Air Conditioner Installation in Katy, TX – 10 Common AC Problems

Air Conditioner Installation in Katy, TX – 10 Common AC Problems

When an AC system does not work as intended it can cause a lot of heartache, particularly when it is extremely hot outside. The heat can cripple your comfort inside of the home, and if it is too hot, you may find yourself having to rent a hotel room for the night. It is important that your home’s AC system is properly maintained and tuned-up on an annual basis to ensure that it works as intended, less chance of breakdowns, longer lifespan, and even increased efficiencies. Below we go over the top 15 most common problems that a home’s air conditioning can have.

  1. Air not coming from registers –If conditioned air is not being dispersed from the registers, then the fan on the outside unit might not be working. It could be something as simple as a tripped breaker that needs to be reset or the blower belt may have come loose or broken and will need to be replaced. Other problems that can cause this include problems with the thermostat, control board and even wiring.
  2. System not kicking on –When the AC will not turn on then this could be due to the thermostat. First check to see if the thermostat is set to cool and lower the temperature settings. If this doesn’t work, check the electrical panel to see if the breaker tripped and reset it if so. If you can’t find the problem then contact a professional technician for assistance.
  3. No cool air –If the AC is running but it is not producing cool air then it could be due to multiple reasons. You could have an excessively dirty air filter that will need to be changed, a refrigerant leak, or the condensate drain may be blocked. Check to see if there is ice surrounding the coils or if the outdoor compressor is dirty. If you can’t resolve the problem then contact a service company for assistance.
  4. AC is leaking – AC will create condensation, however, it is usually drained away from the system. Sometimes, however, the pipes that lead the condensation away can become blocked, or the pump itself may quit working. Inspect the drain to see if it is blocked, if so clean it out, if that doesn’t work then the condensate pump may need to be replaced.
  5. Compressor not kicking on – If you are experiencing this problem, then it could be due to a disconnected wire, defective start capacitor, or the compressor itself could have broken down. For assistance with this you will most likely need a professional to diagnose this for you.
  6. Continually running –If you are experiencing an AC system that never turns off, it could be a problem with the system’s fan. It could also be due to having an undersized system or a refrigerant leak. Contact a professional service company such as Cypress to have it inspected.
  7. Strange noises –Air conditioners make noise, but sometimes, they’ll make a noise you don’t recognize, and that can indicate a problem. Strange noises may be a mystery, but often, a noisy air conditioner is a belt problem, particularly if it’s making a squealing sound. The belt may be improperly aligned or need replacing. A grinding noise typically indicates a problem with the motor’s bearings. Pinging or popping may be a loose flap of metal in the duct work, and rattling noises may indicate that you need to tighten cover panels.
  8. No fan– If the fan in your outdoor unit isn’t turning, your air conditioner will not cool properly. Press the overload or reset button to try to reset it. Or, with the unit turned off, try to spin the fan blades clockwise. If they spin freely, you may have a problem with the capacitor and need to replace it.
  9. Condenser isn’t turning on – Make sure that the condenser is receiving power. Check to see if the breaker has tripped and reset it if so. If this isn’t the case then there could be problems with the system receiving the cooling control signal from the thermostat. If you can’t find the problem contact Cypress Heating and Air for assistance.
  • The System turns on and off constantly –If you are having this problem then there could be a problem with the signaling. However, most likely the condenser unit is clogged with dirt and debris and will need to be cleaned. Inspect to see if the condenser unit is excessively dirty and have it cleaned. If this doesn’t resolve the problem then contact a professional service company for assistance.

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