7 Signs You Need To Get Your Air Conditioner Repair in Cypress TX

7 Signs You Need To Get Your Air Conditioner Repair in Cypress TX

It is not always hard to tell when you need to get your AirConditioner Repair in Cypress TX. Sometimes you feel that the air conditioner is notfunctioning like it used to and sometimes the appliance stops working right inthe middle of an extremely hot day. It is seen that most of the times homeowners are not able to tell that the efficiency of their appliance has declinedand that they need to get airconditioner repair in Cypress TX.

Youmay not be thinking much about the air conditioner right now, but it will besummers before you know it and you might have to spend a hot day without anycool air. If you want your air conditioner to perform to its optimal level, youneed to get it checked right away by calling a qualified repair professional. Theexpert that will come for airconditioner repair in Cypress TX will do the following things:

  • Inspect all the components of the air conditioner
  • Run a dye detection test to detect any leaks from the appliance
  • Run a state of art and system control tests
  • Run a system performance test
  • Use a leak detector to run a leak test

Signs You Need AirConditioner Repair in Cypress TX

If you are still skeptical about calling a professional, youneed to read the following signs that suggest you need an AC repair. Some ofthe signs may be very apparent but you might not have noticed others.

1.   There Is No Cool Air

This is the most obvious sign that your AC is not doing thejob that you bought it for. You will notice that even when you change thesettings to the lowest possible temperature, the air is not as cold as it usedto be, or the air is not cold at all. If this is currently happening to you, itis a sign that the lack of cool air is a result of the failure of thecompressor to function properly. Another reason why this may be happening isthat your AC’s Freon levels are too low. Call an expert for airconditioner repair in Cypress TX because if that is the case you mayhave to replace the unit.

2.   The Air Flow Is Very Poor

Another sign that the compressor is not functioning properlyis that you notice little to no flow through the vents of the AC. If theproblem is of poor airflow, you will notice that some of the rooms in yourhouse are getting cold air while others are not. Another reason why that may behappening is because your ductwork has given up and needs to be replaced.

Another common problem that a lot of people face is thatwith the passage of time, debris gets stuck in the vents and that is whatobstructs the airflow. If this is the case, get professionals for airconditioner repair in Cypress TX, so that they restore the airflow.

3.   ThermostatIssues

Alot of times the main issue lies with the thermostat. One common way to findthis out is when one room of the house becomes cold, whereas the other retainsits temperature.

4.   ThereIs a Lot of Moisture

Ifyou see a lot of moisture in places where it shouldn’t be, it might be anindication that there is a leakage in your system. There may be two reasons forthe leakages:

Thefirst reason can be that the leak is because of the refrigerant. If that is thecase, get air conditioner repair inCypress TX because it can pose serious health risks to you and your family.The second reason is that the water pool near the air conditioner might showthat the drain tube that carries the condensation from the air conditioner is brokenor completely blocked. This is not a very serious issue, but if you ignore itfor too long, it can cause mold growth.

5.   YouHear Strange Sounds

If you keep hearing grinding and squealing noises from thesystem, it is an indication that you need to call for Air ConditionerRepair in Cypress TX.These noises generally imply that there is something wrong in the unit. If youfail to take notice of it, the system might break down. Another possible reasonbehind the squealing noise may be that the belt inside the appliance hasslipped out of place or that the metal components need more lubrication. If youkeep hearing a grinding sound, that may be an indication that the bearings ofthe motor are broken.

6.   StrangeSmells

Ifyou notice a pungent smell coming out of the air conditioner, it may indicatethat the appliances wire insulation has burnt out. If the smell is mustier in nature,it generally indicates a mold problem inside the unit or is a sign that youneed to repair the ductwork.

7.   YourBills Are Out of Control

If you see an unusual hike inthe electricity bills, it indicates that the AC has broken down, which iscausing it to emit less cooling with the passage of time. Make sure that youget air conditioner repair in Cypress TXas soon as possible in order to avoid such problems in the long run.


If you are experiencing anyof these issues, you need to get AirConditioner Repair in Cypress TX, as it will ensure that your system runsefficiently. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with usright away and we will send our technician your way.