AC Repair Company Tips On When To Call For Help | Katy, TX

AC Repair Company Tips On When To Call For Help | Katy, TX

Years ago, everyone didn’t have an air conditioner because they were so expensive. In 1989, the Sears catalog revealed window units that cost around $300, which would be $680 today, which was too expensive for many homeowners. In addition, central air conditioners were too expensive for many homeowners. Since then, the price for a window or central air conditioning system has decreased, and most families have air conditioners, and many can’t live without an air conditioner when it’s hot outside.

The average summer temperature in Katy, TX, is 92 to 94 degrees. When it is this hot outside, most people spend more time inside to escape the summer heat. If your air conditioner isn’t working, you will have no escape from the heat, and the temperature in your home can become dangerously hot, putting your family’s health at risk.

The best way to avoid this problem is by detecting air conditioning issues early, so an AC repair company can fix the problem to get your system up and running again quickly.

If the air conditioning system in your home experiences any of the following issues, you should schedule an appointment with an AC repair company right away.

#1 Strange Smells

If you smell something strange in your home when the air conditioner runs, it isn’t something that should be ignored, and you should call an AC repair company right away. Strange odors indicate serious issues that could potentially put your home and family at risk.

The following smells indicate serious issues and should be addressed immediately.

  • Burning: If you smell something burning in your home when the air conditioner runs, it could indicate an electrical problem, which should be checked by an AC repair company immediately.
    The problem could be something simple, like dust burning off. This often happens when the system is turned on the first time during the cooling season, and the odor will dissipate after a few minutes. In addition, the air filter could be clogged, which you should be able to change yourself. Some issues can cause a burning smell that would require a call to an AC company. If the capacitor is broken, it can cause the motor to overheat, causing the burning smell. Other potentially serious issues include a faulty motor, the belt-drive motor overheating, or the electrical components could be burning, causing an electrical fire in your home, putting your house and family at significant risk.
    An AC repair company can inspect the unit to find the cause of the burning smell, allowing them to solve the problem before things get worse.
  • Mold: A moldy smell in your Katy, TX home could indicate the presence of mold in the air ducts. Your air ducts are the perfect environment for mold growth because they are dark, and when it gets humid in your home, moisture will form in the ducts. This is a serious problem because mold spores will circulate in the air when the air conditioner runs. According to the CDC, mold exposure can cause allergy symptoms, respiratory issues, headaches, eye and throat irritation, and skin rashes. In addition, mold exposure can weaken the immune system, making it harder for your body to fight off infections and disease.
    An AC repair company can send a tech to your home to inspect the air ducts for mold. If mold is in the ducts, it can be easily eradicated with an antimicrobial fogger. The mold could be in the air conditioner if the air ducts are free of mold. If the tech cannot eliminate all of the molds, you would need to replace the system.

When it runs, strange smells coming from the AC could make your family sick or start an electrical fire that could quickly destroy your home; therefore, you should turn off the air conditioner immediately and call an AC company.

#2 Reduced Airflow

If you don’t feel a rush of cold air coming from the vents when the air conditioner runs, you should call an AC repair company. Reduced airflow will affect the temperature in your home; however, it can cause other problems as well. If there isn’t adequate airflow, the air conditioner will need to work twice as hard to keep your home cool and comfortable. The extra work will cause your electric bills to increase and will put added strain on the unit, reducing its maximum lifespan.

To avoid the added costs you could incur due to poor airflow; you will need to call an AC repair company. A few problems can reduce the airflow coming from the vents, including:

  • Air duct damage: Damage to the air ducts in your Katy, TX home can restrict the airflow coming from the vents. If there is a crack in the ducts or a loose joint, the cold air will escape from the damaged areas, reducing the airflow.
    An AC repair company can inspect the air ducts, fix any damaged areas, and tighten everything up, so the ducts will be sealed tight, preventing the cold air from escaping.
  • Debris in the ducts: In just one year, up to five pounds of dirt, dust, and other debris will accumulate in the air ducts, regardless of how clean you keep your home. If you don’t have the air ducts cleaned regularly, the debris will continue to accumulate, eventually clogging the ducts restricting the airflow.
    Clogged ducts will affect the airflow and affect your home’s air quality. When the AC runs, the debris will circulate in the air, which can cause allergy symptoms and respiratory issues. An AC company can clean the air ducts, restoring the airflow. If you are going to prevent this issue in the future, you should have your air ducts cleaned every three to five years.
  • Faulty blower: Your air conditioner has a blower that forces the air from the unit to the vents in every room of your home. If the blower is faulty, the air won’t be moved to the vents, causing inadequate airflow.

If the airflow from the vents in your home is restricted, your home will remain warm, even if it’s turned on full-blast. An AC repair company can resolve the problem, preventing additional expenses while keeping your house cool and comfortable.

#3 The Air Conditioner Produces Warm Air

If the air conditioner in your Katy, TX home fails to produce cold air and you feel warm air coming from the vents, you should call an AC repair company right away. As mentioned above, if your AC isn’t working correctly, your home could get dangerously warm; therefore, you should call an emergency AC company.

A few issues can cause the unit to produce warm air, and troubleshooting the problem yourself is not recommended. Unless you are a professionally trained and licensed HVAC tech, it is best to leave the job to a professional.

The possible causes for this problem include:

  • Clogged air filter: A lack of cool air could be due to a clogged air filter, preventing the air from moving through the unit the way it should, causing it to overheat. This is the best-case scenario because you can replace the air filter yourself.
  • Frozen evaporator coils: The evaporator coils extract the hot air from your home to begin the cooling process. A buildup of condensation on the coils can cause the coils to freeze, preventing them from doing their job. The evaporator coils can freeze for several reasons, including a lack of airflow, dirty air filter, dirty evaporator coils, refrigerant problems, a clogged drainpipe, or it’s too cold outside to run the air conditioner.
    An AC repair company can send a tech to your home to thaw the coils and then determine why they froze so that this problem can be prevented in the future.
  • Refrigerant leak: Your air conditioner relies on refrigerant to produce cold air. If the refrigerant leaks, there won’t be enough to keep your home cool and comfortable; therefore, you should call an AC repair company right away.
  • Faulty compressor: The compressor is part of the outdoor unit and is responsible for moving the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coils, allowing the refrigerant to change to gas or liquid when needed. The system cannot produce cold air if the compressor isn’t working.

Your air conditioner is one of the most essential appliances in your home during the summer; therefore, you should call an AC repair company as soon as the problem starts.

#4 Moisture or Fluid Pooling Around the Unit

The area around the indoor unit in your Katy, TX home should always be dry. If there is moisture on the indoor unit, the floor, or walls, the condensate hose could be disconnected or cracked, causing a leak. Fortunately, this isn’t too serious and is an easy fix; however, you should still call an AC repair company right away. The moisture around the unit can cause water damage and mold growth; therefore, you shouldn’t ignore the problem.

If you see fluid pooling that is either clear or green around the unit, it indicates a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant is clear; however, when mixed with refrigeration oil, it will likely be green so that you can detect a refrigerant leak.

Without enough refrigerant, your air conditioner won’t produce cold air, and you should call an AC repair company right away. If your air conditioner was installed after 2010, the tech can fix the leak and refill the refrigerant. If your unit was installed before 2010, it might need to be replaced. Units installed before 2010 use R-22 refrigerant, which the EPA deemed toxic and harmful to the ozone layer. On January 1, 2020, the U.S. government banned the production of R-22, and it won’t be available for the tech to refill the unit after repairing the leak.

#5 Strange Noises

The only sound you should hear when the air conditioner runs is a faint clicking sound when the unit cycles, and if you hear any other sounds, you should call an AC repair company in Katy, TX.

Strange sounds indicate a problem that could cause further damage if ignored. For example, a banging sound could indicate a loose or broken part in the unit that could damage other components in the unit if left ignored. A screeching or buzzing sound could indicate an issue with the indoor fans or motors or a problem with the compressor. If you hear a high-pitched screaming sound, turn the air conditioner off immediately and call an emergency AC repair company. This sound signifies a high-pressure buildup in the unit, which can be very dangerous. Not only can the high pressure destroy the air conditioner, but it can also threaten your family’s health.

The strange sounds coming from the unit are telling you that something is wrong, and you should call an emergency AC repair company right away.

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