AC Maintenance | Air Conditioning Service

AC Maintenance | Air Conditioning Service

AC Maintenance | Air Conditioning Service

A home requires upkeep and maintenance, including routine air conditioning service. A common question among homeowner’s is how often should AC maintenance be provided? Maintenance should be provided routinely, even though the air conditioner doesn’t have any issues. Maintenance isn’t strictly for a system with problems, though any issues identified during maintenance will be taken care of. Maintenance is for the purpose of preventing problems and ensuring the system is running optimally.

It can be compared to automotive maintenance. Routine automotive maintenance maintains a clean, efficiently running vehicle you can depend upon, and extends its life span. The same can be said of HVAC or air conditioning service.

When you wait until there is something wrong with your air conditioning system in the peak of the summer season, you may be unable to receive the prompt service you need when air conditioning repair technicians are backlogged with service calls.

Furthermore, waiting to have your system serviced can potentially be the cause of further damage resulting in costly AC repairs that could have been avoided.

Providing routine annual air conditioning service maintains the systems peak performance and efficiency, saving on the monthly electric bill. Starting the summer with a well-maintained air conditioner ensures greater reliability during the summer by reducing the amount of air conditioning repairs.

NATE Certified HVAC


Equally important with scheduling annual maintenance is ensuring the HVAC technician providing the air conditioning service is NATE certified.

While a licensed technician is not required to be NATE certified, it is a factor to consider because it ensures the HVAC technician’s level of training and expertise. In addition, those who undertake the time and effort to achieve certification by NATE, indicate of the technicians desire to be the best technician possible. It ensures a commitment to quality and your satisfaction.

NATE certified technicians are required to pass both a core examination as well as an exam covering a specific area of expertise. The additional examination can be one of several different specialties in the HVAC industry. Examples include light commercial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, HVAC efficiency analyst, air distribution, air conditioning and others.

Depending on the particular field of interest, NATE certified technicians are able to demonstrate a level of expertise and training that surpasses that of HVAC technicians who lack the certification. The NATE certified technician has achieved mastery over his/her field of expertise. It also requires a continued commitment to expertise, as they are required to routinely recertify every few years. This ensures you receive an HVAC technician who is up to date on the latest information and changes in the HVAC industry.

When you expect optimal performance from your HVAC equipment, NATE certified technicians are an additional tool in ensuring you receive it. If you haven’t already scheduled your annual air conditioning service contact us today to schedule AC maintenance with one of our NATE certified professionals. We serve Katy, Plano and the surrounding areas and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.