4 Signs You Need To Call An AC Repair Company | The Woodlands, TX

4 Signs You Need To Call An AC Repair Company | The Woodlands, TX

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Can you imagine what your summer would be like without an air conditioner? Even with it being months away being Texas, During the summer, the temperature in The Woodlands, TX, can reach 96 degrees. It will be impossible to stay cool and comfortable in your home when it is this hot without air conditioning.

The best way to ensure that your air conditioner will keep your home cool all summer long is to recognize issues when they first begin. If you can identify issues early, you can call an AC repair company before the issue causes your system to shut down completely.

If the air conditioner in your home is experiencing any of the following issues, you should call an AC repair company right away.

#1 Strange Sounds

Your air conditioner should be relatively quiet when it is running. When the system cycles, it makes a low-level clicking sound. If you hear any strange sounds, you should call an AC repair company.

Different sounds signify different issues. For example, a banging sound often signifies a loose part, a faulty compressor, or the system is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Screeching sounds signify a broken fan motor or a damaged blower. If you hear a high-pitched screaming, you should turn your system off immediately and call an air conditioning repair company. This sound often signifies high pressure in the system that can be very dangerous if you allow your system to continue running.

When you call an air conditioning repair company, an HVAC tech will come to your home in The Woodlands, TX, to inspect the system and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

#2 Poor Airflow

When you stand in front of the vents in your home you should feel a cold rush of air. If you feel very little air coming from the vents, you should call an AC repair company. A few issues can cause poor airflow, and you will need an HVAC tech to determine which one is causing your airflow issue. The most common cause of inadequate airflow include:

  • Clogged air ducts: Regardless of how clean you keep your home, dirt, dust, and other debris will build up in the air ducts. In just one year, up to five pounds of debris can build up in the ducts. When too much debris has built up, it will obstruct the airflow from the vents. In addition, when your air conditioner is running, the debris will circulate through your home, affecting the air quality.


  • Damaged air ducts: If an HVAC finds that there isn’t a buildup of debris obstructing the air ducts, the issue could be damaged air ducts. If there is a leak or a crack in the ducts, the cold air will escape before reaching the vents, resulting in poor airflow.


  • Faulty blower: The blower is responsible for pushing the cool air from your system to the vents around your home. If the blower isn’t functioning properly, you won’t get adequate airflow from the vents.

When you call an AC repair company, they will send a tech to your home to examine the air ducts. If there are no issues there, they will check the health of your blower.

Calling an air conditioner repair company will ensure you get adequate airflow from the vents, which is essential in keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

#3 Warm Air Coming From the Vents

The most common sign that you need to call an AC repair company is warm air coming from the vents. Before you make the call, check your thermostat. The most common cause of this issue is user error. Your thermostat should be set to the cooling mode. If it isn’t, the system won’t produce cold air. You also need to check the temperature setting. If it is cooler in the house than the setting on the thermostat, the system won’t produce cold air. If your thermostat is set correctly, you should call an air conditioner repair company.

Several issues can make it impossible for your system to produce cold air.

  • Dirty air filter
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • There is no electricity going to the outdoor unit
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Low refrigerant level
  • Faulty compressor
  • Your system has reached the end of its lifespan.

Because there are so many issues that can cause this problem, you shouldn’t try to find the cause yourself. It is best to call an AC repair company to find the cause and resolve the issue. The sooner you have the issue repaired, the sooner your home will be cool and comfortable again.

#4 Foul Smells

The cold air your system produces and pumps through the vents should be odorless. If there is a foul smell when your system is running, you should immediately call an AC repair company. The smell your system is making lets the HVAC tech know what needs to be checked.

  • Mold: If you smell mold when your system is running, it should not be ignored. The most common cause is mold in the air ducts. The ducts in your home are dark and often damp, which creates the perfect breeding ground for mold.
    Mold in the ducts is very serious. When your AC is running, mold spores will circulate in the air. Breathing in mold spores can cause allergy symptoms, respiratory issues and can weaken your immune system. If a member of your household has a chronic respiratory or lung condition, breathing in mold spores will worsen their condition.

If the HVAC finds mold in the ducts, it can easily be removed with an antimicrobial fogger.

If your air ducts are free of mold, there could be mold in the system itself, which often requires

an air conditioner replacement.

  • Burning: A burning smell is very serious, and you should turn your air conditioner off immediately and call an AC repair company. The burning smell signifies electrical issues, and the wires are burning, which can spark an electrical fire. You will need to schedule an emergency appointment with your AC company.

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