6 Signs Your AC Needs Repair | Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX

6 Signs Your AC Needs Repair | Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX

When the indoor temperatures begin to flare and life becomes unbearable, the only solace is a working air conditioner that provides adequate cooling. The role an air conditioner is critical to your family’s wellbeing and ensures any allergies are kept at bay. It minimizes the potentially deadly impacts of excessive heat.

Your air conditioner can only work well if all its components are in harmony with each other. All parts and functions, such as the compressor refrigerant evaporator, and air filter, need to work seamlessly to create an optimal indoor temperature. A single part’s degradation may render the entire unit obsolete and worthless.

As is true for other electrical equipment, it is important to identify the signs of degradation and have the air conditioner repaired in Katy, TX. Let’s explore the six signs that your air conditioner is about to have problems in the near future.

1) Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air

An air conditioner is not supposed to just sit around and impress the onlooker with its sleek design and modern aesthetics. It’s supposed to provide the room with cool air that makes your family feel comfortable during the hot summer months. Worse still is when the unit starts blowing hot air.

Your air conditioner is most likely having a range of problems, including;

  • an un-configured thermostat that could be sending the wrong signals
  • restricted airflow due to contaminated air filters
  • broken ducts
  • leaking refrigerants
  • damaged compressors

A simple flick of a switch on the thermostat might just do the trick and get the AC to start cooling again. But if that doesn’t solve the problem, you might be in need of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX.

2) Poor Air Flow

This is a slight variation of the problem we highlighted above. Cool air is flowing out of the unit, but the rate of flow is so incredibly slow that it doesn’t circulate throughout the room like it should. This could be a sign that the compressor is starting to fail. However, it could just as easily indicate a problem with the ducts. This small percentage of uncertainty obviously requires the providers of professional air conditioner repair in Katy, TX to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.

It might be tempting to try a DIY repair and see if you get lucky, but it is not recommended to attempt repairs if you don’t know what you’re doing. It might complicate the problem even more.

3) The Thermostat Has Failed

The thermostat is a relatively simpler unit to repair or replace, but it has an important role to play in cooling your room. The thermostat relays a signal on how much cool air the AC needs to produce and takes appropriate measurements to ensure the unit is doing the job it’s supposed to.

If the AC fails to respond to the continuous flood of signals, it indicates a flaw with your thermostat.

The thermostat’s own sensors may not be able to detect the problems with the unit. You will need professional air conditioner repair in Katy, TX to find out. Once again, a DIY repair is the last thing your thermostat needs at this point. There are far too many electrical components involved that could be damaged by the untrained hand. A provider of professional air conditioner repair in Katy, TX will quickly diagnose potential problems with the thermostat and make sure they don’t happen again.

4) Loud Noise Coming out of the AC

If you start hearing a weird noise coming out of the air conditioner such as grinding, scraping, humming, or squeaking, then it could be an indication of several problems with the unit. One of these is an issue with the belt being knocked out of its place. This problem is a relatively serious one that requires professional air conditioner repair in Katy, TX.

Another common issue could be with the bearings on the fan motors of the condensers. This is a common issue with the newer units because they don’t have belts installed. If this really is the case, then you will hear buzzing sounds coming from both inside and outside of your home. Providers of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX will carefully inspect potential problems with the motor.

5) Strange Smells

The last thing anyone wants is to be greeted with a foul smelling air conditioner. If your unit smells bad, there are a few issues at play that need to be addressed.  The smell of stinky feet or socks indicates that contaminants have clogged the unit. It could also be due to condensed water that has been sitting inside the unit for a while and failed to drain properly.

If the water is allowed to sit there for prolonged periods of time, then it will give rise to the growth of mold, mildew, and other bacteria that could pose a risk to the health of your family members.

Air conditioner repair in Katy, TX will resolve this issue by professionally cleaning the unit. If the air conditioner makes the room smell like exhaust fumes, then it could be due to leaking fluids. This can be dangerous if the fluids are toxic in nature, and you will need professional air conditioner repair in Katy, TX to handle the situation.

6) High Humidity Levels

The task of an air conditioner is to reduce the humidity in your house. Humidity is the amount of resident water molecules in the ambient air. Higher volumes of water make it difficult for the body to regulate temperatures. If your unit is not reducing humidity even after it has been operating for several hours, then it might be in need of professional air conditioner repair in Katy, TX.

Is your air conditioner showing signs of malfunctioning? If your unit isn’t cooling your room like it is supposed to, then you need a professional to take a look. Give us a call at Cypress Heating and Air to address the problem.