Air Conditioner Repair in Plano, TX – Tips to Conserve Energy

Air Conditioner Repair in Plano, TX – Tips to Conserve Energy

Whenever the temperature outdoors begins to rise, so will the costs of operating your home’s AC. If you would like to beat the heat but also cut back on your carbon footprint and save on the costs of using your HVAC system then continue reading.  Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning can also provide your home’s HVAC system with regular maintenance to help achieve the best possible energy efficiency from your system. If you do not currently receive at least annual maintenance on your HVAC system consider giving us a call today to establish an annual maintenance schedule.  The following tips below will help you save additionally with the operation of your home’s heating and cooling system.

HVAC Thermostat– Starting with your home’s thermostat, the EPA recommends that the thermostat set at 78 degrees Fahrenheit when the household is occupied and 85 degrees Fahrenheit when there is no one at home.

Air Filters– Ensuring that you regular change out the air filters each month will not only assist in maintaining a clean system but it will also help with the system performing at optimal performance.  A dirty filter will increase the workload of a system, and actually will end up costing you more money to operate the system. Furthermore, an excessively dirty air filter will increase wear and tear on the AC and may cause the system to prematurely fail earlier than it should requiring Air Conditioner Repair in Plano, TX.

Registers– Do not move furniture over the registers, or stack boxes or any other objects around or on top of them. In order to receive the maximum conditioned air in the indoor space, keep the registers free from clutter and objects that can or possibly could blow air flow.

Maintenance– By having your HVAC maintained on an at least an annual basis, it will maintain the system’s energy efficiency, by allowing it to operate at the highest possible performance capacity the system can achieve. It will also ensure that the system has the longest life cycle possible.  Maintenance will include lubricating necessary components, cleaning the coils, testing components to ensure that they are operating as they should and other vital maintenance tasks to ensure that your air conditioner is operating as it should.

Programmable Thermostat– If your system does not already have a programmable thermostat, speak with your HVAC technician about having one installed. A programmable thermostat will allow you to set 4 different temperature adjustments for each day. They are great at establishing multiple schedules for busy households, and there are even programmable thermostats that are WIFI enabled to allow for remote adjustments on the fly.  Some can even send you messages whenever they need service, reminders for changing air filters, and more options.

Electrical Appliances– If the appliance is not in use, turn it off. Chargers, computers, and televisions if left on can dramatically increase monthly electrical rates.

Water Heater– The water heater is the second highest consumer of electricity in a home. Without proper maintenance, a water heater could be using much more electricity than it should be. Hard water can damage a water heater, due to the buildup of lime scale. This buildup will cause the hot water heater to work extra hard at producing hot water and it will also shorten the life cycle of the appliance. Regular maintenance includes inspection by a professional, and flushing sediment from the appliance. A water heater flush is a relatively simple task that could be done by the homeowner.  Additionally, set the water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to save on electricity.

Reduce Heat– Operate the dishwasher and dryer early in the morning time or late at night, and use the air dry setting for the dishwasher. Try drying your clothes on a lower setting and after each use clean out the lint filter. Additionally, routine cleaning for the dryer vent will reduce energy use and prevent the possibility of a fire.

Block Sunlight– During the daylight hours, close windows and blinds, or use thermally insulated drapes. The best way to prevent heat gain in the home is to install window film, which will block up to 99% of the UV light and heat. You can also look to planting vegetation or trees near the windows of your home to also help block sunlight. The shade from the vegetation will also allow for lower temperatures in that area of the home.

Ceiling Fans– A ceiling fan will not actually reduce the temperature in a room, but it will circulate air, and make you feel cooler.  This may allow you to set your home’s AC at a higher temperature setting without affecting your comfort levels.

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