AC Repair in Katy, TX – Furnace and Heat Pumps

AC Repair in Katy, TX – Furnace and Heat Pumps

It hasn’t been that long since the end of winter. So how did your home’s heating system fare?  You may be on the fence about needing to upgrade your system if you did fairly well keeping your home warm during the past winter. However, you may also have found yourself needing to use extra blankets in order to stay warm. Many homeowners face this problem year after year. The decision sometimes needs to be rushed, however, if you look over it during the spring and get yourself ready for the next upcoming winter then it makes things much easier planning ahead.  When choosing between a furnace and a heat pump, understanding the differences can assist you in making the right choice for you. A Cypress Heating & Air NATE certified techniciancan provide the installation, maintenance, and repairs that you require. In addition, we will be glad to provide you with the information you need, in order to make your selection.

As you test a gas furnace, and once you begin using it, be observant of any signs indicating a developing problem. Unusual furnace noisecan be an indication of a problem. A booming noise in the gas furnace when it first turns on may indicate an issue with the burner assembly. It is in this assembly where the process of combustion occurs, and unusual noise can indicate a dangerous condition. Contact our HVAC technicians to receive heating and AC Repair in Katy, TX

Over time, carbon from the process of combustion will build up on the burner assembly. If the assembly isn’t routinely cleaned, it can become clogged with carbon deposits delaying the ignition of the gas. When the system turns on, a booming or grumbling sound can occur due to the buildup of gas unable to ignite in a timely manner due to the carbon. It can be dangerous, causing fire, or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Contact our dedicated technicians to schedule AC Repair in Katy, TX.

Additionally, a cracked burner assembly can bring about a very loud noise which is because of excessive gas being ignited in the system. Carbon clogging and cracked burner assemblies are both dangerous situations that should be attended to immediately by a professional technician.

A grinding, squealing or perhaps screeching noise that seems to be coming from the air handler could possibly be due to the fan motor. In order to prevent the possibility of further damage to the fan motor or even a fire breaking out, you should immediately contact Cypress Heating and Air and schedule for AC Repair in Katy, TX.

Fuel and Power Source

Most furnace options include natural gas, propane, or electric. The heat pump operates on electricity, and is a good choice for those who lack access to natural gas.  Heat pumps offer both heating and air, and energy efficiency, especially when you choose an Energy Star approved system. It’s wise to compare the cost of natural gas vs. electricity, as the prices can vary widely in different areas.

Heat Pumps vs. Electric Furnaces

While heat pumpsand electric furnaces both use electricity to produce heat, the way they produce heat involves entirely two different processes. In addition, several different types of heat pumps are available, enabling you to make a selection based on your budget and home characteristics. In terms of energy efficiency, a heat pump will be more efficient.

Types of Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are the type you’re most likely familiar with. With the delivery of new and improved technologies, they’re significantly more efficient than in the past. An additional type of heat pump is the mini-split heat pump. They offer an alternative to homes or additions lacking ducts, and to homeowner’s who don’t want to pay extra for heating and cooling seldom used or unused rooms. Finally, the geothermal heat pump offers the highest efficiency, and the longest lifespan among all the options. A geothermal system carries a higher initial cost but pays for itself in as little as 5 years, and can last for decades. However, it will require a small amount of property for installation and isn’t an option for all homes.

A furnace has the advantage of working well regardless of the outside temperature. However, many of today’s heat pumps uses a new refrigerant that tolerate extreme cold, even when the temperature is near 0 degrees. The geothermal heat pumputilizes the fairly stable ground temperature to dump heat in the ground during the summer, and to draw heat in the winter. Outside temperature variations don’t affect the geothermal unit. The heat pump in its various forms offers an effective and efficient choice in almost all areas of the southern United States.


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