7 Common HVAC Problems That Occur in Winter | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX

7 Common HVAC Problems That Occur in Winter | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Cypress, TX

The heating and cooling systems in the house are really important since they make the space ideal to live and move around in. They truly let you enjoy your time there. In chilly winters, you need the HVAC systems to function efficiently or else the cold can really put a hamper on the comfort levels. However, heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, has noticed that there is a steady increase in calls for services.

This is usually because heating systems aren’t used throughout the year and may malfunction during winters. The cold weather and the need for constant heating can also create issues for the system. It is important to note the common HVAC issues that might occur in winters. This way you can take steps to prevent them or know what to do if such situations arise.

As a homeowner, it is important to learn more about the crucial HVAC system operating in your home.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are often the main reason that appliances malfunction in the winters. They can hinder the efficiency of the system. Heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, often have to work to thaw out frozen pipes since that can make it harder for the heating system to increase the temperature of the home.

As temperature decreases rapidly and ice begins to accumulate on the pipes and coils of the appliances, the components can jam and cease their functions. Hydronic systems can often fail since the water supply is hindered by the ice collecting inside the pipes. Steam radiators and water heaters need a steady supply of water to function properly. The heating system may completely fail if frozen pipes become a regular issue in the house.

Frozen pipes also put a lot of pressure on the pipe itself since water expands when frozen. In such cases, you need to turn off the supply of water and thaw out your pipes. Heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, can also be called to winter-proof your pipes so that they don’t freeze during winters.

Uneven Air Flow & Temperature

Uneven distribution of heat can also become a huge nuisance. Most heating systems are designed to keep the entire house at an optimum temperature, but during winters the heat may fluctuate depending on the room. This is an easy problem to solve since heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, deal with this issue often.

They can adjust the settings so that you have more control over the heating distribution. The problem may also be due to discrepancies in the duct system. Debris and dust can often collect in the ducts, which can hinder the air flow. It is also a good idea to take time out to insulate your house properly. Any cracks or holes in doorways and window sills will allow the heat to escape.

The Heat Pump

Many homes rely on exterior heat pumps to regulate the temperature inside the homes. However, really icy winds and a lot of snowfall can damage the appliances. They won’t work to their maximum efficiency since they may get a coil blockage or broken fan motors.

Usually, heat pumps have certain mechanisms to deflect the chill, butin really harsh winters, they may fail to defrost. You may need to call a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, to clear the frost off the fan and coil. You can also ask them to install an upgraded heat pump which has automatic defrosting settings. This will help reduce maintenance costs for you and save you from expenses building up in the long run.

Dirty Heater Filters

In winters, you need the heat running constantly, otherwise, the home can literally become unlivable depending on where you are located. This excessive use will cause the filters to clog eventually. Debris, dust, and dirt need to be clearedso that the air can flow easily and heat the room efficiently. Homeowners often don’t realize that the air circulation has choked, which is why you need an inspection from a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX.

To fix it, they will first clean the filters properly. They may also need to be replaced if they have become discolored or bent. The motor and fans also need to be checked to ensure that the decreased air circulation hasn’t caused any issues.

Broken Thermostat

Most of the times, the problem isn’t really with the hardware but with the thermostat instead. The thermostat may have faulty wiring, which is messing with the temperature in the room. You may need to callheating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, to install a new thermostat. Homeowners may not be able to do this task alone since the new component needs to be calibrated properly with the heater or else you will continue to face problems. Newly upgraded thermostats can control energy consumption more efficiently, meaning a decrease in energy bills for you.

Faulty Pilot Light

The pilot light may begin to malfunction if you have a damaged flame sensor. The flame can burn too brightly or not at all if the light is damaged, causing disruptions in the temperature. Heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, may have to install a new pilot light if it misbehaves regularly.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide leaks are really serious since they can make the quality of the air in the house drop significantly. In the winters, the risk of leaks increases due to overuse of the heating appliances. If the heater has rusted or developed cracks during the period of disuse, it can become quite dangerous. Do make sure that you call a heating and air conditioning service in Cypress, TX, for maintenance and inspection before winter arrives to check the heat exchanger.

It’s highly probable that many HVAC problems will occur during the winter months. If you have the skills to identify the problem, it can become easier for you to solve them. With the help of trained professionals at Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning, you won’t ever have to deal with these issues for too long.