiring a reputable and experienced company like Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, to get the job done right. So, let’s go on and take a look at what you need to know.

The Planning Stage: Why Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Nowadays, technology moves at amazing speed. That shiny new gadget you purchased two years ago is now completely outdated and something even more amazing has replaced it. Now think about your old air conditioning system. You can’t really expect something that was top of the line 20 years ago to be up to par to the most recent technology, right? That’s right, you just can’t, and if your air conditioner has been working for that long, it definitely should be replaced soon.

Today, air conditioners are up to 50 percent larger all around than the older systems. This makes them more efficient than their predecessors because they use larger coils. When you are planning on replacing your old system, the first thing you should consider is the fact that the place in which your current system is located may not be large enough to fit a new one, and you may have to look for an area that is not only larger but also complies with the regulations on clearances for the unit. While this can create additional costs, due to the possible modification of your existing ducts, now that you know about it, you can plan accordingly. On the upside, the most recent air conditioning units are much quieter and highly efficient when compared to the previous generation, so any excess cost you could incur during an air conditioner installation will be offset by these qualities.

Getting an Estimate: Collecting Information

Once you have made the decision to replace your old air conditioner or install a new system, the air conditioner installation company will send out an estimator for an initial visit. The purpose of this is to review your existing equipment and collect information to give a correct estimate. This information will help the installation techs later on, because it will tell them what to expect and the kind of equipment they will need to do the job correctly and in a shorter length of time.

Installation Day: What to Expect

One of the first things that will happen when the air conditioner installation techs arrive will be that the team’s lead tech will talk to you and review the information and specific details about your installation with you. You will also be given an information packet that includes important information about the equipment and accessories that will be installed. It is of the utmost importance that you save this packet in a safe place for further reference.

This is also the perfect moment to ask any questions you may have about the process and to meet the other techs on the team. Afterwards, the team will start setting up any protective measures needed to keep your floors free from unwanted scratches and damage, and they will start a general safety routine that includes turning off any electrical circuits and the gas supply to your current air conditioner. Once all safety clearances have been performed, they will start working on removing your old air conditioning unit.

Removal of the Existing Unit

One of the most important things to remember when your existing air conditioning unit is being prepared for removal is that inside of it there is a refrigerant gas that has to be removed before it can be removed. It is illegal to vent this gas into the atmosphere, as per EPA standards, so the installation team will use an approved method, with the aid of a special recovery machine, to do it. Because of the EPA’s requirements, whoever handles the refrigerant needs to be certified, so feel free to ask the members of the air conditioner installation team to show their certification if you want.

Once the refrigerant has been drained by the air conditioner installation team, they will proceed to disconnect any and all electrical circuits from the unit. In order to do this correctly, they will have to turn off your Cypress, TX home’s circuit breaker, so keep in mind you may not have power during the time it takes to disconnect the old air conditioner and hook up the new one. When the connections have been removed, your old unit will be ready for removal, and they will continue with the air conditioner installation.

Finding the Best Air Conditioner Installation Company

If you are looking for an air conditioner installation company in Cypress, TX that can provide a system that is efficient and provides optimal comfort levels, look no further than Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. With the experience needed for a job well done, you can be sure you will always enjoy the highest level of service in the area. So, don’t hesitate, if you are ready to enjoy a more efficient and energy saving air conditioner, give Mr. Reliable Heating & Air a call today!

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Did you know that the average American home spends about 90% of its energy on heating and cooling? Heating and cooling can account for nearly half of a home’s annual energy costs. So it’s no surprise that many homeowners need heating and AC repair at some point. If your home in The Woodlands, TX needs heating and AC repairs, here are 10 of the most common issues:

1. Thermostat Problems

Thermostats control the heating and cooling in your home. Sometimes they can stop working or start working incorrectly, which can cause your heating and cooling system not to work correctly. You may notice that your home in The Woodlands, TX is not as comfortable as it should be or that your energy bills are higher than usual. If you think you may have a problem with your thermostat, call a heating and AC repair technician.

2. Blowing Hot or Cold Air

When your heating and cooling system is blowing hot or cold air instead of the temperature you have it set at, there could be a problem with the system. Various factors could cause this issue, including a dirty air filter, low refrigerant, or a problem with the thermostat. If you’re unsure what the problem is, call a heating and AC repair technician.

3. Strange Noises

If your heating and cooling system is making strange noises, it could signal something is wrong. Common sounds that show a problem include hissing, banging, or clicking. If you hear any of these noises, call an HVAC technician. The problem may be something as simple as a loose part or more serious, such as a cracked heat exchanger.

4. Weak or No Airflow

When the airflow from your vents is weak or nonexistent, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. This can happen if there’s a blockage in the ductwork, the system is low on refrigerant, or there’s a problem with the blower fan. If you’re not getting enough airflow, call a repair technician. They have the tools and experience to diagnose and fix the problem.

5. Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you’ve noticed that the air in your home is stuffy or smells bad, it could indicate poor indoor air quality. Various factors can cause this, including a dirty air filter, mold growth, or pet dander. If you’re concerned about the air quality in your home, call an HVAC technician. They can test the air and identify the problem. The HVAC company may also recommend an air duct cleaning service to improve the air quality in your home.

6. High Humidity Levels

Heat is frustrating. High humidity levels are even worse. If the air in your home feels damp, it could be because your HVAC system is not working correctly. A clogged drain line or a problem with the evaporator coil often causes this problem. If you’re dealing with high humidity levels, call a heating and AC repair technician. They can identify the problem and fix it.

7. Leaks

If you see water leaking from your HVAC system, it’s a sign that something is wrong. The most common cause of leaks is a problem with the condensate line. This line drains the water produced when the evaporator coil cools the air. If the condensate line is clogged, it can cause water to back up and leak from the system. If you see a leak, schedule a repair with an HVAC technician immediately.

8. Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil cools the air in your home. If the coil gets too cold, it can cause the air to blow out of the vents warm or even hot. A problem with the air filter, low refrigerant, or a faulty thermostat often causes this. If you suspect your evaporator coil is frozen, call a heating and AC repair technician. They can diagnose the problem and fix it.

9. Tripped Circuit Breaker

If your HVAC system keeps tripping the circuit breaker, it’s a sign that something is wrong. The most common cause of this problem is a faulty motor. If the engine is overheating, it can trip the breaker. Other causes include a shortage in the electrical system or a problem with the wiring. Call an HVAC technician if your HVAC system keeps tripping the circuit breaker. They can diagnose and fix the problem.

10. Increased Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed your energy bills in The Woodlands, TX going up, it could be because your HVAC system is not working as efficiently as it should. Various factors can cause this, including a dirty air filter, a problem with the thermostat, or leaks in the ductwork. If you’re concerned about your energy bills, call an HVAC technician. They can diagnose the problem and recommend a solution.

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Heating and AC Repair Needs

Schedule a tune-up for your HVAC system at least once a year. This will help to ensure that your system is running efficiently and can help to prevent problems down the road. While some heating and AC repair needs are unavoidable, others can be prevented with regular maintenance.

Some steps you can take to maintain your HVAC system:

  • Replace the air filter every 1-3 months.
  • Clean the coils on the condenser (outdoor unit) at least once a year.
  • Clean the blower fan and coils on the indoor unit (the furnace) at least once a year.
  • Schedule a tune-up for your HVAC system at least once a year.
  • By taking these steps, you can help to prevent a good deal of standard heating and AC repair needs.

If you have any problems with your heating and cooling system, call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. We’re here to help! Our experienced technicians can provide repairs, replacement, and maintenance services for all makes and models of HVAC systems. We’re here to help keep you and your family comfortable all year. Call us today!

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If you’ve owned your The Woodlands, TX home for more than a few years, you may soon start noticing, if you aren’t already, that your air conditioner is slowly starting to die. It’s possible you’ve had it repaired more times than you can count already, and no matter how good and comprehensive your maintenance schedule has been, it seems as if your whole HVAC system is on its last leg mostly because it’s downright old, and is going to have to be replaced sooner rather than later.  With this in mind, you should start your search for a new air conditioner by understanding what a new air conditioner installation in The Woodlands, TX can entail. This will help you select the best air conditioner for your needs, rather than one that may cause you to invest even more money for any special adaptations you may have to make.

To the inexperienced, a new air conditioner installation can seem overwhelming. Just the thought of the expense can be enough to put your brain in overdrive trying to find ways to put the money together. Then there’s the small issue of choosing the perfect air conditioner, one that provides all the comfort your family requires while staying within your budget. Lastly, there’s the installation. If you have some experience with air conditioners you may think you can do it yourself to save some money, but in reality, your best bet is to get a trained professional who can do it for you, regardless of the type of air conditioner you have chosen. This will ensure the job is done correctly, safely and quickly.

By now, you are probably wondering what is so difficult or special about air conditioner installation that it requires a professional HVAC technician to get it done. Read on to find out what goes on during the complicated process of installation from start to finish. In the end, the satisfaction produced by a new HVAC system that will provide comfort on a hot day for many years to come, will be more than worth the price you paid.

Step 1: The Air Conditioner Installation Team Will Evaluate and Remove Your Old HVAC System

One of the first things that must be done before your new air conditioner installation starts, is the removal of your old system. The installation team will make sure to verify if your new system will fit in the place where your old one was placed. If it does, no further preparation work will be needed, so they will protect the area and remove the unit.

Afterward, they will clean up any debris left behind by the removal, and they will evaluate whether the pad is still in an adequate condition to receive your new unit. If it isn’t, a new one will be prepared to receive your new air conditioner. Don’t forget to ask your air conditioner installation tech if they will take care of the proper disposal of the old unit or how they suggest you dispose of it yourself. Most likely, this disposal is something that is included in the installation contract.

Once your old system has been removed, your installation team will evaluate your current duct infrastructure in search of leaks and any problem that could potentially affect your new system’s performance, repairing anything they find as they go. Of course, you will be consulted before they do any extra work. When the evaluation and any needed repairs are finished, they will proceed to install your new system.

Step 2: The Air Conditioner Installation Team Will Put in Your New System

Now that everything is ready for the installation of your new air conditioning system, the hard part can begin. If necessary, your installation team will put in new pipes or connections, something that is entirely dependent on any major connection differences between the system that you had originally and the one that is being installed. The team will also verify and inspect all the new system’s electrical connections, and they will add coolant to the new system as per the manufacturer’s instructions. With all of this done, the installation team will begin testing your new system to make sure it works correctly. This ensures you can start using it as soon as the team is ready to leave. In some cases, the coolant will be drained out of your old air conditioner and disposed of according to federal legislation, but that is something your installers will know, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Step 3: The Installation Team Will Check or Install Your Thermostat

In most cases, a new air conditioner will include a new thermostat that is appropriate for the model you have selected. Your installation team can install it after they finish replacing your unit. If you prefer to keep your old thermostat, they will inspect it to make sure it works correctly and that the connection to your new system has been made in the most appropriate manner.

Additionally, if you would rather use a separate thermostat or prefer a smart thermostat system, and you have already purchased it, your installation team can set it up for you during the same visit, or you can schedule another appointment for this specific task. As part of the procedure, your installer will teach you how to use the new thermostat to ensure you make the most of your new system.

Step 4: Final Walkthrough and Special Instructions

Now that your new cooling system has been installed, your air conditioner installation team will take you on a walkthrough of the entire system, pointing out any aspects you may need to know about and providing detailed instructions for its optimal performance. Additionally, they will provide any maintenance information you should know, such as how to change the filters, which will save you some money in the long run. This is a good time to talk about a more detailed maintenance schedule that you can set up periodically. If you have any questions, this is also the moment to ask them. Your installation team will be happy to provide any answers you seek.

Looking for Reliable Installation Service?

If you are looking for expert air conditioner installation for your home in The Woodlands, TX, call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to schedule an appointment and an estimate. As the foremost experts in the area, they will be more than happy to help you choose the best air conditioner for your needs. So, don’t hesitate and call Mr. Reliable Heating & Air today!

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Here in the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area, your air conditioning may run almost year-round. It can be very uncomfortable for everyone if the air conditioner stops working suddenly. Before you commit to hiring a set AC repair company to fix your AC, you need to make sure that they are reputable. Asking the repair company the right questions will help to ensure you and your property’s safety, reduce the likelihood of an incorrect fix, and has a multitude of additional benefits.

Not everyone is an expert. It’s important to remember this. While many contractors claim they are experts at fixing air conditioners, not all of them are. Sometimes, they simply don’t have enough experience, or they lack dedication to customer service. Make sure you only work with an AC repair company who can back up their promises. Any contracts should clearly outline your rights and their responsibilities. You should choose a company that is concerned about your Spring, TX home and has the right licensing, certifications, and insurance to protect you.

Many reputable HVAC companies offer annual preventative maintenance contracts. One of the best ways you can prolong the life of your air conditioner is to have it serviced every year before it gets too hot in summer heat. An AC repair company willing to offer long-term maintenance and repair commitments is easier to trust than a fly-by-night operation from a local contractor that you’re unsure if you’ll ever see again.

What You Need To Know About Your AC Repair Company

These are some questions that you should consider asking your AC repair company in Spring, TX:

How many years has your company been in operation? Do you have a lot of long-term staff? This tells you a lot about how committed the AC repair company is to their customers, as well as how committed the staff are to their employer. Long-standing businesses have done more to help the people they have served. They have more experience to back up their repair quotes. It’s not easy to provide air conditioning services in Texas, especially for new businesses. The summer heat can make it very hot and AC often breaks down, which means that HVAC professionals are often busy. Newer businesses may not have the capacity to deal with a sudden influx of AC repair requests, and staff with no loyalty to their employer might be less likely to provide excellent customer service when you need it most. Choosing a business that’s been in operation for a number of years, and has retained its staff, likely means you’ll be working with a reputable company.

What services do you offer? It is important to find out what the company can do to meet your air conditioning repair needs. This will help you determine if they are capable of solving the problem. It saves time and frustration by asking about the services a technician offers in advance. Whether you need a simple tune-up or have a more complex issue, it’s worth discussing the specifics before you hire them. If they don’t do AC installations, you may be stuck with a contractor who can’t help you when your AC needs total replacement. Similarly, if they don’t offer maintenance, you may be unable to keep your AC in the best condition after repairs are complete.

Do your technicians offer emergency service? It is possible for your air conditioner to stop putting out cool air during sweltering nights. In these cases, the quicker a HVAC technician can attend, the better. You should choose a company that offers air conditioning services round the clock, seven days a week. It is important to know that you can rely on them in times of need. This gives you some peace of mind, and lets you sleep well at night.

Can you replace my AC unit’s filter? If you have never done this before, it can be a daunting task. It’s not a problem for the technician who comes to your house. Air conditioners are often replaced prematurely because of dirty filters. Getting it sorted by your AC repair company provides peace of mind if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, it saves you the stress of figuring it out, and you can be sure it’s done right.

Are you able to install AC units? It is important to find a qualified technician who can do all your AC repairs. It won’t take you too long to find a technician to repair or install your air conditioner if you opt for a full-service company. Since you’ll work with the same company, they’ll be familiar with your home. 

Are your license and insurance current? What insurance coverage do you have? Ideally, every company has safety measures in place for unexpected events. They would have to file a claim against your insurance company if they were to injure you or cause damage to your house. Your deductibles will not rise if you hire a company with these protections. You must be either a licensed contractor or a registered technician who works under a contractor to perform heating, cooling, and refrigeration work in Spring, TX. Make sure the AC repair company you choose effectively vets their technicians and can prove current insurance and licensing to undertake the necessary repair work.

Do you offer discounts or financing options for HVAC services? At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we offer a full range of heating and AC services. You may receive discounts on expensive repairs, parts and maintenance. If you become part of our HVAC benefits club and pay for annual ‘White Glove Membership’ we offer additional benefits such as priority scheduling, 1-hour appointment timeframes, and courtesy tune-ups.

Asking the right questions helps you determine which AC repair company you want to work with. You’ll know who to call and why they’re the best professionals to do the job for you. You’re more likely to be pleased with the outcome if you choose a reputable HVAC company who can answer all the above questions satisfactorily. Our team of experienced technicians can help you with every type of HVAC service. Schedule an appointment online to hear from one of our experts at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

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Almost everyone in The Woodlands, TX can appreciate the importance of air conditioners in their homes and offices. This is because the weather around here can get uncomfortably hot, especially in summer, and it is hard to imagine how uncomfortable your home or office would get if your air conditioner failed for some reason. However, the air conditioner, like any other electromechanical system, can break down at any time, and consequently fail to keep your home comfortably cool. Therefore, it is not out of the ordinary for you to need the services of a professional air conditioning repair company from time to time. However, with proper maintenance and use, the calls to your air HVAC repair company should be few and far between. In other words, your air conditioner should not be breaking down every few days or weeks. Therefore, if you have noticed that your air conditioner is breaking down too frequently, there is something wrong with it. The good news is that there are several deliberate steps you can take to avoid frequent calls to your air conditioning repair service as explained below.

Get a Reliable AC Repair Company

As mentioned earlier, your air conditioner might, like other electrical appliances, break down from time to time. Given the complexity of modern air conditioning systems, you need to ensure that such breakdowns are addressed by credible professionals who understand what needs to be done to resolve any given air conditioning issue decisively. If you hire an amateur to repair your broken air conditioner, there is a good chance that they might fail to fix the issue at hand correctly, meaning that your air conditioner might start breaking down more frequently. On the other hand, experienced air conditioning repair experts whose track record is above board will be thorough in how they approach any given air conditioning issue, meaning that once they repair your air conditioner, you can rest assured that you will not need their services soon.

Proper Maintenance

Your air conditioner is not a piece of equipment you can just install and forget. For it to continue running optimally, you need to ensure that it gets proper maintenance. If you neglect your air conditioner and fail to get it serviced by a professional air conditioning repair expert, it will operate below its optimal level, and therefore, some of its essential components might wear out more rapidly, causing it to break down more frequently. On the other hand, if you work with a professional air conditioning services provider to keep your air conditioner in good shape, you will keep it operating at its optimal level, which will minimize the rate of wear and tear and consequently reduce the frequency with which you might need to call a professional air conditioning repair service.

Don’t Wait Until There is a Problem

In most cases, air conditioning problems do not develop abruptly. They develop gradually, meaning that if you are keen enough, you might identify some signs of air conditioning failure in their earliest stages of development when it is still easy to fix them and before they can affect other areas of your HVAC system. This will go a long way in preventing major air conditioning emergencies. When you seek timely air conditioning repair services, you will ensure that your HVAC expert has enough time to assess the condition of your air conditioning system and ensure that any developing issues are fixed before they can cause your air conditioner to malfunction. This will go a long way in helping you avoid making frequent calls to your air conditioning repair service.

Timely Air Conditioner Replacement

Your air conditioner is not an appliance that is designed to last a lifetime. Therefore, there will come a time when you will need to replace it. As your air conditioner approaches the end of its lifespan, it will start developing problems that might force you to seek air conditioning repair services frequently. To circumvent such issues, you need to ensure that your old, dilapidated air conditioner is replaced on time. On average, air conditioners last between ten and fifteen years, and therefore, if yours is over a decade old, you should start discussing with your HVAC repair service about the need to invest in a new replacement air conditioner. The new air conditioner will rarely break down, and therefore, you will not need to frequently call an AC repair service to your The Woodlands, TX house.

Be Mindful of How You Use Your Air Conditioner

Like any other electromechanical system, your air conditioner might misbehave if misused. Therefore, you need to be mindful of how you use your air conditioner. For instance, if you set your thermostat setting too low, you will be putting unnecessary strain on your air conditioner. Unfortunately, by forcing your air conditioning equipment to work harder than it is designed to, you will cause its part to wear out more rapidly, meaning that your air conditioner might start to break down more frequently. On the other hand, by using your air conditioner mindfully, you can protect its parts from getting overworked, which will minimize the risk and frequency of air conditioner breakdowns.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that it is not out of the ordinary for your air conditioner to break down from time to time. However, air conditioner repairs can be quite expensive, and therefore, nobody wants to be making frequent calls to their air conditioning repair services provider. The good news is that there are several things you can do to keep your air conditioner in good shape and consequently avoid frequent breakdowns. If you are looking for a dependable HVAC company in The Woodlands, TX to help you in this regard, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air is the answer. We have been handling air conditioners for a long time, and you can count on us to help you keep your HVAC system running optimally. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our company and services.

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Imagine it’s the middle of summer in Spring, TX and it’s hot. You turn on your AC to cool down, but it doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to. You start to panic because you know the heat will be unbearable if your AC isn’t working.

It is a common scenario for many people, especially during summer. If you need AC repair, don’t worry! Different companies can help you get your AC up and running again. However, you should remember a few things before choosing an AC repair company. We will explore the pitfalls to avoid when choosing an AC repair company.

1. Not Researching Companies Thoroughly

AC repair companies are not all created equal. Some are better than others, and some are downright terrible. The best way to avoid choosing a bad company is to do your research ahead of time.

Check online reviews, ask for recommendations from friends or family, and compare prices between companies. Don’t just go with the first company you find – take the time to find the best one for your needs.

When you check for references, look for the following information:

-How long has the company been in business

-What kind of reputation do they have

-How much experience do their technicians have

If you can find a company that meets all of these criteria, you’re more likely to be happy with its service.

2. Not Getting Estimates from Multiple Companies

The total cost of hiring an AC repair company in Spring, TX will depend on various factors like:

-the severity of the problem

-the type of AC unit

-whether parts need to be replaced

Simpler and smaller repairs include:

-replacing the air filter

-recharging the Freon

-cleaning the coils

More complex repairs or replacements might be needed if there are:

-a refrigerant leak

-damaged compressors or fans

-wiring issues

Before hiring an AC repair company, get at least three estimates from different companies. It will help ensure that you get the best possible job price.

You should check for hidden fees, such as:

-trip charges

-overtime rates

-emergency fees

Be sure to ask each company if these additional fees apply.

3. Choosing the Cheapest Company Without Considering the Quality

There are different AC units in Spring, TX homes like:

-Ductless AC

Central AC

-Portable AC

Each type has a different price tag. When you are searching for an AC repair company, it is essential that you compare rates with other companies but also consider the quality of work they provide. The cheapest company might not be the best option if they cannot guarantee the quality of their work.

For example, a refrigerant leak may occur due to various reasons like:

-A hole in the evaporator coil

-A loose connection in the tubing

-Worn out gaskets and O-rings

If the repair company does not have the right tools or expertise to fix the problem, your AC unit will continue to leak. It will lead to higher energy bills, and eventually, you will have to replace the AC unit.

4. Signing a Contract Without Checking It Carefully

The terms and conditions of an AC repair contract include:

-The total cost of the project

-A detailed description of the work that needs to be done

-The time frame in which the repairs will be completed

Be sure to read every word of the contract before you sign it. If there is anything you’re unsure about, ask for clarification from the company. For example, you may want to know if the AC repair company charges extra for after-hours repairs or weekend work.

Similarly, the timeline for repairs is essential to know in advance. You don’t want the company to start repairs and then realize they will take longer than expected, leaving you without AC for an extended period.

5. What Kind of AC Repair Services Does the Company Provide?

Not all AC repair companies are created equal. Some may only offer essential services, while others may be able to handle more complex repairs. Knowing what kind of services a company offers is vital before making a decision.

Basic services include:

* Cleaning the coils

* Checking and replacing the air filter

* Refilling the Freon

* Testing the thermostat

If you have a more complex issue, you’ll want to ensure the company can handle it. Otherwise, you may end up having to call someone else anyway.

Some of the more complex repairs that an AC repair company should be able to handle include:

* Replacing the air handler

* Replacing the condensing unit

* Installing a new AC unit

Research the HVAC company’s website or call them to find out about their services.

6. Not Asking for License Details

A Texas-based AC repair company should be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The company’s license number should be prominently displayed on its website and marketing materials. You should feel free to ask for confirmation of this license when you call to inquire about services.

The company should be a member of organizations like the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These memberships are not required, but they show a commitment to excellence.

You can check complaints against a company with the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the BBB.

7. Asking for Insurance and Warranty

Before you let any AC repair company touch your beloved cooling system, ensure they can provide evidence of insurance and warranty. These will protect you in case anything goes wrong during the repair process.

A warranty will cover:

-The cost of any repairs that need to be made within a specific time frame

-The replacement of any parts that break during the warranty period

-The cost of labor associated with the repair

Be sure to get all the warranty details in writing before you agree to have work done on your AC unit.

Contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for Expert AC Repair Services

Our team of certified HVAC technicians has the experience and knowledge to repair all brands and models of air conditioners. At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, we offer a wide range of AC repair services to meet our customers’ needs.

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Heating and air conditioning systems are essential in ensuring that your home has high indoor air quality. As a result, they are directly involved in alleviating allergies and asthma flare-ups. This is because, besides cooling the indoor air, these appliances also remove the contaminants such as pet dander, mold, and other allergens dissolved in the air by filtering them out. However, there are several other heating and air conditioning accessories that you can invest in to ensure that your air quality is high.

Are you hoping to optimize indoor air quality at your home? You should enlist the help of an AC repair technician. These professionals can undertake several actions to see your home cooled, with better humidity levels and even higher indoor air quality. So, how can an air conditioning repair technician help you ensure you are inhaling clean air at your The Woodlands, TX home?

Cleaning the Air Ducts

Unless you have installed a window unit or a ductless air conditioning system, you most likely have air ducts running all over your home. Unfortunately, the air ducts that are supposed to carry air to other areas of your home can become filled with dust and other allergens. Dust and pollen are common allergens and tend to travel alongside other allergens like pet dander via the air ducts to different parts of your home since they are attracted to the vents and other intake hoods. Fortunately, this is a problem that you can avoid with a routine duct cleaning service from an air conditioning repair professional. You can also dust the vents every three weeks to ensure that no dust enters your home to the detriment of your IAQ.

Eliminate Typical Indoor Allergens

Many factors contribute to indoor air pollution. Pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold, and cockroach droppings are the most prevalent indoor allergens. Although most of these allergens are captured by the air filters in your HVAC system as they become airborne, they can still impact you and trigger allergic inflammation. Additionally, mildew and mold in your HVAC system may end up in your home’s indoor air during air conditioning cycles. This could mean having an AC repair technician install high-efficiency filters and air purifiers at your home.

You May Want to Consider UV Lights

Ultraviolet lights are the lighting components that release a light wavelength that kills molds and other microbes dissolved in the air. Like exposure to the X-rays could cause damage after a period, ultraviolet lights are also harmful to microbes and can kill them, preventing them from festering in and polluting indoor air quality. Ultraviolet lights are the best-suited accessories for curtailing bacterial growth within your heating and air conditioning system. They can be installed properly by an air conditioning repair professional that will place them close to your air conditioning system’s evaporator.

Fortunately, some central HVAC systems already have UV lights installed or even have a point where you can install one. Therefore, you might want to have your Air conditioning repair technician check the area near the evaporator to assess the capabilities of your heating and AC system. Although installing ultraviolet lights can be expensive, it is the perfect solution, especially if you have a family member that has asthma.

Installing Quality Air Filters

Given their importance in preventing indoor allergies, you should spend money on high-quality air filters that can capture even the smallest particles. A minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV rating, is used to assess an air filter’s effectiveness. The higher MERV values, which range between one and twenty, provide the highest possible level of filtration. Most high-efficiency filters fall into the 14–16 rating range.

Although this range is sufficient to filter out microscopic particles, it still falls short of the performance of HEPA filters. However, unless the system has been upgraded or is specifically built to use HEPA filters, they are normally not advised for centralized HVAC systems. This is because the HVAC system is typically under more strain the more efficient the air filter is. To choose the proper filter for your system, speak with your air conditioning repair technician.

Routine Air Conditioning Service

Routine and timely air conditioning service is among the most effective ways of ensuring that your The Woodlands, TX home has high indoor air quality. Professional and experienced air conditioning repair technicians recommend that you have an air conditioning service at least once yearly or semi-annually. During these visits, the professional cleans the air ducts, patch any leaks, and replaces the air filters to ensure that the air entering your home is devoid of allergens.

Installing Quality Air Purification Systems

The best way to capture the allergens your HVAC system can’t manage is to have an air conditioning repair technician install an air purification system with a HEPA filter. Because they improve the air quality throughout the entire house and make it simpler for every family member to breathe, whole-home air purifiers are excellent for those who suffer from severe allergies or asthma.

Control Humidity

Besides installing quality air purification systems, your air conditioning repair technician can also add a dehumidifier to take over from where your HVAC left. You must maintain the ideal levels of humidity to alleviate any allergies. Humidity combined with warmth creates the ideal conditions for mold growth, exposing you and your family to allergic reactions and sicknesses. Mold isn’t good for those who have asthma. Hence, you want a professional to install a whole home dehumidifier that will run whenever your AC unit cycles to ensure that the humidity levels at your home are level.

Yes, We Can Help Alleviate Allergies and Asthma!

As seen from the preceding, there are different measures that you can take together with your air conditioning repair company in The Woodlands, TX to alleviate any allergies or asthma. Do you need to install any item or get any service above? Call us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

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When your air conditioner starts acting up and you start wondering whether it requires maintenance or some type of repair, you are going to have to start looking for the best AC repair company in Katy, TX to get the problem fixed before it gets even worse. If this is your case, the first thing you should remember is that hiring the first company you find is probably not the best idea. It takes very little effort to do some research and ask any questions you have of a few contractors in order to find the best AC repair company you can find. Because of this, we have compiled a list of all the things you should take into account when you start looking for an AC professional you can hire. Let’s take a look.

What Kind of Online Reputation Does the AC Repair Company Have?

Nowadays, it’s very easy to find out an AC company’s reputation through a quick online search, and when your AC is in need of work, you most definitely want to make sure you hire the right company to get the job done in a professional and knowledgeable way. To make sure you know who you are hiring, it is a good idea to check the reviews their prior customers have written online, making a point of reading the most recent ones. These reviews are a great way to find out how happy other people are with the contractor’s work, or whether they’ve had any problems with them.

When you read the reviews, look for information that will give you some insight on the types of issues other clients have had with the company and how they were resolved. You should also look for information about the company’s communication with its clients. Was communication consistent? Did all their questions get answered promptly and professionally? Finally, remember that just because a company doesn’t have any negative reviews you should forget everything else and hire them. In most cases, a contractor’s value resides in how they were able to resolve any problems with their client, and whether they provided answers to the negative comments. This will give you a good idea of their customer service skills.

Does the AC Repair Company Have Up-To-Date Insurance?

No reputable AC company would even attempt to work without having the coverage required by law. This coverage usually includes the business, employees, and their customers. Hiring a contractor who doesn’t have any type of liability insurance can result in you having to fork over huge amounts of money in case of any damages to your property or workers getting injured on-site during the time it takes to finish the job. Don’t hesitate to ask the company for proof of insurance. They should be able to show you their liability, worker’s compensation, and any other policy their business carries. Make sure the policies are current, and they provide enough coverage so you don’t become liable for any possible accidents while their AC techs do the job you are hiring them for.

Does the AC Repair Company Provide a Warranty on their Work?

Before hiring an AC company to do the work on your HVAC system, don’t forget to ask about the type of warranty they offer for the different services they provide. A good warranty will give you an idea of how reputable the company really is because it’s their way of letting you know they have confidence in the work they do and to prove it they will correct any mistakes they make without any additional cost to their customers.

Even so, always make sure you ask about the details of a company’s warranty because they don’t all offer the same one. Ask about the duration of the warranty, what it covers, how long will they take to repair any issues that come up, and how you can access the warranty in case of any problems. It is important to consider that the longer the duration of the warranty and the amount of coverage it provides, the better and more reputable the company will be.

How Much Experience Does the AC Repair Company Have?

This is probably the most important part of finding the right AC company for your maintenance or repair requirements. An AC repair company that hasn’t been in business for long may not be able to perform the job in the best manner. Always make sure you ask about the experience not only of the company itself, but also of its employees. Have they had any recent training? How many years have they been working in the industry? Have they specialized in a certain field such as commercial or residential AC systems?

A technician with enough experience will be able to diagnose and repair any AC problem quickly and effectively, ensuring your home starts feeling cool again as soon as possible. Keep in mind that even though an AC company may have been in business for many years, their current employees may be relatively new to the trade, so always make sure to ask about the experience of the staff, and, if possible, of the specific tech who will be performing the job at your Katy, TX home.

Does the AC Company Have Good Communication Skills?

Communication is essential in any relationship, especially when it comes to business and services. The AC company you hire should return all your calls promptly, show up on time, let you know if they’re delayed, and set specific times and dates during which they will provide the service you are hiring them for. Additionally, they should explain exactly what is wrong with your system and how they will repair it.

Are You Looking for an AC Repair Expert?

When your AC starts acting up and you are in need of a reputable AC repair company to provide high quality repairs, look no further than Mr. Reliable Heating & Air. As the foremost AC repair company in the Katy, TX area, we will be happy to help you cool your house again as quickly as possible and with the least amount of hassle, so give us a call today and let us know how we can be of service to you!

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Have you just purchased a new Cypress, TX home and want to install an air conditioner? Or have you finally decided to replace your old air conditioning unit? For whatever reason you are considering air conditioner installation, you should have it done by a professional. Although you might know what kind of air conditioner you plan to purchase, you most likely do not understand what goes into real installation work.

Unfortunately, some homeowners try to cut costs and use their DIY skills to install and repair air conditioning units. Besides voiding your warranty, this could result in damages and even injuries. Hence, it is advised that you have the installation job done by a professional. This article explores what it takes to install an air conditioner successfully and as quickly as possible. The technicians do their best to ensure that you won’t have to wait around for long to have the unit installed correctly.

Below is what goes into the installation of an air conditioner:

Making the Decision

The first thing that you must do is to decide that you need to install an air conditioner. When you have used the air conditioner for over 15 years, and it has started breaking down regularly, you should take the necessary measures to replace it. Do you feel the unit might not see you through the scorching summer heat? Or do you want to install a new unit in your newly purchased home?

If you’re tired of dealing with summer heat, you should probably start deciding on the air conditioner you should have installed. The best time for air conditioner installation is the season before or after the summer but not mid-summer.

Choose the Right Installation Company

After deciding that you need to install an air conditioner, you then need to start the search for an air conditioner installation company that will take care of all the things for you. You want to ensure that you choose a company that will get everything up and running within no time. Therefore, hire a company with experienced technicians properly equipped with modern tools to finish the job unhindered.

Hire a company licensed and one that can come for repairs should you need them. Otherwise, hiring an unlicensed air conditioning installation company might result in the voiding of your warranty. Ensure that the company you hire has a reputation and trustworthiness.

Decide on What You Want

Once you’ve decided that you need an air conditioner installation and know what company you will contract for the installation, it is now the time to decide on the air conditioning unit. The AC unit will largely depend on how large your Cypress, TX home is and your household size. However, this stage is tricky, and you cannot afford to get it wrong.

Your contracted company can help you choose the unit with a large say in the air conditioner size and where things like the outdoor unit will be installed. They know the size of the air conditioning unit that will fit your home’s needs and may have some options you can choose from based on the quality and manufacturers.

When installing your new air conditioner, you may be able to choose between a few somewhat different levels, but you may not have many options. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider what you already have and base your decision on what would work best for your household and your family. From that point on, things will get a lot simpler for you because you won’t need to worry about the process of air conditioner installation as much. You get to do nothing more than unwind and observe.

Wait for Your Air Conditioner

After deciding on the air conditioning unit you want to install at your home, you’ll probably have to place an order and wait for its arrival. This means you’ll have to wait a bit, another reason you should schedule an air conditioner installation at the earliest possible chance. Should you wait for the summer to kick in, the backlog at the supplier’s shop might make you wait for even a longer period. This is because almost all homeowners are considering an installation at that time.

It will be simpler for you to complete the installation and use your air conditioner throughout the entire following season instead of only a portion of it if you join the list before the actual season begins. If you wait too long, you might not enjoy the air conditioner since it will not even be installed.

You should give that some thought because it will be much better and handier for you. But regardless of how long you ultimately have to wait, you’ll get the call when the air conditioner is prepared and the firm wants to set a date to come out and finish the installation.

Getting Ready

After you have waited and the air conditioning unit is finally brought to your home, you should prepare for the actual air conditioner installation. However, this is a simple process. All you need is to clear some areas where the indoor and outdoor units will be installed. Since you’ve been working with the company, you should know how much room the air conditioner will require and where it will go.

To allow the company to access the location and set up everything, ensure that it is free and has a sufficient area. You also should ensure that you clear space through your house from the exterior door to the point where the air conditioner installation will happen.

Are You Planning to Install an Air Conditioner?

Installation of an air conditioner involves more than just purchasing an AC unit and fitting it into your house. Many considerations should be put in place. You can move faster if you involve an air conditioner installation technician in Cypress, TX. For a reliable installation that will see you through the summer season, contact us at Mr. Reliable Heating & Air.

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With the numerous air conditioning systems in Cypress, TX HVAC landscape, you might be wondering about the best options to meet your cooling needs. You can go for high-velocity aircons because of their ability to control high humidity levels and regulate the temperature in your home.

High-velocity air conditioning units are improved versions of the conventional central air conditioning equipment, using considerable force to supply conditioned air to your house. This happens through sealed air ducts or tubes installed by licensed air conditioner installation technicians.

Their efficiency in providing utmost comfort during summer is unrivaled as they make your room cool faster than zoned or central air conditioners. High-velocity AC appliances have smaller air handlers, making it possible for HVAC specialists to install them in smaller spaces.

Before going for the AC for installation in your house, you should make the following considerations:


If you are tired of high energy bills due to your central air conditioning unit, you should upgrade to high-velocity ACs. With accurate installation service, the system produces high-pressure conditioned air with less power consumption.

The small high-velocity air handlers also play a significant role in energy savings by increasing pressure for ducts to adequately circulate in your house. Another aspect that makes the appliance more energy efficient is the sealed and insulated air ducts that effectively prevent air leaks that make electricity bills skyrocket.

Moreover, the system has cooling coils that eliminate up to 30 percent of humidity in your home. It reduces moisture in the air, making the unit perform optimally.

The skilled and experienced air conditioner installation experts in Cypress, TX can recommend setting high temperatures in your thermostat because the low humid air reduces energy use while providing maximum temperature-related comfort.

The HVAC pro can check the Energy Efficiency Ration (EER) or Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio (SEER) and get the type that fits your cooling needs.


In addition, you can consider buying a high-velocity air conditioner because its small and flexible air ducts make it possible for professionals with expertise in air conditioner installation to mount it in any part of your residential building. The experts should ensure the ductwork is sealed to lower the possibility of conditioned air escaping outside, forcing the system to use more power to provide sufficient comfort.

Desired Climate Control

High-velocity ACs correctly installed by certified air conditioner installation technicians perform at their peak in cooling or heating your space during alternate hot and cold seasons.

For temperature control or regulation, you should know the weather patterns and climate changes to decide whether to buy an air conditioner or a split system that can heat and cool your home efficiently.

Hot and oppressive summers and short winters in the city need an efficient system like high-velocity ACs. The split unit can serve your cooling and heating needs for maximum comfort from hot to cold seasons.

An air conditioner installation pro from a reliable company can connect the high-velocity AC to a heat pump, hydronic coil or electric duct before wintry days start.

The HVAC specialists can also install the system in a single room and place several thermostats in different rooms that warm up faster for energy conservation. They can also set up the unit to prevent the conditioned air or heat from reaching unused rooms.

System Designs

Another vital consideration when getting high-velocity aircons is the type or design of the system. Some people can never invest or purchase in an appliance that does not sit well with their preferences or style because rather endure the high energy costs of conventional forced AC systems for a while until they get exactly the design they want.

So, your air conditioner installation contractor can offer assistance in selecting between a mini-split, Unico system, duct system, or Split AC for more precise temperature regulation. Unico Unit is unique because it operates through aspiration that allows the high-velocity conditioned air to enter rooms.

If an air conditioner installation expert installs the system correctly, you and your loved ones will enjoy paramount comfort regardless of drafty windows or doors.

House Construction Type

Before purchasing the high-velocity air conditioning system, you should consider your type of home to guide your choice of ductwork. High-velocity air conditioning units are the best-fit for architectural buildings because the ductwork in conventional aircons can spoil the thoughtful beauty, tone, decorations and artwork.

Air conditioner installation professionals propose high-velocity ACs because of the small-sized flexible air ducts that are easy for the eyes. The system does not leave dirty and dark trails that can compromise the beauty of your house.

Folks with limited space can also love the high-velocity air conditioning unit because the hired air conditioner installation crew can install the flexible and small ducts in the ceiling or corners of their homes without ripping out the walls, which is a cumbersome process.

Quiet Operation

Noise is destruction that most people try to avoid in their houses to get that peaceful and quiet space to relax. An efficient high-velocity air conditioner gives you the tranquility you need after a busy day at work due to low humidity.

Less moisture in the air reduces the strain on your system, eliminating the grinding and other sounds as it produces sufficient conditioned air for a comfy space. With the accurate installation of high-velocity units, it operates quietly and at its peak.

In a Nutshell

Though installing the system is quick and easy, it does not mean you do it. Find the best installers from a reputable company for exceptional services. You can consider calling Mr. Reliable Heating & Air for competent air conditioner installation.

We are a premier HVAC company in Cypress, TX providing unmatched cooling and heating services that meet our client’s needs. At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, our trained, qualified, certified, and experienced technicians use their advanced tools and extensive knowledge in HVAC systems to offer the best installation, repair, or replacement services for a better customer experience.

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