AC Repair Company: Blowing Hot Air! Why Isn’t My AC Blowing Cold? | Spring, TX

AC Repair Company: Blowing Hot Air! Why Isn’t My AC Blowing Cold? | Spring, TX

Are you suddenly feeling hot and sticky inside your home? If your air conditioning system is falling down on the job of cooling your home this summer, you can rely on Mr. Reliable Heating & Air to get your AC unit back into gear. As a leading AC repair company in Spring, TX, we tackle AC installation, replacement, maintenance, and, of course, all manner of repairs. Our HVAC technicians are certified and experienced. If you find that your AC unit isn’t blowing cool air from your vents, it could be due to a number of reasons.

Clogged Filter

If the air filter of your AC unit is dirty or becomes clogged, it can lead to airflow problems. In fact, when there are filter problems, you may even find that warm air is coming from your vents–the very opposite of what you want to experience during a mid-July in Spring, TX! That’s because a clogged filter can sometimes cause larger problems for your AC unit.

In most cases, a clogged filter will cause the back of your AC unit to feel very hot. When the filter is extremely dirty or clogged, it forces the air conditioning system to work overtime, and that leads to more heat. When a unit has to perpetually work overtime, the result is usually more frequent breakdowns. It can even reduce the longevity of the unit, forcing the owner to make an early system replacement. Your AC repair company can help.

The Air Isn’t Cold Enough

A dirty air filter could also reduce the coolness of the air blowing through your vents. Why does this happen? The cool air must flow through the filter to eventually emerge through your vents to cool your interior space. When that filter is dirty and clogged, it blocks the cool air; the result is reduced cooling of your home–and that uncomfortable sticky feeling that accompanies most summers.

You’re Sneezing More

A clogged air filter can also trigger people to have more allergy attacks. You might find that you’re sneezing more around your home. Increased sneezing and reduced cold air blowing through your vents are typically a sign that a filter change is needed.

Your Electric Bill Is Higher

In Spring, TX, most people are used to seeing their bills for electricity increase, but if your bill is skyrocketing and you’re not experiencing great temperature control, it could be owing to a dirty filter.

In most instances, it’s a good idea to replace your unit’s air filter every three months. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air can inspect your unit carefully if you discover that it’s been blowing hot air instead of cold air. Our AC repair company can quickly troubleshoot the system to determine what’s wrong. Typically, we begin our inspection with the air filter as that’s such a common problem for property owners.

Refrigerant Leak

If you notice that cold air isn’t blowing through your vents, your AC unit may have developed a refrigerant leak. Our AC repair company tackles lots of refrigerant leaks, which are common problems. Your air conditioning system’s refrigerant absorbs heat; it’s what ensures that the air is cool. If a leak develops, there is less refrigerant to maintain that cold air, and you’ll notice a decrease in the coolness you feel in your home.

Warm, Humid Air

One of the first signs of a refrigerant leak is that you feel warmer inside your house. It’s easy to dismiss this feeling if you’re performing household chores, but if the feeling persists, you’ll want to pay attention to your unit; there may be a problem and it may be time to call an AC repair company.

Hissing Noise

Another sign of a refrigerant leak is a sound that’s reminiscent of hissing. If you hear a hissing sound coming from your unit, there’s a strong possibility that there’s a leak. In fact, you should call our AC repair company any time that you hear an unusual sound coming from your HVAC system.

Icy Frost Buildup

If you notice that your air conditioner has developed an icy frost on it, you likely have a refrigerant leak. Our technicians will determine where the leak is occurring and make the fix as quickly as possible so you can enjoy a return to a cool and comfortable home.

Higher Electric Bills

A refrigerant leak can cause your electric bills to spike. During summer, running your AC unit to cool your home will already cause those bills to increase, but if there’s a refrigerant leak, your unit is taxed to work harder in an attempt to cool your home. Because the leak prevents the system from hitting that cool air target (set by your thermostat), it just continues to work, which will cause your bill to increase substantially. It can also lead to a breakdown and reduced longevity of your AC system.

Mr. Reliable Heating & Air will bring everything needed to address a potential refrigerant leak. Our AC repair company fixes these types of leaks for customers all summer long. Our technicians can repair any make or model AC system, ensuring that your leak is shored up and your home is cool again.


Speaking of thermostats, yours could be causing your AC unit’s problem. Check your thermostat setting if you’re not getting any cold air through your vents. A sign that your thermostat is going bad is that it gives faulty readings. If the thermostat is registering a reading that you know is inaccurate, you should call our AC repair company to inspect it. Thermostats can develop other problems, too, including:

AC Unit Turns on and off–Too Much

The techs at our AC repair company get suspicious of a thermostat when the AC unit keeps turning on and off. That’s frequently a sign that the signals between your thermostat and AC system are experiencing a communication breakdown. Usually, when the unit stops communicating with the thermostat, the fault is with the thermostat. Our AC repair company can send a skilled technician to your home to evaluate the problem. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of a frayed wire. If your AC unit’s thermostat needs replacing, we can tackle the job right away.

Continual Temperature Shifts

If you experience constant temperature shifts inside your home, it could also indicate a thermostat problem. Your AC unit should be providing you with a consistently cool temperature. Certainly, Spring, TX, summers can be intense, but your AC unit shouldn’t experience temperature shifts if you leave the thermostat setting unchanged. If you experience this issue, simply call your trusted AC repair company, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, and we’ll send an AC repair tech to your home to check it out.

Thermostat Isn’t Responding to Changes

If your vents aren’t delivering cool air the way you’re accustomed to and you turn the thermostat down with no response, the problem could, again, be with the thermostat. If your thermostat is old, it may be time for a replacement. This is one of the problems you might expect from an aging thermostat that has become faulty.

If your thermostat is to blame for your warm air problem, our AC repair company can replace it for you. There are many types of thermostats on the market today. If you’re interested in upgrading yours to a programmable one, simply let us know.

Dirty Condenser or Evaporator Coil

Your AC system’s condenser is located outside of your house. For that reason, it can be vulnerable to dirt and debris. When the wind picks up in Spring, TX, it can blow dirt and dust that settles on your unit. While the filter should help with this problem, it may not be enough to keep the condenser clean. If the condenser or coils get dirty, the result is that cold air stops blowing from your ducts.

Of course, you may not be able to tell that the problem is dirt and debris. When you contact our AC repair company, we’ll send a technician to your home to inspect the unit. As part of our inspection, we’ll carefully assess the condenser. A buildup of dirt and debris could be at the root of the problem. Sometimes debris buildup can cause other problems too. Our technician can recommend the ideal fix.

Clogged Suction Lines

A severely dirty condenser may not be the only problem. Dirt and debris can also cause clogged suction lines. It’s crucial to contact our AC repair company to clear the lines. If this problem is left unchecked and your AC unit continues to be overtaxed, it can lead to the unit’s failure.

Refrigerant Leak

As we mentioned, a refrigerant leak can be causing warm air instead of cool air to blow through your vents. If the leak is spilling onto your condenser coils, the problem is more substantial. But don’t worry! When you contact Mr. Reliable Heating & Air, your trusted AC repair company, you can count on us. Our AC repair company handles AC problems like this all the time. We’ll send a licensed technician to your home to correct this issue.

Mechanical AC Unit Problems

Your air conditioning system will experience wear and tear of its mechanical components over time. When one of its parts fails, the result could be warm air blowing out of your vents on a hot August day. Don’t let that ruin your day when our local AC repair company can quickly address the problem. Mechanical issues require a thorough inspection. Our technicians can troubleshoot why your unit isn’t functioning properly. If we identify a faulty part, we can replace it.

Sometimes a faulty part can cause other damage to your air conditioning system. So, you can rely on us to test the unit so that we have a clear picture of its operation. It’s not uncommon for some air conditioning systems to develop more than one problem at a time as one small issue can lead to a larger one.

Before we dive into your repairs, we’ll always check with you first. We will provide you with a report of why your AC unit isn’t functioning properly and what is required to correct the problem. We can also provide you with a quote for the repair work at this time.

AC Unit Replacement Time

Many of our Spring, TX, customers are operating older AC units. Even with the best care and maintenance, no air conditioning system lasts forever. If your AC unit is at the end of its span and breaking down frequently, you might choose to forgo repairs and simply invite our AC repair company to replace the unit. Mr. Reliable Heating & Air also specializes in HVAC replacements. We can help you make the ideal decision for your home–and budget.

Replacing an old AC unit may be a good idea for other reasons. Certainly, you don’t want to continue to pay for repairs if the unit is breaking down frequently. The cost for the repairs adds up. On the other hand, if you are not experiencing numerous breakdowns, it may simply be the ideal time to start considering replacement.

Some of our Spring, TX, customers choose to replace their old AC units in order to install a new, energy-efficient model. Today’s units are, unsurprisingly, more advanced than the units of a decade ago. Investing in an energy-efficient AC system can help you reduce your electric bills without sacrificing your climate control.

Our AC repair company technicians can help you choose the ideal model for your house. It’s extremely important to choose the right size model as one that’s too small will have to work overtime to cool your home, which can lead to reduced longevity of the system and frequent breakdowns. On the other hand, if the unit is too large, you’ll wind up paying more than you need to in energy costs.

Choose Mr. Reliable Heating & Air if you are considering an AC unit replacement or if you experience any AC problems like warm air blowing through your vents. We offer emergency AC services too. Call us to learn more about our heating and cooling solutions.

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