7 Tips to Find Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Service in Cypress

7 Tips to Find Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Service in Cypress

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Summers in Texas are quite brutal. Temperatures can easily exceed 100 for days in a row and don’t forget about the humidity. This further worsens the living conditions of the Texan residents.

This intense summer heat also lowers the productivity of the employees at your workplace. Scientists agree that humidity and temperature decrease the efficiency of employees and lowers their energy level. This is why commercial enterprises need to ensure that their air conditioning units are operational during the summer season.

Air conditioning systems often require routine maintenance and repairs to keep them in working condition. By doing so, you can save future costs and more expensive repairs. But while looking for a reliable air conditioning repair service in Cypress, you need to keep some pointers in mind.


Listed below are guidelines to select the best commercial air conditioning repair service in Cypress. These guidelines will save you from splurging needless costs in repeat repairs and help form a long-term relationship.

1.   Avoid Over-the-Phone Contractors

Remember, no two air conditioners are the same. Be wary of any commercial air conditioning repair service in Cypress that gives you a quote over the phone. There are a number of aspects that are not factored in without a prior inspection of your house. Before finalizing a contract, certain factors need to be accounted for. These include:

  • The type of windows in your house
  • Ducting system
  • Kind of insulation
  • The amount of registers in a room

Apart from taking in consideration all of these factors, an expert service will also do a Manual-J calculation for better and efficient results. They will follow a strict protocol during completion of the project.

2.   Experience isn’t enough!

Expert air conditioning repair service in Cypress will readily admit that experience is not everything when it comes to repairing and maintaining air conditioners. Air conditioning technology is ever-changing and those repairmen who throw the ‘doing this for 20 years’ card should immediately raise red flags.

The AC market is rife with new and exciting technologies which reduces your electricity bills and provide efficient cooling, too. This is why you should be sure that your selected repair service has hands-on experience with latest HVAC units and computer systems as well.

3.  Terms in Writing

Some of the contractors have a habit of giving a bid and setting terms of a contract verbally. This is highly unprofessional and can endanger both the homeowner and a contractor. Although, it is acceptable in California to do so, but not in Texas State.

Any reputable air conditioning repair service in Cypress will provide terms and conditions in writing. The agreement will cover everything that will be taken care of, along with the pricing and schedule.

4.  Licensed HVAC Contractor

It is common practice for many unlicensed and inexperienced air conditioning repair service in Cypress to work under the radar. A lot needs to be taken in consideration; a licensed professional need to manipulate gas lines, plumbing and electrical appliances. A license is only granted when these necessary areas are thoroughly covered.

Prior to hiring an air conditioning installation and repair service, it is prudent to ask for a NATE certification and association with ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America). This is evidence that professionals are properly trained and have sound industry experience. If a repairing/installation entity fails to produce any of those, this should raise a red flag instantly.

5.  Air Conditioner Replacement

On an average, an air conditioning unit tends to have a lifespan of 10-15 years. There is a major difference between a model released in 2000 and a model released in 2015. An experienced air conditioning repair service in Cypress will suggest several new models before finalizing an option for you.

In some cases, certain services suggest an older model of an existing company. It means that they are unloading their own inventory. Steer clear of older air conditioning technology. Not only it is expensive, but it is also non-adherent with latest ecological protocols.

6.  Opting for the Lowest Bidder

This is a common occurrence. In an attempt to select an air conditioning repair service that offers a low-cost service or one that is nearby, a commercial entity ends up paying twice the amount for repairs. These ‘bargain contractors’ are working under the radar, without any liability insurance. It keeps them safe from suing due to malpractice.

It is simply impossible for an unlicensed service to purchase high-end repair materials or purchase replacement parts on their own. They use devious means to get the job done.

On the other hand, it is quite cheaper to seek the services of an experienced AC repairing entity because they charge based on their market reputation, certification and industry experience.

7.  Steer Clear from Cheesy Offers

During peak summer seasons, when customers are looking for immediate repairing and installations, certain services roll out their seasonal specials and discount offers that may seem nothing short of spectacular. But these are the ones that you should avoid first and foremost. They usually have an angle to play and you should not become their target.

Also, avoid discount offers that are far too low. Yes, you should save money whenever you can, but remarkably low discounts simply mean that the service will cut corners somewhere to compensate its rates. At the end of it, the customer endures the final loss.

8.  Contact Us!

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