Air Conditioner in Katy, TX – All About Thermostats

Air Conditioner in Katy, TX – All About Thermostats

The more temperatures continue to ease lower during the wintery months, the higher the cost associated with keeping a home warm will go up. Many homeowners will be looking for methods that will help cut these costs. Of course, cutting costs is not limited for just the winter but during the scorching summer days as well. Thermostats pose one area that might be able to be exchanged in order to help achieve ones’ goal at cutting the costs of utility usage all the while still providing adequate amounts of conditioned air indoors. 

Thermostats, like much of everything else will eventually wear down. When a thermostat ages and begins to wear out it will not be that very accurate. When this happens, it will require a complete replacement of the thermostat in order for all the problems associated with it to be eliminated. Manual thermostats do not have the advantages nor accuracy as do more modern, programmable and smart thermostats do. Programmable thermostats, as the name implies, are thermostats that can be programmed to adjust to you and your family’s needs. They provide superior versatility, save energy and usually are pretty straight-forward to program. 

Idealistically, more often than naught 68 degrees inside a home during the winter tends to be quite comfortable. Whereas, in the summer, 78 degrees seems to be the sweet spot for most homes. However, when sleeping, temperatures can be further adjusted in order to save in costs. Example, during the winter, bedtime temperatures could go as low as 60 or 65 degrees. If the home is unoccupied during the winter then 55 degrees is ideal, but it should never go lower to prevent the risks of pipes freezing over. 

With the installation of a programmable thermostat, it will allow for the ability to have multiple temperature settings for each day of the week in your home. There are models available that also will automatically change from heating to cooling and are sufficiently convenient when selecting a new thermostat. 

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are not much different than programmable thermostats and really fall along in the same series. However, smart thermostats, have more functionality and typically offer more bells and whistles than standard programmable thermostats. With a few smart thermostats, there are even some that have limited artificial intelligence, learning you and your family’s comings and goings, and adjusting the home’s temperatures based upon the continual changes, all automatically. 

These intelligent thermostats, learn the habits of everyone in the home, programming themselves, and creating schedules based upon what they have learned over time. They accomplish this by making use of sensors in the home that are able to detect when the home is unoccupied and then they adjust the temperatures in the home accordingly. Smart thermostats like these will offer monthly energy reports, showing you just how much money you have saved for that month. These reports typically will be sent to your smart phone where you will have an enabled app to monitor this from your home’s smart thermostat. These thermostats are usually WiFi enabled, which will also allow you to be able to monitor the temperatures in your home remotely and to make manual changes remotely if need be.  

Remote Energy Management

Being able to remotely manage your smart thermostat will even further save on the costs associated with operating your heating and air conditioner in Katy, TX. These management programs will enable you to set, program and monitor your home’s HVAC system from a computer, smartphone or even a tablet while you are away from home. Some models will even send you a text message or email alert whenever adjustments have been made, or even when the air filter needs to be exchanged or when maintenance is required for the system. 

With all of this in mind, there really is no need to keep using an outdated thermostat, if your home still is making use of one. You can literally save hundreds if not thousands associated with energy consumption per year by upgrading your home to a programmable thermostat with smart and WiFi functionality. Heating and air conditioner in Katy, TX has never been more affordable than with having a programmable thermostat installed in your home.

If you would like to learn more about programmable thermostats or you would like to schedule to have one installed in your home, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Cypress Heating and Air today to establish an appointment at your earliest convenience. One of our professional and NATE certified technicians will come to your home, and explain to you the options you have with programmable thermostats, and install it right away with your existing heating and air conditioner in Katy, TX.

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