AC Blowing Warm Air

AC Blowing Warm Air

AC Blowing Warm Air

An AC blowing warm air is a common causefor calling an air conditioning repair technician. Before you call for service,you should check the circuit breaker, and thermostat settings. No small numberof AC service calls is due to the thermostat being in the off position, withthe fan on manual run. Unfortunately, when the issue requires airconditioning repair in Katy, the fix isn’t as simple. A Cypress Heatingand Air Conditioning expert can provide the HVAC repair, maintenance andinstallation you require.

Our NATEcertified HVAC technicians have the training, and experience to providethe services you need for most brands. When the AC is blowing warm air, usethe following tips before calling a technician, the fix may be a simple one.


Check thecircuit breaker first, especially if the AC isn’t working at all. Power surgescan cause a breaker to trip.


Ensure thethermostat is set on cool, and the fan on automatic. You or someone else mayhave opened a window and changed the settings to bring in fresh air.Furthermore, the thermostat will eventually wear out; leaving you with anon-functioning AC. Checking a thermostat will require an HVAC technician with specialized equipment. However, those withbattery operated digital or programmable thermostats can change the battery,and the simple procedure may take care of the problem.

Annualmaintenance ensures your home’s HVACsystem performs optimally, providing the highest energy efficiencypossible, and the greatest comfort while extending the unit’s lifespan. Inaddition, the inspection provided during maintenance can identify existing ordeveloping problems. This enables the technician to provide repair, oftenbefore other components are damaged. If your system hasn’t received maintenancein a while, call now to schedule service. Cypress Heating & AirConditioning technicians are NATE certified ensuring the best technicianavailable for your heating and air conditioning needs.


Refrigerant leaks are a common problem when the AC is blowing warm air. Each system hasa specified amount of refrigerant, and an excessive amount, or low refrigerantcauses problems. Refrigerant isn’t used up as motor oil may be, and when low itis due to a leak in the system.

A sign oflow refrigerant is “frost” on the refrigerant lines. A leak requires bothrepair of the leak and recharging with refrigerant. Pumping additionalrefrigerant into the system won’t stop the leak, and can potentially damage theenvironment, as well as the compressor.


Dirty coilsare a frequent cause of the AC blowingwarm air. Depending on the type system you have, coils may be located onlyoutside, or both inside and outside. The evaporator coil and the condenser coilare an integral component of the system. It is in the evaporator coil whererefrigerant is converted to a gas that absorbs heat. In the condenser coil, thegas becomes a liquid and release the heat to the air outdoors.

Keeping thecoils clean is essential for the proper heat exchange. When dust and debriscollect on the coils, an insulating layer develops preventing warm householdair from reaching the cold metal. A household with a smoker, frequent use of afireplace, or excessively dusty conditions may require a higher frequency of cleaningpower for dirty coils. The use of quality airfilters assist in reducing the amount of coil cleaning required. Routinemaintenance by your HVAC technician ensures dirty coils are cleaned beforeproblems occur.

The outsidecondenser and its coils are especially vulnerable to dust and debris. Never cutthe grass with the mower discharge chute directed towards the condenser. This willreduce dust and potential damage from a rock or other debris.


A bad compressor is an additional cause of the AC blowing warm air. The compressor isthe heart of the air conditioningsystem. When a compressor fails, the options are a new air conditioning installation or to replace it. The age of thesystem is a primary consideration in the selected option. A unit 10 years oldor older should be replaced.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning professionalNATE certified technicians offer residential and commercial HVAC services. If your AC is blowing warm air, contact us for air conditioning repair. We serveKaty, Plano and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+rating.