AC Repair Katy

AC Repair Katy

AC CompressorFailure


Finding out thecompressor in your home’s air conditioner has failed is not news you want tohear. You may have already made the proper decision to replace the entire agingsystem. Otherwise, if you are uncertain as to your options in addition to ACrepair in Katy, you have four choices:


l Replace theair conditioning compressor

l Replace theentire exterior condensing unit

l Replace theexterior condensing unit and the interior evaporative coil

l Replace theentire heating and air conditioning system which includes the condensingunit, indoor evaporative coil, air handler and furnace


The Compressor


The airconditioning compressor is the main component of the outdoor condensingunit. It can be considered the heart of the entire system. When the compressoris still covered under a warranty, you would typically want to replace thecompressor with AC repair in Katy. However, if the AC system is 10 years old or older, you should considera complete replacement of the system, indoors and out.


Condensing Unit


When the compressoris no longer under warranty, and the system is 10 years old or older,replacement is the wisest decision. Considering the majority of systems willonly last 10 to 15 years, and add to that the cost of a compressor and laborfor AC repair in Katy, it is better to apply the cost of a compressorand installation to a complete new AC installation. However, if your systemfalls in between the 5 and 10 year old category, replacing only the condensermay be the best choice. Your HVAC technician can offer guidance, basedon whether the system has received annual maintenance, and heavy or light use.


Replacing theCondenser and Indoor Coil

There are advantages to replacing boththe condenser and indoor coil. Replacing the two together provides:

l A warrantywill be provided. Replacing the condenser alone will not qualify you for awarranty, replacing the condenser and coil together typically will.

l Replacingthe two together will save you money on installation costs.

l Higherenergy efficiency will be obtained when both components are replaced together.Furthermore, not replacing the coil runs the risk of a new strong compressorblowing holes in an aging and worn coil.

l Older unitsutilize R-22 refrigerant, which is extremely costly now, harmful to the environment,and less efficient than the new refrigerants. Replacing the indoor coil with anew condenser allows you to access the full benefits of better performingmodern refrigerant.

Replacing the Entire System


The replacement ofthe entire system offers advantages you otherwise will not receive. You willreceive a new condensing unit, evaporator coil and the indoor air handler. Youmay also want to opt for replacement of the heating system at this time. A new airconditioning installation will provide higher energy efficiency, even ifyou just replaced everything 5 years ago.


Today’s technologyis vastly improved over 15-20 years ago. The enhanced energy efficiency andperformance has achieved technological leaps in the past few years that justmay save you as much as 75% on energy over your existing older unit. Advancessuch as variable speed fans, two speed and variable speed compressors, quieteroperation, lower cold tolerance for heat pumps, greater humidity control,cleaner air quality, self diagnosing, change filter alerting, and much more.


Cypress Heating andAir Conditioning expert, certified HVAC technicians can assist you inunderstanding your options and making a choice that you are comfortable with.Whether you need AC repair in Katy, or a new installation, ourtechnicians offer the expertise to provide the service you need. Furthermore,our technicians offer the skills, knowledge, training and experience to provideAC repair in Katy on almost all major brands.


Contact CypressHeating and Air Conditioning today to schedule an AC repair in Katy. In addition, if you require emergencyAC repair, our expert technicians are available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Our NATE certifiedtechnicians serve Katy, Plano, and the surrounding areas. You can count on Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to provide professional expertise for reliable repair, maintenance and installation.Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.