5 Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems Which Need Repair | Cypress, TX

5 Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems Which Need Repair | Cypress, TX

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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are an integral part of homes and offices. They are not only important for maintaining the temperature, but also help in improving the overall air quality. In cities like Cypress, TX, where the average temperature in summer is over 86°F, HVAC systems allow us to maintain comfortable indoor weather. Similarly in winter, a functioning HVAC system will ensure that we enjoy the warmth and coziness of our homes.

Considering the weather in the Cypress, TX area, there is an inevitable need for HVAC systems. However, many problems can arise. This is why heating and air conditioning repair is crucial. Some of the most common heating and air conditioning problems which need repair include the following:

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leak is one of the most common problems that can occur in HVAC systems. One of the potential causes of a refrigerant leak is wear and tear, which takes place over a period of time. Another possible reason is lack of regular maintenance.

Refrigerant is a gaseous or liquid compound used in almost all HVAC systems. It absorbs the heat from the environment and transfers heat from one area to another. Therefore it is essential that an adequate quantity of refrigerant is present in the system.

A refrigerant leak can lead to loss of the coolant present in the HVAC system. Inadequate volume of refrigerant in the system can affect its ability to function properly, and immediately need heating and air conditioning repair.

Only a technician from a reputed company can help identify the location of the leak. Once identified, a refrigerant leak can be repaired by the technician. If this is a frequent concern, you might need a new HVAC system.

Dirty Filters

If your HVAC system is taking too long to cool the house, you might have dirty filters. Filters are placed in the HVAC system to ensure that the air which flows into the house is free of all types of solid particles. Clean filters improve the functioning of your HVAC system, and also help reduce your energy cost.

Since filters capture dust and other solid particles, they tend to get dirty over time. As a result, your HVAC system does not operate at the optimal level.

However, you can solve this problem on your own. You don’t need assistance from a heating and air conditioning repair company. Instead, you can clean the filters on your own. However, filters often need to be replaced. Only a professional can guide you on when to change the filters of your HVAC system.

Thermostat Malfunction

Thermostat is one of the most important components in the HAVC system. It regulates the timing and volume of warm or cool air which your HVAC system must produce. If there is a problem with the thermostat, it can affect the temperature in your homes or offices. If not treated well in time, it can cause serious damage to the compressor of your HVAC system.

Often times, an issue with the thermostat is considered as an issue with the HVAC system. An average person cannot differentiate between a thermostat malfunction and a HVAC system failure. Only a heating and air conditioning repair professional can help you identify the exact problem.

Strange Noise

HVAC systems installed in homes and offices have a low noise level. You might notice some noise due to circulation of the air. However, if there is any unusual noise in your HVAC system, you might need heating and air conditioning repair.

If you notice any unusual grinding, churning, or rasping sounds in your HVAC, it might be an indication of some loose parts in the system. It can also indicate that the belts and bearings in the system are wearing out. If you ignore these sounds, you might end up damaging your HVAC system. Therefore it is vital to contact a heating and air conditioning repair professional to fix this concern. It might cost you, but it will help you save your HVAC system in the long run.

Sensor Problems

Air conditioners installed in homes have a thermostat sensor which is located right behind the control panel. The function of this sensor is to the measure the temperature of the air flowing into the evaporative coil. If the sensor is not in the right position, the air conditioner might behave unpredictably. Either the air conditioner would run constantly, or might stop suddenly.

Ideally, the sensor should be placed near the evaporative coil but should not be touching it. If you notice any unusual change in how your air conditioner functions, you need heating and air conditioning repair in your home or office

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