Air Conditioning Capacity Katy, TX

Air Conditioning Capacity Katy, TX

Air Conditioning Capacity | Air Conditioning Katy, TX

Homeowner’s often think of air conditioning capacity in terms of tonnage, such as a 3 ton unit, for example. One ton equals 12,000 British Thermal Units (BTU’s or Btu’s); therefore, a four ton system has 48,000 BTU’s. A common misconception regarding capacity is that bigger is better, and in the following we will discuss why correctly sized equipment is important for air conditioning in Katy, TX.

Homeowners often think that having greater capacity than required air conditioning in Katy, TX will provide a more comfortable home since it brings the inside temperature more quickly, but this is not the case. The size of equipment required will provide a comfortable temperature on the hottest summer day, but if your air conditioning in Katy, TX provides too much cooling, your air conditioning can do more harm than good.

An air conditioning system provides two functions. First, the cooling of your home by removing heat and the second is to remove humidity. Each time the air conditioner runs it is also removing humidity from the air. This is the water draining from the condensate pain to the outside of the home.

This is due to the ability of hot air to retain more moisture than cooler air. In the air conditioning system, as warm, moist air from inside the home is pulled through the air return and moves over the cold evaporator, the moisture condenses on the coil, where it drops onto the evaporator pan and drains out of the house through the condensation line to the home’s exterior.

An air conditioner cools the home by the removal of heat faster than it can reduce the humidity. This means the system has to run longer in order to remove moisture from the air. It is a critical function, without time to remove the moisture your home feels sticky, and warmer than it actually is. Even worse, if an adequate amount of humidity is not removed mold and mildew can become an issue in your home.

This is the reason it is important to have properly sized air conditioning in Katy, TX. A system that is too large will cool too quickly and shut off, without removing adequate moisture from the air. A system that provides adequate cooling and controls moisture will obtain a humidity level in the range of 50 percent or lower.

Air conditioning in the past was unable to measure humidity or control run time for optimum humidity control. Today’s technology provides a more flexible means of humidity control by adapting run time to the time required to remove humidity. In other words, older systems may control temperature and humidity when the outdoor temperature is 95, but may be running too little to remove adequate humidity when the temperature is 85, for example.

Dual stage, or variable stage equipment will operate at a low as well as a high speed, or at a speed in between in the case of variable speed equipment, meaning that this type of air conditioning in Katy, TX will provide a comfortable environment with less humidity.

In addition, two-stage or variable speed equipment will provide the added benefit of saving you money by reducing your electric bill since less energy is required at lower capacities. These systems of air conditioning in Katy, TX are ideal for the regions of the hot and humid southern states.

In summary, an appropriately sized system, with the added benefit of a dual or variable speed system will provide the optimum comfort with humidity control of your home. A system that is larger than you need create a negative impact upon your comfort, just as a system that is undersized will be overworked, and will experience a shortened service life, as well as being unable to cool the home adequately during hotter weather.

Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning’s highly trained and experienced HVAC technicians will ensure that your home receives the correct size required. There are numerous factors involved in selecting the appropriate size system. Square footage of the home is only one factor, the direction faced, number, size and type of windows are another factor, the degree of insulation and other considerations are factored in to establish the correctly sized of air conditioning in Katy, TX that your home requires. Give us a call, we will provide the professional installation you desire for the ultimate comfort in your home.