5 Common Air Conditioner Blunders on Hot Summer Days | Air Conditioning Services in Cypress, TX

5 Common Air Conditioner Blunders on Hot Summer Days | Air Conditioning Services in Cypress, TX

Hot and humid – not the most ideal conditions for enjoying the summer. It gets worse when the air conditioner stops working. In some cases, you know that turning the AC on will help, but you don’t want to risk a heavy energy bill.

In this article, we will introduce you to the most common mistakes identified by air conditioning services in Cypress, TX which makes your AC usage troublesome. If you identify and get these issues fixed with the help of an air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, then you will have less wasted energy, smaller energy bills, greater comfort and faster cooling. So what’s not to love here? Let’s move right on to these common mistakes made by homeowners.

1.   Using the Wrong Size of AC Units

The very first and perhaps even the worst mistake that one could make occurs even before they switch on the AC. AC window units, as air conditioning services in Cypress, TX would tell you, are designed according to amounts of airspace. This means that if your AC unit is too big or too small, then your air conditioning system will not be able to effectively function.

All units are given BTU ratings and they typically fall in the range of 5000 to 15,000 units. A common rule of thumb, as advised by air conditioning services in Cypress, TX, is that for every sq foot of the room, you will need 20 BTUs. Also for every extra person that occupies the room, an extra 600 BTU will need to be added for the rating of the unit. Furthermore, if the space in question has high ceilings and receive above-average amounts of sunlight, then an additional 10% increment on BTU ratings should be considered.

That said, you should also be careful not to buy an air conditioning unit that isn’t too big either. This is because an oversized unit tends to recur cycles by turning on and off repetitively. It does so in order to effectively to cool the room, while the dehumidification process keeps compromising the cooling quite a lot. As you all know, humidity can make the room feel warmer than it actually is.

2.   Opening Doors and Windows

Here’s a quick look at how air conditioners work. Your AC unit works in a manner to pull warm air out of the room and passes this air over refrigerant to make it cool. This is then blown back into the room while all the absorbed heat is thrown out through the unit.

The basic priority of this system is to keep the inside air and outside air separate so that the system can work in an efficient manner. Air conditioning services in Cypress, TX will always advise to keep the windows and doors of the area in question to be closed, in order for the air conditioning system to work at its full potential. If this is not done, then the expelled warm air will come right back in.

3.   Keeping the AC Working All the Time

Let’s suppose that you leave for work at 8 am and come back home at 5 pm. Furthermore, your ideal home temperature is 72 F because it is the temperature that saves the most energy. While you think this is funny, some people actually believe that if they keep the AC running at this temperature, they will actually save on energy expenses.

Air conditioning services in Cypress, TX will have you know that this is a complete myth. You should turn off the air conditioner when you leave and turn it back on when you get back.

4.   Setting the Temperature Too Low

When you get home after a long day from work, you don’t want to be hit with stale air at 90 F. So what do you do here? You may crank your system all the way down to a crisp 65 F so the room will cool up quickly right? Air conditioning services in Cypress, TX will have you know that this is not how these systems work.

Your air conditioning system will only be able to pump out the same amount of air it was designed to, no matter how hot your room gets. The temperature setting only tells the system when to stop working and pumping cool air into the home. Changing the setting to extreme will not speed the process up one bit.

On the contrary, this only makes it worse for the air conditioning system! If the ideal temperature to have you feeling perfect is 72 F and you set it to 62F to speed up the process, then the AC will keep pumping past 72F. At 62F, the room would have become too cold, and you would have wasted a lot of energy unnecessarily.

If you’re tired of coming home to oven-like conditions, then you should consider asking your air conditioning service in Cypress, TX to install a programmable or smart thermostat system. These can be programmed to switch on the unit before you get home.

5.   Not Circulating the AC Air with a Fan

Air conditioning services in Cypress, TX have found that cool air tends to gather when it is blown out. This means that the area right in front of these units will be the coolest. If you wish to cool the remaining air space of your home, air conditioning services in Cypress, TX advise that you circulate the cooled air with your fan.

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These were some of the problems that you could avoid from your normal use of air conditioner. However, there are some problems that are far too advanced. If what you’re facing is making being at home uncomfortable, then you should definitely call our professionals in for an inspection. Go ahead and visit our website to take a look at our services or call at 972-278-3506.