6 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home’s AC Unit | Air Conditioner Repair in Cypress, TX

6 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home’s AC Unit | Air Conditioner Repair in Cypress, TX

There could be many reasons why the appliances in your house either need a replacement or repair. However, because we spend a lot of money in purchasing and installing big appliances like an air conditioner, a washing machine, or a heater, we are often reluctant to get it replaced.

However, if the unit in the house, especially an air conditioner, fails to keep the rooms cool or doesn’t remove moisture from the air, then you could be spending a greater cost in the form of high energy bills. Eventually, the amount of repair costs that you’re trying to escape will hunt you down with more damage costs.

Before you reach to that point, it is important to get your air conditioner repaired. In case you can’t decide whether the AC requires professional service or not, here are 6 convincing signs it’s time you need to upgrade your unit.

1.   Super-noisy Air Conditioner

If you have been noticing unusual sounds coming from your air-conditioner then chances are it needs to get repaired. Get in touch with a credible company for air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX to help you decide whether you need a replacement or a repair.

Gentle, humming sounds coming from your unit are completely normal. However, if you hear weird clunks, bumps, and whirring sounds then there could be something seriously wrong with the unit. Grinding, grating, and squealing sounds are usually a sign of choked ducts and pipes of your unit.

Your AC is not able to throw cold air properly and has to strain itself, which is the main cause of loud noises coming from it. The sooner you address this problem to a professional for air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX, the better it is for the unit.

2.   No Cold Air

The most common issue with your unit that needs urgent repair is absence of cold air. It is primarily what the air conditioner is meant to do. If the unit fails to throw cold air or expels very little air, then you need to immediately consult a professional before it’s too late.

By consulting a contractor for air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX you can get a fair idea of whether your unit needs to be entirely replaced or can be fixed in time. In most cases, it will be a replacement because absence of cold air is due to failures in the compressor.

If the compressor stops working, the entire unit becomes obsolete. It could also be due to defects in your temperature unit. Only an expert can tell you that, hence, if you ever face this issue contact one for air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX.

3.   Leaks

If you notice any leaks in or around the unit, immediately call a professional for air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX. The issue can get worse and end up damaging the unit entirely. This is because water is your air conditioner’s biggest enemy.

Refrigerant leaks can become poisonous. In fact, moisture in the house isn’t just gross and uncomfortable, it can develop nasty molds on the walls and in the unit’s pipes.  Leaks can also come from either blocked or broken tubes. If something goes wrong with the condenser then the unit may expel moisture.

In other cases, you may notice water simply leaking right out of the AC and wetting the floor. This could be due to ice forming inside the vents that is now melting out of your AC. Whatever the case is, if you notice any leaks in the unit, get in touch with someone for air conditioner repair n Cypress, TX.

4.   High Humidity and Moisture Levels

An air-conditioner isn’t simply made to cool down your house during hot temperatures. It is also supposed to remove the moisture from the atmosphere. If your unit fails to do so, you will instantly sense greater humidity and moisture levels in the house.

If the air conditioner doesn’t clean out the air in your living space, it can lead to a lot of health concerns. This is true especially in the case of the elderly. If you have old people in the house, you will have to immediately upgrade or replace your air conditioner incase the humidity levels of the house get high.

It can give them trouble in breathing. A professional for air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX can help you upgrade your AC unit so that it successfully removes moisture. If you don’t look for air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX on time, you may be welcoming super-costly repairs.

5.   Faulty Thermostat

There are chances that your AC may be working just fine but faults in the thermostat may cause fluctuations in the temperature. The thermostat is actually the command centre of the entire unit. It is what essentially communicates to your AC how much cool air is needed inside the room.

Hence, if the thermostat develops issues, your AC will either throw air that’s too cool or not cold enough. Detecting faults in the thermostat is not easy because it requires certain measurements. The wisest thing you can do is consult a professional for air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX and see what they have to say.

If the unit doesn’t turn on altogether or keeps shutting itself off from time to time, then this could indicate problems in the thermostat. If you experience any of these issues, inform a professional to get urgent air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX.

6.   Old and Worn Unit

If you haven’t replaced your AC unit even when it has exceeded its service life then prepare yourself for a complete unit shutdown. It will eventually happen especially if the AC is older than a decade. If it really is that old enough then you’re probably already experiencing all the afore-mentioned issues. Hence, an old and worn unit is a major sign that you need an AC upgrade.

If you recognize any of these problems with your unit, immediately contact Cypress Heating and Air for professional services and timely repair.