AC Blowing Warm Air | Air Conditioning Repair

AC Blowing Warm Air | Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair | AC Blowing Warm Air

It isn’t a situation any of us care to face, arriving home on a hot August day envisioning an ice cold drink in the comfort of an air conditioned home. There’s no doubt the air conditioner has gone on the blink the moment you walk in, and find theAC blowing warm air. The majority of people seldom think of checking for common causes of this, we call immediately for air conditioning repair.

Air conditioning provides benefits than cool air alone; it reduces the humidity of conditioned air and with a proper filter and helps to clean the air in our homes and offices. Humidity above 50% makes it feel hotter and makes it difficult for persons with heart and lung issues to breathe. For those who suffer from asthma, allergies and numerous heart and lung conditions air conditioning can be the difference between life and death.

When the AC is blowing warm air, try the following before calling for repair:

  • First, ensure the thermostat is in the COOL position. Next, ensure the selected temperature is lower than the inside temperature reading. If the thermostat says the inside temperature is 80 degrees F; the air conditioner will not cut on with the thermostat set to 81 degrees or above for example.
  • Check the fan setting. The fan should be on AUTO. If it has been moved to the RUN position the fan will run regardless of the setting for COOL, OFF or HEAT. A system set to COOL with the fan on AUTO, should blow cold air. If not, proceed to the next step.
  • Ensure all air registers are open. If remodeling has occurred, the carpenters may have closed them off to prevent debris from entering them. Never block registers or the air return. Always ensure the area around them remains clear to allow proper air flow.
  • Check the filter, a dirty filter can prevent airflow to the system, reducing its efficiency and ability can lead to compressor failure. On average, filters should be changed monthly unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.
  • Check to ensure that the system is receiving power. Open the homes electrical service panel; all circuit breakers should be in the ON position.
  • Check the condenser, the portion of the system located outside of the home. There should be a disconnect switch located near the unit in a box mounted nearby on the house. Ensure it’s in the on position. Listen for the fan running on the central unit. If ice is noted you will require a certified HVAC technician to provide repair. In addition, the condenser should not be blocked by vegetation or other objects. For proper operation, it must have adequate airflow.

Furthermore, split systems may have a breaker on the portion located inside the home. If applicable to the HVAC in your home, ensure it’s in the ON position. Be cautious of wiring due to the risk of shock. While checking this, note if there’s ice on the refrigerant lines. If present, AC repair will require a certified technician.

Breakers, which have been tripped, may be in the off position can be the cause of the AC blowing warm air. If breakers were in the off position and turning them back on fails correct the issue, the system may have lost refrigerant. The loss of refrigerant can be a cause of the AC blowing warm air.

Once ensuring the air conditioner is receiving power, properly set and has a clean air filter, if the AC continues blowing warm air, it will require repair by a certified technician. Routine annual or bi-annual maintenance spring and fall and changing the filters is the most effective action a homeowner can provide in preventing breakdowns.

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