<strong>Air Conditioner Installation</strong>: Top 5 AC Compressors You Should Know | <strong>Cypress, TX</strong>

Air Conditioner Installation: Top 5 AC Compressors You Should Know | Cypress, TX

Air conditioning makes life better for individuals living in hot climates. Places like Cypress, TX would be unbearable without an AC. In fact, homeowners in Texas rely on air conditioning for most of the year and spend approximately 20 percent of their energy on AC.

Inside AC units are the air compressors, which play the essential role of keeping your home cool. The compressor squeezes the incoming cool refrigerant to raise the refrigerant’s temperature. The hot gas then exits the compressor and enters the condenser for cooling.

Five AC compressors can be used during air conditioner installation; each works differently. Please keep reading to learn about the different air conditioner compressors.

Scroll Compressors

These are the newest type of compressors that are becoming quite popular. During the air conditioner installation, technicians use them to replace the other models in case the other compressors fail.

Scroll compressors have two coils, a single fixed coil called the scroll, which is stationary and situated at the unit’s center. They also have a separate coil that moves around the unit. As the individual coil rotates, it compresses the refrigerant into a high-pressure vapor. Then the produced steam is forced towards the middle of the compressor. As the moisture moves, it becomes denser and more compressed. In the middle, it leaves the compressor and circulates through the AC system.

The scroll compressors are very efficient and reliable. You can replace the old compressor in your home with a scroll compressor to increase efficiency and save on costs. Even if liquids such as water enter the refrigerant, they do not fail.

These compressors have fewer moving parts, are less noisy, and run smoothly. Unlike other compressors with valves, scroll compressors are valveless; thus, you don’t have to worry about valves wearing out.

Reciprocating Compressors

These are the most common types of compressors used in air conditioners. They are older-style compressors. During air conditioner installations, the technicians use reciprocating compressors in the R22 refrigerant.

The term reciprocating refers to when the pistons in the compressor move back and forth inside the cylinder. The refrigerant gas will enter the sanction manifold on the lower pressure side. At the same time, the moving back-and-forth piston compresses the gas before it is discharged. Based on the pressure inside the compressor, the valves on both sides open and close.

One of the significant benefits of the reciprocating compressor is that it’s pretty simple, and the piston and valves are easy to maintain; hence, low maintenance costs.

It’s also very efficient; some AC units have two, four, or even eight cylinders in their compressor. In addition, they can work under very high pressure and power. However, these compressors tend to be very noisy.

Rotary Compressors

Rotary compressors are commonly used in mini-split ACs and heat pumps. Some standard split system ACs, such as the Daikin model, also use rotary compressors. There are two types of rotary compressors used in air conditioners; the fixed speed rotary compressor, which rotates at a fixed speed, and the variable one, which turns at a variable rate and is mainly used in inverter air conditioners. The rotary compressors are further grouped into single and dual-piston.

The cylinder has a roller typically connected to the motor shafts and spins at the same rate as the motor. As the roller spins, the offset crank causes it to contact the inside area of the cylinder, which in turn makes the refrigerant vapor trapped against the side and compressed. A spring-loaded vane is forced against the roller side to prevent the vapor from escaping. This refrigerant gas vapor has been condensed.

These compressors are among the most efficient compressors for air conditioner installation. If you are looking for a quieter option, you can request an air conditioner installation company in Cypress, TX to mount rotary compressors. However, they tend to be a bit costly.

Screw Compressors

They are mainly used in large buildings and places where large amounts of air must be cooled continuously. The system uses two spinning helical spins that overlock.

Meanwhile, the gas vapor moves from the sanction side, and the interlocking screws compress the vapor and move it from the large to the small end. The pressure inside becomes more powerful than the pressure in the discharge line while the valve opens and the vapor is discharged.

The significant benefit of screw compressors is their simplicity and reliability. Also, they are easy to maintain and repair. Individuals living in areas with extreme conditions can have an air conditioner installation company install them on their premises.

Centrifugal Compressors

The centrifugal compressors draw the refrigerants into the compressors using a cylinder and a piston. The rotary impeller, driven by a crankshaft, turns, causing the refrigerant to rotate fast. This, in turn, compresses the refrigerant before releasing it and pulling in more from the sanction side.

These compressors are typically used for large air conditioner installations and cannot be used in residential buildings. They are energy efficient, and unlike other commercial compressors, they generate higher continuous airflow. You can consider this compressor during air conditioner installation if you have a commercial building.

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