Air Conditioner Installation: What To Consider When Purchasing A Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner | Cypress, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: What To Consider When Purchasing A Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner | Cypress, TX

Packaged terminal air conditioner units, commonly abbreviated as PTAC, heat and cool residential or commercial spaces and do not need ductwork. If you are outfitting the guest room for friends and family, renovating an old home, or replacing an existing model, a PTAC can offer long-term comfort for your space.

PTACs save space and are common in homes or hotels without central air conditioning. During air conditioner installation, these ductless ACs are mounted through the wall near the floor of your room, with the controls facing the room while the exterior grill is positioned on the outside.

These ACs are most suitable for single rooms or if you’ve added extra rooms to your home or have a room that’s not heated properly. With PTACs, you can eliminate unwanted hot spots without overworking your central AC.

Also, they are operated by digital display controls that make it easier for homeowners to change the set temperature and convenient access features. In addition, they are simple to mount and maintain and can last for even 10 years.

But before opting for this type of air conditioner installation, you should know that you cannot use it to heat or cool more than two rooms simultaneously as it causes uneven distribution of the conditioned air. Also, this overworks the unit, reducing its life expectancy.

Therefore, if you are considering this air conditioner, you should choose the right model for your space to enhance your comfort and conserve energy. Below are some things to consider when selecting a PTAC for your home in Cypress, TX.


This is the first factor every homeowner considers when undertaking an air conditioner installation project. The price of a PTAC varies depending on the power it can produce to cool a large space or the brand name. Therefore, if the brand name is renowned for its reliability and the PTAC produces more power, you should be prepared to part with extra hundred dollars.

Besides the cost of the unit, you may incur expenses for the necessary accessories. For instance, you need a wall sleeve and an external grill to mount a PTAC, which adds to the total purchasing costs.

Before settling on this type of air conditioner, it’s important to know how much the PTAC you have selected will cost you in electricity bills.


Most air conditioners tend to be loud. Therefore, if you prefer a quiet indoor space or your home already has loud appliances, it makes sense to go for a PTAC that’s less noisy.

To know if the PTAC is noisy, start by checking if it comes with a one or a two-fan system. Two-fan systems are soundless compared to those with one fan. Also, if the PTAC is powered by electricity, it will be less noisy than gas pump models.

In addition, before commencing with your air conditioner installation project, ensure to check customer reviews to see what other customers are saying about the noise level of a particular brand.

BTU Output

This is a critical factor that some homeowners overlook. Before purchasing a PTAC, you should know how many British thermal units or BTUs your space will need. If you don’t have a BTU calculator, you can seek the help of an air conditioner installation provider in Cypress, TX, to help you select a unit with the right amount of BTU.

This will ensure that your room doesn’t get too humid. A PTAC unit that isn’t powerful enough for your space leads to more energy consumption and overworks the AC; hence, shortening its lifespan. Also, using a larger-than-required BTU air conditioner will affect the AC’s overall operation and cause uncomfortable humidity.


Although you may have to spend more, in the long run, it will be worth it to go for a brand that’s known to be long-lasting. You don’t want to install a PTAC that may need regular maintenance, causing you to spend more money on repair costs and face uncomfortably hot days.

Always look for warranties offered by the manufacturer. If the AC has a strong warranty, the manufacturer is confident about the product and expects it to last. Also, look over the customer reviews. Customers are likely to warn others if a model tends to break down early or often.

Drain Kits

The drain kit may not be necessary if you use the PTAC in your home, but it’s common in big hotels and condominiums. However, the drain kit may come in handy if the outside of the AC is next to a patio or deck, and you don’t want any condensate dripping from the unit.

In such cases, the kit will be useful in capturing and redirecting the condensate as it consists of a spout as well as gaskets and spouts attached to the base pan of the PTAC.

Remote Thermostats

PTACs have built-in thermostats; hence, they may not offer the convenience of remote thermostats that allow homeowners to customize their space. With remote thermostats, you can easily set the temperature in another spot.

If you install a PTAC in a room under construction, you can request an air conditioner installation expert to layout the thermostat wiring before enclosing the walls.

But if you are mounting a PTAC in a room that is already built, you can purchase a wall-mounted thermostat from the appliance manufacturer. Since the air conditioner installation process for PTAC may be complicated, it’s wise to have it done while the room is still being built.

EER and SEER Ratings

Air conditioner installation companies advise homeowners to go for ACs with a high EER or SEER rating. For beginners, SEER means seasonal energy efficiency ratings while EER means energy efficiency ratings, and both are used to measure a unit’s energy efficiency.

If the PTAC has a higher rating, it means it’s more energy efficient. Always compare your model’s EER to the ones you may be considering. An efficient PTAC will save you money on energy and operation costs. Also, a PTAC with a heat pump is more efficient than those using electricity.

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