AC Maintenance | AC Repair Katy

AC Maintenance | AC Repair Katy

Spring has arrived, and warmer days arrived earlythis year. Now is the time to schedule the annual AC maintenance or AC repair in Katy before summer arrives.When your air conditioner needs repair or routine maintenance, it is alwaysbest to hire a certified expert from Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning toensure your unit operates properly.

AC Maintenance

Homeowners should provide routine filter changes,cleaning the air return grill, and ensure the outdoor condenser or heat pump remains free of surroundingplant growth, or debris. However, AC maintenanceor AC repair in Katy of the systemitself requires professional heating andair conditioning service.

Annual maintenance on your air conditioning unit ensures its optimal performance, highestpossible efficiency, and the maximum potential life span. In addition, propermaintenance will reduce the need for ACrepair in Katy.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning HVACtechnicians are certified experts, with the knowledge and experience toservice all types and brands of HVAC systems. Annual maintenance is nota task the average homeowner can provide. For example, specialized instrumentsare required for checking components, and the tasks completed duringmaintenance require a trained and experienced technician. In addition, themanufacturer’s warranty could be void without an authorized and trained HVAC technician to provide the service.

Air conditioning emergencies seldom occur atconvenient times. Providing annual ACmaintenance assists in preventing unexpected breakdowns, and may identify minorissues early before they become a larger and more costly problem. A vehiclerequires specific maintenance to ensure its reliability and lifespan, and the sameis true for a heating and airconditioning system.

Repair or Replace

If your air conditioner is more than 10 years oldand requiring frequent repair, consider replacing it with an energy efficient,new unit. The expected lifespan of a well-maintained HVAC system can be as muchas 15 years. As the system ages and wear increases, an increase in thefrequency of AC repair in Katy mayoccur, especially if professional annual airconditioning service and regular filter changes are not provided. However,when a 10-year-old or older system is experiencing a growing number of costlyrepairs, replacement is a practical decision. A new system will provide greaterreliability, and can save money on energy costs, especially when you select andEnergy Star approved unit.

An additional factor that can affect yourcomfort, the lifespan, performance, and efficiency of the heating and air conditioning system, is the quality of theinstallation, including receiving the proper size unit for your home. A systemthat is undersized or oversized will experience premature wear and tearrequiring unusually frequent heating and ACrepair in Katy. Furthermore, a wrong sized system significantly affectsyour comfort, causing issues such as excessive humidity (in an oversizedsystem), and the inability to maintain comfort during high temperatures (in anundersized system).

As a system ages, its efficiency, and performanceare adversely affected. The existing system may have maintained your comfort inits earlier years and now no longer will. This does not mean you need a largersystem.

Furthermore, new refrigerants actually improveperformance. For example, older heat pumps rely on back-up heating when thetemperature drops below 37 degrees. Modern heatpumps can maintain high efficiency to 0o F. In fact, with a newHVAC system, your home may qualify for less tonnage than is currently installed,especially if you have provided other energy upgrades such as greaterinsulation, or insulated windows. You can count on Cypress Heating and AirConditioning professionals for an accurate assessment your home’s HVAC needs,providing greater comfort, performance, and efficiency possible.

Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning toschedule AC maintenance or AC repair in Katy. Our NATE certified technicians can diagnosethe problem, and provide the repair your system needs. Our technicians offerexpertise for your installation, maintenance, and AC repair in Katy. We serve Katy, Plano and the surroundingareas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.