AC Blowing Warm Air

AC Blowing Warm Air

There can be anumber of potential causes for the AC blowing warm air. Some causes area simple fix not requiring a call for repair. Others can only be repaired by acertified HVAC technician. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is availablefor your HVAC needs, and provides emergency services 24/7 for your convenience.

Thermostat Settings

Almost everyone hasturned the thermostat off, and the fan on manual at some time. Whether it is tohelp pull out the smoke of a burned meal, or just to bring fresh air in on amild day, it is easy to forget it and numerous people do. The fan should be setat auto. When the fan is set to the “on” position, and the AC is off, the fanwill blow warm air. Check the thermostat before calling your HVACtechnician. In addition, check battery operated thermostats for a lowbattery warning, and change the battery if indicated.


Airflow Restriction

An airflowrestriction can cause problems with the unit, including the shutdown or failureof the compressor, leading to the AC blowing warm air. The first thingto check is the air filter. An excessively dirty filter may be the cause of theAC blowing warm air.  


Dirty Coils

An additional causefor the AC blowing warm air can be dirty coils. By routinely changingthe air filter you can delay this issue, and by scheduling annual maintenanceyou can potentially avoid it all together. In addition, when extreme dustyconditions prevail, check the filter more often. During remodeling, its best tocover the air registers and leave the system off if possible while work isactively occurring.


Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant doesn’t get “used up”. Ifyour AC is low on refrigerant it is either undercharged or has a leak. Eithercondition can result in damage to the AC system, and may be the cause of the ACblowing warm air. A refrigerant leak will require repair, andthe system recharged with refrigerant.

Contact a CypressHeating and Air Conditioning certified professional for prompt repair.


Bad Compressor 

A bad compressor can cause the AC blowing warm air. Compressor failure is a typical reason why a new airconditioning installation is selected by homeowners. Thecompressor is a costly item to replace, and when installed on an aging systemcan create additional problems. Replacement is the ideal solution in all butfairly new systems.

Annual maintenance ensures your HVAC system of obtaining thelongest possible lifespan, and greatest energy efficiency and performance.Furthermore, it reduces wear and tear, and often enables the technician toidentify components with wear before a breakdown occurs. If your system is inneed of maintenance, call now to schedule air conditioning service.Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are NATE certified ensuringthe best service and reliable repairs and installation.

Cypress Heating andAir Conditioning offers quality residential and commercial HVAC services. If your AC isblowing warm air, contact us today for airconditioning repair. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas, andare a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.