6 Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair in Cypress, TX

6 Telltale Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair in Cypress, TX

Air conditioners work to make the sweltering heat of summer a little more bearable for us. But unfortunately, like everything else, your air conditioner wears down with use and time. In order to keep it working to its full capacity, it is important to evaluate the need for air conditioning repair, every now and then.

Keep an eye open for the signs that may indicate that your air conditioning unit requires maintenance or repair. The need for air conditioner repair is simply inevitable. The best you can do is to get your air conditioner repaired, as soon as possible, to limit the problems and keep the cost of repairing to the minimum.

A number of factors can indicate when it’s time to call in the air conditioner experts. Let’s have a look at some of the most common telltale signs that indicate the need for air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX and maintenance.

1.   Limited Airflow

This is perhaps the most obvious sign that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. Once your air conditioner ceases to produce a significant amount of cool air or starts experiencing difficulty in regulating the cold air throughout the house, there’s no way around getting it inspected by an air conditioner expert.

This particular problem can arise due to a number of issues. The root problem may be as simple as clogged filters or as serious as a failing compressor. One of the most common causes of limited air flow is a blocked ductwork. Your best option is to call in a professional as soon as possible.

2.   Blowing Warm Air

Sometimes, your air conditioning unit may start blowing hot air. This can happen during the hottest times of the year if you overlook the maintenance of your air conditioner unit for a long time. Again, the cause of blowing warm air can widely vary.

Your air conditioner unit might simply need a five-minute fix like correcting a blown fuse or a bad capacitor. These conditions are easily treatable and do not cost much. On the other hand, you could be dealing with something as problematic as a refrigerant leak. An air conditioner expert can help you deal with the refrigerant leak but it will be a costly air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX.

3.   Moisture Buildup

Are you noticing a regular moisture buildup around the inner body of your air conditioning unit? If so, it is a definite sign that your air conditioning systems require maintenance or needs to be repaired. All air conditioning systems produce moisture to some extent, but it is handled without appearing on the body of the unit or dripping indoors.

A number of problems can arise by moisture buildup or water leakage in your air conditioning unit. First of all, if the leakage is caused by a refrigerant leak, it can pose serious health problems for you and your family. Secondly, a moisture buildup will diminish the overall performance of the air conditioning unit; the compressor will have to work harder for longer periods of time in order to provide an adequate amount of cooling. Furthermore, the leaked water can seep into walls and leave behind unappealing watermarks.

The most common cause of moisture buildup and water leakage is clogged/ broken drainage tube but sometimes it can also mean that you are dealing with a Freon refrigerant leak. Keep in mind that Freon is poisonous; therefore, it is important to call in the professionals for air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX as soon as you witness the moisture buildup.

4.   Odd Odors

An air conditioner unit is developed to ‘condition’ the air in your house. When working ideally, it should not produce any sort of odor. In case, you notice a smell every time the air conditioning unit is turned on, it is advisable to get the system checked in order to locate and fix the problem.

If you notice a smoky smell, you should turn off your air conditioning unit at once! Immediately call in the professionals because a smoky smell may be an indication of a fire. On the other hand, a pungent smell normally indicates that the wire insulation inside the air conditioning unit has burnt.

A rusty smell can be an indication of the presence of mold somewhere in the unit, usually, in the ductwork. Irrespective of the type of smell of you notice, it is always a sign that it’s time for an air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX.     

5.   Strange Noise

An air conditioning unit is a machine that is bound to produce some noise but if you notice any strange sounds like rattling, grinding or popping, you should probably get the unit inspected at once! It is not difficult to differentiate between the ordinary sound of an air conditioning unit and the strange noises it makes when something is wrong with it.

In most cases, the out of the ordinary noises does not pose a very critical threat. Nevertheless, the only way to deal with this situation is to go for air conditioner repair in Cypress, TX. The only sounds that may indicate a critical issue with your air conditioning system are the ‘hissing’ and ‘grinding’ noises. So, look out for these sounds and don’t delay to call in the professionals once you notice them in your air conditioner unit.

6.   Too Cold

This may not come off as a problem at first but sometimes an air conditioner can produce too much cold air, creating an environment that may be too cold for your liking. The common culprit behind this situation is a broken thermostat. Once the thermostat breaks, the air conditioner unit is not able to identify the optimal temperature. It keeps working causing your house to be freezing cold. Furthermore, it can cause your power bill to shoot up.

It is important to realize that air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX is inevitable but the good news is that most of the issues are easily fixable. All you need to do is call in tested and trusted air-conditioning repair in Cypress, TX experts like Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning to help you beat the heat by fixing your air conditioning systems in no time!