Air Conditioner Repair Or Replacement: Which One Is Better For Your Texas Home? | The Woodlands, TX

Air Conditioner Repair Or Replacement: Which One Is Better For Your Texas Home? | The Woodlands, TX

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An HVAC system is vital for proper functioning and comfort in your home. However, after some time, because of wear and tear, the performance of your air conditioner may decline. Therefore, you have to repair the unit regularly or replace it entirely.

Understanding the factors determining whether to replace or repair the air conditioner is vital before making that decision. On top of your comfort and health, several other factors can guide you to arrive at an informed decision. You may incur high costs in repeated air conditioner repairs you would otherwise avoid by replacing the unit.

This article will show the difference between when you need to repair or replace the HVAC system.


An air conditioning system has an average lifetime of 12-17 years. When weighing the option of replacing or repairing your air conditioner, this is the best place to start. If your air conditioning system is beyond 15 years, repairing it would be unwise. It might be beyond repair. At this age, frequent air conditioner repair may cost you more compared to replacing the unit with a new one.

As your unit gets old, air conditioner repair becomes overly expensive. The aging AC unit has many weak and vulnerable parts. Although you could still repair the malfunctioning parts, the unit will have low efficiency, like its lifespan. Because of the weak and vulnerable parts, you will have to repair the unit frequently. It means you will incur more in the long run.

In such a case, replacing the system could save you a lot. Although upfront investment in replacing the system may initially be expensive, the cost is much lower than frequent repairs.

However, if the air conditioner is below ten years, it has several years that it can still serve your home. If your AC system is below ten years, repairing it could be the better option. However, this does not eliminate the fact that it may fail before completing its lifespan. So, consider how old the unit is before deciding whether to replace or repair it.

System Efficiency

The efficiency of your air conditioner is measured using SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). If there are temperature fluctuations, that could be a cause for alarm. As you consider air conditioner repair or replacing the unit, keep in mind the development and changes in AC technology. The evolution of technology means that ACs having improved efficiency and performance are produced, increasing the SEER.

A malfunctioning Air conditioner may not always require drastic measures as warranting an entirely new AC system. Sometimes, a repair service offered by our licensed and professional technicians is all you need.

Frequent Repairs

Repairing your HVAC system once or twice is normal. However, if the unit needs constant repairs, that should cause an alarm. Frequent air conditioning repair for aged units shows that it is time to do away with the old system and replace it with a new one.

Short-term repairs to your AC unit are brilliant solutions to the immediate issue. However, the cost implication could increase considerably when the repairs are too frequent compared to purchasing a new system.

Several factors may cause your AC system to require frequent repairs. They include overworking the unit, advancing the AC unit’s age, and overworking it. While repairing it may offer a solution, you have to hire a professional technician for the work. Inexperienced technicians or DIY jobs in your AC unit may exacerbate the problem instead of resolving it. If you are a resident of The Woodlands, TX, and need AC repair or replacement services, Mr. Reliable Heating & Air Conditioning is your go-to company. Our technicians will inspect the system and advice you on the best course of action; repairing or replacing it.

High Energy Bills

Although your home may have a flurry of activities, you will always notice an increase in the monthly energy bills. It is vital to compare your annual and monthly energy bills to spot any change that could affect the operations of your AC system. Scheduling for regular maintenance of your AC unit by a licensed air conditioner repair service provider helps keep your bills at a minimum.

Neglecting your HVAC system may lead to inefficiencies that could eventually cause it to crash entirely. High energy bills are one of the many indicators that your problem might have a problem that needs your attention. Contact a professional AC repair service company for regular maintenance. Their technicians will inspect the system to ensure its filters are clean, the thermostats function correctly, and the unit is not leaking.

Cost Implications

Cost implications are the primary determining factor for many homeowners when deciding whether to repair or replace their HVAC system. However, many factors may affect the cost. The cost of repairing your air conditioner could be more if it is aged and how you use the unit.

Weigh the air conditioner repair costs versus its replacement costs and factor in its age to arrive at a conclusive decision.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is among the primary ways of ensuring that it lasts longer. It is a preventative measure for the AC system that will save you energy bills, headaches, and time associated with AC problems.

An air conditioner repair company maintains the AC system and increases the unit’s functional efficiency. The technicians replace the worn-out parts, clear the dust, resolve the loud noises, among other servicing jobs. Enlisting the services of Mr. Reliable Heating & Air Conditioning will ensure the optimal functioning of your AC unit.

Seek Advice from Air Conditioner Repair Technician

Are you unable to arrive at a decision even after considering the factors above? It may be wise to seek advice from an air conditioner repair technician. A professional technician will inspect your system and give you the necessary advice.

Enlisting the services of an experienced technician will also help you purchase an HVAC system that can handle your home’s heating and cooling needs. Your AC system should fit the size of your home and its energy requirements.

Heating and Air Services in The Woodlands, TX

Deciding whether to repair or replace your HVAC system may be difficult. However, you will arrive at an informed decision by considering the factors above.

At Mr. Reliable Heating & Air Conditioning, we are the leading specialists in air conditioner repair and replacement in The Woodlands, TX. Our many years of experience make us adept at handling any AC repair, installation, or replacement issue. Our technicians are licensed to operate in the state of Texas, a guarantee that they offer quality services.

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