8 Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioner Use | Air Conditioning Repair in Cypress, TX

8 Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioner Use | Air Conditioning Repair in Cypress, TX

The sweltering season of summer is upon us. From the next month, Texas will start experiencing mercury level going above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. As summer starts unleashing its wrath, the demand of contractors providing air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX and other cities of the state also go through the roof.  

Besides asking for regular tune-ups of their HVAC assemblies, many people call reputable contractors of air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX to ‘service’ their machines to make them cost-efficient. Hiked up energy bills during peak summer is a major concern of homeowners all across the state. 

The energy bills often times reach the amounts where they even disrupt the recurrent expenses of the household. People have to face this budget strain since there is no way around without air conditioners in both residential and commercial settings. 

It is obvious that one can’t completely exclude the use of air conditioners. However, it is very possible to save energy and subsequently money with their use. Experienced service provides of air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX have come up with several tips for homeowners to save energy with the use of ACs. By acting upon these measures, they can succeed in lowering down their hiked up utility bills. 

1) Put Your Air Conditioner to Sleep Too 

The most effective way to conserve energy with the use of an air conditioner is to lower its power during the night. There are two genuine reasons to do this apart from cutting down your electricity consumption. 

  1. Our bodies get cooler when we are asleep. 
  2. Throughout the day, we remain aware of the temperature to which an AC is set. It has a physiological effect in cooling down our body. During sleep, we don’t need that conscious cooling effect. 

In short, lowering the AC power at night is not going to disrupt your nighttime comfort as well. Before going to bed just increase the temperature at thermostat by a couple of degrees. Or if you have a programmable thermostat, put it on the sleep mode.

2) Close Some Vents 

If your home is fitted with a centralized HVAC, then make the use of its ventilation system more efficient. Shut down the vents in those parts of the home where you are not eating, sleeping or just spending time for too long.  

For instance, if your basement is not used as a functional home space, then close the vents there. Also, basements naturally remain cooler as compared to the rest of the house. So, you might not even require air conditioning there in the first place. By closing some vents, you can get to the desired temperature levels in lesser time and without overstraining your air conditioning unit.

Seasoned HVAC technicians providing quality services of air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX always recommend their clients to only open vents of bedrooms and living rooms during peak summer to keep their energy bills in control.  However, don’t forget to increase the temperature on the thermostat. Running air conditioner at full power and with fewer open vents can damage the duct seam.

3) Make Sure the Duct Is Completely Insulated

HVAC assemblies with extensive ductwork have operating life in decades. During this long time, it is only natural that some duct parts and surfaces start leaking. This problem can decrease the efficiency of your unit if it happens in the areas that don’t have vent openings (attic, kitchen, store, etc). 

The leaking of cool air in the non-AC areas of the house is just a recipe for receiving hiked-up electricity bills. Peak summer is still a few weeks away. So, it’s a good time to have a thorough inspection of the entire ductwork of the house. Summon any trustworthy company of air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX to detect and fix any duct leak.

4) Furniture Rearrangement 

Seasoned contractors of air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX have noticed that many homeowners are inadvertently wasting the cooling of their ACs with poor furniture arrangement in the space. For instance, many times the back of the furniture is positioned in the way of the vent air flow. 

Such unmindful furniture setting can increase the time your AC takes to cool down space. Even if you have arranged the furniture on some aesthetic lines, there is no harm in rearranging it to optimize the air circulation in the space. In summers, it can definitely help in lowering the energy bills.

5) Set the Thermostat on 78 Degrees 

Certified companies providing air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX are in agreement that setting your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire day is a time-tested method for minimizing your energy consumption. Initially, you might not feel comfortable, but you will adapt to it within a few days. 

6) Use Pedestal and Ceiling Fans 

Using fans as second fiddle to air conditioners is a great way to lessen the burden on the latter. Room fans can be effectively used to circulate the cool air from the AC to extend its effect.  

7) Install Programmable Thermostat 

Installation of a programmable thermostat can also be a game changer in your efforts of cutting down your energy cost. It has been estimated that it can save you up to $400 every year in energy expenses. Consult any well-reputed service provider of air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX to pick the right thermostat that can go with your HVAC model.

8) Go for a Portable Unit

If you don’t need air conditioning in more than one room or space, then you can also opt for portable units. However, it is important to take any experienced contractor of air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX on board to make the decision regarding portable units. 

Cypress Heating and Air is a reliable HVAC service provider based in Texas. It has an entire team of technicians who are qualified and experienced for providing air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX. Call them in case you experience any commercial or residential HVAC issue.