9 Tips to Find the Best Air Conditioning Service in Katy

9 Tips to Find the Best Air Conditioning Service in Katy

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Due to global warming and subtropical climate, Katy experiences extreme heat during the summer season. In this hot and humid weather, the only way out for residents of this city are their air conditioning systems. Imagine what would happen if one day you turn on the AC in this sweltering weather and it unexpectedly fails to do so. It will inadvertently cause panic since the prospect of spending an entire day in scorching heat is an unpleasant one.

For anyone, it is the stuff of nightmares and this is why you should know a capable and experienced air conditioning service in Katy. A swift response from an air conditioning service in Katy will ensure your air conditioning is back to normal without further ado.

Prior to finalizing an air conditioning service in Katy, there are certain dos and don’ts that you should definitely keep in mind. These will assist you in lowering your air conditioning costs and also have full faith in the service that you choose:


  1. Trustworthy Air Conditioning Service

Be it Katy, Cypress, and other cities in the metroplex for that matter, it is highly important to have a certified and trained professional at your beck and call. This will ensure that your AC is installed professionally.

Conversely, a poorly installed AC opens up greater probability of constant problems since it will break down again and again. Due to this reason, it is necessary to select a service that has a remarkable track record in the industry.


  1. Go for Energy Efficient Options

Take it from us, it is never a pleasant sight when you receive a huge bill each month. The newer models of AC are more energy efficient than their older counterparts. Energy efficient ACs tend to use less energy which means that you pay less bills in comparison. According to US Department of Energy, if an air conditioner is more than a decade old, its owners spend 40% extra in bill payments.

Purchase a unit that has a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. A higher rating means greater efficiency and lower electrical bills.


  1. Expertise without Gimmicks

Admit it, your house is a major investment. Hiring an experienced air conditioning service in Katy means that the company has years of troubleshooting commonplace air conditioning issues and can expertly advise you on the best course of action, if necessary.

It is the same as taking advice from a financial expert who has decades of experience working in the market. Companies that have an illustrious track record would be proud of their affiliations with Better Business Bureau and Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

Avoid the ones which banks on sales gimmicks or offer ‘deadline-sensitive discounts.’


  1. The Service Delivers Quality

An old adage ‘cheap now, expensive later’ holds true in this regard. When it comes to air conditioning repairs, you should opt for a company that not only has an established name in the market but also has noteworthy experience in their niche.

At times, customers give in to their temptation of saving a buck and opt for an inexpensive service. Much to their disappointment, it merely doubles their repair costs. A poor repair service will not hold for much longer and before you know it, you will be looking for another repair service. Quality matters. That’s the long and short of it.


  1. Highly Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Keep those air conditioning repair companies in mind that are fully confident of their services and also invite you to view their feedback on websites like Home Advisor and Angie’s List.

This will greatly help you in shortlisting the best of the lot currently operating in the market. Companies whose philosophy is centred on customer satisfaction always go out of their way to deliver their best.


  1. Demand NATE Certification

Make a note of this. Every professional air conditioning service in Katy will only hire professionals with a NATE certification. This certification allows a professional to work all over United States of America as a HVAC technician. It is proof that before being hired by a company, the professional has received extensive training to carry out his duties and also has a certain amount of field experience.


  1. Terms in Writing

A professional air conditioning repair service will first sign a contract that will establish the terms and conditions of the repair job. This may include model number, project costs, warranty information and job timings, among other things. It ensures that you and the company are on the same page before the work starts.


  1. Thorough Assessment in Advance

Before selecting any air conditioning service in Katy, you should first conduct an in-house assessment. Steer clear of any such contractor that gives you a quote over the telephone. Any service which does should raise immediate red flags.

In order to provide an accurate estimate, a professional air conditioning repair service will first conduct an examination of your house and then advise on possible course of action for you to take. It is part of the process and any contractor skipping this process should be immediately passed over.


  1. Maintaining Professional Standards

A reliable and experienced air conditioning service in Katy will always be keen to maintain a certain professionalism in their services. They are courteous and prompt. How a firm treats you during installation also shows how they will treat you when there is an issue. They will not be disgruntled when you raise an issue, but will deal with it promptly in order to assure your satisfaction.



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