4 Ways Your Air Conditioner Affects Your Health | Air Conditioning Service in Katy TX

4 Ways Your Air Conditioner Affects Your Health | Air Conditioning Service in Katy TX

With temperatures rising all over the globe, the importance of a properly functioning air-conditioning system has increased significantly over the years. Considering the hot summers of Katy, TX, it is impossible to imagine living and working without an air-conditioning unit in a residential or commercial establishment. It’s important to get your air-conditioning unit serviced by an air conditioning service in Katy, TX, to enjoy cool temperatures within your home or office establishment as it has some positive effects on your health.  Let’s take a look at some of the ways your air conditioner can improve your improve health.

Help Improve Indoor Air

While the industrial revolution has brought about much technological progress and improved our overall quality of life, it has also caused an irreparable amount of damage to the planet. The air that we breathe today is nowhere near as clean or healthy as it was a century ago. Excessive air pollution can cause you to fall sick, suffer from respiratory problems, and more. What’s frightening is that this air pollution is not limited to the air we breathe outdoors. The air within our houses is also contaminated with multiple pollutants. Modern buildings are also constructed in a way that little attention is paid to ventilation.

It is no surprise, therefore, that more and more people suffer from breathing issues and allergies. In fact, these respiratory problems have become normalized to an extent that most people don’t consider them as a matter of concern anymore.

So where does the air conditioner come in? If not outdoors, an air conditioner can help improve the quality of the air we breathe indoors. Thanks to the filters present in air conditioners, many air pollutants do not enter within your house interior. It is, therefore, imperative to make sure that your air conditioner is working properly. You can consult a reputed air conditioning service in Katy, TX, and get high-quality air filters installed in your air conditioning system. HEPA filters, for example, are generally considered the best for trapping airborne particles of various sizes. You must also get your air filters cleaned and changed on a regular basis. If you consult an air conditioning service in Katy, TX, they are likely to recommend that you get the air filters of your air-conditioning system replaced after every 3-4 months. This can ensure that you breathe clean, healthy air and reduce the chances of respiratory issues in your family.

Reduced Humidity, Less Dehydration

Summers in Texas are hot and humid, with humidity levels peaking around 70 percent on some days. High humidity can have several unpleasant effects on your health. It causes you to sweat profusely and you may suffer from dehydration, which can cause serious health problems. Excessive humidity also results in muscle cramps, headaches, and stomach problems. An air conditioner in prime condition will not simply remove the heat found indoors, but it will also pull the moisture content present in indoor air through its evaporator coil. This dehumidifies the indoor air and can help rule out the unhealthy side-effects of hot and humid weather. Besides reducing the humidity and avoiding the health problems mentioned above, a less humid indoor environment prevents the growth of spores and mold in the house. Since this is one of the causes of respiratory allergies, you can successfully prevent conditions that encourage these allergies.

This can only happen if you get your unit regularly maintained and get it serviced from an air conditioning service in Katy, TX. 

You can also purchase a dehumidifier to counter high levels of humidity. Consult a good air conditioning service in Katy, TX, for the best option.

Improved Metabolic Rate

What does an air conditioner have to do with your metabolic rate? Quite a bit actually. High temperatures tend to upset your metabolic rate. This can result in obesity, hypertension and many other illnesses. Since an air conditioner counters hot weather and helps keep the indoor temperatures in control, it also automatically prevents any of the conditions arising from a high indoor temperature – including a declining metabolic rate.

Make sure your air conditioner receives constant care from a good air conditioning service in Katy, TX, so that you and your family stay healthy and fit.

Other Illnesses

Other effects of continued heat exposure include heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat stroke. Heat exhaustion and heat cramps occur due to excessive sweating. Since the body loses essential fluids in this process, it can disturb blood circulation and even interfere with your brain function.

Heat stroke is also caused due to prolonged exposure to heat. Your AC malfunctions and is unable to regulate your body temperature. As a result, you may suffer from a heat stroke.

Considering the seriousness of the conditions mentioned, it is imperative that you get a good air conditioning service in Katy, TX, to come and take a look at your air conditioning unit if it fails to function properly.

The Bottom Line

In Texas, the summers are especially severe and it becomes important to neutralize the resulting effects of high outdoor temperature on your body. An air conditioner is a useful piece of equipment in that regard. Make sure that you consult a good air conditioning service in Katy, TX, and get your air conditioning system tuned so that it can maintain cool temperatures within your home and office establishments.

If you’re looking for a good air conditioning service in Katy, TX, we suggest you contact Cypress Heating and Air for help. They can check your air conditioning system for any necessary repairs and replacements and offer expert services.