AC Repair in Plano, TX – Heat Pump Problems

AC Repair in Plano, TX – Heat Pump Problems

There are a number of possible reasons for when a heat pump fails. In the following article we will go over some of the most common causes. Check out these tips, which may enable you to correct the problem before calling Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for heating and AC repair in Plano, TX.

The Heat Pump Does Not Run

If the heat pump doesn’t run at all, the problem is likely with either the thermostat or a problem where the unit itself is not receiving power. Check the following:

  1. Ensure the thermostat is on the proper setting, either heat or cooling depending on the season, and the temperature you want. An improperly set thermostat is a common cause for service calls. In addition, if the thermostat was recently replaced, it may be either the wrong type for a heat pump or it may have been wired improperly.
  2. Check to ensure the heat pump is receiving power. The circuit breakers serving the air handler and heat pump condenser may have tripped. Check both the main electrical panel and sub-panels, if applicable, that supply power to the heat pump. If either circuit breaker has tripped, reset it by pushing it to OFF and back to ON. If the circuit breaker trips again, there is a problem in the electrical system or with the heat pump itself. Contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for heating and AC repair Plano, TX.

Ensure the thermostat is set properly. If heat is wanted, raise the set temperature by 5 degrees F., or if air conditioning is needed lower the temperature by 5 degrees F, and allow the unit a few minutes to start.

  1. Check the air filter,and change it if dirty. An excessively dirty filter obstructs the airflow, creating resistance and can result in overheating. Try restarting the heat pump by raising or lowering the temperature according to the season and the existing indoor temperature.

The Blower Does Not Work

Check the thermostat and ensure the fan switch is in the ON position. Adjust the temperature according to the season to run. If your heat pump still will not work, contact us to schedule heating and AC repair in Plano, TX. You can rely on us to identify the problem and provide a resolution.

Freezing or Tripping the Breaker

It is not unusual for a heat pump to ice-up in extremely cold temperatures. However, the defrost cycle should kick on periodically to melt the ice. If the condenser unit of the heat pump is frozen up and the defrost cycle does not melt the ice, turn it off and contact a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning NATE certified technician for heating and AC repair in Plano, TX. If the outdoor temperature is not extremely cold, check the filter and change it if dirty. In addition, inspect all registers and ensure they are open.  Otherwise, contact your technician. During the summer season an iced-up heat pump likely indicates low refrigerant and will require professional heat pump repair.

The Heat Pump Cycles Incorrectly

When a heat pump cycles too frequently, the unit may be overheating due to an excessively dirty filter or a malfunctioning blower. Replace the filter, and if the problem continues, give us a call for heating and AC repair in Plano, TX.

Noisy Heat Pump

Squealing and grinding noises indicate a potentially serious issue. Shut off the heat pump and call for heating and AC repair in Plano, TX. Rattles may indicate a loose cover panel, duct work, or loose components. Check the cover panels and inspect for loose ducts, but leave the inspection and repair of components to a certified HVAC techniciandue to the presence of high voltage.

The majority of potential heat pump problems can be eliminated with professional biannual maintenance. During our comprehensive maintenance, your heat pump is thoroughly inspected for wear, tear, and loose components or connections. In addition, it is cleaned, oiled, adjusted and tested to ensure peak operation, optimal performance and efficiency with reliability.

You can rely on Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning for superior service, installation and heating and AC repair in Plano, TX. Our NATE certified techniciansare trained to the highest standards and ensure the best quality available for a wide range of residential and commercial HVAC services. Contact us today to receive heat pumprepair, installation or maintenance.

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