AC Repair in Katy, TX – The Importance of Changing Air Filters

AC Repair in Katy, TX – The Importance of Changing Air Filters

There’s little maintenance a homeowner can provide on an air conditioner. That’s because the majority requires the expertise of a certified HVAC technician. Changing the air filter on a routine basis and providing a cleaning of the air return grill are necessary tasks you can provide. Outdoors, ensure the condenser unit is clean by keeping the area surrounding it neat and clear of debris or plant growth. For all other maintenance, schedule service with your technician. Routine service is also important; it increases the unit’s efficiency, performance, extends its service life and potentially reduces the frequency of AC repair in Katy, TX.

In our busy lives, it is easy to forget to change the filter, and not doing so can result in the need for AC repair in Katy, TX, or even the need for complete replacement of a burned-out system. Each person has their own method, marking it on a calendar they often check, setting aside a specific day for tasks such as changing the air filter, testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and etc.

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Filter Care

Filter care depends on the type of filter the system requires, and will involve either changing the filter on a specified routine basis, or cleaning it on a routine basis.

Dirty Filters can Cause Damage

The primary purpose of a filter is to protect the blower fan and evaporator coil from the dust and debris pulled into the air return. Dust and debris can result in excessive wear of system components due to friction, and an overly dirty filter chokes the system of the needed air, resulting in AC repair in Katy, TX. The filter has the added benefit of cleaning the air that moves through the air return, and helps to keep the ductwork clean. The ductwork is an often overlooked component of the HVAC system. However, when dirt accumulates in the ductwork, and condensation occurs, bacteria and mold may grow in the ducts, and be dispersed throughout the home each time the system operates.

The problems caused by a dirty filter may also cause the following problems:

  • Dirty filters allow soiling of the system, and air flow is reduced, causing the system to work harder, resulting in wear and the need for AC repair in Katy, TX.
  • During the summer, a dirty, clogged air filter can cause the cooling coil to freeze up, resulting in the AC blowing warm air, and potential damage to the system.
  • Forgetting to change the filter for months on end, will result in the failure of a component, and the need for AC repair in Katy, TX. A dirty filter also reduces the lifespan of the heating and air conditioning
  • A dirty filter causes dirty air to be circulated in the home, resulting in poor air quality that worsens allergies and the symptoms of asthma.
  • Poor efficiency is an additional result of a dirty filter. Improving the energy efficiency of your system is as simple as routinely changing the air filter, and scheduling annual maintenance by a professional.

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