Advances in Heat Pumps | Heating & Air Conditioning

Advances in Heat Pumps | Heating & Air Conditioning

Heat Pumps | Heating and Air Conditioning

Heat pumps are popular HVAC systems that offers Texans heating and air conditioning in a single system. Keep reading to find out which heat pump features are right for your Texas home.

Two-Stage Heat Pumps

The compressor and air handler are fixed-stage components in conventional air-source heat pumps. This means they operate at 100 percent capacity all the time. Today’s heat pumps offer you options for greater efficiency and improved comfort.

Two-speed heat pumps utilize a compressor and air handler that offer an additional lower speed, typically 60-percent capacity, in addition to full capacity capability when required. Two-stage systems are more efficient and provide greater comfort. Variable-Speed Heat Pumps

An additional option is heat pumps that use variable-speed air handlers and scroll compressors for maximum efficiency and comfort. Scroll compressors are rather simple in design, and adjust air velocity as it is required. This enables these heat pumps to maintain thermostat temperature settings to within less than one degree. The simple design of the scroll compressor provides fewer moving parts for reduced noise and increased reliability when compared to conventional compressors and air handlers.

Are Heat Pumps Less Efficient in Extreme Cold?

Today’s heat pumps are not the same as the one your grandparents owned. Heat pump technology has significantly improved in energy efficiency and will continue to do so in the future. In fact, many of today’s net zero homes utilize the heat pump for their HVAC system.

If you are considering a heat pump you may worry that the system will suffer a loss of efficiency in the heating mode when temperatures drop too low. It is true that the former heat pumps had difficulty with extremely low temperatures. In the past, homes with heat pumps depended solely on strip heat to provide heat to a home when the temperature dropped below the heat pumps tolerance. Strip heat was similar to having an electric furnace kick in when the temperature threshold was met, and the heat pump was unable to produce adequate heat.

Since those days, heat pump technology has improved, providing better performance. Furthermore, a hybrid heat pump offers a solution for areas with occasional extreme cold. These systems combine a heat pump with a back-up heater that uses a separate fuel source, usually a gas furnace. These systems automatically kick in when temperatures fall below the set threshold, with the auxiliary heat taking over the task of heating your home.

For many southern homeowners, a heat pump provides an energy efficient heating and air conditioning system that operates cleanly, and provides superior comfort year round.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Annual maintenance of your heat pump by a certified HVAC technician will maintain proper operation and efficient performance, while extending the system’s service life.

Homeowners can ensure a cleaner system by changing the filter once a month or as recommended by the manufacturer. Filters manufactured to be cleaned and reused should be cleaned each month. Dirty filters can result in dirty coils, and fans. This reduces the airflow through the system and will decrease the system performance, while increasing wear and tear upon the unit.

In addition, ensure that you use the recommended filter. The use of a HEPA filter in a system not engineered for it can result in premature wear on components due to its inability to pull air through the HEPA filter.

When considering a heat pump for your home, talk to your HVAC technician regarding your options. For most homes, the heat pump will provide the energy efficient heating and air conditioning option that you desire.

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