Air Conditioning in Katy TX – AC Blowing Warm Air

Air Conditioning in Katy TX – AC Blowing Warm Air

Whenever an air conditioner is blowing warm air it is a common cause for homeowners calling for ac repair for their air conditioning in Katy, TX. However, before you contact a heating and cooling company, you should inspect the circuit breaker, and your thermostat settings. Quite a bit of AC service calls turn out to be simply due to the fact that the thermostat is set in the “OFF” position, and when it is so, the fan is the only thing that will run. Though, sometimes the issues will require a technician repairing the air conditioning in Katy, TX. When this is the case, a Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning expert can provide you with heating and cooling repair, maintenance and installation services you may need.

Our NATE certified HVAC technicians have the know-how, experience and training to provide you with professional services that you will need for most brands. Whenever your AC is blowing warm air, check with the following tips before you give us a call. The fix could be a very simple one that you may have overlooked.

Circuit Breaker – The first thing you should do is inspect the circuit breaker to ensure that the breaker just hasn’t tripped. Power surges can and will cause breakers to trip. However, if the breaker continually trips you may need professional service to find the problem causing it.

Thermostat – Inspect your thermostat and make sure that it is set to cool and that the fan is set to automatic. You, and possibly forgotten, or someone else may have changed the settings and then opened windows in the home to bring in fresh air. Additionally, thermostats do eventually wear out and the thermostat could be potentially broken. If your thermostat uses batteries make sure that the batteries have not simply died by replacing them.

When you have your home’s air conditioning in Katy, TX inspected and maintained on an annual basis it will perform optimally and provide the highest amount of energy efficiency that that model can provide. Additionally, it will extend the unit’s life cycle and can identify existing problems that need to be addressed. This will enable the professional HVAC technician to provide repairs, before other components in your HVAC system become damaged. If your heating and cooling system has not received any maintenance for a while or as long as you can remember, give Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning a call to schedule maintenance for your air conditioning in Katy, TX.

Refrigerant Leaks – Refrigerant leaks are also a common problem when an air conditioning system is only producing warm air. Each system will have a specified amount of coolant, often referred to as refrigerant.  If the system has too much or too little, it can cause problems. Coolant doesn’t dissipate like gasoline, and whenever it is low in your system, this will be due to a leak.

Signs that will identify the possibility of a refrigerant leak would be frost on the refrigerant lines. A leak will require both finding the source of the leak and repairing it and also recharging the refrigerant in the system. Pumping additional coolant into the AC system will not stop the leak, and by doing so it will potentially damage not only the environment but the compressor also.

Coils – Another frequent underlying cause of AC producing only warm air is due to dirty coils. Depending on the type of system that you have, coils may be located exclusively on the outside or both the inside and outside unit. The evaporator coil and the condenser coil are both integral components of an HVAC system. It is in the evaporator coil where coolant is converted to a gaseous state that will absorb heat. While in the condenser coil, the gaseous state will return to its liquid form and release the heat to the outdoors air.

It is essential that the coils remain clean for the proper exchange of heat. Whenever dust, dirt and debris collect on the coils, this creates an insulating layer that will prevent warm indoors air from being able to reach the cold metal. Home’s with smokers, frequent usage of fireplaces and excessively dusty conditions may require cleaning the coils more often. The usage of quality air filters will help in reducing the amount of dust, dirt and debris that collects on the coils but it will not be able to stop all of it. Routine maintenance will be required by an HVAC technician for your home’s air conditioning in Katy, TX.

On the outside, the condenser and its coils are extremely vulnerable to dust, dirt and debris. You should never mow your lawn near the condenser while the chute is pointed directly at it. This will send dirt, debris and grass flying into the condenser reducing its efficiency and possibly cause damage, especially if small rocks or pebbles are kicked into the condenser and damage its fins.

Compressor – Another reason behind why an air conditioning may produce only warm air can be associated with a compressor that has gone bad. The compressor is what you could call the heart of an air conditioning system. Whenever a compressor fails, the options are only to buy a new compressor or replace it. The age of the system will primarily be the decision maker on whether you should replace or install a new compressor. A unit that is 10 years old or more should be replaced as newer more efficient models will more than make up for the additional costs by bringing better energy efficiency to the table.

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