A Short Guide to HVAC Condenser Units for Katy Homeowners | Air Conditioning Service in Katy, TX

An HVAC system is an assembly of many separate units that function collectively to provide temperature-treated air all year round. Whenever it comes to air conditioning service in Katy, TX, homeowners usually call it for the tuning up of evaporator coil (indoor unit). The outer or condenser unit is often ignored during all such routine services and tune-ups. 

People usually overlook condenser unit for these two reasons, as noted by many expert service providers of air conditioning service in Katy, TX:

  • They are installed outside the house (on the roof, or in the backyard) 
  • They are not in direct use (not providing conditioned air to indoors) 

Some homeowners also think condenser units work like exhaust fans. However, that’s not the case at all. In short, there is a general lack of awareness regarding the function of condenser units.

For that matter, let’s look at the importance of the condenser unit in the cooling process of the air conditioner before we discuss the common problems associated with it. 

Condenser Units: The Essential Component for the Completion of Refrigeration Cycle 

The air conditioning units of contemporary HVAC systems operate on the refrigeration cycle to cool down the air. Condensation is the third and final phase of this cycle. To understand this in the context of our household air conditioners, it’s the phase where all the heat collected by the AC through coolant (refrigerant) is frittered away in the outdoor and then the refrigerant is condensed back to its original form to continue the cooling cycle.  So, the condenser unit is the place where refrigerant dissipates all this heat through compressor and blower fans and then goes back to the evaporator coil to collect more heat. 

One thing is clear from this description i.e.  An HVAC unit can’t work without a working condenser unit.

What Happens When the Condenser Unit Doesn’t Run at its Best?

An air conditioner can work with a poorly performing condenser unit. However, this will create certain HVAC issues that homeowners will eventually encounter. This is the reason why seasoned contractors of air conditioning service in Katy, TX strongly emphasize on the importance of complete HVAC checkups in timely detection and fixing of any condenser problem.

When the condenser compressor or fan is not working properly, the unit can’t dissipate all the collected heat. As a result, the refrigerant can’t collect the required amount of heat in the next refrigeration cycle. This means the air conditioner has to work for more refrigeration cycles to match the temperature value fixed at the thermostat. When an air conditioner works for extended hours due to the poor performance of the condenser unit, you face these two problems. 

High Energy Bills

It’s a no-brainer that you will have to pay more in the bills with additional HVAC running hours. 

Increased Maintenance Requirements

You have to summon reputable contractors of air conditioning service in Katy, TX time and again because an overburdened HVAC system will need more tune-ups.  And if you don’t do regular tune-ups, more issues will crop up that can eventually lead to the complete breakdown of the system. 

The constant use of the air conditioner also cuts down its operating life. So, there’s that. 

Common Condenser Unit Problems 

The importance of a properly running condenser unit has become quite clear from the above discussion. Now, let’s have a look at those condenser unit issues that you should actively look for. Call any good contractors of air conditioning service in Katy, TX if you stumble upon any of them.

Refrigerant Leakage from Condenser Unit 

Refrigerant leakage is a serious air conditioning problem and it can occur within the condenser unit as well. Since condenser units are usually fitted out of sight, therefore these leakages remain hidden to homeowners. For that matter, seasoned contractors of air conditioning service in Katy, TX ask people to have a look at the condenser unit once in a while for these signs. 

  • A slight hissing noise coming out of the unit—it indicates that refrigerant gas is leaking somewhere from the condenser coils. 
  • A thin layer of frosting on the condenser coil is also a sign that the refrigerant is escaping from the coiling.

The poor cooling performance of the air conditioner is also a sign that you should check your condenser unit for any leakages.  By detecting the leakage and calling any trustworthy contractor of air conditioning service in Katy, TX early, you can limit the expenses of repair and refilling of the gas. 

Capacitor Failure 

The compressor motor of the condenser unit is fitted with a fan that actually blows all the heat into the exterior of the house. This fan runs at its maximum speed (like any ceiling fan without a regulator). If you notice that compressor fan is operating as if it is on the dimmer setting, then it is the indication that its capacitor has completed its operating life.

Call any expert contractor or air conditioning service in Katy, TX to look into the issue. They will replace the capacitor and would inspect the condenser assembly for any other developing electric problem.

Protect the Condenser Unit from Debris and Weather 

Condenser units are fitted in the open air. Therefore, they are more vulnerable to weather conditioners and other external factors. For instance, direct exposure to the sun gradually affects the condenser performance meanwhile rain can immediately cause a failure. Seasoned companies providing air conditioning service in Katy, TX recommend homeowners to install a shade to protect the condenser unit from weather-induced damages.

Condenser units are also subjected to dust and debris. Tree leaves, stems, and other vegetation items can block the condenser outlet, thus blocking the dissipation of warm air from it. Spruce the vegetation around the condenser unit to avoid any such blockage.  A clogged condenser unit can’t work at its optimum capacity and that will affect the overall performance of the air conditioner system as well. 

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