Air Conditioning in Plano, Texas – Heating and Air

Air Conditioning in Plano, Texas – Heating and Air

While energy efficiency is consistently improving in the heating and air conditioning industry, ductless mini split HVAC systems are among the highest rated energy efficient options available on the market. Cypress Heating and Air Conditioning is a Carrier dealer, and our ductless systems offer some of the highest performing HVAC systems available. The market for ductless mini splits is growing as an increasing number of homeowners, contractors and building managers realize the benefits of systems that don’t rely on the ducts of forced air systems.



Ductless is an ideal solution for heating and/or cooling a home, room, guesthouse, or other which is not equipped with ductwork. This type of HVAC system is split into two components, an outdoor compressor and a number of indoor air handlers. Installation only requires a three inch hole in the exterior wall to install a ductless mini split HVAC system, facilitating a fast install. In addition, theductless HVAC systemdoesn’t occupy a window,block the view, or provide an easy access for intruders to enter into your home.


Furthermore, a ductless unit provides superior energy-efficiency. Carrier’s Infinity Series offers advanced technology, with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of 30.5 and cooling in outdoor temperatures up to 130 degrees and heating at minus 22 degrees. The Infinity can maintain your comfort in severe extremes of weather while, saving money on your electric bills.


Energy Loss and the Duct System


Central systems can lose a great deal of energy, first in the duct system, and due to leaks in the duct system and especially in ducts that are not insulated. The loss grows even larger when ducts are insuffiently insulated, and routed through unconditioned spaces such as an attic or basement. Ductless systems lack the ducts that may be losing as much as 30% of energy.


Can Be Zoned


A zone control HVAC system enables you to divide the home into different temperature zones, each of which can be heated or air conditioned independently of the others for your home’s air conditioning in Plano, Texas.


Energy-efficient, ductless HVAC systems are easily adapted to zoning. Each air handler is individually controlled, and utilizes a programmable thermostat, simplifying an individual temperature for every room or zone to the users’ personal preference. Furthermore, you can select the rooms or zones that receive conditioned air. There is no need to waste energy on unoccupied rooms.


The installation of a ductless mini split is an ideal solution for spaces where installing ductwork would not be possible. It provides a practical solution for small apartments, town homes, condos, income properties, conversions, guest cottages, or additions to your home.


Using a zone control system can benefit you in a few different ways. For starters, it is a great way to keep everyone in your home more comfortable. Even if you are able to effectively heat your home, for instance, there is still the fact that not everyone is comfortable at the same temperature to consider. This may mean that one member of your family is sweltering at night while the rest are simply warm and cozy. By using a zone control system in your home, you can avoid such unfair scenarios.

Even better, you can ensure that everyone is supremely comfortable in your household while also saving money. If you are not paying to heat and cool your entire home, even those areas therein which really do not need it, to the same temperature, then you may be able to pare down your heating and cooling costs. Not only that, but you can relieve your HVAC system of some of the pressure it faces, which can help to reduce the risk of problems stemming from general wear and tear. Whatever your reasons for considering the use of a zone control system.

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