A Guide to Insulation in Katy, Texas | Cypress Heating and AC

A Guide to Insulation in Katy, Texas | Cypress Heating and AC

Havingadequate insulation is one of themost cost-efficient ways of saving energy dollars and reducing energy waste. Byinvesting just a few hundred dollars in weatherization and proper insulationyou can increase your comfort level while saving as much as 30% on your heatingand cooling’s use of energy in Katy,TX.

Insulation is used in theattic, walls, floors, basements and crawl spaces. Check your insulation inthese areas to see if it meets recommended levels for your region. Insulationis measured in R-value-the higher the R-value the better your home will beinsulated.

Insulation is made from manydifferent materials, but usually comes in four types-batts, rolls, blownloose-fill, and rigid foam boards.  Battsare made to fit between the studs in your walls, or between ceiling or floorjoists. Batts are usually made of fiberglass or rock wool.  Batts are the most common form of home insulation and it is also one ofthe least expensive.

Rolls orblankets are usually made of fiberglass and comes in three types, faced,unfaced thermal or sound insulation.  Itis also available in multiple densities and thickness so that it can conform tovarious-shaped spaces.

Loose-fillor blown, is usually made of fiberglass, mineral wool or cellulose, and isblown into the attic or walls.  Thesematerials are manufactured from recycled waste materials.  Cellulose is mostly made from recyclednewspaper. Fiberglass contains anywhere between twenty to thirty percentrecycled glass. Mineral wool is typically produced from 75% post-industrialrecycled content.

Rigid foamboards are lightweight, provide structural support, and generally have anR-value of 4 to 7 per inch. It is made to be used in confined spaces such ascathedral ceilings, concrete slabs, foundations, basement and exterior walls.Some manufacturers recommend its use under metal roofing and behind siding.

Some signsyour home may be under insulated are as follows:

  • Uncomfortably hot in the summer and cold in the winter;
  • If you have noticed excessive noise from the outside intruding into your inner home;
  • Excessive cost of energy bills;
  • If your home was built before 1980 it probably is under insulated.


Todetermine if your attic has adequate insulationmeasure the thickness of the insulation. If there is less than R-19 (6inches of fiberglass or rock wool or 5 inches of cellulose) you will benefit byadding more insulation. Adding attic insulation is the easiest way to add costeffective insulation if you can’t insulate everything at once. If cold wintersand hot summers still intrude in your home you probably should insulate yourwalls next. This is more expensive and usually will require a contractor to doit for you. It can pay for itself in energy savings, especially if live in anextremely hot or cold environment.

Crawlspace insulation is recommended only if thecrawlspace is dry year round, the floor above is not insulated and there is noventilation in the crawlspace. In addition, a vapor barrier of 6 milpolyethylene film should be installed on the ground to prevent moistureintrusion in to the crawl space.

Windows,doors and skylights are another area that energy is lost. Look for energy starproducts and consider the directions they face. Depending upon your area, northfacing windows will receive more cold exposure and south facing windows canreceive more heat exposure in the summer.

Ultimately,when planning a remodel, addition or even building a new house-it is to yourbenefit use energy efficient products to save energy and money.

Don’t letyour project cost you more by wasting energy. Your contractor is your bestsource for energy saving solutions, products and a professional installation.

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