Air Conditioner in Katy, TX – Common AC Problems

Air Conditioner in Katy, TX – Common AC Problems

Reliance on your home’s air conditioner in Katy, TX during the sweltering summer season is of critical importance to any homeowner.  No one wants to come home to find their air conditioning isn’t working during the summer and if you do not take care of your system and have it routinely serviced the chances of an unexpected breakdown happening is much higher. Routinely changing out the air filter, scheduling maintenance and contacting a local heating and cooling company to provide prompt repairs will ensure that your system operates at its peak performance and provides the best possible energy efficiency.  Below we will go over some of the tasks that can be done to ensure that your air conditioner in Katy, TX performs as expected and that you can extend the lifecycle of the system as long as possible.

Homeowner Tasks

One of the most important tasks that a homeowner can do themselves is changing out the air filter in the system as directed by the manufacturer. However, there are quite a few other tasks a homeowner can do to help extend the life cycle of the system. Outdoors, you will need to keep the area that is directly around the condensing unit free of debris, clutter and overgrown grass. The failure to so can result in the system having to work harder in order to condition the air inside of your home, this will result in less airflow and the possibility of damage to the unit.  Additionally, when cutting the grass make sure that the chute is not facing the outside unit to avoid the possibility of kicking rocks into the unit and damaging its fins or worse.

Indoors, routinely clean the air return grill. This is located in the section where you should be exchanging the air filter for your system. You should do this every month when you exchange air filters, simply just vacuum the grill at the same time you exchange filters and you will be good to go.  Every few months you can also clean the registers with a vacuum cleaner. By doing this you help ensure that lint, dust and debris do not get into the system.

Professional Service

By providing your air conditioner in Katy, TX with professional service you will have problems caught before they can catastrophically break down other components in your system as well as extend the lifecycle of the system and ensure that it operates at peak performance. When you contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning, your NATE certified technician will provide a thorough inspection and test the HVACs components, as well as oil components that require it. The inspection will be both visual and with the usage of specialized equipment to monitor the health of your HVAC system. Professional service will detect if there is weakening of some components, and whether they need to be replaced or not.

Sealing Ducting that is Leaking

Leaking ductwork will cost money due to the loss of conditioned air in a central air conditioned home. Check the duct system in your home for loose or separated joints, loose sealant or tape at the joints, and damaged ducting. If you find any of these problems, you can seal the joints with metal or aluminum tape. Do not use duct tape, as it really is not for ducts. You can also contact Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning if you need help with sealing up the ductwork for your air conditioner in Katy, TX.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils are a common problem that can be found in many air conditioners; usually this happens when an air filter is not replaced as instructed or not often enough. Even when air filters are routinely replaced, eventually the coils will still need to be professionally cleaned. Both dirty filters and coils will reduce the systems performance, and can cause the coils to freeze up. This will result in the air conditioner in Katy, TX not producing cold enough conditioned air and the eventuality that it will need service repair.

When an air conditioner in Katy, TX is operating as it should, once desired temperatures are met it should shut off, if it does not, then there is a problem. Common problems with this include issues with the thermostat, or the system is undersized for your home. If this used to not be a problem it could be due to many factors such as the deterioration of the efficiency of the system itself to a tree having fallen during a recent storm. Give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning a call today if you need service for your heating and cooling system or if you require maintenance.

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