AC Troubleshooting | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

AC Troubleshooting | Air Conditioning Repair Katy

While a majority of baby boomers grew up without air conditioning until the 1970s, fewof us today can imagine life without it. Cold air is not the only benefit airconditioning provides, it reduces humidity and helps to clean the air in ourhomes and offices. Furthermore, high humidity can make it harder for those withheart and respiratory problems to breathe comfortably, and air conditioning canmean the difference between life and death for them. When the AC breaks down,the need for air conditioning repair inKaty becomes a life-threatening emergency for them.

When the air conditioning fails, the following AC troubleshooting tips may prevent theneed to schedule an air conditioningrepair in Katy:

·     Ensure the thermostat is inthe COOL position, and the temperature is set lower than the insidetemperature. Someone may have changed the settings, and inadvertently failed torestore them. When the inside temperature is less than the set temperature, theair conditioner will not run.

Check the fan switchand ensure it is on AUTO. The ON function causes the fan to run continuously,and if the compressor does not run, the AC will blow warm air. With the fan onauto and the thermostat set to cool, turn the temperature down to see if thesystem operates normally.

·     Check the air conditionerbreaker in the electrical panel, the breaker should be labeled. Ensure thebreaker is in the ON position and check the system for operation.

·     If the air conditioner willnot operate, check the condenser, the outside portion of the central airconditioning system. In some systems, there is a disconnect switch typicallylocated near the unit in a gray box mounted nearby. This switch is a commoncause of the central air conditioningto shut off. If you are unable to locate a switch, or when resetting thebreaker does not restore AC operation, contact Cypress’s certified HVAC technicians for air conditioning repair in Katy.

Common AC Problems

·     A refrigerant leak can bethe cause of the AC blowing warm air.Furthermore, the coil and other components can freeze over due to lowrefrigerant. Contact our NATE certified technicians for air conditioning repair in Katy.

·     Compressor failure can bethe result of age, the failure of other components causing compressor damage,refrigerant leaks, and other causes. Compressor failure is a typical reasonhomeowner’s replace the system.

Professional maintenance service can preventthese and other common problems, while extending the system’s lifespan andmaintaining performance and efficiency. Remember to provide filter changes eachmonth or as recommended by the manufacturer.

If these ACtroubleshooting tips fail to restore your air conditioner’s operation,contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an air conditioning repair in Katy. Remember,filter changes along with professional maintenance provides the best means ofpreventing breakdowns. We provide emergency service 24 hours a day and 7 days aweek for your convenience. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning serve Katy,Plano and the surrounding areas, and is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.