Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX – Unusual Noises

Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX – Unusual Noises

Air Conditioner Repair in Katy, TX – Your Katy home’s air conditioning system can make all kinds of different noises while it is in operation. When you hear odd sounds that you are not familiar with, it is hard not to get worried whether there is something potentially seriously wrong with your system.  Learning what these noises mean for your A/C can help you determine whether it is necessary to call in the help of a professional or not for air conditioner repair in Katy, TX.

Below we will go over the most common noises air conditioning systems make and what they can mean.  If your air conditioning system is making odd noises and you require the help of a qualified technician for air conditioner repair in Katy, TX do not hesitate to give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning a call today and one of our NATE certified technicians will be more than happy to help you out.

Buzzing Noises – A buzzing sound coming from your system is typically a warning that there is an electrical problem that could pose as a potential fire hazard.  When you contact a professional to handle this they will inspect the air conditioner’s electrical components such as the thermostat, contacts, compressor relays and circuit breakers to assist in the location of the problem and get it repaired.

Squeaking NoisesLack of lubrication on the indoor or outdoor fan motor can cause squeaking noises to emanate from your system.  An imbalance of the fan blades can also be another reason you may hear squeaking noises coming from your AC.  An HVAC technician will isolate the problem and clean the fan or oil the motor as needed.

Clanking and Thumping If you are hearing clanking or thumping sounds from the indoor unit, this can be due to a loose or misaligned blower assembly. However, if these noises are coming from your outdoor unit, then the fan blade or motor mount has most likely worked itself loose.  Before the blade or mount comes completely loose and falls off, potentially harming nearby components, you should contact your local HVAC company to come service the unit before it possibly ends up causing more damage and costing more to fix.

Hissing or Bubbling Noises – Whenever you hear noises such as this, it usually originates from the evaporator coil, coolant lines or the compressor unit itself. Noises such as this can indicate that you have a refrigerant leak and this will cause a severe loss of cooling capability for your HVAC system and / or serious component damage.  In order to fix this you will need to have a professional technician isolate the problem, locate the leak, repair it and then recharge the refrigerant in your system.

Loud Screeching – In the event that you hear this type of sound coming from the outdoor unit for your HVAC system, you should shut it off from the breaker at the main electric panel and contact your local heating and cooling company right away.  A screeching noise can point towards a potentially dangerous rise of the compressor’s internal pressure and this will need to be attended to immediately.

Heating and air units can make numerous amounts of sounds some of which will be normal and others which can be telltale signs that there is something wrong with the system.  If you do not pay attention to these unusual signs and have the unit diagnosed by a professional technician then you may end up with a larger bill further down the road when the unit breaks down. It is important that you pay attention to your heating and air system and call a service company, such as Cypress Heating and Air, if you hear any sounds that are out of the normal spectrum.  Doing so, could mean saving you thousands in the long run. If you do not participate in having your heating and air unit professionally maintained at least once per year, you should also seriously consider having this done.

With annual maintenance on your HVAC unit, you lower the possibilities of needing air conditioner repair in Katy, TX. A well-tuned and annually maintained heating and air unit will run much more optimally, last longer, and have less break downs. If you would like to learn more about Cypress Heating and Air’s preventative annual maintenance program then give us a call and one of our representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have. If you are in need of air conditioner repair in Katy, TX right now, then give us a call and we will promptly send one of our professional and certified technicians to your home to diagnose the problem, resolve it, and get your AC back up and running in no time.

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