AC Maintenance | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

AC Maintenance | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

AC Maintenance | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

For most households in the United States, life without air conditioning would be unbearable. Maintaining your home’s comfort relies upon annual AC maintenance. Early detection, and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX, prevents small problems from becoming larger, more costly problems down the road. 

The following are facts you should know, and services you should rely upon to ensure the comfort of your home.

Ensuring Air Quality and Cold Air

Clean air means routine changes of the air filter, and periodic cleaning of indoor and outdoor coils, and other AC components, including the ductwork. These actions will reduce air contaminates such as dust, and the incidence of mold.

When the AC is Blowing Warm Air

During annual maintenance, and tune-up, the detection of low refrigerant levels enable repair before additional problems can occur. Refrigerant does not get used up like oil, as long as there is not a leak, the refrigerant levels will stay the same. 

There are several potential causes of the AC blowing warm air, including a dirty filter, dirty coils, the incorrect setting of the thermostat, a tripped breaker, including in the system itself, and a low refrigerant level. You can change the filter, turn a breaker on, and check the thermostat settings, but components requiring cleaning, and/or air conditioning repair in Plano, TX, will require the services of a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning technician.


The fact is summers in the southern U.S. are hot and humid, though the Plano/Katy area typically experiences less humidity than say Houston. An essential component of effective air conditioning is reducing the humidity. Keep an eye on the condensation pan, to ensure the condensation drain is effectively removing the moisture it extracts from your indoor air. If the drain line clogs, the pan can overflow, damaging the flooring, humidity levels within the home will rise, and your comfort will decrease. If the condensate pan is not draining properly, contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

The Benefits of Routine Maintenance

An efficiently operating air conditioner saves you money on the cost of energy. HVAC systems that receive annual maintenance will use 15 to 20 percent less energy. In addition, leaky ductwork can result in a 20% loss of conditioned air.

Routine maintenance also provides an HVAC system that is more reliable, and will experience fewer breakdowns. When you consider the long-term cost of neglect – increased frequency of repairs, the increased cost of energy, and a reduced lifespan – the cost of annual service is only a fraction of the cost of neglect.

Do not ignore AC maintenance or problems. A struggling system will wear out faster, use excessive energy, and is likely to provide reduced cooling and comfort. Contact our certified technicians today to schedule air conditioning repair in Plano, TX before you experience air conditioning failure in the heat. Our technicians are experienced in all brands of HVAC systems. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning offers emergency service 24/7 for your convenience, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. We guarantee your satisfaction.