AC Duct Repair & Maintenance – Katy, TX

AC Duct Repair & Maintenance – Katy, TX

Duct Maintenance | AC Repair Katy

The provision of annual heating and air conditioning maintenance ensures that your HVAC system operates efficiently, and that the system will perform reliably with a reduced need for ac repair in Katy. However, one often overlooked component of an HVAC system is the ducts, which do require annual inspection and when required, the provision of duct maintenance.

Seals on duct joints can break down, and duct joints can separate and may result in odd odors coming from your registers, incorrect temperatures or reduced air flow. Quite often, this is simply a case of the special tape or other sealant used on duct joints coming off, allowing outside air to enter the duct system.

If the special tape has loosened, resealing joints will stop poor air quality, odors, and problems related to poorly sealed ducts. Air leakage from ducts can result in a 10% to 30% loss of conditioned air. This results in increased energy costs, and reduced comfort, and may cause problems resulting in ac repair in Katy.

In addition, cracks and gaps in the duct system will lead to increased dust and potential pests entering the duct system and the home. Having the ducts resealed and repaired if necessary, will prevent these problems.

Moisture entering into the duct can result in mold and bacterial growth within the duct system and the home. Furthermore, dust will increase wear on the heating and air conditioning system, resulting in increased heating and ac repair in Katy.

If you are going to seal the ducts yourself, you should be aware that duct tape is not for ducts. A special metallic tape is required. Some signs that ducts may require sealing include:

  • Increased energy cost without explanation can be a sign of duct troubles. While this can be due to many potential issues, the need for duct maintenance is one of the common causes.
  • Uncomfortable rooms may be due to vents providing reduced air flow from duct leakage.
  • Ducts visibly show peeling tape, crushed metal, or separated pipe. In flexible ducts, check to see if they are kinked, collapsed, disconnected or have holes.

HVAC systems rely upon a necessary air pressure, requiring the duct system need to be air tight for it to function properly. Leaking ducts can potentially allow dangerous radon gas to enter the home. This is a widespread problem that has led to the Environmental Protection Agency attributing duct leakage as a major contributor to lung cancer and respiratory illness.

Cypress Heating and Cooling professionals provide emergency services 24 hours and 7 days a week. We understand that when things go wrong, it is seldom at a convenient time, and we will be there for you, ensuring your comfort and the safety of your home’s HVAC system.

For reliable heating and ac repair in Katy, duct maintenance, or other HVAC services, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s certified HVAC technicians. We will provide the professional heating and ac repair in Katy that you need.